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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  February 22, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EST

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i'm pissed, despite who i'm not going to see again. >> taking their message to president trump and students and parent plead to an end to gun violence. deadly shooting sends i man crashing in the building in the fernrock section of the city we are live with the latest on the passenger end of the crash. from record highs for february to a dramatic, drop in temperatures and rain returning to the forecast our week goes back to weather reality. today is thursday february m he jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. lets check the forecast with katie and road was meisha. >> happy gateway to our weekend. i hope everyone got outside yesterday, so stunning, katie, thank you and mother nature. i was certainly out there,
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looking outside right now, it is looking good but when will rain come. >> we're already seeing it. here in the city not just yet but it is out there a couple showers working their way through northern counties and this is how we expect to it move in from northwest to southe so just a matter of time before it moves into philadelphia i walk outside the door with the umbrella in the the war idea. keep it ready and nearby next couple of days too because we have just unsettled weather, unfolding with areas of low pressure, pieces of energy riding in along a frontal boundary. front that is stalling is credits go through today but you can tell where the colder air is obviously, starting to work in. here in philadelphia it it is 2 degrees colder then this same time yesterday. it is starting to move in and look at the temperature difference. now we are in 40 in mount
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pocono. these temperatures will decline and we will get a dose of reality here, muchtive rent day then yesterday. >> all right, looking outside right now, we are looking, okay, overnight construction to talk about here. just shot of the schuylkill at vine we will see construction around these area, not so much today. we are looking nice, just as it should at 4:30 in the morning very quiet, 95 south at cottman, all the way in, to center city. we have a couple accidents this one in newark, delaware where we have had injuries witt, and, college avenue, head up on that another note, we have another accident in norristown this one route 202 dekalb street at marshall street and we have construction crews on the northeast extension. northeast extension north bounties between lansdale and quakertown that right lane is block there and we were talking about this yesterday and again today ben franklin bridge, south walkway is close to go day and it will be out there for 14 months. this will affect these on foot and on bike, so jim, back over
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to you. well, developing right now search is on for gunman who opened fire on a driver, killing her. >> victim who control of her vehicle and crash injuring passengers several children. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live with the very latest on the investigation, jan, good morning. >> rahel and jim, good morning , police described an absolutely wild scene that unfold there had in fern being last night. as you mentioned a van full of people, three women and three children, crashed after being shot up, as they were traveling north on broad street this morning. one of the women is dead, five other people are injured, fortunately recovering from those injuries this morning, and new in stable condition. take a look at the video you can see what we're talking about here. police respond todd broad just after 8:30 last night. nearby they found this van crashed in the building on the 6800 block of old york road, now the 23 year-old driver was shot at lee once, she was
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pronounced dead at the scene. police say it appears this shooting happened as that woman was driving north near broad and gaining, after she was hit by, gunfire, she who control of the van, drove across the yellow lines there on to old york road up into the sidewalk abe then into the building. now along with the driver, two other women in their 20's and three children age two to six years old were also found in that van and injured, police say, they were hurt but they were not hit by gunfire, less take a listen. >> all of them had injuries, they were bleeding from their face, head, various parts of their body but they were all conscious. at this time is it does not appear that any of those five passengers, at adults and female where is struck by gunfire. >> reporter: now police are getting information that the shots came from a dark colored vehicle, traveling north, in that area as well, last seen traveling north on the 5800 block of broad street, now fortunately for police in this area at broad street there is
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a lot of business was a lot of surveillance cameras that can hopefully help. now, throughout the investigation, no motive at this time but one woman dead, two other woman injured, three children injured, as well all in stable condition this morning. we will keep you up to date. reporting live outside philadelphia police headquarters jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news", rahel and jim, back to you. president trump has a listening session at the white house yesterday attended by survivors of the school shootings and those affected by tragedy in parkland, florida. many in the room suggested ways to curb gun violence and as moa lenghi explains the president even offered his own controversial idea. >> how many schools, how many children to have get shot report report emotional andrew pollack addressed president trump telling him about his daughter meadow who attended marjory stoneman douglas high school in florida. >> she was murdered last week, she was taken from frustrates. shot nine times on the third floor. >> reporter: pollack was among those affect by school
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shootings who shared their powerful stories with the president. >> i don't understand why i can still go in the store and buy a weapon of war aar. >> reporter: fred guttenberg, who who his daughter jamie, pressed republican senator marco rubio on banning a ar15 during a cnn town hall. >> my daughter running down the hall way at marjory stoneman dug race was shot in the back with an assault weapon, weapon of choice. >> we instead should make sure dangerous criminals people draining cannot buy any gun of any kind, that is what i believe a better answer within >> reporter: during a listening session, president trump floated idea of arming teachers and staff, as a way to keep students safe. >> if you had a teacher with, who was a adept at firearms that could very well end the attack very quickly. >> reporter: some pushed back.
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>> schoolteachers have more than enough responsibilities right now, then to have to have the awesome responsibility of lethal force to take a life. >> reporter: many public students who rallied and met with law makers in tallahassee say a ban on assault style rifles is key if we are going to protect our teachers why in the protect our children. >> reporter: students staged walk outs in solidarity with them calling for tougher gun laws. moa lenghi for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". students from marjory stoneman douglas and thousands of others marched to the florida state capitol in tallahassee. they wreath with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. they questioned legislators on assault rivals, back gun checks and whether or not to arm teachers in schools. students also protested outside house chamber making sure their message within heard inside. >> i think it is very important that we need to see some change and i'm very proud of how people are willing to
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protect and stan up and i think that is what we're doing right now is to stand up and share what we're thinking. >> wow. though protesters as young as nine years old. bipartisan legislation is in the works that will raise minimum age for buying assault weapons to 21 and provide more help in mental health in schools. two feltonville residents are recovering after terrorized an arm man inside their own apartment. police responded to west roosevelt boulevard around 4:00 o'clock yesterday morning , after reports of gunfire. investigators say a gunman broke into an apartment and pistol whipped a man while demanding money and drugs. the victim told cbs-3 he played dead, until he could getaway. >> unaudible. >> police say the same suspect , later forced his way in the second floor apartment and did the same thing pistol whipping a 34 year-old woman
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demanding money and drugs. both victims are expected to recover. emergency medical technician from bucks county is accused of trying to meet a teenage girl for sex. police in camden count a rested charles aimer of warminster. they say he was still wearing his emt uniform last week when he went to meet with what he thought was a 14 year-old girl with whom he had exchanged text messages. aimer works were four different ambulance companies, he is charged with attempted sexual assault and several other crimes. pennsylvania republicans want the u.s. supreme court to block a new congressional district map. presiding officers of the state house and senate filed an emergency request over this revised map, issued by the pennsylvania supreme court on monday. it is seen as beneficial to democrats here, and republicans are directing their request to justice samuel alito and says state supreme court sees legislative authority by redrawing the map state supreme court ruled old map was unconstitutional, saying the map was gerrymander ed to benefit
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republicans. tributes are powering in for reverend billy graham. >> coming up next legacy he leaves on people here in the philadelphia region. and report warmed over past few days, but don't put away the coats just yet, katie 's tell us about the temperatures taking a tumble, be right there baby. unlike ordinary diapers pampers is the first and only diaper that distributes wetness evenly
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welcome back, area in australia is covered in orange dust after wild weather. this dust storm swept through queenland tuesday, wind gusts reached 50 miles an hour and visibility was reduced to 650 feet, storm lasted a few hours and caused minor damage to homes. well, back in our region quite a different scene, yesterday many people took advantage of the spring-like temperatures, some soaked in the sun at rothman rink in center city yes, ice skating rink while other biked, boarded, went for a run. people said they were either loving the warm up or hanging on to winter as long as
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possible. >> being able to relax, enjoy. >> would i rather it be cold, it is wintertime. >> well, one thing is for sure , it is 70-degree temperatures are not happening today. time 4:43. >> katie, we're talking about a drastic drop in temperatures yesterday was glorious. >> today it is taking a turn down. >> katie's in a park. >> yes, it can be middle of the night and still think i'm standing in the park right now but let me show you we will put the information ground and show you how well, we have smashed those records, yesterday. in philadelphia, we have ended up over achieving again, 77 was the official high beating a long record, we hit that at noon time 72 degrees and we just continued to climb from there. reading and allentown, hello, lower 80's, lower 80's in february. unbelievable. unbelievable warmth in those areas once that low lying
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included cover went away, it was just off to the races. we have already hit our daytime high. it happened a couple hours ago around midnight and temperatures have continuously started to drop off. we are still very mild from millville to atlantic city but cooler air is working its way in through those northwestern counties and you can tell where frontal boundary has since crossed through. nashville hasn't quite gotten through there but st. louis, it absolutely has. down to 33 there. compared to 20 degrees difference in nashville. that incomes our temperatures back who are locally we will level over in the lower 40's this afternoon. we hit 77 yesterday, and you have to wear a completely different set of clothing here today for totally different season. now we are back to reality. storm scan does have wet weather rolling through northern counties, that is your cold front, there will be showers moving through strictly rain showers rest of the day, again we have hit 58. don't go by. that these temperatures continue to drop. this afternoon go by 42 that is what it will be like this
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afternoon and showers are still in this forecast, tomorrow, saturday, and then gannon sunday, we are a finally back to sunshine next week and still most of the forecast actually all of this forecast is above average. >> yeah, that is at least good , silver lining right there even they we will get some rain. looking outside right now good morning, happy gateway, blue route at the schuylkill what we are looking at here. overnight construction around this area that has been since cleared. we are looking good, mild. every where we look we are looking really quiet. vine what's we're looking at here pushing in the westbound direction, eastbound direction making sure everything looks as it should and it does in those area. now, here in newark, delaware we have an accident with injuries, route 896, at college avenue. there is another one out there at are in is town, route 202 dekalb pike and mash shall street. this accident is still out there. if that is in your neighborhood make note of that as you go out the door. construction on the northeast extension north down between lansdale and quakertown that right lane is compromise there had and for those who walk ben
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franklin bridge or take your bike across heads up ben franklin bridge south walkway is closing start to go day for the next 14 months, that is walkway and we will remind you of that throughout the morning jim, back to you. reverend billy graham, within of the most well men christian evangelist in history has passed away at 99. graham died inside his north carolina home yesterday of natural causes, dubbed america 's pastor, graham reached millions around the world. pastor marcia williams of the nazareth baptist church in philadelphia followed graham as a teen. he sees his legacy as a gentlemen of faith who practiced what he preached. >> they need to see authenticity, the message that we are preach and teach, they can see it in our every day lives. >> graham's body will lie in repose in two days next week at his lie library any charlotte. a private funeral will then take place march 2nd. coming up next how uber may make you walk a little to
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hitch your next ride. >> we will talk bit on the money watch report. also ahead the signs you may be taking too many selfie, we will be back in a moment. jim, this is for you. >> no, no,
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it is already to start using nasal spray. they pulled their recommendation for flu mist but it was not work ago begins swine flu. vaccine makers say problem has been since fix, cdc is expected to give final approval to make it available for next years flu season. time is 4:49. time for a check of business news. >> money watch's dianne king hall joins us from the new york stock exchange, good morning, dianne. uber trying out a new service that sounds like a shuttle, what can you tell us about this. >> reporter: good morning, rahel and jim, before your next uber ride you may have to uber walk, ride hailing service debuting express pool in eight u.s. cities, it operates like a shuttle
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service, it connects riders in the same area, plans to travel to similar destinations, once connected they would walk to a common stop for a pick up and then would be dropped off at a similar destination, express pool would though cost 75 percent less than a regular uber ride. >> significant. >> yeah. >> dianne, i understand there is a new survey that shows you don't have a long time to make a gym precious in a job interview, so how much time do people have. >> reporter: first impressions matter. if you are interviewing for a job you only have five minutes to make a good one. career builders say half of all, i know, wow, they say they know within that first five minutes if a potential hire a good fit for the job no no, including answering a phone call or text during an interview, lying, and making odd requests, like asking for a cocktail or to taste the interviewer's coffee. these thing really happy, apparently. >> if you are doing those things you do not deserve that
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job. you need to just go home. >> yes, yes. >> show up in a dark vader costume. >> i will say, five minutes, i think is actually very generous because i usually make, a snap decision within 30 seconds i know if you are crazy or not. >> dianne, they say with television, that news director make their first, impression in 30 to 45 seconds. >> how we got these jobs i just don't know. >> this is true. >> yes, we will see you next hour. >> okay, thanks. well, next time you snap a selfie consider this, oh, no, you may have a genuine mental condition called selfieitis. >> seriously. >> term has been around for a while but a study in the international journal of the mental health and addiction talks bit. psychologists say compulsive picture taking is a genuine mental condition. >> more and more studies are showing that more time spent
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on social media sites negatively effects peoples self esteem that can make a person less able to cope, more lakely to have anxiety, depression that sort of thing. >> well, more than half of your pictures are selfies that is a red flag. i'm safe on that one. solution is very simple though , put down the phone. >> yeah, find healthier ways to find valid days. >> exactly. coming up suspend full ending in an olympic competition. >> see how a
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we are jamming in the studio to this one, yeah, temperatures are falling, like a rock, as we jam out to michael jackson this morning. look at main street in bethlehem, a live look from hotel bethlehem but notice instability is pretty darn
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good, all things considered you can see all of the lights across the mountain there in the distance and we do have wet weather rolling through but i would dare say that your visibility is going to end up being better then it was the last two mornings, if you don't have fog issues. our cold front starting to sweep through. temperatures are going on a serious, nose dive, we hit 77 degrees, yesterday, and i continue, all afternoon, just marvel at how warm it was in february. i necessity you did too. 35 degrees, however, just shave right off of that thermometer, in 24 her span here. so come this afternoon you are held down to 42 degrees, so, much, much cooler. the reason is a cold front starting to bring in some showers across northern most counties. looking closely though behind storm scan, you see some pink beginning to show up, eventually there will be enough cold air in the northern counties, poconos, lehigh valley to see some icing mixed in out there whether it is a freezing rain
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or just some sleet that comes through. so keep that in mind there could be icing later but temperatures dip every where. it won't be cold enough in philadelphia, south jersey and delaware for anything but rain but there will be a raw chilly rain that overtakes region and then we just get back to the rain after batch that he is come through in the next three days, so right through weekend it is looking soggy generally speaking and you will want to find indoor plans. >> for the weekend. >> what a tease, cabin fever in february and then now we have 77 and new back the two rain. what will we do? looking outside blue route at 76? we are looking good. everything is really looking quiet, now, that said we have a couple accidents out there looking at the vine no accident there vine looking good, west bun pushing toward schuylkill eastbound side starting to heat up a little bit but looking normal just as it should. this is one of the accidents in newark, delaware and it does include jobs. so, 896, college avenue, and another one in norristown still out there 202 dekalb
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street at marshall street. just walking outside the door just a heads up on these. construction three placeness new jersey all clearing at 6:00 a.m. lets hepp between the two, and i-95 at 29, and ramp and lane closures. route 29 closed between west upper ferry road and scenic drive. more on these coming up in a little bit. back to you. gold medal drought is over >> what may be biggest win so far of the winter olympics u.s. woman's ice hockey team defeated canada for the first time in 20 years. >> the united states is gold in pyeongchang. >> and, the win came as dramatic fashion, thanks to a shoot-out thriller at end of the regulation overtime in a five round shoot-out, game remained tied at two, and then sixth round u.s. joslin, and canada's dry, maddie rooney made the save to give team u.s.a. the win, first gold in the event since 1998.
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>> very impressive, congratulations. coming up in the next her of "eyewitness news" we will have more on the gun control debate taking place in washington, florida and across the country. also ahead we are following developing story here at home a deadly shooting that sent a van crashing in the building, jan carabao is live with the investigation. we have results of the new testing of rear crash prevention technology we are back at the top of the hour,
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your comment are pennsylvania thiscally weak. >> an outpouring of emotion as parents and students confront lawmakers over gun control in florida and white house, we will hear more from the town hall forum. van packed with women and children is shot at broad street, vehicle then


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