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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 24, 2018 5:00am-6:01am EST

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cars damaged, one person is in custody we will tell but the kay yot i can scene that unfolded overnight in south philadelphia. and florida's governor unveils a plan to improve school safety after the deadly school shooting in parkland, what he is proposing in hopes of preventing another tragedy. and rain, rain, and more rain, this is a live look from parkway central library camera just how much rain we're tracking for your weekend, that is straight ahead. it is saturday february 24th good morning i'm jan carabao. lets start with your forecast here's meteorologist chelsea ingram with eyewitness weather g saturday morning, chelsea. a bit of fog out there too this morning. >> that will be a problem through early morning hearst,
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areas of locally dense fog we will talk about that. there is a fog advisory for chester county until 8:00 this morning. let me take to you storm scan three, show you what is going on you can see we don't have much in the way of rain in the region, pockets of dress ill throughout the morning, and here's rain helping our way here today. also tonight, and then into the first part of tomorrow. so yes, the damp, dreary weekend is on tap, 44 degrees, right now in philadelphia, it is 45 as we start off your day in wilmington. right around 46 in millville and 47 degrees down the shore in, atlantic city. good news hey we're warmer then just 24 hours ago, we will be anywhere from five to 11 degrees warmer, we're 6 degrees warmer look it here in philadelphia that trend will continue as we head into the afternoon but by 9:00 o'clock or so 50 degrees. fifty-four with rain showers around noon time and 56 for that high temperature later this afternoon.
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i'll let you know when rain clears out in a few minutes, but for now back to you. >> all right, chelsea, thank you. 5:02. new this morning philadelphia police are looking for gunman who shot two men in logan. this call came in right around 1:30 this morning for a shooting at broad and rockland , and a 27 year-old man was shot in both legs, and a 35 year-old man was shot in the knee, and left leg, both are now in stable condition, and there is in word on a motive. meantime, south philadelphia street looks like it was the scene of the demolition derby, overnight, police say someone smashed into parked cars. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live at the scene and we hear there are a lot of damaged to parked cars out there this morning, good morning: >> reporter: this happened on third street between ritner and porter streets in south philadelphia. lets get to the damage here. you can see this car seems to have gotten the brunt of the collision, this is a chevy suv parked on the corner, you can see debris on the ground, as well, and all along this
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street as you can see in this video from overnight other damage as well, sideswiped, mirrors torn off, police say more than a dozen cars, have been damaged, and this happened around 10:00 last night when a driver reportedly lost control and then smashed into this line of cars, again, on third street, in between porter and ritner street in south philadelphia. that driver has been arrested on suspicion of dui according to investigators. that driver has in the yet been identified when we learn more information we will before he bring you latest. live from south philadelphia, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> a lot of car owners will be waking up than happen think morning, thank you. police are looking for clues to help track them down a hit and run driver in mercer county. investigators say person behind the wheel struck and killed an employee, at a quick check, convenient store in lawrenceville. "eyewitness news" reporter natasha brown has the very latest on this investigation. >> reporter: candles still burned brightly in memory of
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the quick check employee who lost his life at work. february 19th, 35 year owed charles, neeves a gaza tend ant in the 300 block of brunswick circumstance until lawrenceville, new jersey was struck by a gray nissan ultimate man in the store's parking lot. police say he he was attempting to stop driver after nissan hit another car in the lot and then just kept going. charles later died from his injuries, suspect seen here in store surveillance video remains on the loose. >> charles was, trying to be a hero that day, unfortunately he had to pay with it, with his own life. >> reporter: since the tragedy , kim gamely, has made it her mission to be an advocate for victim's family, and to get justice in this case. a total stranger who used facebook to, make this vigil at quick check on wednesday night. >> he was, just someone that i pulled up to the tank and met, when i was here to get gas, that is it, but my connection became stronger with him when
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he passed, because of what he did for others. >> reporter: father of the young daughter was affectionately known as chucky and loved fishing and spending time with family members. his hit and run death remains unsolved but folks like kimberly are determined to keep the victim's memory alive >> my mission was to get to the word out there that the family needs support, person is still at large, that did this to him and that he didn't deserve to die like this. >> reporter: we did receive a statement from the ceo of quick check and it readness part quote our deep sympathies , thoughts, prayers get out to charles and his family and loved ones. he was a valued team member who without a second thought put the needs of someone else above his own. police are still in search of that suspect who was caught on surveillance video inside the store and nissan ultimate man he was apparently driving. if you have any information about this case, please contact the police right away. in lawrenceville, new jersey, natasha brown for cbs-3
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"eyewitness news". police are looking for a man who allegedly groped i girl in the target store in bucks county. take a look at this surveillance photo, police say this man groped a 13 year-old girl at a target on rock hill drive-in bensalem wednesday night around 9:00 o'clock. if you have any information, on this man's identity, please call the bend salem police. the price tag on a fire that destroyed more than a dozen school buses in lehigh county is more than two million-dollar, and, the flames broke out around 3:00 friday morning in the parkland school district garage in orefield, the fire destroyed 16 newly purchased buses in the garage, and about a dozen other buses park outside of that garage. the district is working to get borrowed buses for monday. >> many of our surrounding school districts and the neighboring school districts have offered us surplus bus that he is they may have. >> we feel pretty good that we will have school monday, i'm pretty optimistic. >> reporter: cause of the fire is still under investigation. and meantime, demolition
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of the building gutted by a four alarm fire in olde city philadelphia will start next week, the cities department of licenses and inspections, has determined that the remains of the building at 239 chestnut street are imminently dangerous, and tearing down the building will likely take a week, there will be road closures all around that area during the demolition and you can find them on cbs philly .com. we're learning more this morning about the missed opportunity to stop gunman who shot 17 people to death in the florida high school. woman close to the suspect, warned the fbi he had rifles and said quote i know he is going to explode, end quote, that is according to a transcript of a tip received on january the fifth. now the fbi has acknowledged it failed to investigate that tip, meanwhile florida governor rick scott has un veiled a new plan to improve school safety. >> i'm calling for a mandatory law enforcement officer in every public school. i want to make it virtually impossible for anyone who has
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mental issues to use a gun. >> reporter: now the plan includes creating a violent threat restraining order program, ate laos the court toss prevent violent or mentally ill people from purchasing guns and includes raising the state's minimum age to buy a gun to 21 years old. president trump is criticizing the school resource office shore stayed outside of the school and did not confront that gunman. he leveled his sharp criticism during a speech to conservatives at a conference in maryland. the president used his speech to discuss his plan to prevent mass shootings in america's school. that plan includes putting guns in the hands of some train teachers and faculty members. >> i'd rather have somebody that loves their students and wants to protect their students then somebody standing outside that doesn't know anybody and doesn't know the students and frankly for whatever reason decided not to go inside even though he heard lots of shots being fired
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inside. >> president trump also, held a joint news conference with australian prime minister malcolm turnbull, leaders discussed a wide range of topics including gun control, immigration reform and north korea. former trump campaign official rick gates has pleaded guilty to charges that are part of the special counsel's robert mueller's investigation into russian meddling in the 2016 election. charges include conspiracy and making a false statement, gates will cooperate with the investigation, also mueller un sealed a new indictment begins co-defendant paul manafort, it includes, allegations the former trump campaign chairman paid european politician toss lobby on behalf of ukraine. this morning things are back to normal at the white house after a security scar, led to a lock down, yesterday, coming up, what we're learning about the woman accused of causing that scare. plus, when she's not practicing medicine in her office she may be practicing it, halfway across the world.
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back on "eyewitness news" a woman is facing charges today after a security scar lead to an hour long lock down at at the white house. secret service as 35 year-old jessica ford drove a van in the security barrier on friday afternoon. agency says she is from tennessee and they have had
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previous problems with her. officials also say she has mental health issues. the incident happened as president trump was in the white house, after holding a press conference with australia's prime minister, fortunately, in one was hurt. new numbers from the centers for disease control and prevention hold up the war of the flu epidemic appears to be behind us. the number of the people visiting the doctor for flu- like illness is now been dropping but health officials caution a flu season is far from over, medical facilities all around our area say that they are still very bus which flu patients, the dominant virus this season has been h3n 2 but experts say they are seeing more flu b viruses. >> the h32 effects more older folks with high hospitalization and death rates but influenza b effects those that are younger. there is certainly a fair amount of influenza to go, probably until mid-april. >> reporter: health experts are urging everyone who has
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not gotten a flu shot yet to get one. a wondering emu is safe after week on the run in northeastern, pennsylvania. take a look at this here's what drivers came upon friday morning in wayne county, that emu is in the middle of the highway there for better part of the week, too, the 5-foot tonightless bird was wandering the area, one man thinks his original owner sold the bird, and then it got loose. >> the institute has been here 40 years this year and we have never had anything that cause this much ruckus. this emu this guy is hot, he has two legs, he is strong, he is fast. >> late friday afternoon the e mu was shot with the tranquilizer, caught and taken to a animal park. certainly a sight to see out there. >> that thing is huge. >> i know, it is big, of course, everyone have their cameras on their phone and we have videos of it. >> this morning some people may have trouble seeing with all that fog out there. >> so true, you mention that had so let me show you a
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camera right now. we will look at center city. look at those cloud, jan, kind of ayuky way to start off your saturday. we will deal with fog and yes, indeed more rain will be heading our way. we're dealing with fog in rehoboth as we take a look at our live neighborhood network camera and boardwalk plaza visability not all that ideal. we have a dense fog advisory that has been issued for lancaster as well as chester counties, and this is until 8:00 o'clock this morning but that doesn't mean if you are in the within the advicery area you will not be dealing with a little fog as you wake um as well and it can be locally dense in your neighborhood so we're track ago this keeping a very close on eye on things, for instance , millville .3 miles or less is current visibility there, same situation in lancaster, even in to dover about a half a mile or less visibility, so certainly, not ideal, as we are waking up, this saturday morning. so storm scan three shows that rain wise, we're fairly quiet, i will show you what is
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heading our way as i zoom out, we've got quite a bit of rain into portions of ohio, indian, kentucky, that is pushing out our direction as we head throughout the day today so rain certainly is going to be picking up as we head in the afternoon and it will last really through the first half of your sunday, and it is not like we need any rain. here's the thing, soggy february, so far, precipitation wise for the month we have seen 5.3 inches, and that is more than 3 inches of above average, for this time of the year and for the month of february, and of course, we have more rain to come throughout the weekend. and the good news it is 44 degrees right now in philadelphia, weaver milder, compared to this time yesterday, and that is going to continue throughout the day , 45 in wilmington. forty-two in allentown. upper 30's in the poconos, 43 in reading. forty-three in lancaster w these mild temperatures just dealing with plane old rain throughout the weekend. it is 44 just waking up in
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media. forty-two pottstown, 44 in mullica, 44 in chester. forty-six in palmyra and doyletown this morning. right around 42 degrees. so, the mild stretch of weather that we are entering starting to day, that is going to continue for the next five days, notice temperatures will be well above average for this time of the year, we're looking at 50's and 60's in the forecast, so some nice mild weather will be sticking around but we have to get through rain this weekend. lets talk about how that is panning out, notice the first part of the morning is looking dry, quiet just dealing with fog and maybe some patchy drizzle, but by noon time we will see steady rain kicking in that will last into the evening hours if you have dinner plans tonight, you have to bring rain gear with you, heaviest rain moving in overnight into early sunday morning, cold front passes on through, we will start to get drying going on by sunday afternoon, sunday evening and then monies looking, much better. areas of rain and drizzle toll day, 54 degrees for that high
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temperature, again, well above average for this time of the year, and then we're up to 60 as we head into sunday. sunday will be even milder. 60 degrees on monday, looking like a good day, sun and included out there, and sunny and nice by tuesday, that is my pick of the next seven days , 62 on wednesday, in the bad either, next chance for rain will arrive by next friday, jan, now back to you. >> chelsea, thank you. 5:18. a fill based oral surgeon is transforming faces and lives even in her spare time, for the past six years she has volunteered long side other medical professionals to provide much needed health care to communities in africa. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do introduces us to a special doctor who uses her skills to make a difference. >> okay, let me think, okay. >> reporter: doctor jody chow is back at work seeing patients as a oral and facial surgeon at jefferson university hospital but earlier this month she was almost 6,000 miles away on
5:19 am
african mercy a medical ship currently dock off the coast of cameroon. >> everybody that serves goes there on a voluntary basis so nobody gets pay. you pay your way to go there to help the people. >> reporter: it was doctor chow's sixth volunteer trip with the non-profit mercy ship a commitment that has brought her expertise to five african countries. >> i realized how much help that we were providing, for people who cannot afford care, and so i just keep ongoing back. >> reporter: the before and after procedures show stunning transformations. >> hooray. >> reporter: many oral surgery cases patients are able to smile for the first time in years. >> there is a lot of things that go uncheck because people there cannot, afford care so instead of quarter sized tumor in the upper or lower jaw, often the patient that is we encounter there are melon sized, water melon size.
5:20 am
>> reporter: stationed in one country for 10 months it takes some 450 people to operate the ship at any given time, it is essentially a floating hospital, providing medical care and surgeries completely free of charge. but people with all kinds of skill sets are needed to keep it going. >> it is really like a community, almost like a little town, you can be a cashier because there is a little shop, is there a bank, so, anybody who has any type of, skills, that can offer, they are always looking for crews. >> wow. >> reporter: trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". mercy ships is currently, building a second medical ship , so they will need plenty of volunteers, to staff it, get to our web site at cbs about how to get involved, doctor chow has already scheduled her next trip who will be heading to new gunie in january. still ahead on "eyewitness news" we will take you behind the scenes of is what new in
5:21 am
theaters this weekend. >> i'm cameron mathieson, coming up jason bateman and rachel mcadams star in
5:22 am
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a great comedy starring jason bateman and rachel mcadams here's a preview of game night >> game night goes terribly wrong for rachel mcadams and jason bateman in their new comedy. >> tonight we're taking game night up a notch. we don't need a board and we do not need pieces. >> i play annie married to max played by the lovely and amazing jason bateman. we are a very competitive
5:24 am
couple. we fell in love over trivia night. >> what is name of the purple tell i tubby. >> you are both correct. >> okay. >> kyle chandler is max's brother and invites them to the murder mystery party. >> someone in this room will be taken. whoever finds the victim wins the grand prize, keys to the stingray. >> just the keys. >> no, the whole car. >> oh, yes. >> reporter: things get south fast because they realize it is not a game anymore. >> are you like, are you a game night person in real life >> no. >> i am. >> personal project. >> yes. >> on set cast could not help cracking each other help during the scenes. >> look right in the cam report. >> off camera when we're doing off camera the vibe is pretty light, you know, you can finish a text message, still after the slate has already been hit and as the director is saying action, you can put your phone in your pocket, and
5:25 am
do a comedy. >> ready, set, and then go. >> from fighting, to car chase s, the film is pack with action scenes and jason says he was always prepared. >> do a lot of stretching and a lot of tapping your stunt double on the shoulder and saying you are up. >> it is so crazy just my work >> crash in the plane. >> ahh. >> you missed it. >> thanks. >> reporter: for entertainment tonight i'm cameron mathieson. >> still ahead on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this saturday morning an unpleasant surprise awaits some people in south philadelphia, they are waking up to broken windows and dented doors, and what unfolded overnight here on the street that left several cars badly damaged. and first responders, are honoring, are honored for demonstrating bravery in the line of duty, still ahead we will introduce to you heroes
5:26 am
being recognized for going above and beyond the call of duty, stay with us.
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good morning, everyone i'm jan carabao, rain is on the way and fog already out there
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this morning. lets get right outside to meteorologist chelsea ingram on the sky deck with a look at the eyewitness weather forecast, good morning, chelsea. >> that will be an issue for next few hours, some areas dealing with locally dense fog we have a dense fog advisory in effect right now for chester county as well as lancaster counties until 8:00 a.m. this morning. let me show you what we can expect today areas of morning fog for some, otherwise, keep those umbrellas on stand by because we have showers moving in later this afternoon, otherwise, milder temperatures , we're forecasting highs in the 50's, so that is a nice change compared to yesterday's seasonal chill. 44 degrees right now in philadelphia, 45 in wilmington waking up in atlantic city at 47. forty-four in trenton. 42 degrees in allentown. here's a temperature change we're anywhere from five to a full 11 degrees warmer depending where you live, in philadelphia 6 degrees warmer compared to this time yesterday. not a whole lot of action
5:30 am
locally with storm scan three but as i zoom out you can see moisture that is heading our way, starting later on today and it will last through at lee the first half of sunday, so, this weekend here's what it looks like areas of fog and then we're dealing with showers, 56 for that high temperature on sunday, even milder with a high of around 60 degrees, i will let you know when the sunshine returns in my full forecast coming up in just a few minutes, for now , back to you. >> looking forward to that, thanks, chelsea? >> 5:30, new this morning philadelphia police are looking for gunman and motive after shooting of two men in philadelphia's logan neighborhood, this shooting happened around 1:30 this morning near corner of the broad and rockland street, the 37 year-old man was shot in the knee and leg, a 27 year-old man was shot in both legs, both men are now in stable condition. meantime, smashed cars line the street in south philadelphia, more than a dozen of them are damage, "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live at the scene
5:31 am
to bring us up to date and a rude awakening for car owners this morning. >> reporter: good morning, jan that is right when neighbors wake up this morning they will probably not be happy with what they are going to see, this chevy here, seems to have gotten the brunt of the damage , you can also see, the debris here lining the street here on third street between ritner and porter streets in south philadelphia. you can see this entire row of cars, bay dozen of them police say were damage overnight when a driver lost control and smash. you can see some are sideswiped mirrors that have been torn off from these vehicles and police say that driver is in custody and under suspicion of having, possibly driven under the influence, at this time, but that driver is not being identified but that driver is in custody at this hour, but once we learn more information we will bring you that but again, at this time what we know business 12 cars, or 15 cars have been damage overnight here on third street
5:32 am
between porter and ritner street. that is very latest from south philadelphia, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks, anita. investigators are looking for the driver in the deadly hit and run in mercer county. on monday afternoon, charles n iv ies a gas station attendant in brunswick circle in lawrenceville was trying to stop a driver of the gray nissan who hit another car in the parking lot. police say the driver hit and killed him. since then a stranger made it her mission to be an advocate for victim's family and to get justice. >> he was just someone that i pulled up to the tank and just met, when i was here to get gas, that is it, but my connection became stronger with him when he passed because of what he did for others. >> lawrence township police are new looking for a suspect, shown in this store surveillance video, if you have any information, please call the police. we are learning more about the warning signs, that law
5:33 am
enforcement agencies missed ahead have last weeks school shooting in florida. nicki batiste has more on what the fbi knew and when they knew bit. >> reporter: on valentines day 17 students and teachers were shot dead inside marjory stoneman douglas high school, cbs news learned january 5th less than six weeks before the massacre a with man phoned an fbi tip line about suspected gunman nikolas cruz, she feared wow quote get into a school and just shoot the place up. woman said cruz has a mental capacity of a 12 to 14 years old and said, you know, it is just so much, i know he is going to explode. according to the fbi the caller was someone who knew cruz well but admits the information was never followed up on. in november the woman who took in cruz and his brother after their mother's death called 911. >> he put the gun to the head of a boy, not the first time did he that to his mom, not the first time he put a gun to somebody's head. >> reporter: multiple
5:34 am
investigations are underway to determine why the warnings about cruz went unheated, on friday, fbi officials briefed the senate judiciary committee about how law enforcement agencies handled the information. questions have also been raised about what happened during the shooting, according to the broward county sheriff, armed resource officer deputy scott peterson, stayed outside of the building and did not try to confront the gun man. >> when it came time to get in there and do something, he didn't have the courage, or something happened, but he certainly did a poor job. >> reporter: on friday president trump repeated his call for more armed personnel in u.s. schools, nicki batiste for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". back here at home a brawl at a delaware high school, basketball game puts a teenager behind bars, take a look at this, this was the wild scene, in milford, on thursday night, when the fight interrupted the game between cape henlopen and smyrna high,
5:35 am
18 year-old randy rutgers who plays for cape hand lope even turn himself into police but officers are still looking for two others involved in the fight, the rest have the game was cancelled. a west philadelphia high school basketball player who says she was benched for wearing her religious head scarf is back in the game. for year, nasia thompson king played for mastery charter with a hajob on her head but before a playoff game she was forced to sit out. the pennsylvania inter scholastic at let ache so, requires athletes to get prior approval to wear it, the school district has formally requested a rule change. >> it was outrageous. it didn't make sense. it was upset. >> the waiver must go. we will will leave no stones unturned to make sure that that happens. >> thompson king will be allowed to wear her hijob during mastery's championship game on sunday, the pi double a says it will consider changing the rule.
5:36 am
a ceremony in burlington county honored law enforcement members hoff gonna above and beyond the call of duty with acts of heroism and bravery. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff was in cinnaminson as award were handed out to some very deserving individuals. >> when you speak with the first respond ber a act of bravery they will often say they were just doing their job , but at an event like this showcase that is is there such a thing asking ago above and beyond. heroic house fire rescues and tragic roadway recoveries, these are stories that we have covered but that others played a greater role in. this is the 28th annual valor and scholarship award banquet hosted by 200 club of burlington county, award are presented to first responders for acts that went about and beyond the call of duty, the honor valor award. >> to me it was just, thinking of the people in the vehicle and trying to get them out of the vehicle.
5:37 am
>> reporter: patrolman scott h ewitt of the edge water park police department earned the top award, on january 14th of this year ewan and fellow officers responded to an accident that resulted in a vehicle submerged in the icy waters in willingboro. >> it wasn't a choice, it was you hear the call, and we go and save somebody, it wasn't even, it was not an option at that point. >> reporter: officers took immediate action and plunged in the icy water, in an attempt to pull two occupants from the vehicle. >> knowing you have exhausted all options and knowing there is nothing you can do to save somebody, it is not easy work. >> reporter: robert and janet stephens of the burlington township did not survive the crash but memory has not left the minds of the office hours risked their own lives in an a tempt to save the couple. >> we responded there. we just did what anybody would do. >> reporter: along with the award 200 club donates $10,000 to local first responders, to help off set, the cost of college. reporting from the merion in
5:38 am
cinnaminson, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still ahead right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" pittsburgh is now bracing itself for more rain, the city has already been dealing with damage from heavy rain last weekend, and why officials say , things may be worse this time around, plus. heart failure impacts both men and women but new study finds they don't always receive the same life saving treatment, coming up, the details of the gender disparity and what women can do about it. this is a live look from hotel bethlehem where we're expecting more rain this weekend but it is not all bad news there is a warm up on the way too, just how high temperatures will go in your full forecast, coming up in just moments, stay with us.
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greater pittsburgh is now getting ready for potential flooding, it is already dealing with the aftermath of last weekend's rain a landslide in ross township has caused serious damage you can see concrete chunks that have fallen over hill side there taking down some trees and crushing vehicles, first responders, were war that i had more scenes like this could soon be on the way. >> because of what happened last weekend, we're expecting a lot of what is going to happen this weekend and maybe even worse just because the ground itself is just so saturated and so, you know, unable to absorb really what is to come.
5:42 am
>> river flooding could mean traffic detours in downtown pittsburgh, for the monday morning rush hour. in recognition of the black history month, we're honoring game changers, individuals who are making a positive impact on communities of color in our region. cherri gregg from kyw news radio traveled to northeast philadelphia, where there are a team of sisters who are beating the odd, while helping others. >> i love purple, my favorite thing to do is to shop. >> reporter: this is a meisha, sakena, and kareema. they are sisters and they share quite a bit like clothes , feistiness. >> she's more the boss i one. >> reporter: but they also share a diagnosis. >> have you ever heard of an entire family, of sisters, being diagnosed with the same disorder. >> no. >> reporter: they have lupus n
5:43 am
ephritis. >> basically one day, one down >> reporter: she need dialysis three times a week, sakena has lupus, or sle. >> that is type of lupus that effects your joint, i have joint inflammation, skin, i have a lot of seizures. >> reporter: while kareema has in the been diagnosed she has all of the symptoms. >> my feet get swollen, so bad to the point that i cannot walk. >> reporter: but the sisters have in the let lupus stop them along with mom, veronica, they have founded ask lupus, to educate black women who are three times more likely to develop the auto immune disorder, and they are often, miss diagnosed. >> ask lupus. >> i wanted to be able to provide support to people all over the world. >> reporter: part of the effort is leading by example, she works as a lawyer, anisha a drug counselor and kareema a college student despite their
5:44 am
health challenges. >> how do you feel like you ladies are changing the game. >> we're just making lupus something that is called about and something that people don't have to be a shame about >> reporter: showing that life can be good, even with a disease, like lupus. cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". turning to weather now, rain is on the way, chelsea. >> i necessity, more rain and we really don't need more rain and we will talk about why in just a minor so but soggy stretch that will continue all the way through to tomorrow, it will be dram damp dreary, more rain. heaviest rain will be moving in overnight into tomorrow morning. the highest totals will end up being, when all said and done north and west of fill but not a beautiful picture as we are starting off your saturday morning, you see these low cloud obscuring tops of the sky scrapers here in center city and we're dealing with some fog, around the region as we start the day, probably some drizzle, at times as well
5:45 am
and then steady rain later this afternoon. dense fog advisory has been issued for chester, lancaster counties until 8:00 this morning and it wouldn't surprise me if these advisor ies are extended a little bit more towards the east. keeping an eye on things but places like millville, visibility is .3 miles or less , .8 or less, in dover, and then maybe starting to see a little bit of an improvement in some locations but i think fog will be an issue as we head throughout the rest of the morning, hour, and storm scan three is showing that there is not a whole lot rain wise and i will show you where there is a lot, that is just to our west in places like ohio, kentucky, indian, this moisture will be tracking in our direction as we head throughout the day today, and into tonight, so you heard me mention we really don't need rain, here's why we have seen 5.3 inches of precipitation so far for the month of february, if you feel like it has been a soggy month you are completely right and that puts us more
5:46 am
than 3-inch's above average, for the month for this time of the year. so we will not really need extra rain. we're in the looking at any major flooding concerns but i'm keeping an eye on things as we head throughout the weekend. dreary pattern continues nonetheless, staying soggy through sunday, several rounds of rainfall and then drying will eventually begin, behind this cold front, later on, sunday afternoon, sunday evening, and then monies looking pretty good, so we can look forward to. that here's silver lining, temperatures are mild as we are starting out today, mostly from five to 10 degrees warmer compared to just 24 hours ago, and 44 degrees right now in philadelphia, 46 in millville, 44 in wilmington, 48 degrees as we start in dover. let's zoom in, media waking up to 44 this morning. pottstown at 42. doyletown at 42 degrees as well, 46 in palmyra, cherry hill, good morning to you guys right around 44 degrees, and in your neighborhood. so mild stretch, this is actually going to continue. it all starts today with
5:47 am
temperatures in the 50's. by sunday we are forecasting a high of 60 and then stay in the 50's and 60's all the way through to wednesday, so at least that is something to look forward to and also some sunshine on the way and i'll show thaw in the seven day forecast. let's track this rain, let you know how things will pan out today, notice by noon time, we will start to see a couple of showers working their way in the picture, now the morning will be rather quiet rain wise and that doesn't mean there won't be patchy drizzle and also the fog out there a little bit steady rain, later on this afternoon and into this evening, but there could be pockets of heavier rainfall as well, and then, we're going to see that rain, continuing, as we head into the overnight hours tonight but the highest totals will be north and west of philadelphia. here's your forecast for today , 54 degrees with areas of drizzle, and rain out there , winds light and variable and then your seven day forecast when does sunshine return? well, monday looks like a mixture of sun and cloud with a high of 60, full sunshine by
5:48 am
tuesday with a high of 59, jan , new back to you. >> chelsea, thank you. 5:48. on the healthwatch new research finds a descrepancy in the way male and female heart failure patients are being treated. health reporter stephanie stahl has the results in this einstein health care science center report heart devices can be life savers with patient was heart failure or foes for those with the irregular heartbeat. they looked at outcome of the quarter million heart patient whose received an implantable able device. researchers found woman were 30 percent likely to get a implantable device but their survival rate following crt therapy was 30 percent better then that of men. >> men and women had identical , survival following therapy and. for recent therapy women had a much better outcome, following crt therapy. >> reporter: doctors say with an aging population they are
5:49 am
seeing more heart failure patients then ever before but the study shows women are not getting the same level of care as men, some think that there need to be a different set of guidelines when it comes to treating women with heart failure. >> there are related differences which i think are very important to understand, to identify, characterize and therefore, we can apply our different therapies, more precisely to the patient whose need it most. >> reporter: doctors say it is important for female heart patient toss talk to their doctors and ask questions, specifically, about implanted devices and when they might ab pope eighth. i'm stephanie stahl for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still ahead right here on "eyewitness news", spring training, continues, for the phillies down in florida. after playing the university of tampa there, see how they faired in their grapefruit league opener, when we come right back.
5:50 am
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5:52 am
this afternoon phillies will host orioles in the spring training home open inner clear water, yesterday the start of the play begins blue jays, nick paveta got the start and the first batter jumped on the hanging breaking pitch over the wall and right field and blue jays will get on the scoreboard first. still in the first we have more trouble for paveta giving up rbi single here, nick allowed two runs, four hits in two innings. phillies who two-one. after the game nick tells us what he will be working on this spring.
5:53 am
>> just, finding the strike zone, and fast ball, and, and, a few things to work out this year, and, see what it looks like to face hitters in the game again. all 30 teams wore caps of the stoneman douglas baseball team and held moment of the silence for victims of last weeks shooting. phillies and jays both wore the hats during the game, signed by players and will be auctioned off. >> we feel for those families out there and the kids who were all lost and we want to do something about it. least we can do is wear these hats, today. >> since the eagles won super bowl flyers and sixers record are a combined 14-zero and one both teams back in action. flyers on the road against ottawa, sixers host magic and carson wentz will ring the ceremonial bell before the sixers game. college hoops at palestra, penn begins dartmouth, quakers tied for for the lead in the conference.
5:54 am
penn never trailed. late in the first half caleb wood knocking down the triple. he scored 12 points. quaker won seven -46. they will take on harvard tonight for first place in the ivy league. drexel will play their final regular season game, today, against unc wilmington and you have to wonder what is left after thursday's game with delaware they came back from 30-points down in the first to beat blue hens 85-83 setting record for largest come back win in division one history. i asked the drexel head coach, zach what he told the team at the half, down by that many points. >> i talked a lot to our guys about don't worry about the score just play to what we want to be remembered for, known for here at drexel for this year and year comes forward and everything else will take care of itself and our guys stuck to that and i could not be more proud of their effort, and what they did in the second half. >> that is all for sports i'm leslie van arsdal, have a great day. well this week we will continue to see black panter,
5:55 am
dominate the box office, and conversations, alike. the film, led by a predominant ly black cast is a game changer, breaking barriers and record. one local principal knew her student needed to see this movie and she made it her mission to make sure that happen this morning we will give jimina clay ding will three cheers the elementary school principal, didn't want, anything standing in the way of her student seeing black panter on the big screen. >> a lot of our students have financial difficulties. >> reporter: she set up a go fund me page raising more than enough to make the trip to the movies a reality for all of her fourth through eighth graders, black panter is first super hero of its kind featuring a predominantly black cast and today's world children are inundated with images and information. how they see themselves
5:56 am
portrayed forms their own opinion of themselves and like any great principal clay dingl e wanted if see the power in their potential. >> all these beautiful things that represent after rick rick african-american children that idea that they can see themselves, yes. >> reporter: their principal sees them too and worked overtime to make sure that they had this experience. because she knew would it matter, and she wanted to give them an extra opportunity, to be inspired. for that we give jamina clay- dingle3 cheers. still ahead on cbs-3 eyewitness news this saturday morning if you can believe it, toy stores are preparing for this years christmas season. i don't know if i believe it. see some of the toys and games that they are betting, will be on your child's wish list, later this year, plus. you may remember the amazon alexa commercial that aired during the super bowl, well, a local fashion designer was actually showcased in that commercial, straight ahead we
5:57 am
will introduce to you her and get a close lear at her work, we will be right back at the top of the oh! there's one.a "the sea cow"" manatees in novelty ts? surprising. what's "come at me bro?" it's something you say to a friend. what's not surprising? how much money matt saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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people in south philadelphia are waking up to damage cars this morning. what unfolded here overnight that has now left all of this destruction, behind.
6:00 am
plus he is going to explode. what we are learning about a missed opportunity to stop the suspected attacker in the florida school shooting. and, we have a soggy weekend, in store for us, thinks a live look from our parkway central library camera this morning, we will tell you if you need a heavy jack tote go with that umbrella today is saturday, february 24th, good morning, everyone i'm jan carabao, lets get over to meteorologist chelsea ingram with a look at the eyewitness weather forecast this saturday morning, chelsea. >> we saw all that fog in that weather shot we had there. >> i will show it again, when we talk about fog even down into rehoboth, we have locally dense fog, that has been something i'm keeping a close eye on as we start out your saturday morning. we will start off with fog and later this afternoon some rain will be moving in. so lets take a live look at boardwalk plaza in rehoboth. we have seen this scene, kind of deteriorating throughout the morning, and it wasn't this bad just about an hour ago but yes, a foggy scene there in rehoboth and a


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