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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 25, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> well, at some time at 11:00
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breaking news. police say a teen aim xwlirl was abducted from a street in north philadelphia and dropped off an hour later. and now officers are searching for two possible suspects. good evening, everyone, i'm natasha brown, thank you for joining us. the 15-year-old dpirl was not physically harmed. eyewitness news reporter joe holden is live at the police special victims unit tonight and he has the latest on this breaking story, joe. >> good evening, detectives at svu are rae tris tracing steps and conducting interviews. a 15-year-old girl was abduc abducted off the streets of north philadelphia. and now this happened around 6:30 tonight. police confirmed this is classified as abduction case no doubt about it. the teenage female was taken it a location in the 300 block of fair hills street. police say she was not physically harmed during the course of han hour long ordeal. she was let go at 9 and cecil
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b. moore avenue in prury town section of north philadelphia. police say they were called an hour later to report that the alleged victim had been located. and high ranking police sources say they expect to have more information about this ordeal and unfolding investigations once the 15 yard sipt viewed. and police say right now thaet they are seeking two men he driving a silver sedan believed to be behind this ab bux. police at svu want to hear from you if you have any information though once again this sa-year-old girl reported to be unharmed after an hour long abduction on the streets of north philadelphia. stay with cbs3 for the latest on this story. for now live outside s vuxt u i'm joe holden. eyewitness news. >> joe, thank you so much. we appreciate that. also tonight two people dead after a head on crash on route 202 chester country and this
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happened after 8 this morning mill lane and east whiteland township. police tell us a vehicle driven by melvin bass ker bill of shar on hill was traveling northbound in the southbound lays and hit another vehicle head on he was trapped and pronounced dead and monique pierre was pronounced dead at the scene. route 202 south was closed 7 hours while police investigated. >> a group of tourists back on their way after the bus he railroad riding in caught fire on i 45 it broke down in northbound lanes near the merge with i-95 after 3:30 this afternoon and the fire forced 35 passengers off the bus and it also caused 495 northbound an ramp to 95 north to be shut down three hours. the tour group waited oween side of highway there until shuttled to the pennsylvania welcome center in boothland.
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>> they get here and see fire out of the rear engine department on the bus and lucky all occupants were able to get off unassisted. >> it was a full bus, right. >> 5 people on board, its with a full bus. >> all the travelers made it off the bus safely and are now on their way in a different bus to the final destination. crews use aid wrecker to remove the bus from the ramp. >> and washout for us ending on better note. milder note at least and the moisture hovering around the region is finally out of here. meteorologist lauren casey is in the weather center tonight with a peek at the beginning of workweek a better work work headed to us finally. >> we can retire the umbrellas for a pum of case. that was not the case throughout the weekend and certainly today. picking up rainfall totals from midnight. bethlehem over an inch of rainfall and girard college nineteenths of an inch and a
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soggy end to the weekend and finally that rain moved out. storm scan showing us rain well off south and cloud deck in place and that starts to erode as we head throughout the afternoon tomorrow with actual sunshine returning that's been sparse this month. precipitation so far this is is rainfall and also snowfall at lest a water he live tlont that over 6", more than 3.5" above our average and a trace or more registered at philadelphia international. 19. we're only at 25 for the month so far. yes we have march though it's around the corner kicking off on thursday. i have some fun facts to look forward to for the month that's coming up in the full eyewitness forecast in a few natasha. >> thank you lauren. >> our weather settled down a bit and wild weather is wrea wreaking havoc in middle of country and five are dead after a powerful system produced flooding, hail and tornadoes across the u.s.
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multiple tornadoes touched down in carson wentz, arkansas and tennessee. a twister is expected in the death of a 79-year-old woman with bowling green and northeast arkansas a 9-year-old man was killed when his house was blown into a pond. outside of nashville a newly web couple road out the storm hiding in the closet. >> there goes goes our barn over our house. we're lucky to be alive. everything can be are he placed. >> further north the ohio river does con it to rise after days of heavy rain. in cincinnati it was more than feet above flood stage. official say is it will be several days before the water finally recedes. and new tonight, philadelphia police are investigating a shooting in overbrook that almost a man in critical condition. authorities say the 21-year-old was shot multiple tiles on the 5400 block of euclid street before 5:30 tonight and the vuk tim was transported to presbyterian hospital and no arrests were
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made just sglet also police in monmouth opportunity toy are asking for the public help to lokt a suspect wanted in murder of a 10-year-old boy. they're looking for car an counsel ul of neptune, new jersey one of two suspects charged in the shooting of asbury park woman and child inside their home wednesday night. yvonne ben is marino was killed while his mother littleya survived. anyone who knows where the skd suspect might be police contact police right owe away. >> it was very he emotional afternoon for many students returning to margie stoneman douglass high school in parkland, florida. student were invited to return to the campus today for counseling an many did that acaping by their parents. just two weeks ago a ghaun opened fire killing 17 peopleen claudeing students and teachers. >> i'm scared to go back but
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our school will be safer. >> 74 republican members of florida house call on dpovrp nor rick scott to suspect broward country sheriff scot scotties legal. they're reviewing the initial response to shting app and there are now claims three deputies did not enter the bud when they should have as the shooting was taking place. >> and a null hi released memo from democrat on the house intelligence committee shaking up debate oaf the russia investigation. cbs news correspondent paula reed has more. >> house intelligence committee adam schiff says his memo vind indicates fbi over allegations it abused surveillance power to monitor a former trump campaign advisor. >> the fbi had every reason to be concerned carter page may be a document of power. >> it was written to a republican memo released earlier accusing fbi of hiding democratic ties so research dossier on trump and president
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donald trum itp hit back saturday fight. >> we'll have is a committee meeting and he'll leak all sort of information. you know, has a bad guy. but it's certainly the monica malpass owe was a nothing. >> the democratic memo claim the fbi did not soley rely on the dossier. according to the new memo the fbi detailed pages past relationship with russian spies and interaction with russian officials during the 2016 campaign when seeking to obtain or renew the warrant. the all or of the memo devin nunez doubled down on claims of politically motivated surveillance during a conservative conference saturday. >> they're advocating that it's okay for the fbi and doj to use political dirt paid for by one campaign and use it against the other campaign. reps argue it undermines the original up of russia investigation and so far it's had little impact.
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and special council robert mueller obtained plea deals with associates and applied dozens of new channels his first trial for campaign manafort will begin in fall. well, pennsylvania, state senator jay lip leach entered his bed. hes with accused of several female staff members of inappropriate sexual behavior incrowding unwanted touching and comments. he made no mention of that in his announcement and said he cited toxic partisan politics in were ton as main reason he's choosing not to run. stay with us. an explosion in england sends four people to the hospital and what we know so far about the blast. also, competitive gym night take to the matt for pink invitational in philadelphia and how the girls are makeing a difference for those fighting praeingt cancer and
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jason kelce doing mummers for a shut through manayunk we'll take you toen annual mardi gras parade. michelle owe bama is getting personal. she has a memoir in the works and we'll tell you when you can fet your pass apass >> we're back on
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eyewitness news police in the united kingdom are calling this a major incident four them critical condition after explosion in english city of lester that let the building in flames and fire officials say is the pulleding is believed to have collapsed app now search and rescue operation. they also said there's no indication the incident is terrorist rerelated. >> several united states am lights thrown their support behind a deition of international olympic commit toe to withhold russia ban from the ceremonies. it came as several russian athletes tested positive for doping on the game. u.s. freestyle skier david lie says cheating is cheating an should not be rewarded and alana myers taylor agreed saying recent revolutions have
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shaken the slate of clean athletes. >> and young athletes gather philadelphia independent for the largest gymnastics meet in the nation all for a very good cause. the pink up i havetational was held today at the pennsylvania convention center and more than 3800 girls competed while raising money to support breast cancer patients around the region. the meet is in 10th year now and raised more than 2.5 million dollars and gym nass ticks coach sue welden found the the group that organized the meet and shoes a breast cancer survivor. >> oom a 14 year survivor come april, may, and i knew there was a gap in the medical community and this to me helps us get to the well and we want to provide them with therapies that heal like acupuncture and thing that are life changing for them and treatment plan. >> organizers say event empowers young gym night to give back and this year ini
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have tational alone raised half a million dollars. >> well the international baptist church honored several is members of the community this afternoon as part of eighth annual plaque history month celebration and they created eyewitness news assignment manager samuel gardner and church members want to recognize those that made positive impact on the city african-american community. >> and now the annual mummers mardi gras parade made way down soggy main street in manayunk earlier today and special guest mummer was there to thing his horn. eyewitness news reporter stru strutting his stuff for the beg occasion. >> some of the best string bands in the region institueed their stuff at the fifth annual philadelphia mummers mardi gras parade in manayunk. this parade is part fund razor
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for the philadelphia string band association and also part dance party. one even i could not resist. but this year it was also part of well another eagles celebration. >> and everybody is dressed is eagles and doing the eagles chant and even the string bands are playing the eagle fight song. we're all having a fwraet tim time. >> the great toms got better. e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. when eagles center jason kelce walked the parade in the iconic suit. performing with the avalon string band. >> jason kelce he's the man. >> how cool was it seeing him in the same outfit he wore for the parade. >> he's the best, he's the legend. mummers are a great tradition in philadelphia and they're kind enough to let me use the
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suit for the super bowl parade i will honor him back appeare appeareding it in why parade. >> this was awesome. i have not played sax phone in twelve years and played it earlier this week for the fist time in twelve years with the central high school band. it's been fun getting back to that. >> how do you think you did. >> subbar, i should say. he could have hit flat or shorp the entire times. fans did not care they were cited to see him again in the mummers suit. in manayunk. alicia nieves, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> all right, well, former first lady michelle obama is putting withen to paper owe for a second book and this time workingp a memoir both title for release november 1 an publishers suggest the book will be about more than just experiences in the white house and will include intimate look at the earlier years of of michelle obama life.
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in 2012 published american dpron that documents the whitehouse kitchen garden and most hem my living. >> lauren demarco is back to tell us more about the forest ka. hopefully we won't need the umbrella a. >> fwloom and doom offer the last couple days. >> nightmare. >> improving this and foggy at least it's not raining. we're going to increase theingz and keep the positive 'tis going as we head into the day tomorrow and sun will actually return. but getting a live look at center city, philadelphia. fog and low clouds looming and 46 the current temperature. not too, too chilly and wind out of north in northerly component to wind flow ushers in drier air and clears theest rest of the moisture out. no whipped temperature because of light winds. it's march and around presidential corner pinging up on thursday and mid month the normal high in philadelphia, 52. even peter than that spring officially begins vernal he
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question not 12:15 in the afternoon and then again leak that more daylight end of march sunset time 7:23 in the evening that's lovey. right now temperatures nod bad for a late february night. 46 allentown and 40 mount pocono and 46 dover. we have fotiony conditions and half a mile inalen up to a milec international airport and eight five miles in philadelphia. overnight tonight areas of 43 the overnight low 'four our clouds with increasing sunshine as we head into the afternoon. th high temperature running above average 57. >> u clouds in place. much quieter and rain has come to the next self days.
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i know it's hard to believe. high pressure in controlrow io . really nice day. sunshine high temperatures in upper 50s to near even staying o wednesday to close out the month before,f bk the rain as e head to thursday and forecast ss t area.tomorrow feeling especially when we factor in the afternoon sunshine allentown and high temperature 50 mount pocono and 54 temperature in dover tomorrow. pretty quiet and above average over the next several days. we warm things up. upper 50s tuesday axe and 61 ng a step back as we take off the month of of march for wet weather is thursday over the next seven days. friday chance of light rain around at conditions as we kickoff fist weekend of march. n all too bad. little bit of wet weather. upper 40s. not coming in like during the 1.
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>> right. >> you heard it lion cub. >> lion's cub. >> halfway between lion -- laurn stuff. >> lesley has sports highlights kapler is naming opening day starter we'll tell you who itansice sixers have got in a row. can they do
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>> sippers trying to keep that whipping streak alive. the last i'm they won 8 in a row was maybe. they took on the wizards tonight sixers trailing them by one game in the standings now. end of 3rd quarter sixers do you remember joel embib hit the three and another strong game in the process 25 point and ten boards and sixer down by 11. make a three pointer there. brett brown team down by 8.
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wizards had a response and nice ball movement and pradly beihl is wide open and hits triple. he had 24 points and sixers p game winning streak is over. 109, 94 the final and phillies dave cap land named -- first start of spring went two innings giving up two runs and four hits. ankle hes lead 8-3 the two teams meet again tomorrow night in tampa. >> and coming up next in sports zone will gm ron helpal add another player. am letics meganmont morrow yoyping us withful his spring training coming up in a few minute. >> spring training. >> lots to chat about. >> stay with us. still ahead. war impacts every as spet of life even zoo animals and how one organization is working to
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say wild animals stuck in places that can no longer care for their needs. that's next
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>> welcome back. everyone, vie nrens iraq an syria has impacted every life. lion sixt ed and sim ba war rescued and thousand they're
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on their way toy big cat sanctuary in south africa. it took four pause international saying the lions fearly died from dehigh drake and they offered to rehabilitate gonl big cats before sending them to their new home. >> he bonded with saed and he's hard to not. he's social. he's 2. he's become our family and we've become part of his family it's bittersweet. we knew he would be here temporarily and we're happy he's going to the african sun. >> line lions were beginning steady diet of lamb meat and they join more than 90 other big cats on new south after cap sanctuary is there lauren is back with a check of the forecast and
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>> this girl has a great swrob that brought her to old city meet the girl making us all a little safer on cbs3 eyewitness news at 11. that's my story. >> a man was arrested in southern california not for diving drunk but allegedly riding his horse drunk according to the california highway patrol 29-year-old luiz par he's took his horse on to 95 free bay and hooked it into bell you noer los angeles country. he failed a sobriety test with
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blood alcohol level more that half the legal limit. he was tape into custody and speed was taken to his mom's house >> you know what i have to say for that. >> nay. >> we got. it. >>. >> she's to clever. >> one last check of the forecast. >> 58 he did agrees and sun shrine and little chilly to start the morning beautiful by the afternoon. 61 wednesday to close out february and working autumn umbrella as into thursday an wettest day of next 7. 54 chillier bi-weekend end and chilly for first weekend many march. >> you said march is coming in like a lion's cub. >> getle. >> lauren's a comedian on the other side. >> thank you so much for joining us we do appreciate. it we're always on now we hand things over to lesley and the cns three
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sports zone. >> you have any jokes. >> no. >> have a good night, >> have a good night, everyone. snv trade you deadline appl applying for nhl. dave isaac joins us with the latest. >> and


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