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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday  CBS  February 24, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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♪ >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". tonight on white newsweek end washout. pack your umbrella if you're headed out the rain is sticking around for a little while long longer. and here's live look at storm scan3. we can see where showers are moving through the area right now. but even as those raindrops fall, the worst is yet to come. good evening, everyone, i'm natasha brown. thank you so much for joining us. it's been dreary few days or so across the philadelphia area and the soggy stretch does continue on this saturday. meteorologist lauren casey is live in the weather center tracking the system as it pretty much washes away our weekend. lauren. >> absolute does. we're stuck in this blocking pattern so we've had multi day event of rain coming down at times. getting little bit of a dry pocket right now is that so we
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get live look at center city philadelphia from our parkway library camera. still people out and about walk aig round but if you have plans to head out on the town tonight, be sure to pack along the umbrella because the rain is going to pick up in intensity become more widespread steady in nature it is going to be wet overnight period we'll take ugh over to the weather computer and show you doppler radar storm scan3 showing us light rain coming down across portions of berks county, lehigh valley and the poconos. philadelphia, south injuries scene the shore getting a dry spell but we are going to see the main energy and the main moisture from a secondary system that finally is going to unblock this pattern it's now up wind. you can see showers and thunderstorms across portions of the mid south snow coming down heavy in intensity across parts of the upper midwest and this low will pull in as way head throughout the overnight period there wasn't the half of the day tomorrow. for tonight pack along that slicker that umbrella because the rain will become widespread in nature. steady especially after midnight and heavy at times.
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this is going to be the heft yesterday of rain that we are going to see through this multi day event. also could see minor street flooding throughout the overnight period. that rain is going to continue into our sunday when does it finally taper off? i'll have the answer in your full eyewitness forecast coming up in just a few, natasha. >> lauren thank you very much. track the rain as it moves through your neighbor this weekend details on the storm at your fingertips with the cbs philly weather app. just download it today from the app store or google play, and remember when we're not on the air, you can always get the very latest on the current forecast and all of our headlines online at also tonight a driver is in custody after police say he hit more than a dozen cars in south philadelphia. "eyewitness news" reporter alicia nieves is live in south philly to night where the damage can still be seen. alicia? >> reporter: natasha, there are at least a half dozen vehicles sitting on this street still damage. one actually just behind me this red suv has a front health just
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smashed in and actually most of the front right side is also denned in. we have video showing that this is just one of 15 cars and suv' that is were rammed into by an out of control driver who came down south third street where we're at right now late last night. we're told that driver totaled at least three of those 15 vehicles that were parked here along third and parked between ritner and porter streets. authorities say the out of control driver had been arrested -- has been arrested and identified as 43-year-old james kaiser. he was actually apprehend initially by people along this street and an off duty sheriff's officer. off duty sheriff's officer an crowd chased james kaiser as he was allegedly ramming his vehicle into other vehicles his forward 11 fief team that off duty officer yanked him out of the truck, tied this hands with a belt until philadelphia police arrived on the scene. >> heard a screeching noise. i that it was like kids toys. i went outside and there was a black pickup truck f150 smashed into a car here three times.
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proceeded down the road hit every car down the road. and then i was able to chase the vehicle down way neighbor and able to get the guy out of the car. driver's door he resisted we got him out of the car and put him down and we apprehended him. >> reporter: and back out here live this is just some of the debris that is littering the roadway still from all the vehicle damaged here. authorities believe the out of control driver may have been under the influence when he late last night rammed into about 15 vehicles right here along third street. live in south phil alicia niev nieves, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> all right. alicia, thank you very much. also, developing tonight, congress has released a redacted democratic memo that counters gop allegations of surveillance abuses in the fbi's russia probe. now, the house intelligence committee had submitted a previous version of the memo that was rejected by the white house earlier this month. today's release comes following talks between the fbi and the top democrat on the committee
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california' adam shive over what the memo... in that hem should be redacted. president trump declassified the republican document weeks ago allowing its full publication despite objections from the justice department. the power of the working people what you in full view today in cities across the country. also right here in philadelphia. union members low wage workers allies and community leaders all gathered at independence hall and then joined up with others fighting for workers freedom at city hall. this comes just two days before the u.s. supreme court hears oral arguments in the lawsuit that union members say limits their power. >> union workers are under paid. we're out here just to educate and just let everybody know what is being legislated the deception behind it want we need to do to combat it. >> the supreme court case in question is janice versus the
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american federation of state county and municipal employees and illinois state employee is challenging the system of compulsory union dues. the rally in philadelphia was one of more than 300 at work sites all around the nation. and new york governor andrew cuomo meantime spoke at the working people day of action rally in new york city today. he stated his support for labor unions and criticized president trump's tax plan. cuomo said if the president want to do help working people, he would have given a tax cut and fair wages and real working rights. also folks flocked to ohio state house in columbus to fight for proposed federal legislation that would make ohio a right to work state. protesters hope to shed light on how unions stabilize the economy and ultimately pro tuck the middle class. now hundreds of eagles fans rallied in support of two of moorestown, new jersey, favorite citizens today. eagles head coach doug pederson angeles assistant coach eugene
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chunk were celebrated for making super bowl history. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan caught up with the men of the hour. ♪ fly, eagles, fly ♪ >> strike up the pep band and let's here our favorite pep so song. >> eagles super bowl celebration continued saturday. as moorestown, new jersey, honored two of their favorite citizens head coach doug pederson and assistant offensive seive coach eugene khung. >> what's up moorestown. >> this is an example of what a community should be like right here. i cannot be more proud and say i live here in moorestown to be a part of this community. >> they were praised for winning in the face of injuries and adversity for the man known to love ice cream this was pederson's cherry on top. >> here by proclaim february 24th, 2018 to be coach doug pederson day. [ cheers and applause ] >> hundreds came to show their appreciation. >> it's great for the city of
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philadelphia, for the surrounding communities to be part of something so special. going forward right now, you know, we're not going to be the same philadelphia eagles. the guys, the way that this has work we're not going to be the same. you know, we're going to have the same message and work just as hard. >> reporter: pederson lived in moorestown during his first coaching stint in philadelphia under andy reid. residents enjoy making memories witness coach and his family. >> yeah it's cool he got to come back. really awesome. >> oh, my god this is incredib incredible. to have doug pederson come here and be with us, and in this community. >> coach pederson said during his speech he likes having his own day and plans to make a vacation day in the future and hopefully one he'll savior more super bowl victories. in moorestown, cleve bryan, cbs3 "eyewitness news". no arrest meantimes have been made just yet after a double shooting overnight in north philadelphia. police say the shooting took place today at about 1:30 in the morning near the intersection of west rockland and broad streets. a 37-year-old victim was shot in the knee and left leg.
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the 27-year-old was shot in both legs and they're both now recovering. no word on what led to this shooting. tolls night, students will be allowed back in parkland, florida, they will be allowed back into their school tomorrow for counseling and orientation. it is now been more than week since gunman killed 17 people inside that school. as cbs news correspondent laura podesta tells us knew questions are now being raised about how law enforcement responded to the shooting. >> reporter: the broward county sheriff's office says its investigating claims that three deputies did not go marjory stoneman douglas high school when they should have. cbs has learned coral springs police officers say they arrived at the school shortly after the shooting and found the deputies outside with guns drawn. a fourth deputy school resource officer scott peterson resign this week. sheriff said peter sop took a defensive position outside the school during the shooting. 19-year-old nikolas cruz is suspected of shooting and killing 17 students and teachers under ten minutes on valentine's
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day. on sunday students can return to school for counseling and an orientation. >> we're going to try and get back to as nor as possible and really take care of the kids. that's the bottom line. >> reporter: the shooting sparked intense debate about gun laws and school safety. president trump suggested tougher background checks and arming teachers. in order's governor proposed raging the age to purchase an assault arrival to 21. saturday the congressman who represents parkland, florida, called for action. >> nearly 20 years of columbine we continue to suffer a mass gun violence problem that is uniquely american. the rest of the developed world has fixed this and saved lives. >> reporter: self companies are cutting ties with the national rifle association. united airlines tweeted it's notifying the nra that we will no longer offer discounted rate to their annual meeting. enterprise, hertz, metlife and others have also ended relationships with the nra.
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laura podesta for cbs3 "eyewitness news". well, stay with us everyone. still ahead on "eyewitness news" honoring the life of reverend billy graham. how the community is in his hometown showing support days before the evangelical legend is laid to rest. luce usa swimming is in the spotlight tonight as accusations of sexual misconduct swirl around top officials. how many athletes could be impacted by these latest allegations. coming up later, a musical veterinarian is changing how animals are cared for in his clinic. how his approach is zooming people and their pets every visit.
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welcome back everyone. the body of evangelical preacher billy graham is back in his hometown just ahead of his funeral next week. now paul bearers brought graham's body out of a funeral home in ashville, north carl this morning. spectator lined the 130-mile procession route from ashville to charlotte north carolina will his body will lie in repose for two days. it will be brought to the u.s. capitol on wednesday and thursday before it's returned to charlotte area on friday for the funeral. top usa swimming officials are under scrutiny following allegations of sexual abuse and harassment in the sport. a newspaper in california reports that the abuse lasted for decades. possibly affecting hundreds of athletes. one alleged victim claims the coach didn't suffer any consequences after he was accused of abusing a swimmer who was 15 at the time. and now that alleged victim questions how usa swimming
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handled her case. >> they would have recognized it, and, um, suspended him or even taken him off, you know, the coaching list for while i would have gone to another swim team. >> two top u.s. a swimming executives resigned over this scandal. the organization has already banned about 150 coaches and officials from the sport. many of them for sexual abuse allegations. all right. lauren casey joining us now. what a nasty day it's been the last couple of days. >> yeah, we turn the faucet on on thursday it's kind of been off and on ever since. >> never stopped good can't we just turn it off completely we'll see the heaviest rain moving in overnight tonight. you have plans especially if you'll stay out a little late tonight you're going to want that umbrella along with you even though we're getting a little lull in the action right now as we get live look at damp center city philadelphia. low clouds still looming certainly in place. our temperature 49 degrees right now.
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winds out of the north around 5 miles an hour. so we do have little bit of a wind chill going on right now. 47 degrees. and temperatures right now milder at the shore 51 in atlantic city. 50 in dover. we're at 47 in allentown. 30s right now in mount pocono. also contending with fog and low clouds with all of this moisture hanging around. wee dued visibles across berks county, lancaster county up in the poconos visibility down to about 7 miles right now in wildwood. you can see little bit of fog at we get live look at hoe hoe beth beach dry for now. the rainfall will pick back up and we'll see heavier intense rainfall. we've had the rain coming down at times over the last several days. two day rainfall totals not that impressive because the rain in general has been light in intensity. wilmington half inch. coatesville about .30 of an inch. quarter inch in atlantic city and mount pocono and in philadelphia but as we head into the night and the first half of tomorrow, we'll likely add about three quarters of an inch
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potentially an inch in some locations with heavier rain so steady rain developing overnight tonight. i wouldn't be surprised if you hear a couple rumbles of thunder 44 degrees our overnight low and then for our day tomorrow, morning rain and then tapering finally starting to dry out as we head into the second half of the afternoon. might not be a bad sunday evening as well with mild temperatures. our high temperature tomorrow at 62 degrees. but we are getting little break in the action right now on storm scan3. still some light rain northwestern suburbs up into the lehigh valley poconos a break down the shore in south jersey but we're seeing very dynamic system moving in. seeing that moisture stretching out already it's arm trying to reach back into portions of western pennsylvania. all that will start to build in throughout the overnight period and through the day tomorrow. so future weather showing us pretty quiet over the next couple of hours and that rain really becoming widespread in nature across the delaware valley as we head into midnight. then steady and heavy at times into the two, three, 4:00 a.m. hour. still dealing with this rain hanging around the bulk of the moisture moving through late tonight. and early tomorrow morning.
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so soggy start to our sunday. good to sleep energy drink that coffee and as we head into the second half the day should be able to get out and about if you have to do chores. go for nice walk. take the dog out conditions clearing out as we head into monday, skies clearing out. finally that sunshine that glowing osh we've been missing will return but future rainfall amounts showing us we can pick up pretty healthy rainfall totals over the next 18 hours picking up .80 of an inch in philadelphia. over an inch to the north and west. corter of quarter an inch to half an inch down the shore and across portions of jersey. tomorrow still dealing with sogginess especially during the morning. drying out as we head into the afternoon. gradual clearing becoming movely sunny by the end of the day on monday, 56 degrees. check out tuesday and wednesday. nice way to end february. temperatures around 60 degrees. with a good amount of sunshine and then another chance of rain arrives as we head into thursday and next friday. >> finally we'll see some sun. >> it's a couple days. >> thank you so much lauren.
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leslie has got sports highligh highlights. >> we have good news. red hot flyers back in action in hoottawa. they've won four straight. they've gone from last to tie for fir. flyers fans making the trip to canada this afternoon and the orange and black with no time getting on the scoreboard. ivan with the goal just 28 seconds into the game. and they're off to very good start. let's fast forward to the third period. the captain claude giroux great goal on the break away. patrick and -- the flyers win five-three. next up up montreal on monday. >> the sixers taking on the orlando magic down at the center. they won six in a row getting a little inspiration from eagles quarterback carson wentz ringing the pre-game bell. good wack at it. let's go to the game. check this out. tj mcconnell to holmes for the ally-oop dunk.
6:21 pm
three-three rupp to end the first quarter right now the sixers lead 58-40 at the half. to college basketball villanova at creighton. late in the first half with the dunk, brunson villanova led by two at the half. then after a see saw battle in the second this one goes into overtime. pasquale kept them close but jumper right there a foul against fill booth with nearly one minute left all but sealed that win for creighton. not happen with that call. offense went cold and villanova loses this one, 89-83. next up, seton hall on wednesday. to baseball the phillies in clearwater taking on the baltimore orioles and grapefruit league act. bounce back after yesterday's loss to the blue jays. both teams abouted their heads to remember roy halladay before the game at peck strum field. he died in plain crash during the off season. pick the game up tied in the second bases loaded for the phils. jorge with a shot to left sent
6:22 pm
field. that's grand slam and that is all the phils will need. they win this one, nine-six. next up the yankees tomorrow afternoon. so playing pretty well right n now. >> thank you very much, leslie. appreciate that. stay with us everyone. still ahead on "eyewitness news" a creative veterinarian using alternative medicine to get his patient as little more relaxed during every visit. >> it was something i could do work tag corporate practice but i find sitting on the floor playing songs to these animals really mellows them. >> what inspired doctor noah to tack out his guitar and sing to the furry clients he serves. that's coming up next.
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welcome back everyone. there is a vet clinic just north of milwaukee thats unlike any other. inside dr. noawh arc veterinary clinic the doctor uses music as medicine. let's let you take a look here. dr. noah arnold also issues prescriptions but he always has his guitar handy there to relax the animals that he serves. as he's preparing three dogs and a cat for a full day of teeth cleaning and surgeries, his assistants they did the shots and he kind of, you know, set the tone there with his guitar. >> i just want to hear song. often play a song for these guys to just help them get relaxed and help me get relaxed. >> well doctor noah spent years working in typical veterinary clinics but he said he just didn't like the approach to ca care. so he's doing things his own w way. jumping from 200 to more than 300 patients now and it's growing every single day. i guess they like the music. >> looked like it. >> take chi chi.
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welcome back everyone. community members celebrated diversity today in honor of black history month. the organization camden promise neighborhood hosted the event at the kipp academy in camden. folks in attendance got to enjoy dance performances, art displays and arts and crafts for the kids as well. the entire event it was all free for everyone to enjoy. very nice much that will do it for us tonight. i'm natasha brown, for leslie,
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lauren all of us here. we appreciate you being w captioning sponsored by cbs >> ninan: the other memo drops. democrats respond to republican claims of anti-trump bias at the f.b.i. also tonight, new fallout from the school massacre. did sheriffs deputies wait outside instead of rush to save lives? more companies cut ties with the n.r.a. and a wounded survivor vows to fight for gun control. >> if that takes screaming and that takes yelling, i will do as much as i can. >> ninan: public health officials sound the alarm about a rise in cancers caused by a virus. the emotional farewell to the reverend billy graham. a hearse carries the pastor's body to his final resting place. and do you believe in


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