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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  February 28, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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according to his lawyer surrendered his lawyer telling us that he has been cooperating tonight with investigators. it was november 2nd, at 6:00 in the morning when montgomery county detective came knocking at his ardmore home, court record show national center for missing and exploited children received information from yahoo about the possible down load of child pornography allegedly tied to an ip address here. county detectives say 69 year-old lawrence bream, an attorney was home at the time and provided investigators with a written, sign statement , the documents alleged mr. breen admitted to receiving images of child pornography and saving them to his computer hard drive, or a thumb drive. breen was charged with 40 felony counts of child pornography this affidavit said some of the investigation was due in part to charlie a member of the district attorney's office in delaware county charlie was introduced to the public this past fall month and a half before document had search, at the
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breen residents. >> he helped us find often times what we miss. >> reporter: while not involve with the breen case delaware county d.a. cat copeland says so far charlie has been instrumental in a dozen and a half investigations and in this case it is allege that the k-9 locate two flash drives in a compute are bag. >> detective will go through a room looking for electronic devices, looking for evidence related to children, child predators and what charlie does is that she is able to sniff out what we often times cannot find or what we often sometimes miss. >> reporter: tonight breen, freon $25,000 unsecured one, again district attorney telling cbs-3 over phone he continues to cooperate and that they expect a quick resolution to the case, breen due back in court for a preliminary hearing march 8th. reporting live, joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and breaking news tonight state representative from delaware county is facing calls to step down after two women accused him of sexual
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assault and misconduct. source with knowledge of the investigation confirms to "eyewitness news" there is a pennsylvania capitol police investigation underway, into the alleged behavior of republican representative nick nickrel i of ridley park n a statement delaware county democratic party officials called for him to step down. he denied the allegation toss "eyewitness news". he says through a text message quote i can tell you there is not a stick of truth to any of it, this time, me too has gone too far. i'm running for reelection and i will be vindicated. he has in the been charged in that investigation. mixed emotionness park land flashings as students return to stoneman douglas hey school for the first time since mass shooting. volunteers handed out flowers as students returned for half day of class. they continue to mourn 17 classmates and teachers killed two weeks ago. 150 grief counselors were
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available if needed and principal tweeted a photo of students with the therapy dog, one of 40 that were brought in >> it is like any of racking but at the same time you kind of cannot help but feel sad, happy because there is so many people here. >> just weird to go to school and every where you look is a police officer or service dog and it is just uncomfortable. >> former student is charge with 17 counts of premeditated murder for the shooting. students join state senator anthony williams for a rally with a begins gun violence. "eyewitness news" at bartram high school, rally on the front steps was for victims of all gun violence, not just students killed in school shootings. the state senator announced what he calls the epidemic of illegal guns. >> i'm tired of these conversations exist year after year and don't mention slaughter that is happening in our communities. i no longer will be quiet about that. >> state senator also rallied with students today at boys
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latin high school and met vation high school. dick's sporting goods is weighing in on the national gun debate with some policy changes. customers can in longer buy assault-style rivals and high capacity magazines at any of its stores. the people under 21 are also banned from purchases all guns we talked to customers today about the new changes and reaction was mixed. >> i'm happy bit. i hope that more businesses follow suit. >> dicks sporting goods in my opinion is doing this to ride a wave. we will choose to give our business to cabelas or other organizations. >> taking it out of your store isn't the answer, it isn't, it is a step but not the full answer. >> reporter: company says that it was moved to make these changes in the wake of the deadly florida school massacre delaware couple is facing charges after allegedly making threats at their son's schools police say vanessa and nathan al hampton showed up to william henry middle school in dover yesterday wanting to know where their son was.
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police said they were shouting profanities and then allegedly threatened to kill. they were taken in custody when officers noticed they appeared intoxicated and smelled of marijuana they are both facing charges, their son was on a field trip. after an unseasonably warm day a coastal storm will be here before we know it. kate's on the weather center tracking rain and whipping winds heading our way, what is very latest, kate. >> it is definitely going to go downhill quickly out here in the wake of the beautiful day. hard to believe that everything will change by tomorrow at this time we will tracking heavy rain, and, today's high, mild 61. well above average, and even a few degrees off record 7 degrees shy of a record. temperatures still feeling comfortable in the 50's in philadelphia. fifty-seven in reading. fifty-four in allentown. forty-nine in mount pocono. a few more cloud but a nice day to get outside. things are changing. we have a few showers over poconos, most of these as we talked about should miss us to
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the north and watching this little batch here to see fit moves south to touch off a stray shower this evening but main event is still off to the south, two pieces, upper low moving over great lakes and coastal low that will emerge into one large storm that will ramp up into one already centered off our coastline. we will get our strong wind around the back edge of this storm. not a typical presentation of the nor'easter the way we see it. we will not get much northeast event at all. it is developing moving out to sea, winds around back edge, heavy rain and possibly a change over from that wind driven rain, to accumulating snow for parts of the area coming up we will look at which areas could see snow from this and tell you just how strong those wins will be and how long they will last, ukee. city of camden is honoring several fire fighters and paramedics went above and beyond call of duty responding to house fires. city officials hosted a expression ceremony at liberty fire station.
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they received a citation for saving lives of several residents. they rescued residents from house fires on the 1300 block of thurmond street and 700 block of clinton streets. thank you. congratulations. february has been black history month and new at 6:00 a closer look at america 's untold journey. >> our natasha brown takes to us pine forge academy local landmark was an important stop on the under ground railroad. >> ♪ >> reporter: the inspirational sound of pine forge academy choir. >> they have won numerous award and accolade and things of that sort just from their performance all over, just, north america. >> reporter: their rich sound forged on the ground of the school rich in history, nest led here in scenic berks county. historically blackboarding school serves grades nine through 12 with 130 students from all walks of life cutting
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from 30 states around the country. >> the former site of the slave burial grounds. >> reporter: is there so much history on this sprawling 574- acre campus perhaps the most historic buildings is the manor house which acted as a saving point during the under ground railroad. >> in that building in the basement, were chambers where slaves would be housed and held as they made their way north war. >> many of our families believed in historically black education so their parents air alumni, their grandparents air alumni. >> reporter: students like sierra smith a senior and inspiring meteorologist who come from a family of pine forge graduates. >> it has helped with my self-esteem. i necessity i am. i know where i came from i know where i'm going. that is very important. >> reporter: the school embraces heritage and stills pride in the students intertwining the past with the future all while preparing them for the world.
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>> our school motto is excellence is no accident. so legacy of the pine forge academy manor is one where ever you go you make a difference. >> reporter: natasha brown for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". excellent, excellent. love it. love it. still ahead seeing sweet success of philadelphia's sugary drink tax how a group of prek students showed their thanks to city council for funding their future, cleve. kid of all ages, and sizes , i'm cleve bryan, coming up i'll show you highlights from the atlantic city boat show. armed with piece of paper police release contents of the note robbery suspect passed to a dunkin' donuts employee before taking off with a bag of cash we will tell you what it said up next, don. do you want them all to stay but just not possible, and the eagles to tough choice toes make than players we will hear from howie roseman in
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contents of the threatening note hand todd a store employee during a robbery. it happened object february 7th at dunkin' donuts on adams avenue in lawncrest. on the right you could see hands of the employee read ago this note, according to police it said as quickly as possible put whatever you have in a bag , so you do not get shot. employee complied, and the two suspects ran off with the bag of cash, if you recognize either men give police a call. members of the philadelphia's city council were recognize by cities young students. prek class at method day care services in wynfield heights presented curtis jones with hand made thank you card. organizers say they were celebrating the pass age of the 2016 sweet and beverage tack which funded prek programs, that tax has not been without controversy and subject of the lawsuit and american beverage association has also voiced its opposition
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well, it is a sure sign warmer weather is just around the bend been, the annual atlantic city boat show is underway. >> we sent "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan to check it out. >> reporter: when are an avid fisherman orphans i life on a luxury yacht, the atlantic city boat show is place to let your dreams run wild. >> little kid in the candy store, excited sitting up there pretending, like little kid they are owner. >> reporter: sponsored by progressive insurance thinks biggest indoor boat show in the northeast, the 500 boats on display range from a few thousand to over a million-dollar. >> come down in the cabin and more spaciousness awaits. >> boom. >> yeah. >> nice club. >> yeah, pretty cool. >> reporter: considered by many as a non-essential luxury recreational boat sales tanked during the recession but industry experts say as tide of consumer confidence rises so do boat sales. >> last five or six years you have seen a consistent lift in sales of anywhere from five to
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10 percent each year. >> reporter: for many local deal hours offer steep discounts this week, the boat show is a crucial kick off to the season. >> the boat show can account for up to 60 percent of our total business for the year, so it is very important for us >> reporter: this show isn't just for buying boats there are every boating and fishing accessory you can imagine and lots offhandeds on displays like climbing a board a coastguard both, operating a virtual reality boat, and then docking a model boat. >> that wasn't horrible. >> terrible. >> not terrible. >> sounds good. >> i will take in the terrible >> reporter: i will take that to the experts, here's my favorite hoagie eclipse paddle board. >> i know the deal, they sent me to the boat show to do this last year, except fall in but guess what it ain't going to happen i'm staying try. i will get wet to talk to these guys. >> riding in the boat. >> in the boat. >> reporter: are you having fun. >> yeah. >> reporter: at the boat show,
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through sunday that is what it is all about, in atlantic city , cleve bryan for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> see all kinds of things there. >> very nice. >> we will see stuff coming from the sky soon. >> keep that bet bet park in the marina, for a couple days we have rought seas and surf underway. lots of coastal impact with this powerful storm. we are not saying nor'easter but technically for some spots it will be a nor'easter but not quite accurate for us. we will not have prolong period of northeast battering wind that is a nor'easter generally brings us. what we will have is prolong period of northwest winds, a northwest ter. lets look at what is going on outside things are going downhill rapidly and rest of the week will feature a mixed bag of issues, and you can see includeds rolling back in now after we have had sunshine this afternoon. center city seeing cloud increase and that will continue to do so through overnight hours, storm scan three showing a few showers
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off to the north. those should stay off to the north, this next batch over west will fizzle before it reaches us but something to keep an eye on regardless nothing more than a stray shower mainly for poconos tonight. but the main event is still, on its way. here's the system moving off the coast, split nothing to two. upper level storm developing over great lakes and that coastal low will then merge into one strong powerful storm on friday off the coast. the actual strengthening of the storm will happen once this system is already off shore. it is in the a typical presentation of the nor'easter for us. when we see a nor'easter in philadelphia or jersey shore we will see it coming from the south. along the coast. it throws those strong northeasterly wins in the region and pushes what the's above the shore for a prolong period this one is, a big one that develops, and strengthen and once it gets off shore. and we have the same impact what we have as we think of as a traditional nor'easter. thursday tomorrow 3:00 p.m. we have steady rain starting,
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continuing right through thursday night at 9:00 p.m. tomorrow night will be pouring as we head into friday watch how energy transfers off the coast and see that center of the circulation, it does come up and strengthen so on the back edge of this friday we will have rain, very, very strong winds and probably a brief period of snow, late friday, even into the overnight hours. so, impacts from this snowfall low from the city on south but moderate impact off to the north as i will show you, not a ice impact but heavy rain, wind will be two greatest impacts. wind is biggest threat around back edge of the storm as high pressure builds behind it. these tightly pack isobars showing that tight wind gusts 50 to 60 miles an hour especially along the coast and friday, 4:00 p.m. here's winds all across the region gusting to 50 miles an hour. as far as that chance of snow on the back edge our best chance of the coating or more is in the white shading, best chance to see an inch or more is in the lehigh valley and
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best chance to see 4 inches, plus will be the poconos. so this is not a major snow event for us here in philadelphia but it will be, a wind event, mainly friday into saturday, the winds will be how long and wind chills on saturday will return to sunshine in the 30's. >> how long. >> yes, how long. >> kate, thank you don's up next with sports. >> don. >> yes. >> change on the horizon eagles gm howie roseman is facing some difficulty decisions. plus villanova is trying to avoid for the first time in five years in sports coming up
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jason peters has a salary cap hit of nearly 11 million this season what should they do with the future hall of famer? that is one of the many questions facing gm howie roseman. he talked about those dilemmas today at scouting combine in indy. >> it is very hard. it is hard to avoid, you know,
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looking at those guys, guys who did unbelievable things for your football team, unbelievable character and separate it from what we need to do going forward. by the same token this unique position for us, certainly me personally in the fact that we have to make these decisions coming off a championship year but we want to get better, we want to continue to be in a position to get better. so we will have to make tough choices. it is in the like we can bring the band back together and expect the same results. >> wow. >> tough call. >> big five hoops tonight, temple visiting u-conn and lasalle hosting dayton. fourth ranked villanova visiting seton hall, wildcats trying to avoid back to back losses for first time since 2012/13 season. pirates are always a tough match up for nova. >> always a really tough physical team, you know, and we have familiarity with each other, like their players from new york, new jersey, they
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know our guys. i just feel like they are very confident and comfortable because we have had so many battles and they know each other so well. >> every action has a reaction , we're talking hoops not physics but you get the point. sixers signed irson ilyasova he averaged 15 points per game for them as a result they waved trever book shore they acquired in the okafor trade with brooklyn. flyers back in home, while they were idle capitols leap frogged them for first place in the metropolitan division. with six weeks left in the season they are happy with where they are right new. >> to tell us we would be in the running in the first place in our division in december and i with say you are crazy but that is just the way we have been playing, we're finding ways to win. i think the last few games weren't our best performance but we found a way, so, at the
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end of the day, that is all i can do. >> fly guys won six straight. in clearwater phillies visiting blue jays today and didn't go so well they lost seven-one. vince vel questions got start and gave up three runs, phillies lone run came on a scott henry home run. >> it is practice. >> practice. >> not the game, practice. >> thank you sir. "cbs evening news" is just a few minutes away. >> jeff glor has a look ahead, jeff. >> we are in oakland where marries lock in the fight with ice after she tipped off families before a raid. pedestrians, 25 year high in smart phone use, big reason , and, 12 person kidney exchange a wonderful reunion story just ahead on the "cbs evening news". but first celebrating doctor seuss with a defenseman >> which book flier brandon manning picked to read allowed to students just ahead on
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children are using you tube to find friendship. >> they would watch these kids open these toys on the show and all the way through playing with them. so he picks it you will up. >> coming up at 11:00 nicole brewer introduces to us a you tube sensation that is just a
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boy and his toys hear how a school psychologist say kid are so drawn to video of another child's play time and what parents need to think about, when it comes to their children's tablet habits, it is all at 11:00 after an all new seal team. >> yes, i know. >> it is friday doctor seuss birthday but school in south philadelphia celebrated a couple days early with the help of a special guest. >> that is brandon manning of the philadelphia flyers, this morning he read doctor seuss's places you will go to a group of students at philadelphia performing arts school, afterwards, the second through fourth graders had a chance to ask him some questions and might notice whacky customs in there it was whacky wednesday at the school so they had their costumes on. >> yeah. >> hair spray painted there. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at 10 on the cw philly. back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. we are always on cbs up next, "cbs evening news",
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take care family we will see you captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: the gatekeeper to the president is out. hope hicks, communications director, resigns one day after admitting she told white lies for her boss. also tonight, the president says he will step up on guns. >> it's time. we got to stop this nonsense. it's time. >> glor: in florida, stoneman douglas students return. >> welcome back. >> glor: in georgia, a teacher is arrested after firing a gun in his classroom. a big-city mayor under fire after tipping off illegal immigrants to ice raids. >> what i did was my job as the mayor of oakland. >> glor: the link between pedestrian deaths, marijuana, and smartphone use. and when kimberly cooper opened her heart. >> six people were saved just because i chose to be s


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