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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 26, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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the important clues this dog was looking for in old city and what it takes to train dogs like her to keep us safe. >> fighting back tears. a teenager seriously hurt in the florida school shooting talks for the first time about her recovery as the former school resource officer defends his decision not to go in the building during the rampage. >> and school safety concerns in our area. what one local high school admits it did wrong after a student that allegedly threatened to shoot up the campus. good evening everyone. i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. we're going to have more on those stories in just a moment. but we begin with a story out of fell tonville. the outer lane is closed near rising sun avenue after a car accident that involved multiple vehicles. chopper 3 was over that scene around 9:30.
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we know two people have been taken to the hospital. no word yet on what caused the accident. three people were also rushed to the hospital after a shooting including a woman who was hit by a stray bullet. police say the gunman shot two men at point-blank range as they walked out of a convenience store. one of those victims is in extremely critical condition. a stray bullet then hit a 23-year-old woman who was about a block away. she is in serious condition right now. >> a south jersey school district where high schoolers held a walkout earlier this month talked school safety tonight. it comes just weeks after a student threatened to going on a ram paj and was arrested. alex? >> reporter: ukee, a forum was held here tonight and as with any forum, there were some who said they hoped for more direct answers to their questions but others told us they were simply
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happy to have been heard. days prior to a shooter taking 17 lives at a parkland, florida high school, students at eastern regional high school in voorhees say that a fellow student threatened to, quote, shoot up their campus. >> that was circulating february 9th. that as when it came out. before 17 people died. >> reporter: it wasn't until the day following the parkland massacre that voorhees police were notified about that alleged threat. the 18-year-old was arrested february 15th. >> going forward the point of police involvement with these types of threats will be immediate notification. >> this was among the discussion points at a school safety forum held in voorhees. >> i can tell you firsthand there are two uniformed officers as well as the man at the front desk walking the halls all day. >> reporter: the district along with eastern regional high school looked to brainstorm with parents and students on how to increase their security protocols already in place. >> i definitely still have
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safety concerns. i just think that it was beneficial that they heard us. >> reporter: safety concerns within the crowd included early morning door security and security at weekend school events. >> voorhees in particular has really been on the front line and training their staff and that's a comforting thing and it sounds like eastern is getting on board as well. >> reporter: police here in voorhees say they've embarked on something pretty revolutionary and that they've recently installed live surveillance cameras. >> alex, thank you. a superintendent of the cherry hill school district wouldn't speak about a teacher reportedly on administrative leave for comments related to the deadly florida school shooting. eyewitness news was at cherry high school west where the
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superintendent cited contractual allegations to not talk about timothy lock where lock talked in class about security concerns at the school. now lock is reportedly on leave. some parents took up his cause tonight and criticized the district for how it's handled the students' support for lock. >> this is something on their mind every day and they are told they're going to be suspended if they voice concern and support for the only teacher that made an issue of this? this is ridiculous. >> some parents also said don't -- tonight there's been a deficit in communication. >> in park land, florida today one of the wounded students shared her story. high school junior underwent three surgeries for multiple gunshot wounds. >> i was sitting on my couch thinking about all the letters and gifts everyone has given and just all the love that's been passed around.
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i definitely wouldn't be here without it. >> while willford continues her recovery, her classmates are preparing to return to school wednesday. meanwhile conversations about school safety and guns on campus continue on capitol hill. today president trump met with governors of 39 states at the white house to discuss how to best protect students and teachers. the president even proposed some of his own ideas. >> reporter: at a meeting with the nation's governors president trump suggested he would have stepped up on valentine's day. >> i really believe i would run in there, even if i didn't have a weapon. and i think most of the people in this room would have done that too. >> reporter: the president pointed out former resource deputy scot peterson for not entering the high school. >> under pressure he choked. >> reporter: the first call his client received was a report of firecrackers and not gunfire and when he heard shots he believed
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they were coming from outside, consistent with his training, the attorney says peterson took up a tactical position between two buildings. president trump said he banned bump stocks which help semiautomatic guns fire faster without the help of congress. he also advocated once again for arming teachers. >> we have to take steps to hardening our schools so they're less vulnerable to attack. this includes allowing well trained and certified personnel to carry concealed firearm. at some point you need volume. >> reporter: washington governor challenged the idea. >> i just suggest we need a little less tweeting, a little mow listening and take that off the table and move forward. >> reporter: the president made no mention of raising the age limit for gun purchases but the white house says he still supports the idea, but the nra does not. the white house also says president trump will meet wednesday with a bipartisan group of lawmakers to address
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ways of gun violence. >> a high school freshman is facing charges for allegedly bringing a loaded hand gun to school today. school police found this gun in his backpack when he put it through a security scanner. the school was placed on lockdown and the teenager was taken into custody. students we spoke with today say the student had recently been in a fight. >> people beat him up. i don't know what the reason was for, multiple people on one person. >> authorities tell eyewitness news the student admitted stealing the gun from a neighbor's car. >> philadelphia police are investigating the discovery of two bodies including an off duty philadelphia police officer inside a port richmond home. eyewitness news on the scene. the female officer and a man were found dead inside a home there. there's no word right now on the identities of the individuals or a cause of death. >> philadelphia police are asking for the public's help
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identifying two jewelry thieves in center city. the surveillance video taken early sunday morning shows one suspect slowing a large rock through the front window display on south 13th street. police say the sus pebts got away with about $5,000 worth of jewelry. if you recognize them call police. ten animals are now in the care of the brandy wine valley spca. six dogs and four rabbits are now getting the care they need. their former owner is facing animal cruelty charges as well as drug and weapons charges. the spca says there are signs the dogs were used for dog fighting. a spokesman for bill cosby says the comedian's 44-year-old daughter died friday in massachusetts. a spokesperson confirmed she suffered from renal disease. though she led a life away from the spotlight, she was a strong
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defender of her father saying she believed he was innocent. >> investigators are still searching for clues into what sparked a massive fire in old city. >> the obstacle that's keeping them fromt some of the evidencen they hope to finally go inside the s a nose for danger. how she's sniffinges a the spec it takes to get her ready. kate? >> and it's a in rehoboth. a few people walking down the e all the rain but unfortunately this break is not going to last muc me rain moving in just in time for march to start like a time out the ralph thro the end of the week. >> james. the clever messages that lebron philadelphia and who's behind the campaign.
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>> old city more than a week a chestnut left thebuilding extre. we're told all five floorsthe s all possible causes including arson. vekt -- investigators building end of the week.
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>> when fires like that happen, investigators rely on dogs to find out what happened. >> see how wron of philadelphia's arson dogs learned to sniff out the source of the flames. >> reporter: dona is an 18 month old labrador retriever and she's just about as gentle and loveable a dog as you can get. but when it's time for her to step in her new role, she's all business. dona was trained at the atf national canine vision in virginia as the philadelphia fire department's new accelerant detection canine she will accompany her partner on fire scenes. >> we learn the dog's behavior, how the dog works and then we train with them and get them on the odors. >> reporter: during this training course filled with fire debris like cloothing and wood,
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george gives the command. >> she'll put her nose down and find the odor. >> reporter: she's rewarded with a handful of food. her job on any fire scene will be crucial getting investigators samples of evidence. george remembers the days years ago when the department didn't have these dogs and one fire scene in particular. >> i took samples they all came back negative. if we had the dog at the time, our chance of getting samples back positive go up. they go way up. >> reporter: the atf canine division is here in the scenic mountains of front royal, virginia. since the inception of the proom, they've trained hundreds of dogs throughout the country. >> currently have 157 police departments national wide that have the dogs. >> reporter: first alone and then with their new partner. >> most of the dogs we get they were going to be guide dogs for blind people. usually because they have a little bit too much energy or
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like to chase cats, they make a career change and come over to atf. >> reporter: george is looking forward to dona's long career as a critical crime fighting tool if philadelphia. her presence making all the difference in arsonist. >> very, very rewarding. >> reporter: natasha brown, cbs3, eyewitness news. >> on the health wash, this year's flu season is now one for the record books in delaware. state house officials say they've confirmed more than 5700 cases of the flu this season and that shatters the record of almost 4600 cases set last year. so far 23 people in delaware have died from the flu this season. the state began keeping flu records about 14 years ago. >> a local company is going to great lengths to help the 76ers
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steal lebron away from cleveland. they strategically planted these billboards seven miles away from the arena in cleveland. we talked with the company's ceo. >> we've got to get lebron. how do we get his attention? let's take out some billboards. first we were going to do it in philadelphia and it was like let's go to cleveland. we know he'll see it. >> lebron becomes a free agent july 1st. i think we can win that championship with who we have, but lebron wants to come on board. >> we're not going to be mad. >> not at all. >> won't turn him away. >> kate bilo has a look at your forecast. >> we started off the week on a decent note at least it wasn't raining and strurs a little bit above average. tomorrow is even nicer than today. we're combog to deep the -- going to keep the rain away and the sun will come out. this is as good as you can ask
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for in the month of february. take you out to our library camera the parkway central library looking out towards center city all lit up on air quiet night across the area. the skies have cleared, the clouds have moved on out it's getting chilly outside but nothing that is out of the ordinary. it is february after all. storm scan 3 showing clear skies, the clouds that dogged the area all day have started to push out to sea with skies clearing, temperatures are dropping tonight. it will be seasonably chilly tonight and tomorrow temps again about 10 degrees above normal. the area of high pressure here across the central part of the country that's headed our way for two days. that will keep us protected from storms. our next system moving out of the rockies will head our way by the end of the week and joining forces with a coastal low on friday to produce wind and rain. temperatures right now 40 degrees at the airport. it's a chilly 30 in millville already. down to 33 in allentown.
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34 degrees in reading. so again a chilly night, a clear sky, calm wind, recipes for cold and it's been a wet month of february so far. we're now over 6 inches of precipitation and we've had rain in the forecast every single day for the last seven. today was the first day in a while that we didn't have to turn the calendar green. not much snow though. here only five or six days with snow this month and nothing with snow in the past week or two. and it's been above average. those go hand in hand. yo been above average a lot more red than blue on the degre above th norm and it looks like we'll add a couple the end of the month. tonight your low is 35 degrees. tomorrow sunn about as good as you can hope 70 degree days just last week but tomorrow looks pretty good for the february. future weather does show march coming in like a bit of a lion.
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tomorrow into wednesday, clouds increase most of the day is dry. could be a lateayhere comes our rain thursday night into friday. watch h coastal low hanging off the coast friday morning with wind and rain, even potential coastal flooding. it is going to be a miserable time period. the temperatures still above average, we are talking rain, not snow. now that kind of ubeen interesting. now it's rain. the weekend looks pretty good as well. first weekend in march we've got temps near 50 with some sunshine both days. >> we like sunshine. >> very much. >> don's up next for sports. the flyers look to make it six in a row as the orange and black in a defensive struggle against montreal.
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>> the nhl trade deadline came and went. the flyers did nothing in large part because they're doing everything on the ice. heading into their match-up against montreal they had won nine out of ten. orange and black looking for their sixth straight win. there's no score. flyers with the puck. charlie lind gren makes a save to keep it scoreless. little stick save right there. we had overtime, now we have a shootout this is the sixth
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round. the flyers win six in a row. 1-0 the final. and now this is the big news. first place in the metropolitan division. [ applause ] that's what's up. the flyers didn't make any trade, but they did sign a veteran after the waiver wire. 36-year-old defenseman will join the team for a playoff run. he was released by ottawa but won two stanley cup titles with the chicago black hawks. >> the more depth you can get the better. there's 31 teams it's not easy to accumulate depth we felt like when johnny was out there, good addition to our team. >> the phillies hooking up with the yankees. ben lively gets a start. looked good early on. the first start of the spring. against giancarlo stanton.
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francisco rodriguez. the yanks beat the phils 4-3. who cares it's spring training. nba playoffs start on april 14th. we don't know what seed the sixers will be but we know they are loading up for it. he reportedly wants to come back to philly. he averaged nearly 60 points for the season. the sixers visiting miami tomorrow. jordan bohannon plays for iowa. he missed on purpose. chris street holds the record, but he died in a car crash during the season in '93. bohannon said afterwards street deserves to have his name in the record books. one of the touching stories.
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the sixers aren't the only ones hitting shots at the wells
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fargo center. >> check out zeus hitting the shot from the catwalk. he did it again wearing a blindfold this time. wow. they visit temple university, trenton, new jersey and the wells fargo center later this week. nicely done. kate? >> for your weekend watch, we are tracking some pretty comfortable conditions. i know the weekend seems like it's far away and it will be here before we know it. the weekend looks quiet. we've got seasonable highs in the 40s so it's not a warm spring-like weekend like some of the weather we've been enjoying but plenty of sunshine is
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>> students at a school in philadelphia spent the afternoon celebrating the lunar new year. >> after watching a traditional chinese new year dragon dance. they put on their own performances. the students learn about new cultures while having some fun. >> our morning team is back tomorrow from 4:30 to 7:00. for kate, don, everyone here, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. >> have a good night family and sleep well.
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