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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 28, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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>> reporter: hundreds of law enforcement from across the state were on hand for security. >> it is just weird to go to school and just every where you look is a police officer or service dog, and, it is just uncomfortable. >> reporter: 150 grief counselors were available if needed and principal tweeted this photo of the students with a therapy dog, one of 40 brought in. >> very relacking, helpful, and, i don't know very calm, i guess, pretty sad. >> reporter: students were here for only half day school district superintendent wants to use the week to ease the students back into a full schedule. >> we know things will never, ever be the same, but we're going to try to make sure that we can figure out how to move forward. >> reporter: melissa picked up her two kids after school was let out. >> it has been very difficult, extremely sad for all of those victims and their families, who don't get to come today, and pick up their children.
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>> reporter: former student is charge with 17 counts of premeditated counts of murder for the shooting, thinks former classmates are pushing state and federal lawmakers to tighten gun laws. hena doba for cbs news, park land flashings. president trump met with members of the congress to discuss ways to prevent digsal school shootings, he urge the bipartisan group of law make tours quickly send him a legislative package that whim prove school safety. >> we also want things to be approved, you have to look at the age of 21, for certain types of weapons some people aren't going to like that but you have to look at that very seriously. i think we will have a vote. it will be a successful vote. i will sign it. i will call whoever you want me to and i think i like what you are doing already. >> president also said he supports strengthening background checks. dick's sporting goods is taking action in the wake of the deadly florida school shooting, company unveiled new policy changes to day that end
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s, sales of assault style weapons, and ban certain gun buyers, "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos has more on the message from the ceo. >> reporter: big announcement from one of the country's biggest sporting good retailers. >> we're so disturb and saddened by what happened in parkland we said we need to do something. >> reporter: ceo of dick's sporting goods announcing three changes all company stores, including field locations will permanently stop the sale of assault-style rifles. all gun purchasers must be 21 years of age or older regardless of state law, and large capacity magazines will no longer be sold. reactions from customers. >> i think it is a step. >> reporter: milk. >> taken out of your store isn't the answer. and, and, let everything go. >> reporter: lauer friend medford says she's glad that the company made the changes. which is reason he stepped foot inside this cherry hill location today. >> only reason we came out
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here, bought the little guy a new ball. >> reporter: second amendment rights activist see the move. >> dick's sporting goods is doing to ride a wave. >> reporter: one way to describe as insincere, over reaching to say you come in the state and do business and not respect those state laws is foolish. >> reporter: this man who started the pro second amendment group black guns matter say that this move will just send business to other companies. >> we just will go to give our business to cabelas or other organizations. >> reporter: those who support it say hope soon even that won't be possible. >> i think more stores should follow suit. >> i don't know why the government can't do that. >> reporter: our greg argos reporting. philadelphia police department a once no aid gun buy back plan for this friday, joint effort between department and the owner of the official unlimited store on north broad street. >> you will be able to come to the philadelphia outlet drop the gun off, we would request thaw bring it in a safe unloaded condition but we will have trained tactical
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personnel on hand to make sure we can render it safe before it goes any further through the processing. >> reporter: buy back is friday, starting at 10:00 a.m. adjacent to the official unlimited stores. those who surrender weapons will receive a $75 gift card to the store. unusual ceremony at pennsylvania church today was full of ar15 rifles, hundreds packed sanctuary church in wayne county for rededication ceremony. couples were encouraged to bring their unloaded guns in an elder with the sanctuary church says that the church believes that the ar15 symbolizes the rod of iron, mentioned in the bible. the church is a break way facts on of the unification church which said it did not conn down this event. children and elementary school half mile away from the church were bused to another campus. gun debate continues, on and i monitored a discussion with the panel of local teachers talking about what can be done from their perspective to prevent another mass shooting. hear how they feel about the
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idea of being armed in the classroom and more you can find the full conversation at cbs we are following breaking news, as cbs news reports hope hicks is resigning as white house communications director, the news comes one day after hicks spent nine hours being interviewed by a house committee investigating russian election meddling. her departure will come in the next few weeks. hicks is considered one of the president trump's most loyal aids. well lots of sunshine today but wet, windy weather is on the way, meteorologist kate bilo is tracking stormy weather, kate, how soon will it get here. >> by this time tomorrow it will look different outside as the rain will come in by midday, and once it does we will be dealing with rainy, windy, wet conditions right through friday and possibly, even a little bit of snow but wins look like the biggest impact with this system. lets talk about how beautiful today has been.
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not quite at much sunshine, a few more cloud but temperatures climbed in the 60 's, still there in trenton. nice warm 62 in lancaster. fifty-nine in allentown. our high today was only 7 degrees shy of the rorrer. we got to 61. record set last year was 68 degrees, normal only 47. fantastic finish to the in of february but march, well, you know they didn't come up with that march comes in like a lion thing out of no where we have a storm brewing and it is a powerful one. couple showers over poconos, you can see it moving in most misses city to the north, war watching this system. this is secondary piece that swings out to the coast and upper low developing over great lakes and see how these two storms phase into one and really strengthen off the coast, late thursday, into friday. so rain will develop midday tomorrow, the low really strengthens off shore friday, a wind driven rain, thursday night, through friday and possibly as cold air comes in back edge of the storm a brief change over to snow for parts
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of the area coming up we have numerous watches, advisory to tell but and we will tell but potential to see snow with this system. for now, ukee and jessica back over to you. it has happened again truck slams in the train bridge in radnor delaware county. no one was injured but this is the fourth time a truck has hit this bridge since november >> "eyewitness news" reporter chantee lans talk with officials about why it is happening so much and what can be done to keep it from happening again, chantee. >> reporter: guess kaine ukee amtrak owns this bridge. we just heard back from them and they say that they installed the yellow beams thaw can see there a few years ago to protect the bridge structure. meanwhile penndot owns the road and said they added warning signs since the first of four crashes last year. >> it very much is a big headache. >> reporter: frustrated drivers await clearance of the overturn truck that struck this amtrak under pass bridge near the radnor/septa station. >> driver is fine but tuesday 's accident marks
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fourth bridge crash in less than a year, this one was from a few months ago in december and this one, happened in november. >> it is amazing that the bridge hasn't like collapsed at this point. >> it is a lot. there is no, we don't want them to be hit at all and we have low clearance bridge that he is don't get hit. >> reporter: penndot spokesperson brad rodolph says agency does not own the bridge but it does own the road. penndot says it has increased road signage since the first crash, rodolph believes this happens so frequently because drivers are distract from using their gps. there are four approaches to the bridge, penndot is working with the township and police to come up with better warning solutions, there air lot of interesting devices out there, out in schuylkill county and one of the roads they hang pvc piping and they dangle it from the overhead kind of post so fur vehicle is too high it hits those little cans, pvc things hang to go let you know
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thaw are oversized and you will not clear the structure ahead. >> reporter: penndot also suggest using a truck app when it tells you clearance levels and also when you air approaching a bridge. that is very latest from radnor township chantee lans for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> jessica. >> shan take, thank you. philadelphia district attorney, larry krasner announced a new appointment in his leadership team, robert a former administrator at justice department will serve as his first assistant district attorney. he has a background in juvenile justice. carroll engeltenant is krasner 's other first assistant her expertise is handling homicide cases. >> i have received district's attorney office because i see this as a once in a lifetime opportunity to bring about fundamental change, fundamental reform in philadelphia's criminal and juvenile justice system. >> krasner says his new team is talented like members of the super bowl champion
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philadelphia eagles. coming up on "eyewitness news" continuing to honor reverend billy graham week after his death tributes that is usually only reserved for presidents. carson wentz talk on twit ter but we will explain. for the first time prince harry and fiance megan markle join prince william and kate middleton in a public appearance together, what thi if our world isn't stuck in the past, why is higher education? we say if there's a better path, you should take it. and when there isn't, well, you know where i'm going with that. don't do things by the book if the book can't keep up. take your page from one that hasn't been written. we took two renowned universities,
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cetaphil is clinically shown to gently cleanse and protect even the most senstitve skin against the drying effects of cleansing. so you can look healthier. complete your healthy routine with cetaphil. attorney general jeff sessions is responding to president trump's public criticism over his handling of republican complaints, of the russian investigation. in a tweet president trump wrote that sessions decision to have the inspector general look into alleged fbi surveillance abusive was disgraceful. president argued for justice department lawyers to handle the matter. earlier today sessions pushed back in a statement saying quote we have initiated, the appropriate process that will
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ensure complaints against this department will be fully, fairly acted upon if necessary as long as i am the attorney jenny will continue to discharge my cute business integrity and honor. president trump and attorney general sessions briefly put aside their differences on capitol capitol hill as they joined other political leaders for memorial service in tribute to the late reverend billy graham. the evangelist is lying in honor today, tomorrow inside capitol building rotunda. >> here lies america's pastor. >> reporter: democrats and republicans, stood shoulder to shoulder to the final solute to the reverend billy graham, president trump said as a child his father took him to hear graham speak. >> americans came in droves to hear that great young preacher , fred trump was a big fan. fred trump was my father. >> reporter: graham died last week at age of 99, in his long
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life of service he met with every president since harry truman but senator mitch mcconnell said that was never the measure of his success. >> his aim was simple, sharing good news with as many souls as he possibly could. >> reporter: the public viewing at capitol is a special honor typically reserved for presidents and offered to only four private citizens. the last was civil rights hero rosa parks. former president bill clinton said meeting graham was one of the most memorable experiences of his life, he paid respects at the billy graham library in north carolina before the casket was moved to washington >> i think he was a profoundly good man who had a simple belief that we can claim kin ship by god by asking. >> reporter: once they left rotunda graham and franklin welcomed members of the public who came to pay their respects graham's funeral will take place friday in charlotte,
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north carolina and will be laid to rest next to his wife on the grounds of the billy graham library. next generation of the royal family took the stage all together for the first time today, william and kate, harry and megan markle talk about their charity work with the royal foundation in london they say, that this brings together all of their interest s, their causes, their charities and their campaigns, the young royals want to work through this foundation for the rest of their lives. >> often we hear people say, you are helping women find their voices and i fund. ly disagree with that because women don't need to find a voice. they have a voice. >> the seat to engage in public life, in a way that was updated and relevant for our generation. >> prince harry and megan markle will marry inside windsor castle in may. all right. kate bilo, joins us now and boy, do we have a change on its way. >> here it goes. >> today was another really great day.
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warmer then yesterday. few more cloud but we will take it. february goes bye-bye, march comes in, with a roar, unfortunately we have a coastal storm. we're moving towards as we go toward the end of the week and it will be a very powerful system bringing witt winds, rain, and even the chance for some accumulating snow. lets start off with what is happening right now good stuff in the poconos, now if any within has a chance to see significant accumulating snow with this next storm it is poconos region. jack frost big boulder we have a snow border out there, cloud ness place there they could pick up a shower in the poconos this evening. most of the rest of our region is staying dry with more sunshine right now but possibly some snow, you can see skiers, snow borders down slopes at jack frost big boulder nice day to ski because temperatures are nice and mild. nice day for walk on the boardwalk as well, no problems there just a few clouds and folks outside on the boards. very comfortable afternoon and evening. more sunshine around philadelphia metro area more cloud, a few showers in the
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poconos and clouds down through portions of delaware as well. most of these showers will miss us to the north but what will not miss us is this developing system moving through tomorrow and friday. this is southern piece of the energy heading off the coast hook up with the up are level low developing over great lakes, those two then join forces off the coast, where the storm really ramps up, intensifies rapidly during the day on friday. in the meantime still mild right now 59 in the city. sixty in trenton. fifty-five in millville. fifty-nine in allentown. fifty in mount pocono. great day to be outside on the slopes, colder air will come with this system that willie draw in colder air on friday as that storm ramps up off shore. tonight is mild for february, or transitioning into march i should say. testimony rain develops in the afternoon. we will start off with sunshine in the morning, cloud s roll in and by lunchtime we have to plan on some rain. let's time this out. tomorrow starting off looking okay, maybe some filtered sun
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in the morning by 2:00 this wall have rain arrives, you can see that low off to the west. watch what happens we have one low here secondary le begins to form off the coast so heaviest rain will come through, tomorrow night, overnight into friday morning and then we will start to see energy pass off shore and watch how this storm ramps up off the coast. you may ask why are we not calling think a nor'easter. it will be for some spots. it is not for because we won't have a prolong northeast wind event. what will get winds on the back edge of the storm more northwest wind and probably a change over to a brief period of snow as we get into friday afternoon and friday night. so, low to moderate impact for snow fall low to the south, moderate impact for far north and western suburbs, no ice but heavy rain, gusty winds take a look at this through the day on friday we could see winds gusting to 40 to 50 miles an hour friday evening and that of course could cause major problems even power outages, chelsea in gram will have more on that
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as we start off 59:30 half an hour more on the wind threat and what you can expect in the weekend. we will stay chilly over weekend, 40's, looks okay but wins will stay strong and feel a whole lot colder but thrust of the storm is tomorrow night right into friday and it will bring a mixed bag of weather problems. >> doesn't sound good at all. >> buckle up, everybody. still ahead on "eyewitness news" there could be a performance by posh. >> there are reports spice girls could be getting back together, the big event they may reunite for, don. after winning the super bowl doug pederson is catching his breath, what the eagles head coach is saying about moving on, in sports coming up
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a berks county boarding school with ties to the underground railroad, coming up tonight on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we will take you to the historic location and see how students are leaving their mark on the world.
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that is tonight at 6:00. really cool history there. >> wow. don's joining us now with a look at sports. what do you have going on today. >> i feel like i'm still recovering from the super bowl , i cannot imagine what the players and coaches feel like. >> what a whirlwind. >> wow. >> man. i just can't imagine, but we all have to turn the page. watched the coverage of the super bowl from the press box and it was epic game at the time but watching it on tv a week later, absolutely blew my mind. doug pederson is at nfl scouting combine as we speak and he was asked if he had a moment to finally catch his breath. >> you know, it is funny, i say it is funny, i catch the game, get home at night, sitting there watching tv my wife and i and we flip it to the nfl network or hbo and you catch the game. i have done that four times now. not that i am searching for it , but it is just on, so i go back through the game and it
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is just like, did we win, you know, one of those things? you know what, for me, for me it was a great way to just kind of analyze the game from a far and just make sure that i was doing everything possible, to help our team win we did win. we had a chance to get through that week after and i gave coaches a week off just to been 20 plus weeks since we have had a break. took a week. got away from it. got back a couple weeks ago and we're ready to go. we're energized, we are jazzed up and ready for the seasony can't believe they took a week off. >> wow. >> just a week. >> then time to get ready for 2018, scouting combine, looking for players, and scouting guys out, and it is time to turn the pagey watched that game three times myself sound aspects aspect behind the scenes, incredible. >> it does suck you in.
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>> you are glued to it. >> thanks. >> coming up next half an hour dominate nothing downingtown, but this is not your every day squad, this week brotherly love the reason this team is one you will truly want to cheer for. police issue a warning for residents where officers say these men were stealing im
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there are seven continents... seven seas... but at at celebrity cruises, we'd argue... more than seven wonders. for a limited time enjoy two free perks, like complimentary wi-fi and drinks. a savings for everyone in your stateroom when you book now, during the celebrity cruises sail beyond event. now at 5:30, soak up that sun while you can because big changes are on the way a coastal storm is heading our way and it is going to pack a punch. hi everyone i'm jessica dean. aim ukee washington. system will bring whipping wind and rain we have team coverage, our chelsea in grammys on the sky deck and lets start with meteorologist kate bilo tracking things from the weather center, kate. >> we are finishing out
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february on a beautiful note but march's coming in like a lion. from the first of march all the way through saturday the third of march we will be dealing impacts from this storm. not all of these impacts last for first three days but for first two days we will be dealing with heavier rain, three days of the month we will be dealing with these strong, gusty wind thanks to this developing coastal low, higher elevation snow that is mainly through the day on friday and coastal flood ago this could last into saturday, thanks to a high tide and this storm off shore. next three days, everything is about to change and it is one strong storm, that is bringing all these impacts. the greatest impact we will feel from philadelphia especially towards the shore will be strong gusty winds and then send it out to meteorologist chelsea inglam outside on the sky deck, winds not too bad right now but that is all about to change. >> it will completely change as we head into especially tomorrow night. lets talk about what will happen we will look at this graphic.
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we have low pressure as kate's been showing you throughout the hour and it is intensifying as that energy is transferred off shore. you can see very tight lines, isobars very ties pressure gradient will be developing at this low deepens off shore on friday, we could see wind gust from his 50 to around 60 miles per hour and wouldn't surprise me if right down some of our shore points we will see gusts in the low 60-mile an hour range. that is certainly not out of the question either. that could cause coastal flooding and beach erosion with rough is your f all things we are keeping a close eye on. lets talk about the wind gusts how they are developing throughout the day on friday, now notice as we start off friday they are not too bad but look at that low pressure intensifies how wins ramp up gusting to 50 miles an hour possible on i-95, 45 miles an hour possible by 11:00 p.m. friday. wind will stick with us as we head into your saturday, and it will be even breezy, on sunday that low meehanering
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off shore. with all that said we have a high win watch that has been issued for every where south ande of philadelphia, so all of south jersey, delaware, friday morning through saturday morning, gusts from 50's to 60 miles an hour as a possibility we will have more coming up in the next half an hour for now back inside to you. >> all right, chelsea, thank you so much. cbs is your resource, changing weather conditions, fine very latest conditions forecast and a whole lot more. it is six months since hurricane harvey flooded houston and victims are still struggle telling rebuild. storm 5 feet of rain caused record break flood, so far fema has paid $13.1 billion to survivors but many without flood insurance are still looking and at years before they can return to normal. >> there there has been nothing like this. >> we are looking at a government entity toy try to mack your whole, it is a strong, long, drawn out
5:33 pm
recovery. >> reporter: fema says it is still having 7,000 people in hotel as cross the impact area bensalem police are asking for public's help tracking down two suspects targeting unsuspecting atm users. the police say these two men installed a skimmer at bb and t bank on bristol road last month. this device record bank cord information that the thieves can then use to steel money from user accounts. suspects are also wanted for placing skimming devices on atms in lower merion. if you recognize these two men , call the police. february has been black history month and today there was a very special event at a fill elementary school. "eyewitness news" at mastery charter school frances pass tore just elementary on spring street. philadelphia students welcomed 100 black men for a an assemblies focusing on black history and literacy. men then read to students in the lower grades and engaged in mentorship conversation was students in the upper grades.
5:34 pm
the organization makes it their mission to mentor under served youth around the globe. audiences are cheering at the academy of music. >> ♪ >> something rotten has been nominated for 10 tony award and tells story of two brothers play writes stuck in the shadow of william shakespeare. both lead actors are married, rob mcclure, and maggie lake are from philadelphia and they play a married couple in the musical. >> for joe schmo having a great night outside on the town the show will take good care of you and it will make you laugh, i think, it is the greatest privilege right new to travel country making people laugh. >> it has a huge production numbers, that we get standing ovations mid show. >> crazy for two different production numbers, beautiful dance willing, costumes, sets,
5:35 pm
it is a gorgeous show to look at, it is funny and fun. >> funny and fun sounds really nice. >> yes, it does. >> something rotten plays through march 4th. still to come on "eyewitness news", he's used to calling hut, hut at the line but we will show you popular pizza chain carson wentz is giving a shout out to on twitter and why he is doing it. it could be apple's next big thing what the tech giant has in works for its new creation, kate. the weekend is coming closer and good news is vast majority of the impact from the coastal low will be moving out but we are still going to be under influence of it high pressure building in from the west, coastal storm sitting, spinning off the coast will create a tight pressure gradient winds will stay strong saturday backing off slightly on sunday, temperatures seasonal but it will feel
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nfl is keeping busy even in the off season league has named pizza hut as its new official pizza sponsor. >> nfl worked out a multi year agreement with the restaurant chain and new partnership comes one day after league cut ties with poppa johns. both sides called the move a mutual decision. it looks like eagles quarterback carson wentz is a big fan of the news, he tweet ed there is a new nfl pizza partner? i can get down with pizza hut. >> sounds good. >> it does. apple is going big when company released its new i phone. >> new smart phone screen could be as big as six and a half inches, that is almost an inch larger than iphone eight plus. device is aim at people like to multi task, apple may un veil new phone in the fall, right now, there is no word on how much that baby's will cost
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big night here, a new season of survivor ghost island premiers tonight at
5:43 pm
8:00. >> tori woodill is here to break down what you can expect and we have some contestant was local ties. >> reporter: that is right, we have a lot to be proud of this season for sure, that is right , this is 36th season, but there is still finding ways to keep it interesting and this latest addition of survivor brings a whole new twist to the competition. >> this season for the first time ever, you will have the chance to reverse the curse of some of the worst decisions in survivor history. >> reporter: show's hose jeff probest talked to us about the new season. >> ghost island is a big premise what if you took bad decision from his past seasons and they have been buried out on ghost island and they are coming back to haunt a new group of players. so, we literally, went, tracked down from survivor memorabilia collectors and
5:44 pm
from former players, idols and advantages, the real thing, 10 , 12 years old in some cases we have them all together, these are things we will play w so this year or this season when somebody digs something up, it will be from 10 years ago. >> super fans, that is this season. and, this season two big competitors are from our area one a financial consultant, the other is furniture designer. well, lets start with the financial consultant it is laurel johnson, she's 29 years old and her hometown is cherry hill. right now they lives in minneapolis. and wendell holland is 33, lives in philadelphia and makes his living as a furniture designer, it is a tall event that comes in handy on the show, you will see that and jeff says well, wendell and laurel are big threats, rather to the competition. >> well, okay, laurel was in the mix being on survivor for a while and it was her just about finding the right season
5:45 pm
and we knew when we landed on this idea that she would fit into the mix really well and laurel is definitely a sleeper because she doesn't present with all of her attributes, she's low key but she's a very gifted at letcally and very smart and super strategic. wendell on the other hand i had to fight for. i put a vote in a few other people put a vote in and people say yes, no and wendell was one i went back and said this guy is amazing, charming, very strategic and he does the same thing, people look at wen dell and said he seems like a nice guy he will get in deep as welly can say firsthand he is a nice guy. i had a chance to talk to him today, he stopped by cbs-3 studio. this guy is a true student of the gay he says he has been a season 18 fan, this is season
5:46 pm
number 36. and wendell says he started watching he has been sending in on audition tapes hoping to get on the show. >> i always wanted to be on the show, so, since i started watching i have been a flying and i guess that is my vested interests me going in the show , i'm putting so much into what i do. i think they saw that in my audition tape. >> coming up tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00wen dell tells me why his fashion passion as a furniture designer is a perfect fit to survive on a desserted island. we will see what he thinks about the furniture we have here at the cbs-3 studios would any of it survivor his train eye for design? you'll find out tonight at 11:00. scary. and before that catch the special two hour premiere of survivor starting tonight at 8:00 p.m., it is all right here on cbs-3. >> wow. >> and tune in at 11:00 as well. >> it will be fun. >> for sure. i have to talk jeff in having a media version of survivor.
5:47 pm
>> can we do that. >> no, no, not me. i used to talk. >> you would sign upy will start the petition. >> an amazing race too. >> kate joins with us our forecast. here we go, buckle up. >> you don't to have bundle up just yet, it is nice and warm and will stay mild into tomorrow as well but it will rain and then cold air comes in and in some spots we may even see some snow, this storm has a little bit of everything , none of the good stuff. lets look outside right now good stuff came today in cape may it is still cloudy overcast in cape may and cloud rolling in down the shore and delaware and in the city we have seen sun on and off today but cloud increasing throughout the course of tonight. we will go up to broadheads ville, looking to sunset and very mild, 55 degrees even up toward pocono region. if we pick up any showers tonight it will be through poconos a few sprinkles coming
5:48 pm
through mainly carbon, monroe counties but rest of us looking protect. you can see includeds hanging on down the shore but clearer skies around city and suburbs. here comes our next system. it is split in two pieces. we have an upper lower in the great lakes and coastal piece of energy these two reemerge back into one strong storm off coast and that is mainly through the day friday. we will get through tonight quickly, quiet, clouds increasing, 46 is our overnight low. our normal high is 47. forty-six at night shows just how mild it is. we will start march tomorrow, quiet in the morning, but if you are heading out early and not coming home until after work grab the umbrella because it will be raining by the time you leave work in the afternoon, high of 56. we will time this out precisely here. tonight relatively quiet stray shower in the poconos. tomorrow 7:00 a.m. we will wake up to filtered sun, use, it will go away for a while. rain develops by afternoon, by
5:49 pm
two or 3:00 he clock rain starts to fall steadily. some heaviest rain we will see from this system comes in tomorrow night. 8:00 p.m. 9:00 p.m. and midnight. that continues overnight and into friday morning. then storm really ramps up off shore, mainly off to our north and east but we will get in on back side snow, rain with this system. you can see rain, heavy at accumulating snow in the poconos and could be a brief period of wet snow even in the city. talking about the roads your morning commute dry peak of sunshine for your afternoon light rain developing. your drive home when we will give you red light raining steadily and over an inch of rain by saturday, for the vast majority of the area heaviest to the city on north as that system will start to ramp up off the coast of new england. impact will be felt to the north and east of philadelphia we are in the flood watch that includes city, montgomery, bucks counties and points north east at 1:00 in the
5:50 pm
morning. continues until 6:00 saturday morning. lets talk about snow. this is on everybody's mine. i do say win. chelsea told you a few moments ago will be biggest impact and threat with this system but we want to necessity about the snow. where could we see snow? best chance is in the poconos possibly lehigh valleys. there will be a chance for brief change over to philadelphia and surrounding suburbs. mainly rain, rain only event for south jersey, delaware could a wet flakes mix in at the end possibly butt not expecting much in the way of, snow. coming up at 6:00 we will have our best chance snow map, winter storm watch has been issued for poconos from 6:00 a.m. friday to 6:00 a.m. saturday. we have got wind gusting to 50 h of rain, most of the area high wind watch as chelsea told you for shore, flood watch from the city on north and east, winter storm watch for poconos , little bit of everything and coastal flood advisory this storm is not messing around.
5:51 pm
rain, win, thursday evening right through friday, changing over to some snow on the back edge and saturday and sunday sun comes back with that strong storm system off the coast, wind chills in the 30's saturday, winds slowly die down next weekend and staying seasonal with highs in the 40 's, ukee and jessica back over to you. today's story of brotherly love get ready to get pump. >> i spoke to the woman whose cheer leading team is a place for everyone. >> clap your hands. >> reporter: takes a lot of practice to pep up a crowd, a lot of practice. >> smile. >> this is downingtown dominators a cheer leading group for young people of all abilities. >> make sure we are hitting our motions on the word. >> reporter: started by 19 year-old liz. what message are you putting out there instead of having one team in our society with
5:52 pm
people with abilities and one kid for kid without we should all be on the same team because that is how society should be. >> reporter: for every person on the team with the disability there is a person without a disability to partner with like josh and his coach page greenleaf. >> it can be tough sometimes. >> we calm each other down. >> breathe. >> yes. >> we will do a push up. >> yesy still do it. >> olivia realize part of the facing game. >> it is basically you lift a player up, to help, and i do. that for me have love it. >> mine is a dancer. >> club started with four members and now it has about 35, and it is free. >> i find that i cannot say no , to anybody because i know that these kids are showing society that people with disabilities deserve to be seen as exactly what they are.
5:53 pm
>> ready to do it again. >> liz hopes to raise $5,000 for new outfits to find out more, go to our web site at cbs >> that is tough work too. not easy. >> indeed. still ahead we know it will be a posh wedding but some may be spiesing things up on prince harry and megan markle's new day. >> who could be
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
i own my own company. i had some severe fatigue, some funny rashes. finally, listening to my wife, went to a doctor. and i became diagnosed with hodgkin's lymphoma... that diagnosis was tough. i had to put my trust in somebody. when i first met steve, we recommended chemotheherapy, and then we did high dose therapy and then autologous stem cell transplant. unfortunately, he went on to have progressive disease. i thought that he would be a good candidate for immune therapy. it's an intravenous medicine that can affect the patient's immune system and unleash it against the cancer. with chemotherapy, i felt rough, fatigue, nauseous. and with immune therapy we've had such a positive result. i'm back to working hard.
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i've honestly never felt this great. i believe the future of immunotherapy at ctca is very bright. the evolution of cancer care is here. appointments available now. we have new details tonight about the royal reception. >> serena williams gets a special message and a game on the late show with james corden from 96.5 in the hot minute. >> it looks like prince harry and megan markle have found a wedding singers, that is, former spice girls mel-b
5:57 pm
hinted that the iconic girls group will hit the stage during the wedding reception. when asked in a recent interview if she knew anybody attending she said all five were invited but the big reveal came after being asked if they would perform to which mel-b looked down in silence trying to avoid the question before erupting saying i need to go, i'm going to be fired. we will get our answer may 19th when royal couple says do i. what i grand gesture that would be just like serena williams received after her hubby created four giant billboard to welcome her back to tennis. twenty-three all time grand slam sickles champion makes her way back to indian where she will be competing next week. she will be greeted by ads proclaiming she's the greatest mother of all time. as you can imagine serena was thrilled, writing on social media she's so fortunate to have her hubby and baby by her side. james corden could have used support himself when he and gordon ramsey played spill
5:58 pm
your gets or fill your guts on the late show. they were forced to answer difficult questions, or, chow down on some not so appetizing treats. >> which product thaw can pay heavily do endorse do you not use. >> that was disgusting. >> that is your hot minute, and i'm bex from today's 96.5. >> that game is hilarious. >> wow. >> i wonder what that was. >> i don't know i didn't get a look at it. >> that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 an montgomery county attorney ace cues of possessing pornography how a delaware county dog helped crack that case, natasha. this historic boarding school in berks county is rich , in history i'm natasha brown and we will tell you all about its connection to the underground railroad and the students who attend here, coming up. and, concerned parents come to their son's school why
5:59 pm
this delaware couple checking on their child's welfare wound up in the back of the police car, kate. it has been a beautiful day to day but coastal storm is on the way bringing rain, winds and even some snow i'll break down impact and the timing of this powerful storm, it is all right now on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. charlie had been called out by security, fbi, home land security, local departments, other counties as well. >> reporter: she's a dog sought near and far for her sniffing skills and we are learning charlie helped crack a child pornography case in montgomery county. dog has a know for sniffing out electronics, good evening, aim ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. joe holden's live in media with more on the case and how doggies helping police solve cyber crimes, joe. >> reporter: jessica and ukee good evening to you tonight. we know suspect in this case
6:00 pm
according to his lawyer surrendered his lawyer telling us that he has been cooperating tonight with investigators. it was november 2nd, at 6:00 in the morning when montgomery county detective came knocking at his ardmore home, court record show national center for missing and exploited children received information from yahoo about the possible down load of child pornography allegedly tied to an ip address here. county detectives say 69 year-old lawrence bream, an attorney was home at the time and provided investigators with a written, sign statement , the documents alleged mr. breen admitted to receiving images of child pornography and saving them to his computer hard drive, or a thumb drive. breen was charged with 40 felony counts of child pornography this affidavit said some of the investigation was due in part to charlie a member of the district attorney's office in delaware county charlie was introduced to the public this past fall month and a half before


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