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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  February 28, 2018 4:30am-5:00am EST

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breaking news right now a tense situation in burlington county authorities i have large scene block off after a report of the shooting where we're live with the very latest from the police. and emotional day at park land, florida as students head back to class for first time since gunman killed 17 people, meantime new details on the investigation reveals school shooting two weeks ago could have been much worse. eager parents find out if their child gets a coveted seat inside one of the philadelphia's mess sought after charter schools. it is wednesday, february 28th good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. lets check the forecast with katie and road was meisha. >> happy hump day, i got nothing just a ton of construction. >> okay. >> moving right licensing. >> i don't really have much to tell you, there is a new
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system coming but today it is no the here yet. we have very quiet weather. the includeds are beginning to thicken up here but it still looks like a decent day, guys. we will see sun break go through cloud cover and it is also another mild day. so, off to a quiet start, wind is still pretty light, looking at current temperatures still in the lower 40's from dover out to wildwood and millville and we're just hovering around that 40-degree mark. right up and down i-95. it is a cool start to the morning. you will still want a jacket ready walking out the door here but generally speaking a decent day. we are flirting with 60, 59 in the city. fifty-six at the shore. up in the mountains we will hit 53 degrees. coming up we will have a storm system to talk about and, you know, just discuss latest on this evolving forecast, meisha >> we will stand wye for that, thanks very much. in the world of the travel like where i mentioned up at desk not much just construction. construction here near
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schuylkill westbound between south street and vine that right lane compromised you can see cones in the roadway here. this is an area that once they start to clear out of the way around 5:00 we will start to really get backups in this area. the minute they move everything it dissipates. just a heads up we are building levels ever so slightly around that construction spot. construction ben franklin bridge eastbound at the base in camden that right lane compromised and see cones in the roadway off to the far right. vine we have construction here westbound and that has new been since cleared, and some construction in new jersey, magnolia route 30 white horse pike westbound at evesham avenue right lane closed until 6:00 a.m. jim and rahel. back over to you. we will begin with break ing news out of burlington county. >> police are investigating a shooting that sent one person to the hospital. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live in edge water park. good morning what did we know so far. >> reporter: good morning. we know that one person shot
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was trans port todd cooper hospital, for treatment, and their injuries, are unknown but take a look investigators still remain on the scene but they do say this barricade situation as ended, still police have this deadened street taped off coming in and out of that home you see there with the bright light over the porch as well as the door opened, but here's video of the scene overnight, officers responded to a home on the 200 block of roosevelt avenue in edge water park just after 1:00 a.m. after paramedics transported one gunshot victim from the police set up a perimeter. swat team was brought into communicate with the person believed to be inside but that swat team and police cars left the scene without incident around 3:30 this morning. now, back out here live investigators do remain on the scene as we work to try to get confirmation as to how this shooting unfolded, in the fate of the person who was involved in this barricade situation, but police do tell us that they will have an update for
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us later this morning. but for now, we're live in edge water park, new jersey i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". back to you. >> thanks, trang do. today marks two weeks since gunman opened fire killing 17 people inside of a high school in parkland, florida. >> for the first time since that devastating shooting, students at marjory stoneman douglas high school will be back in class. these students returned to the classrooms and we are learning more about the suspect gunman nikolas cruz. officials say he planned to use a third floor stairwell as a snipper's nest but his bullets didn't shatter hurricane proof glass, investigators also say, cruz tried to reload his gun during rampage but it jammed as he was changing magazine clips so his clips had swastikas on them. students from mar junior i stoneman douglas high school aren't giving up their fight for tougher gun laws. yesterday a group of students spent another day on capitol hill, they have been meeting with lawmakers to discuss school safety and gun control. senate may consider a bill to
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strengthen federal background check system the house passed legislation last december that included changes to the background checks system that was part of the broader bill that had stalled in the senate back here at home students and parents in cherry hill east continue to seek answers about school safety, and the future of one beloved teachers hundreds packed the school board meeting last night. meeting came on the heels of the massive student walk out at the high school. students were protesting suspension of timothy locke who was reportly placed than leave after voicing concerns about lack of security at the school. >> you will not find a more passionate or talented teacher in the whole country beside mrs. locke. >> this was a human resources matter and i cannot sneak to the facts related to the case. as such, i want to be clear, there are no facts. everything related to this matter is conjecture. >> meeting also outlined district's plans to create safer schools, students urged did it trick to take immediate action to assure student
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safety. and philadelphia police are on the hunt for two men they say shot and killed a man right in front of his girlfriend this happened 8:30 last night in the cities wynfield section. officers rushed to the 5200 block of heston street and fund victim shot in his chest and torso. they rushed the 26 year-old to the hospital where he died. police say couple was ambushed parking their car. >> shooting that was confront by two males, victim exited the passenger side of the vehicle, and that is when at least one of the two males began firing multiple shots. >> both of the men took off, investigators are checking surveillance cameras for clues , if you have any information philadelphia police want to hear from you. meanwhile fire officials are trying to figure out what sparked a deadly fire in west philadelphia, flames broke out on the 5300 block of race street, around 8:45 last night where we're told flames engulfed two row homes, after knocking down a flames, fire fighters discovered one person dead inside one of the homes. it is unclear if the homes had
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working smoke detectors. three people are in the hospital after opening up a suspicious package at a virginia military base this happened yesterday at joint base myers henderson hall near arlington, virginia. eleven people inside the office were, where the letter was opened said they felt sick , they complained of sore throats and building was immediately evacuated. three people hospitalized are in stable condition. the security clearance for president trump's son in law jared kushner has been downgraded at the white house. kushner, a senior adviser to the president, had been operating with an interim clearance for top secret information for more than a year. now he is only authorized to access information at the lower, secret level. decision to downgrade clearance was made by chief of staff john kelly and the president deferred to him on the matter. president trump has name his former digital advisor brand parsescale as his 2020 campaign manager. in 2016, he played a key role in overseeing the trump's campaign, advertising and social media strategy. president trump has left
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little doubt about his intention toss seek reelection , he filed re election forms on the same day he was sworn into office. and u.s. district judge has sided with president trump on building a border wall with mexico. the judge, is the same indiana born judge with mexican heritage whom the president accused of being biased over his handling of the fraud allegations against his now defunct trump university. well, quiet right new but katie's tracking a possible coastal storm that could bring high winds and rain. violent confrontation with camden county police is caught on cameras we will have more of the video and tell you about the investigation that has taken three officers off of the streets. a rare birth times three what makes this birth extra special when "eyewitness news" ,
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three camden county officers are on leave after a video surface that had shows an officer punching a man
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after kicking him down, take a look. this happened near collins road, officers were responding to a report of the man with the gun. now you can see officers walking up to the man in the hat at bottom of the screen and then he is taken down while his hands are up, then one officer punched him several times while the others watched. >> i can tell you, you know, he did not have a gun that doesn't match policies of the stan ands and training we give our officers on a regular basis. >> man has been identified as edward, of camden, he was hospitalized with minor injuries and released he was not charged. police in medford, new jersey need your help tracking down a suspect they say caused an accident and hurt another driver, in a fit of road rage, take a look at this sketch of the suspect, police say incident started in mount laurel on february 16th, this man reportly got out of his gray four door sedan and we willed a black baseball bat at another car. that car hit a, tree on arc road and the driver was ejected. the driver was air lifted to
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the hospital, no word on their condition. take a look at this surveillance video a philadelphia pizza hut worker for the off three gunman who allegedly tried to rob the restaurant. police say three suspects entered the pizza hutton west chelten avenue last week and demanded cash. that is when the worker got in the struggle with one of them, he then threw a rack filled with pizza boxes at the group. would be robbers ran out empty handed. workers was not hurt no arrest where is made. 4:42. >> katie has another check of the forecast. at least for today it should be relatively nice but then we will talk about the weekend. >> the weekend looks good but in between there we will have a coastal storm system. if you could find a bright side out of this the weekend will not be terribly impacted by this. the storm should be making its exit by then. we will get to. that lets start with the here and now trying to get out the door. still chilly, late february. nothing atypical about that. 28 degrees your present value here. clear skies out this way,
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because the wind is still light, you might encounter frost, and handful of areas but with time clouds are building up easily here. we are starting to do that, and through southern, and, area, and, the wet weather that is starting to advance. this is part of the bigger system that will with time will work its way in, turn in the coastal low, and then plaque us for about 36 hours stretch. now things are starting to come together, in a little bit more fine tuned detail with this. there are some question marks that remain but lets take you out to thursday. we should get to the morning commute without any kind of major problems tomorrow morning. leading edge of the rain will be very obvious, at a wider zoom on storm scan three by then. once this get underway it is strictly rain for everyone at on set. i have to tell you i'm not crazy how this particular model is initialing but still good guide with the timing and how this storm will retait through. stuck with rain, intensifying
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throughout the course of the afternoon and evening, p.m. drive tomorrow, what a mess, it will be slow and dreary, and very, very wet. there could be some coastal flood ago this takes place with this because it will be coinciding with a new full moon n to friday there is indication of brief lull in the precipitation but as this wraps up and colder air comes in this could turn over to a brief period of snow in the city even, through the tail end of the storm into friday afternoon. again, it is p.m. thursday through first half or so friday event and then starting to pull away but don't discount wind out of this either. high hit 69 in the meantime, clouds are starting to build backup but it is still very mild and that why is this storm when it gets here starts off as rain. just too warm for anything else. tonight dipping down to 42 degrees. we will have seven day later in the show. meisha? >> lots in the world of weather. not so much in the world of travel especially this morning just lots of construction, we have it here schuylkill
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expressway between south street and the vine, and, right lane compromised, while they take, and, and, we always , and, back to what we are seeing here bumper to bumper condition. once they get that completely moved out of the way this will lesson and then back to looking like it does, until then it heat up again, for our morning, the real rush hour starting at 6:00 o'clock hour when we see it change. just a heads up this will come down as we move that construction out of the way. speaking of more construction on the ben franklin bridge eastbound at the base in camden right lane compromised with those cones pushing in the west bun direction looking g vine near the parkway we have construction here, that is how cleared westbound and construction in new jersey in magnolia route 30 white horse pike that right lane compromised until around 6:00 a.m. rahel, over to you. thousands of families in fill seeking entry to one of the most sought after charter
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schools in the city. past community charter school held admissions lottery, there were 150 shots opened and more than 11,000 applicants, they are known for unique approach to mathematics, science and technology. >> they admitted all of the students who replied for king garden. >> every year we have seen a increase in the last five or six years, and, this is largest application pool we have ever had here. >> kind garden loan there were 1600 applications for 104 seats. families of 2b come family of five when couple welcomes a rare set of triplets. >> nicole and caleb, of kansas city missouri are proud parents of the three identical boys, cording to the journal of bio social science identical triplets occur only about 20 to 30 times per 1 million births, boys were born six weeks premature and expected to go home in a week. >> good looking to them. >> they have their hands full.
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>> not a lot of sleep. >> i agree. still ahead we will tell but major companies parting ways with nfl over last years anthem protest. plus a bunch of parking tickets in philadelphia, it is all good now, now the city is in the forgiving
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good news if you have old unpaid parking tickets in philadelphia, city rolling out parking amnesty program. if you have parking tickets issued before 2013 that you have in the paid or only paid in part you can have your fine forgiven all you have to does pay off all of the ticket you have received, after 2013, and if you have in the received a ticket since then all you have to does pay $50 fee, program opens for enrollment on thursday. and a new warning as you shop than line beware of counterfeit goods, federal investigators say counterfeit goods are flowing on to big e commerce sites, government accountability office purchased dozens of items from third party sellers, hosted by sites including amazon, wal-mart and e bay. twenty out of 47 items were
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found to be counterfeit. out of 9yeti travel mugs six turnout to be fakes with urban decay cosmetics all 13 purchasees were counterfeit. retile giants say they are committed to booting fakes off the market. four this 50. time for a check on money news >> dianne king hall joins us on the money watch this morning. poppa john's is out as an official sponsor after former ceo was involved in some controversy last year, tell us more about this. >> reporter: good morning, rahel and jim, the company has dropped its official sponsorship of the nfl, relationship became strained last year when poppa john's found are john snider, blamed slowing sales on nfl players kneeling during national anthem. company late's pol guyed and snider stepped down, as ceo at end of the last year. company had been official sponsor since 2010, rahel and jim. dianne, i understand biggest iphone yet is in the works what is this all about. >> reporter: that is right,
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accord to go bloomberg new device will be one of three new smart phones apple will un veil this fall, big one screen could be as big as six and a half inches, that is almost a large larger then this 1iphone eight plus. device aimed at consumers who need to multi device and in word yet on price. >> what mine an iphone one or two. >> a two. >> yes. >> it is big, right. >> it already is big. katie has same within in fact, too. >> all right. >> we have lost dianne, she's gone in the satellite world we will check in, she's back. >> i wonder if we are going the opposite way when phones are getting smaller and smaller a inn now they are bigger and bigger. >> i think it is, because eight plus feels too big to me i like the composition in terms of the look but it feels a little too big, for my hands anything bigger, we're going back to the bricks.
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>> my ieven if two, whatever it is, it is diagnosis really well over here. thanks, dianne. katie's tracking our next round of rain. >> we will have details when we come right back. >> is this
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well, from our sunrise, and, we are going to see a decent sunrise this morning because we have some clouds,
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building in and it will cast pretty colors on the early morning sky. it is still very dark. we have about 90 minutes or so , before that sun officially rises but it is, coming up earlier and earlier, at lee leading up to daylight savings time here. so with time you will see more and more crowds build but it ace dry day, this is a calm before that proverbial storm. tennessee getting hit with begia system starting to get its act together and still taking we'reg to see mercon cyst tenthcy, at lee a little bit more as t this storm system coming up in to tomorrow. temperature change is very same time, you have not really warmed up too much but there is a surplus technically speaking still cold enough would i walk out with a heavier coat, stuck in the 30 's every where here, guys and it is chilly to start the morning and as day goes on we will rebound to yet again well above average value of 59 degrees with the clouds shrouding that sunshine as day
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goes on. tomorrow afternoon is when rain starts to over spread the area, it will intensify as night progresses and then, with time as this storm rotate is a way becomes a coastal low it will wrap in colder air. there could a quick burst of snow even here in the city, on the tail end of the system, but i doubt that it will amount to much as it currently stands but friday is a raw, windy, chilly day, don't discount that wind, meisha the gusts as high as 40 miles an hour, as high as 50 near the shore. there might be minor power outages out of this storm. >> for those working outside today, katie are we safe. >> yes. >> i wouldn't give it a try thursday on try. >> yeah. >> no, no. >> scout as honor. katie, thank you. looking outside right now lots more construction is starting to clear. that is good news. ever night construction the schuylkill westbound between south street and vine where we are seeing backups, that has moved out of the way. look at those bumper to bumper condition area that because of
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that while they were, removing that construction out of the way was starting to compact there. look at that just disappears in the thin air. back to normal. looking good there. ben franklin bridge eastbound at base in camden you can see cones right there that right lane compromised westbound in the city looking good, quiet, looking g mag knoll, yeah new jersey we have construction route 30 white horse pike evesham avenue right lane compromised until 6:00 a.m. we have construction nug in ewing township, new jersey, it is closed between 129, north and south at route 29 ramps and lane closures as well both of these until 6:00 a.m. jim, back over to you. coming up next on cbs-3 eyewitness news we are live with more on our breaking news a shooting in burlington county, new jersey. we are live with a controversial event happening today we will tell but a plan to bless ar15 assault rifle ness pennsylvania. and the 36th season of survivor kicks off tonight on cbs-3 we will tell what you this years theme will be when we come back.
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at least one person has been shot minutes ago a standoff at a home came to a end in edge water park. live update in just a moments. stones at marjory stoneman douglas high school will be back in class for first time since a former student killed 17 people, i'm hena doba in parkland flashings with more on what the gun man had planned to do. here at home february is wrapping up with a mild day looking live at the parkway in center city but a big storm is brewing and will be here for a few days, it is wednesday, february 28th, good morgue, i'm jim donovan. aim rahel solomon. katie and meisha are keeping an eye on things. >> doesn't this seem like it is flying


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