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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  February 28, 2018 2:07am-2:37am EST

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to wrap your baby in blanket-like softness and premium protection oh hi baby so that all they feel is love wishing you love, sleep and play. pampers . right now at 11:00. a confrontation with police, tonight, three officers involved are off the street and under investigation. first. >> are you to take more immediate action with the cherry hill police force? >> students speak out the same day they walked out in support of a teacher reportedly placed on school east. good evening everyone, i'm
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ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. students and parents pass a school board meeting seeking answers about school safety and one teacher's future. >> david spunt is in cherry hill with the story. david? >> reporter: ukee, there was a walk-out. a lot of agree students. we saw a lot of angry parents this was a regularly scheduled board meeting. but tonight, no surprise, the topic was student safety >> i want to be heard, we want to be heard. >> reporter: passion took over at the regularly scheduled cherry hill board of education meeting tuesday night. hundreds of students and parents packed the gymnasium. anxious to hear about the plan for student and employee safety >> so many people feel unsafe and you haven't done anything to assure us. >> reporter: hundreds walked out of class tuesday at cherry hill east to protest the suspension of a teacher named tim though lock. students say lock he felt cherry
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hill was vulnerable to an attack stellar to the attack in florida. >> you will in the find a more passionate teacher in the whole country besides mr. lock. >> reporter: board president dr. barry dickinson said several time that the facts surrounding mr. lock are not all out there. >> this is a human resources matter. i cannot speak to the facts related to the case. as such, and i want to be clear. there are no facts. >> reporter: dickinson wouldn't expand but his colleague said this about an alleged suspension without pay. >> by law, no individual employee of the school district can be suspended without pay. any suspension by statue has to be with pay. >> reporter: which are east student lauren criticized the timeline of a district plan to create safer schools >> while i understand the 2020 plans will be in place.
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i take more media action with the cherry hill police force. >> reporter: parents came out to echo the thoughts of their children. they want to give the district a chance. >> i believe it's important for everyone to listen and to share ideas. but also i think it's minority for people to come to meetings, as i mentioned this is my first one. and i'm going to admit it. >> reporter: i heard that from a lot of parents. they've never been to a school board meeting before. and many years but they say they plan to go to many more from here on. district officials say the number one priority no question is the safety of 11,000 students in the district. reporting live in cherry hill, david spunt. cbs3 "eyewitness news." david, thank you. there on the front lines of keeping students safe >> i myself, have thought about this because we run drills and from my colleagues. >> reporter: you run drills >> and we practice what to do. >> i spent time with eight local
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teachers to talk about what they think can be done to prevent another mass shooting. do they want to be armed? how do we begin to solve the issue? you'll hear their answers coming up in about ten minutes. students from mar high school spent another day on capitol promoting capitol gun laws had a meeting to discuss school safety and gun control. a bipartisan bill that strengthens the system, so far, no votes are scheduled. >> i think the view of the vast majority of my conference is that we should try to make progress on bills that we agree on. >> we in congress democrats and republicans, owe it to these students to act and act in a real and significant way. >> the house passed legislation that last december that included changes to the background check system. it was part of a broader bill that stalled in the senate
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authorities tonight are investigating the cause of a deadly fire in west philadelphia. "eyewitness news" on the scene in the 5300 block of ray street. the flames engulfed two row homes. police found one person dead inside after putting the fire out. it's unclear in if the hockeys had working smoke detectors. a suspicious piece of mail at a military base sends three people to the hospital. reportedly they're all in stable condition. after the mail was opened at meyer men der son hall. people said they began feeling ill as soon as the mail was opened. in all, 11 people complained about not feeling well. the investigation continues tonight. an investigation is underway after a disturbing video surfaces. show as camden county police officer repeatedly punching a man after taking him down to the ground. officers involved in the incident are on administrative.
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>> reporter: surveillance taken near the 1300 block of coldings road in camden. keep watch in on the man in the hat. he's approached with several officers, with his hands up the man is taken down and the man is punched repeatedly >> the video is concerning. >> reporter: started thursday around 8:00 p.m. with a 911 tip call that cited a man with a gun. >> officers went to the location and they saw an individual who matched the exact specifications of the caller in regards to the man with the gun >> the man has been identified as edward of cam and what he experienced is a far cry from policy >> that doesn't match the policies or the standards or training that we give our officers >> mingela was treated and released. he was not charged >> i can tell you, you know, he did not have a gun.
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>> reporter: three officers have been placed on administrative leave as the camden county prosecutor's office continues their investigation into the matter. in camden, alexandria hoff cbs3 "eyewitness news." police in medford are searching for a suspect in a road rage incident that led to an accident. take a good look at this sketch of the suspect. on february 16th on arc road car struck a tree. drive the was ejected. police say the road rage began in mt. laurel where the suspect showed a black baseball bat. authorities are now looking for the suspect's gray four doer sedan. surveillance video shows a worker at a philadelphia pizza hut fighting off three gunmen. police say the suspects entered the west chelton restaurant and demanded cash. at one point, he threw a rack filled with pizza boxes at the would be robbers. the suspects ran out empty handed. the worker was not hurt. if you recognize the suspects call police a montgomery county man is
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sentenced for abusing his wife and young children for years inside their home. joseph meyer showed no emotion as he was sentenced to from 20 to 40 years behind bars after he pleaded guilty to dozens of charges of child endangerment. he beat his wife and two children with pbc pipes and sticks and he shoved needles under their fingernails using a shock collar on them. the ntsb said a primary report on lehigh tunnel crash is expected in two to four weeks. southbound lane it's reopen after an inspection by investigators. comes after a tractor-trailer was killed when a piece of metal fell from the ceiling of the tunnel last wednesday. investigators are examining the conduit and support system and the ceiling. president trump son-in-law jared kushner had his security
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clearance downgraded. he serve as as senior advisor to the president. now, he's only authorized to access information at the lower secret level. staff john kelly and the president deferred to him on th lottery to send their children to onehefter charter schools in philadelphia. admissions school only 150 lots open. it's known for the uniqueoh to e and technology >> a applied for kindergarten >> every year we've seen an increase in the lastve, si you'res. it's a largest application pool we've had kindergarten there we more than 1600 applicants for
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4>> the conversation happening across the nation. >> ta teachers with gun sisters up a passionate debate. i spent some time with local teachers to get their thoughts on protecting kids in schools. how many say they want to be armed in the classroom. and one idea that you might think. a free pass on finds. why philadelphia is letting some drivers get out of parking tickets. kate it's quiet for now and it will stay that way as we finish february. march, well it's said to come in like a lion. i'll tell you about a nor'easter brewing for the first days of the new month. the government has a warning for online shoppers, be where of what you buy, how reputable websites could be selling you counterfeit i guess.
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. eight local teachers join me for a conversation about what can be done. they're united in fierce desire to protect children and their demand that something must be done. i want to start off with a show of hands. who here wants to be armed in their classroom? raise your hand yes. ok, tell me why. >> i'm a retired police officer an retired from the military. it's a start to help making our schools and children safe. >> i respect my colleague and i know he's well trained. i believe the danger of having in my high school 2400 students
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and the possibility that there will be an accident or someone willweapon, and pistol i'm trained and the m 16 and i just thin opportunities to make as to be . i say yes. training needs continual >> small caliber e has the right compete with this gentleman with magnitudes of clip baseball and someone with a baz >> the fear that there is a gun resent may distract the should be doing. not the that the fear of an arm intruder doesnthat. but i believe fear of having teachers having weapons stunts' focus on what they need to
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>> it could be harder for first responders. it's very frustrating. because it is happening more often. and it is putting on that again and going into your classroom and telling them we are safe and it's harder to keep telling them that. because we need things to be done, since gun ria form, but that's not just it. there's a festering of violence. >> what else can be done right now in a wholistic way to kind of start to fix this from the inside out do you think >> i believe money and entering could be better focused on preventive measures. what we're dealing with school that is lack counselors, quad number of counselors and health mental health professionals. i believe our money and resources could be better focused on getting what we need in the school, school psychologist. >> last year we had five in the
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school. now we're down to two. >> really? >> yes. >> we have about 600 opportunities be we have one counselor for 600 students. we don't have a social services program in our school. so it's >> are you frustrated? hopeless? hopeful? what is -- where is your mind right now as we stand today >> washington has become politic politicalized. i'm sick to death of memes running our country. you know, this is not a two sentence issue. this is life and death for children, for lull kids who shouldn't be even know what a gun is, quite franking let alone have to worry about them coming into the school >> the group told me their hopeful progress could be made at the state or local level on this issue and more than anything, all of those teachers want a safe environment for the students and they all agree
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there's no one cure all solution. no question. this is a complicated topic and there's a lot more of our discussion in addition to what we showed you tonight. this was a true conversation, no yelling, no sound bite answers, just teachers talking about what they know from doing what they do and it is worth it for you to take a listen to all of it. you can watch it in full at a warning tonight as you shop online, were where of counterfeit goods. they're flowing on to big e commerce sites. the government accountability office purchased dozens of items from third party sellers including amazon and walnut and eastbound. six turned out to be fake with urban decay cosmetic all 13 purchases were counterfeit. the reality giants say they're committed to booting fakes off
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the market. the city of philadelphia am nasty program. any parking issues unpaid or partially will be able to have those fines forgiven. they didn't must pay off all tickets after 13. the amend nasty allows for a portion of towing and storage fees prior to 2015 to be forgiven as well. kate bilo joins us with a look at the forecast. almost march 1st, creeping up on it. >> crazy. we got three weeks from today is the start of spring. 21 days. so will it be feeling like spring? >> is the lion going to roar >> with the phrase wasn't coined for no reason, march may come in like a lion and we'll hear it
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roar in a couple of days, rain be wind and maybe a little snow to start the month. first a quiet night. let's take a look outside we'll take you to the rehoboth beach. it's a quiet night. a lot of people out on the sand walking the boardwalk enjoying all of that sunshine. it was above average today, not downright warm. 56 in february, not bad at all. especially with all that sun. temperatures across the area, now has dropped well into the 40's. it's pretty quick cool-down way clear sky, clear skies right now, clouds starting to build into the west of the next symptom, inches every closer. what we'll be watching is an low pressure system that will develop over the great lakes and start to transfer energy to a coastal low and that will strengthen rapidly producing nor'easter conditions up and down the sea board with winds rain and back edge snow.
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41. 41 in allentown be 39 in wilmington, 38 in mount pocono. not too bad for february. temperatures will be above average against r again tomorrow. it's a chilly night. seasonally so. 36 is your overnight low. tomorrow sunshine, clouds, sun again. in and out through the day. pretty nice with a high around 60. let's time out the moisture, wednesday, tomorrow looking pretty good. showers to the north, ocean mainly miss our area in the evening, by midday thursday, rain will approach and you can see kind of two lows, one here, a secondary low forming here, you can see that low pressure system that all transfers to the coastal low and we start to see this ramp up off the coast. the location of the coastal storm will determine the impacts. if it stays to the north, the heaviest rain is to the north, we will see rain around the back and wind friday and even chance for that to end. a lot of moving parts. but we do know the system moves
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in thursday, rain thursday through friday with the storm stentning offshore with coastal flooding are likely looking at possibly anywhere from .75 of an to an inch natural. and european model wants to bring snow to mainly northern pennsylvania and southerly new york. may be a few snowflakes. by and large it's warm and enough that the next storm will be mainly rain. but the weekend looks ok to look at but windy will, feeling a whole lot colder >> noted >> don is up >> we're talking about the hoops, a future hall of famer has a throwback in miami.
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old. from now until the regular season in april, every game counts for the sixers playoffs. tonight hooking up in miami. currently in the eight and seed, the sixers are the seventh. game time in the third quarter, simmons to joe joe, he had did we points. game ones tied in the fourth. embiid. to dario sarge. he was balancing, he had 21 points and the sixers up by three, under 20 seconds left. sixers by one nursing the lead. dwayne wade. finished with 27 points, 15 in the fourth, that is clutch and it's sixers now with the final shot. jj reddic straightaway, three. no good. they lose to miami 102-101, next game thursday in cleveland. the streak is now on the
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line. villanova won four straight big season titles. they're one game with two games legislative to play. wildcats at practice today. seton hall. nova is number four in the country but split their last six games. jay wright on why it's been a struggle >> we knew this is what we would be means sometimes we looked good and that's what younger teams do. it's inconsistent. that's what we've been, we've had good defensive nights bad defensive nights and it's a good shooting and bad shooting nights. we got to know more consistency. >> st. joe's visiting rhode island. hawks up by a dozen, james with steal. now going coastal on the play. gets the foul and the bucket. st. joe's shooting 51% from the floor. in the second.
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demry, game 21 points behind the hawks and rhode island the first home of the season beat them down by 30, 78-38 is the final score. calling it quits done 93 jones retiring. he's the time all time leader in gross punting average. just a bit on the high note. >> way to go out >> well done >> up next. the captain and comedy, how
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laughed having a good time. kate? we're creeping ever closer to the westbound. good news is even though we finish out the work week on a wet note. we got mild high, temperatures above average or close to normal for the weekend and our system will move out. it will still be
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