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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  February 28, 2018 6:00am-6:59am EST

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changes are ahead. today is wednesday february 28th good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha are keeping an eye on things. >> hey, good morning guys, happy woed. everything is looking nice, just lots of construction to deal with okay, let's move along. >> yes. >> well, that is good, weather -related issues. >> no. >> that is always helpful too. >> with time that does get downhill. you mentioned big changes on the way. we have a coastal storm system guys brewing into thursday and friday but that is not an issue, at all today, while it is not as bright and pretty as yesterday was we will have a pleasant day here. live look at palmyra cove nature park overlooking center city, about 9 miles away, it is a generally clear sky. and at least at the lower levels but you can see on the satellite and storm scan these cloud are billowing in and with time we will have more and more of them, but it is still dry we have that going
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for us. here are current temperatures upper 30's, lower 40's, it is even chillier then that but it is still dry, our wind flow still out of the south/ southwest as day goes on so you can send kid outside the door with a lighter coat. they will not need that heavy winter park a for the ride home they are flirting with 60 e sunshine throughout the entire span of the day but getting shrouded by that cloud cover as the does progress. looking ahead there is a coastal storm system to track that will be an issue thursday through friday especially. we will get much more in the nitty-gritty on this. timing, precipitation, what kind of precipitation, how strong will wind be these are all very important factors with this one, meisha. >> i'm glad we will get one more day to get outside before the rain comes in, thank you look at this gorgeous, sky, it is so pretty, this is schuylkill near 202. taillights moving in the eastbound directi t westbound direction but good ness, gracious that is just beautiful let you
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soak that in. sometimes it is hard to get up early in the a sky like thaw get motivated. delaware county northp to the airport. that is what you are working with. levels looking good, just asuld. ben franklin bridge eastbound at the base in camden you can see cones in the roadway right t lane we have construction out clot westbound side moving in the center cityoking g levels br so slightly. sign inspections. now, this bump you up 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. 11:00 a.m. to 3:0 between 76 and 676 and eastbound between garden. they will be block there between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00l af. jim and rahel, over to you. we're continuing to follow breaking news this morning. >> one person is dead and another hospitalized after a shooting in edge water park. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do has been live all morning and you just learned new information, so what can
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you tell us. >> reporter: yes, major update , rahel and jim we just learn that the gunshot victim transported to cooper happies a woman and that the man suspect of shooting her, did take his own life, but take a lot a the scene here as investigators continue to process, evidence here. they have had this deadened street roosevelt avenue taped off for some five hours now and coming in and out of the home there with that bright light above the garage as well as that opened door but here's video from the scene overnight officers responded to the home on the 200 block of roosevelt avenue in edge water park just after 1:00 a.m. paramedics transported a gunshot victim to cooper hospital and they set up a perimeter around the home. state swat team was brought into communicate with the man inside but that swat team and a handful of other cars left the scene without incident around 3:30 this morning and we have, again since learned that this man suspect shooter did take his own life but investigators remain on the scene here processing evidence
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as they have for the past several hours. police say they will give us an update later on this morning, but for now we are live in edge water park burlington county i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news", jim and rahel back to you. >> thanks, for that update. students and teachers return to marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida. >> it has been two weeks since a mass shooting left 17 people dead there correspondent hena doba is live in parkland flashings. investigators are revealing new information about the shooting which shows it could have been worse so what are we learning. >> reporter: yes, disturbing information, good morning, guys, well, we have learn that the suspected shooter had hundreds and hundreds of un fired rounds when he left the scene. now students here in parkland will be here in about less than two hours, police officers are stationed at every corner around the school , we have learn grief counselors will be inside the build ago long with two armed deputies. the doors of the marjory stoneman douglas high school
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reopened to students and teach tours day. many still haunted by the deadly shooting that claimed 17 lives. >> some of my friends are having a harder time then others. i'm doing okay right now. >> reporter: just two weeks ago 17 year-old car looks rodriguez was in the school and took cover as shots rang out. >> it is not going to be the same hallways. it is not going to be the same smiles. >> reporter: extra security and grief counselors will be on campus, some parents are concerned that they are kids are not ready to go back. >> how many of those kid are broken and are not processing this presently will be put back in the school. >> reporter: freshman building where shooting occurred here in parkland will remain close today, investigators say suspected gunman nikolas cruz left nearly 180 rounds of ammunition unfired when he fled the scene. sources also tell cbs news that cruz attempted to create a snipper's nest at the building by shooting out a third floor window but his bullets did not shatter the
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hurricane glass. >> my plan is to spend 500 million-dollar to make our schools safe. >> reporter: florida governor rick scott has proposed making school buildings in his state more secured by installing bullet-proof glass, he has also called for increased law enforcement presence in every school. and sources tell cbs news swastikas were found on the ammunition magazines, used by the suspected gunman. we are live, from park land florida, jim and rahel. >> thanks, hena. >> disturbing details. principal from stoneman douglas posted this message saying looking forward to tomorrow, eagles, remember our focus is on emotional read iness and comfort not curriculum so there is no need for backpacks, come ready to start healing process and re claim the nest. locally discussion about school safety and fate of the beloved teacher brought out many parents and students to a meeting in cherry hill, new jersey. >> regularly scheduled school
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board meeting was pack last night, it came on the heels of the massive student walk out at cherry hill east high school, staging protest over suspension of timothy locke, who was reportedly placed on leave after voicing concerns about lack of security at the school. >> you will not find a more passionate, care teacher beside mrs. locke. >> this was a human resources matter and i cannot speak to the facts related to the case. as such, and i want to be clear are there no facts. everything related to this matter is conjecture. >> they have outlined district 's plan to create safe schools. students urged district to ensure student safety. the man is shot in front of his girlfriend in philadelphia's wynfield section. police are on the hunt for his killers. this happened just after 8:30 last night in the 5200 block of heston street. officers found a man shot in his chest and torso, they rushed the 26 year-old victim to the hospital where he died,
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police say that the couple was ambushed while parking their car, and investigators say they found a gun underneath the couple's cars. >> we're not certain right now that semiautomatic gun is the murder weapon. we're not certain at this time so that weapon is being held as part of the scene, as this weapon is underneath the vehicle, that victim was sitting in just prior to being shot and killed. >> both of the men took off and police are still working on a motive. and staying in west philadelphia now officials are trying to figure out what sparked a deadly fire that ripped through two row homes. "eyewitness news" on the scene of the 5300 block of race street. flames started around 8:45 after putting fire out police found one person dead inside. it is unclear if they had work ing smoke detectors. fbi military officials are investigating after a suspicious package sickened several people at a base at arlington virginia. this happened at myers henderson hall. eleven people where the letter
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was opened said they felt sick , they complained of sore throats and building was medicine lid evacuated. three people are still in the, hospital but still in stable condition. white house senior advisor jared kushner's security clearance is downgraded, coming up what the president's son in law will no longer have access too. we have seen mimis and jokes referring to wines as mommy juice but now one group warns mom about the dangers of drinking. why it is time to raise red flag. var coast veins could be a warning sign to a potentially deadly problem. we will have the details in a healthwatch. >> ♪ how about this gorgeous sunrise down the shore, it will be mild again today but then march comes in like a lion, katie has the forecast up next.
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welcome back everyone there are changes at the white house, president trump's son in law jared kushner lost access to top secret intelligence, kushner a senior advisor to the president, had been operating with an interim clearance for top secret information for more than a year. now, he is only authorized to access information at the lower secret level. the decision to downgrade the clearance was made by chief of staff john kelly, the
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president deferred to kelly on the matter. president trump named his former digital advisor brad parscale as his 2020 campaign manager in 2016, he played a key role in overseeing the trump campaign's advertising, and social media strategy. president trump has left little doubt about his intention intentions to seek reelection. he filed election forms to run again on the same day he was sworn into office. tech already in your life how about a camera, with a mind of its own. google clips is a pocket side camera that decide what image is interesting enough to shoot it is designed to clip on furniture or other fixed objects. they have trained electronic brain to recognize smiles, human faces, dogs, cats and, movement, camera cost $249. apple reportedly working on biggest ieven if yet, quite literally the biggest. bloomberg reports it could be six and a half inches, an inch
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larger than iphone eight plus which is pretty big. device is aim at people who multi task n word on how much it will cost, apple may unveil it in the fall. >> have we figure out what this is. >> it is probably a two. >> four or five. >> i believe that is a four. >> a four is generous but it works. >> it works i dial and people answer. >> camera is blurry. >> my eyes are blurry too i can't tell the difference. >> it all work out. >> jim tries to focus on there >> all right, guys, what we will find here is a forecast that starts to go downhill in a big way. energy today while we have it. it is different in that more includeds are building in but in wet weather in the forecast today, tonight let len into the first half of tomorrow. big blood pressure of rain working its way across tennessee. that is one piece of the larger puzzle of a storm that blossoms and turns in the
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coastal low for us as we get into thursday afternoon and friday. here's how things progress, first and foremost warm front lifts in that is why it will be too warm throughout the day on thursday and at night for anything but rain but that rain is intensifying as it moves in the second half of the day. morning drive tomorrow is fine but it is second half of the day that gets very dicey with the rain getting heavier in intensity and wind beginning to pick up. this is our european model run of how things take shape. i like this one better because it looks like it will get cold enough the back side of the storm system. that snow could drop as far south as philadelphia as a quick burst of it and then storm begins to pull away but still left with the breeze over span of the weekend. in terms of the snow we are not talking about much in the hardest hit far north and west you will see a few inches out of it as long as track pans out that way. otherwise mainly rain, win. focus on that, rain and wind are your primary concerns not
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an ice issue, those gusts, at the shore could peak as high as 50 miles an hour. i worry about minor power outages, tree limbs, debris in the road that kind of thing. upcoming weekend we are back in the upper 40's. sun will return but we will have that residual breeze. >> let us get outside and enjoy. thanks. looking outside things looking good, all morning long, just a lot of construction. this is a nice change of pace not a lot of accidents this morning maybe one earlier that was quickly push out. 422 at turnpike what we are dealing with heading outside, blue route near route one same story, heeding levels but every within traveling at posted speeds, i-95 south at girard where i'm keeping an eye on and maybe just dropping slightly below posted speeds, more toward center city on i-95 south. you might want to factor in a couple extra minutes. then we are looking at the bridge base camden, cones in
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the roadway far right lane is block because of that construction. heading up on. that ben franklin bridge traveling in the west bun direction toward center city we are looking good there sign inspections schuylkill westbound between 676 and girard two lanes blocked between 9:00 a.m. sane p.m. and eastbound between girard avenue and spring garden street two lanes blocked between 11:00a minute 3:00 p.m., jim, back over to you. >> wow, wow, wow. >> check out this wild police chase in los angeles, seems like they got one every day over there stolen car struck another vehicle and then went barreling toward a news photographer who barely got out of the way just in time n1 was hurt, suspect was taken in custody. a brave police doggies recovering after getting seriously hurt in the line of duty. >> hefeface ding a chase this happened monday night in santa an a, california. po wsay tried to run over a officer and carjack a woman. building and officers were
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worried might hurt them when the police dog was sent toe jumd up, bit than the man before they fell to the ground. >> the front o will, hit the curb as they bet fell down. i was very excited and just wanted to jump up and joy but when i noticed h concer. very proud of him. he perform his job, as. >> he did to have broken teeth is face. he stuffed a purple heart for his bravery. >> tough to look at that picture. .> you heard why they were >> one mom wants to change the wine mom culturemovies like bade s and herre of drinking moms. friends got together with their kids andndoon enough she said she developed>> it was like
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lost cups and we have our sip custody of my daughter, it was inevitable. >> about needing wine or needing to drink in order to be a really dangerous. >> addiction experts say majority of theto help with thod addiction but they recently said they are toward alcohol addiction. in this morning's healthwatch new data shows a possible linc between var coast veins and blood clots. >> doctors feel that var coast veins may be associated with increased risk of developing blood clots, it is linked to deep vein thrombosis or dvt. they track 200,000 patients and say more study's needed. more and more people are using e cigarettes to kick the habit but a new study found e cigarettes can make it harder for people to quit. the study of nearly 70,000 people found daily e cigarette use can double risk for a
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heart attack, researchers say why e cigarettes have letter levels of the carcinogens then cigarettes they have other toxins that can have detrimental effects. up next a continue that banned plastic utensils and straws. plus something different yet very familiar about barbara industries an's new puppies what she just revealed about them coming up later. >> crazy story.
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well, welcome back everyone our upcoming weekend promises to still be on the breezy side but coastal storm system you heard rumors about by now that will be making its departure out to sea but still residual breeze and we will start to see sun returning with seasonal highs in the upper 40's, guys. >> all right, katie, thank you now for a look at newspaper headlines across our region. >> burlington county times the judiciary committee in new jersey is considering legislation to reduce maximum
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number of bullets permitted in illegal ammunition magazines from 15 to 10 rounds. another bill would require retailers to stock at least one type of so-called smart gun these are handguns that can be fired only by its owner news journal school board members have voted down a new uniform design for indian river high school marching band. they say it was green and gold , indian river colors and used too much black, approving a design may leave them without uniforms in the fall. >> oh, boy. mercury wegmans in downingtown and malvern wrapped up their care about hunger campaign by presenting the chester county food bank with a check for $152,000 and a truckload of nearly 9 tons of food. >> that is some of the newspaper headlines around the delaware and lehigh valleys. well, heading to malibu, california anytime soon don't expect to see plastic utensils when you go out to eat. >> malibu city council banned the sale and distribution of the, plastic utensils and
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straws. it is part of the sit wide effort to be environmentally friendly some say they are worried about price because they say alternative will be more expensive than plastic. coming up next hour of "eyewitness news" more on the security clearance shake up at white house. three south jersey officers are under investigation after this violent confrontation caught on camera. see more coming up next, jan. a ceremony in the poconos is causing so much concern closed its doors, nor the day, coming up why some leaders are encouraging people to bring, guns to church, meisha. all right, jan we are walking outside the door this morning on this hump day with great driving conditions and things are looking good we have construction and good news no accidents, for now. we will be right back.
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it is 6:30. here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute, february 28th, 2018. officers responded to a home in edge water park. we just learned that the gun shot victim, transported, to a happies a with man and man suspect of shooting her did take his own life. students here at more job i stoneman douglas high school will be back in class today, extra security and grief counselors will be on campus. >> it is not the same hallway or not the same smiles. >> a ceremony at a church in the poconos is causing concern >> couple will take part in the rededication ceremony, and many are expected to be armed,
6:31 am
some with ar15. we told but these billboards that a local company put up in cleveland trying to woo lebron james to philadelphia, now we are hearing from the cavilers start with are about them. >> very flattering. >> and he takes it for three. miami upsets unc because the guy that hit that buzzer beater for hurricane is joaquin newton, pride of newman goretti high school in south philadelphia. a lot of people proud this morning. >> yep. >> let's send it out to katie. lets see the forecast today. >> yes, exactly i like how you put that emphasis on today because that implies that something is changing, sure
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enough we have a coastal storm system that will work its way in through tail even of the week and beginning of the new month of march. for now it is gorgeous, look at this shot as sunrise's above the horizon in ocean city, i promise you a pretty one, granted you have got more cloud out this hour and doesn't that always create the prettiest view, we will also note it is a red sky at morning, as you'll old pro verb goes sailors take warning and yes, we have an area have low pressure working its way in, come thursday into friday. now, at this point of the year we are starting to gain a lot of daylight with every passing day we are gaining two and a half minutes of daylight or so looking at today's sunrise time over the next few months, difference here is you have take light savings time. that is why it is later march 28th but then by april 28th you are seeing that sunrise as early as 6:04. we will have more pretty views at that pint on "eyewitness
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news" this morning. storm scan three is showing signs of cloud cover at this hour. again it is sign of things to come, today all day to day and through tonight, even right through morning hours of tomorrow, it is still dry, but those included will continue to thicken. we are at 40 at airport. forty-two atlantic city and chilly 34 up at mount pocono. still winter coat weather so you will not to have pack hats , scarves, gloves today because we will moderate up easily to 60 this afternoon with just building cloud as long the way but of course there is a storm we must talk b we will talk about the nitty-gritty details on that later on, meisha. >> katie, thank you, get outside today and enjoy it before that rain comes n we are looking outside right now and we are looking good in the world of the travel we will basically look good all morning long. looking at the boulevard pushing in the southbound direction holding steady but once you jump on exit and jump on schuylkill westbound at city avenue take a look at that what a difference.
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schuylkill westbound around city avenue you are looking busy, just beyond those trees, eastbound side as you make your way in center city we bett, it is not as close as westbound side but not looking t here in haddon heights, new jersey station avenuet ue, conse walt whitman bridge as well, right lane compromised sting around at posted speeds and also we have got construction on the ben fn eastbound direction to the base in camden. you can seeesight lane, westboud side starting to heat up as you make your way in t city, jan, back over to you. thanks, meisha we have breaking news fireireig in cumberland county, new jersey, chopper three over the home on cedar brooke lane in lawrence township. we have learned that the fire is at twoike the home is on rural farmland and looks like no moreout but directly across e
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street from the cedarville fire department no word onhe fie started but again we are looking at a two alarm fire in lawrence township, new update as soon as we get more information. we will continue to follow breaking news i man is dead andn hospitalized after a shooting roosevelt avenue in edge water park. man shot would the man inside the home andelf, woman is hospid at cooper university hospital, ce later on today. three camden police officers are suspended after sut he is shows an officer punching a man already on the ground. this happened thursday night near the 1300 block of hollins road, officers were called for a man with a gun. officers walked up to the man in the hat at the bottom screen and then man is taken down while his hands are up, that is when one officer starts punching him while others watched. >> i can tell you, you know, he did not have a gun. that doesn't match policies of standard of the training that we give our officers on a regular basis. >> the man has been identified
6:36 am
as edward, menwilla of camden hospitalized with minor injuries and was not charged. today marks two weeks since a gunman opened fire killing 17 people inside a high school in parkland, florida and for the first time since that devastating shooting students at marjory stoneman douglas high school will be back in class as the students returned to their classrooms, officials are revealing more about the suspect gunman, nikolas cruz. they say cruz planned to use a third floor stairwell as a snipper's nest but his bullets didn't shatter the hurricane proof glass, officials also say that the crews, and, tried to reload his gun but it was jammed as he was changing magazine clips. those clips reportedly had swastikas on them. a controversial event is putting a pennsylvania church in the national spotlight. >> it is a blessing ceremony involving a assault rifle. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live in the news room with the details. >> reporter: good morning. church leaders expect hundreds of couples for is what being billed a ace rededication
6:37 am
ceremony in their marriage to one another and in their relationship with god. now these couples are also encouraged to bring weapons. meantime nearby elementary school won't up up its doors today because of the event. later this morning sanctuary church in wayne county will be packed with up to 600 people, and many are expected to be armed, some with ar15's. >> it incorporates what we call the rod of iron as it is in revelations, revelations talks about the returning christ ruling with a rod of iron this rod of iron is the a r15. in today ease terms. >> culture is not the worship of the rod of iron but culture is dominion of the rod of iron so evil won do not have control of it. >> reporter: it is reverend by shawn moon moon, son have the late son young moon who found unification church as off shoot of that organization, sanctuary church, focuses on
6:38 am
what it believes is the right to deeven if won self with the assault rivals, church leaders say the event was planned before the valentines day attack in parkland, florida and weapons will be unloaded, sip tied, and then check at the door. >> to be honest, i don't think there is a good time to have it at all. >> reporter: parents at nearby wallenpaupack south elementary school will have their students bus todd another campus. superintendent says there is no direct threat but given concerns about parking, traffic and nature of this event, the students will be taken to the north campus 15 miles away. >> it is something i would consider keeping my child home , and then it is scary. >> reporter: students who missed school today will be excused, meantime, unification church has distanced itself from this event saying its ceremonies and theology do not involve weapons. we are live, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news", jim and rahel back to you. white house senior advisor and president trump's son in law jared kushner lost top
6:39 am
security clearance. >> cbs news, john schumer reports, it followed months in delays in complete willing his back gun checks. >> reporter: jared kushner no longer has access to president trump's daily intelligence brief, senior advisor and president's son in law had his clearance downgraded last week >> jared's downgraded clearance there are any concerns. >> reporter: kushner had been granted access to top secret fur while fbi completed his background check. white house chief of staff john kelly has now changed that. >> general kelly respects jared a lot and general kelly will make that call. i won't make that call. >> reporter: kushner's background check has been delayed for months after he re filed paperwork three times because of undisclosed contact s with foreign nationals. white house officials down played the downgrade. >> he will continue to dot important work that he has been doing since he started in the administration. >> reporter: in a statement kushner's spokesperson told cbs news as to his security
6:40 am
clearance mr. kushner has done more than what is expected of him in this process. john schumer, cbs news, new york. well, still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning today is rare disease day, meet one family providing to bring awareness to their loved ones condition. plus would you give pot to your dog? where marijuana could be a option for vets. seeing a dog, barbara streisand's new puppies are making headlines find out why she says they are twice as nice we will be right back. >> ♪ >> perfect sunrise ed sheer's life is pretty perfect, hear why critics are singing his praises this morning coming up next.
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♪ >> well, can't seem to escape ed sheeran on the radio, shape of you is one of his hit songs >> and, top honors ed sheeran 2017 best selling recording artist in the world. international federation of the industry gave sheeran honors his hit from his third album divide which include castle, on the hill and perfect has driven his global success. also making news barbara streisand made a surprise revelation that two of her dogs are cologne. singer tells very that it fels from her previous pup samantha were saved before samantha died last year. streisand dressed miss violet and miss scar lot in purple and red to tell them apart.
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it is not cheap it can cost 50 to $100,000 according to some reports. >> #things which people do. >> wow. >> let's send it over to kate. >> some no clones of teddy in the future. >> i love my codey, i cannot even imagine the day but no. >> my goodness. >> there is a lot of very bizarre things about that story, i feel like we should discuss. >> yes. >> we will discuss, during commercial break i'm sure. all right. eyewitness weather watchers are reporting some really, pretty sunrise this morning. we have a couple of pictures coming in, john castle sent in this one where you do have a flew cloud, beginning to build , out around the downingtown area but really pretty colors here. another one from, jenny janssen more cloud in cherry hill where she's reporting but still a very picturesque view for us. lets lot at format of the temperatures, up in blue bell 33. eileen similar story here.
6:46 am
pair of three's for her as well. it is chilly. you don't have too much breeze , and technically, these temperatures are not really all that bad. they could be harsher on an average day. thirty-nine from dawn, sending us in that pretty picture of the dawn, here in the downingtown area so we will get idea. chill to the air. walk outside with your coat. we will event up milder then average just like yesterday but more included in part because we have a big batch of rain moving through tennessee close enough to bring in some clouds but just very beginning of the storm system starting to get its act together. here are bullet points, rain will pick up through afternoon hours, tomorrow, so we will get all day to day a through morning rush tomorrow without any weather issues. the rain will start to pound down. walk out with the umbrella, outside all day tomorrow, wind gusts as high as 50 miles an hour, through the span of the event, at the coast more like 40 further inn rand but that is enough to bring down a couple tree limbs at least small won, lead to debring in the road and also a couple power lines.
6:47 am
we will keep an eye on that the at coast flooding and erosion a issue we have a full moon to coincide with the storm, that is going to exacerbate the problem and they are easily a brief change to snow in the northern and western most counties. how much rain? putting things in motion from thursday afternoon through very, very early saturday morning, we will be on the order of maybe, about an inch to 2 inches worth of rainfall, so that again could lead to some minor, flash flooding, at lee, before any commuters out there thursday p.m. and looking to the weekend the storm's gone but residual wind and cloud there been lear. >> thanks, katie so much. looking outside right now so, last final day to get out, enjoy this nice weather before the rain comes n your morning commute has looked good all morning long, you can see that sun whipping around that camera. i have no idea what they are doing. we were looking at 95 south at cottman. we will move along. schuylkill westbound at city avenue take boulevard southbound and jump on the schuylkill. eke nothing to this bumper to bumper conditions. it will take you about, from the vine, blue route, pretty
6:48 am
slow, it will take but 25 minutes on the schuylkill. heads up on this heading outside right now certainly give yourself that extra time. factor in extra 10 to 15 minutes on top of. that pedestrian accident here in haddon heights, new jersey station avenue at tenth avenue , void the area if you can, construction on the walt whitman bridges bound the right lane is compromised but we're still showing green, letting you know we're still traveling around, as you should, and then this construction on the ben franklin bridge is still there eastbound at the base in camden. you can see those cones block ago this far right lane and then ben franklin bridge pushing in the westbound direction in center city, it is looking okay, jim, over to you. >> thanks, meisha. police in medford, new jersey need your help tracking down a suspect who caused an accident seriously injuring another driver, in a fit of road rage. take a look at this sketch of the suspect, police say incident started on the february 16th in mount laurel, man reportedly got out of his gray four door sedan and swung a baseball bat at another car that car then hit a tree on
6:49 am
arc road, and the driver was eject, no word on their condition. today marks rare disease day, disease considered rare if it effects more than 200,000 people. kennett craig has heart warming story of one mother fight to go bring her son's condition out of the shadows. >> reporter: sandra is a mother on a mission, determined to learn everything that she can about her 10 year-old son's rare disease. >> he has brain abnormality, heart abnormalities, he has reading problems, oral motor delays. >> tony was been with an autism related genetic disorder so rare that four years ago only 10 other cases in the world had been diagnosed. it was only one study about the disorder. >> publication, about 50 times and i ended up saying i need to find these 10 parents. >> reporter: you didn't waste anytime before you took math nurse own hand. >> no.
6:50 am
>> reporter: sirmoan created a database web site and ways registry which has identified 150 other children with the same syndrome. recently some of those families met face-to-face. >> very emotional, you know, lot of the times you feel like you air loan as parents. >> to be in this room with all these children and parents who are living what we have been through it is heart warming and amazing. >> reporter: after connecting with sirmoan, researchers at mt. sinai hospital are launching a new study on the rare disease. >> trying to figure out biology of this disorder and other similar disorder so we can have new drugs targeted in this disorder. >> reporter: sirmoan has offered five research papers with their own findings. >> even if it is not for tony, for within family, one day they can make this stop or find out what is causing it, it will all be worth it. >> reporter: mother turned researchers who said she won't give up until they are secured , kennett craig for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". here's a question for you
6:51 am
would you let your pets do pot >> it could soon be a option for vet, bill in san help say, california will allow vets to talk about marijuana treatment for pets. right now it is illegal, advocates say it is a change which would give guidance who may have already giving air juan a to pets. >> cheaper then paying pharmacy. >> fact of the matter is it can be used to treat alements in pets including pain, anxiety, inflammation, nausea and seizures. >> critics of the bill say there are concerns about marijuana poisoning in pets. in fact vets in california say they see numerous cases a week time 6:51. there is a lot coming up on cb this morning. >> gayle king and john dickerson joins us live with the preview good morning, guys good morning, rahel and jim but first, would you give pot tour pet. >> no, my dog's already so mellow, he is almost coma coast. >> he is a law abiding citizen >> yes. >> rahel and jim good to see you. we are starting on a very
6:52 am
serious note at marjory still man douglas high school where students are returning to class for first time since the terrible shooting. >> plus we will follow three marines just back from deployment in afghanistan to learn about the difficulties of returning to normal life, it is part of new series, coming home. as we mark end of the black history month prominent figures like representative john lewis and debbie allen open up but the importance of story telling and what it means to be black. john what does it mean to be black? i can answer that question too it is pretty dam good. all that and plus your world in 902nd. >> second that rahel. >> we will see you at 7:00. >> yes. >> well, joy, heart break for thousands of families in philadelphia seeking entry to one of the most south after charter schools in the city. >> past community charter school in northeast philadelphia held admissions lottery there were 150 slots opened and more than 11,000 applicants. it is known for unique
6:53 am
approach to mass math tics, science, technology. >> they admitted all of the students that applied this year for kindergarten and we happened to be one of them. >> every year we see increase in the last five or six years. this is largest application pool we have ever had here. >> kindergarten alone there were 1600 applications for 104 available seats. if you have a glove box full of old parking tickets some good news you may not need to pay some of them. >> parking authority and city of philadelphia is offering parking amnesty if you have tickets, issued before 2013 you won't to have pay them, if you pay all of your tickets from 2013, on ward. now if you have not received any tickets since then just pay a 50-dollar fee. sign up for the program starting tomorrow. well, this next story scars me a little bit. human like robot on a world tour. >> thank you for inviting me here today. i'm thrilled to be here and particularly in the epicenter
6:54 am
of the twin cities. >> don't worry, jim, robot could never replace you. >> i hope not. >> yet sophia the robot visited century college in minute so the a she imitated human gestures and answer questions, sophia uses artificial intelligence, visual data processing and facial recognition. director of the school's lab say so fee ace opening up doors for his students. >> the opportunity to bring something like that here i thought was a long shot but i think it really excited our students. that is why we are here. we are here to get students excited about the stem field and get students to develop an awareness and understanding and what skill sets they need to have going forward, for a professional career. >> just last month sophia's creator developed a new mod that he will can walk with robotic legs, i don't know, maybe you should be concern. >> it would be very difficult to replicate my hair. >> that is true. >> we will be right back.
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♪ >> here comes the sun ♪ >> here's three to go. >> students at marjory stoneman douglas high school return to class two weeks after nikolas cruz opened fire killing 17 people in the school. >> jared kushner's security clearance has been downgraded president trump's son in law will no longer have access to the president's top secret
6:59 am
daily briefing. atlantic city convention center host the boat show today. boat show starting to day 500 boats are on display new through sunday. >> lets get a last check of weather and traffic. >> what a sunrise, cloud are building in here but we have some really pretty colors painted on the early morning sky, 34 degrees outside, kutztown area middle school. come tomorrow afternoon rain over spread area, heavy with a ray, wind blow through friday, meisha. we are looking busy 95 south at could it man but more powerly down pole from an earlier accident truck hit a pole here, and police are directing traffic. >> thanks, meisha. cbs this morning is coming up next. >> join us each weekday morning at 4:30 a.m. when you air way from your tv follow us on cbs for updates throughout the day >> have a great day. >> bye-bye.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it's february 28th 20rks 18. welcome to "cbs this morning." survivors of the massacre at marjorriag marjory stoneman high school. we'll talk with a stunt who says a teacher saved her life. senior white house adviser jared kushner loses his top secret clearance. several officials tell cbs news worry about foreign officials trying to trick the president's son-in-law. they've been sending supplies to syria that can help make chemical weapons. seth d


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