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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  March 1, 2018 12:00pm-12:27pm EST

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for the little things. and that your dream kitchen should work as hard as you do. ikea family members get 15% back when you spend $2000 or more at the ikea kitchen event. and financing is now available with the ikea projekt credit card. >> ♪ >> live from the cbs broadcast center in is cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> we begin with breaking news. water spewing from the street in wilmington this noon. we are told a contractor hit a water line at 1300 washington street. that contractor is working to get the water under control. >> also this noon it's calm down the shore for now. a huge coastal storm is looming one that could bring damaging winds and rain not only to the shore points but to inland areas as well. >> storm scan already tracking this massive storm system and in just a matter of hours it
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will arrive bringing heavy rain and powerful winds. and several weather alerts have already been issued among them a high wind warning. good afternoon i'm rahel solomon. >> and i'm jim donovan. let's get to katie over in the weather center. >> i th rain is here hours away. we're starting to see the leading the rain creep into the delmarva peninsula. of a tighter zoom anything butgion wide and plain rain for now with time st substantial concern for some of you but we'll get to much more on that detail just to get you out the door right now you're about ready to hit the road you'll be gar ad your patience eventually as that rain overspreads the area from southwest to northeast. tht temperatures you're warm, 56 at the airport, 57 in ac and cun
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mount pocono. know also that wind is ats a fes going to change in a huge way aa here's the general time line for you. the rain will be beginningof ts afternoon and it does become pretty heavy tonight. by friday afternoon, we're starting to see that rain change over to a wet snowfall. come saturday morning the storm will begin at least to rotate away. now, there are numerous high wind alerts posted aren't that is something the an -- and that is something the alluded to. the biggest change is that we not only have high wind win warnings posted. do warnings more in that gold include philadelphia. the gusts out of this storm, folks, could be as hig as 50, if not 60 miles per hour so that is going to the overarching issues that comes along with very potent storm for our region. along with the high wind
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walets to tell you about. there's a lot more detail to which we'll do later in the show but for now meteorologist chelsea ingram is on her way on the atlantic city the shore just going to see some of the biggest impacts of the storm as well. chelsea. >> reporter: that's exactlylet t what's going on outside right now. things are quiet falling. it is dry. we just have those overcast way of wind, either, but as we head into the next 12 hours oria major difference especially as r shore points. so, we're on our way to atlantic city right the areas wl that be seeing some of those higher impacts especially when it comes to to bt dealing with that potential for, yes, some power outages when we're take a look at this. this is our power outage poenance really
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the highest oaou see there on the map in the orange, so, yes, that will include many of our coastal communities, wildwood, atlantic city, also down into our delaware beaches as poconos. something to also keep in mind with this wind that we are going to be dealing with w i pi, katie was telling you 50 to 60 miles per hour wind gusts coming out of thewest some areae aren't so used toch erosion, things of that nature will likely have to deal with that with this system. western shore of cape may county, some of the back bays, also down into the bays near be. though some areas that aren't all that used to seeing problems like as w we move forward and this storm system continues to progress. now. on our way down to keeping a close eye on things. also important to note that
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pse&g will have additional continue to see this storm system progress. for now live in the mobile th shore to atlantic city. we'll send it back signed to you. >> thank you chelsea. stay on top of this storm with the cbsphilly weather app. it today from the app store or google play. mayor jim kenney to ask for a 6 percent property hike which he'll deliver to the city council very shortly. this is a live picture from city hall where the mayor will lay out his five year plan to raise $980 million for the if philadelphia school district. property tax increase would generate the most money raising half a billion dollars. he's expected to increase the transfer tax making philadelphia one of the highest in the nation. council would have to approve the proposal. >> a gun scare forced a brief lockdown at a beverly hill middle school in upper darby delaware county. police say the student waking to school was caught with a
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pellet gun. they were tipped off by another student. we're told the pellet gun never made it inside the school. the lockdown has been lifted. police in gloucester county make an arrest after a threatening note forced two school districts to close classes today. cleve bryan is live. >> reporter: we found out from that news conference that a 10-year-old boy who lives here in franklin township has been arrested and charged with making terroristic threats for sending multiple threats regarding shootings here in town and this closed two school districts. it is franklin township and delsea region which is a middle school and high school district. now, according to the police the threat came in at 1:30 this morning, a teacher at the ritter elementary school called to report that there was a threatening e-mail sent to her. the e-mail was from an unknown sender and threatened shootings today and tomorrow at two franklin township elementary schools. as police were investigating this, they say that more
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threats came in to other teachers principals and the superintendent's office all from the same sender. police were able to track the ip address to a home in fli arrested the 10-year-old boy. they say the parents didn't ughtnow the boy to the police station and they say that he confessed to making e-mail but they say at no point did he have any access to weaponsane these schools because of the unknown factor and because the . this was what police had to say. enil made a specific reference that there would be a at ritter school today, which we have obviously deemed to be uand alsa shooting at main road school tomorrow;, whichwve also deemede untrue. there's no threat to any of our schools at this time. >> reporter: the plan is toistrs tomorrow and there was a very
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stern warning from the supeen that you know what your kids are up to when they're online because, again, this seems to police say of a 10-year-old boy making up an e-mail addren threats that resulted in more than 3,0 we're live in franklin township, cleve bryan, cbs3 "eyewitness >> thank you cleve. president trump hosting another meeting at the white house today oolsafe from gun violence. the president demanded tougher gun control at a bipa lawmakers. in a tweet this morning, the president said many ideas came out of the gathering, some good and some not so good. he also emphasized the need for stronger background checks. >> wal-mart is following in the steps of dick's sporting goods. it will longer sell firearms or ammunition to anyone under the age of 21. the company will remove airsoft guns and toys.
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sales bulletproof backpacks and accessories skyrocket in february in the wake of the florida school shooting. bullet says sales of its backpack insert jumped 450 percent in the days following the massacre. the company was out of inventory until june. the web site cautions no material is ever 100 percent bulletproof. the white house says hope hicks will be leaving her post in a couple weeks. >> the resignation comes one day after after, the white house says hicks has been planning to leave for months. >> fire officials looking into the cause avenue raging house fire in burlington county that sent two people to the hospital early this morning. trang do told us what made this fire fight so challenging. >> reporter: orange flames burst through the roof of a twin home on the 600 block of hickory street in delanco around 2:30 a.m. >> and the fire was just
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continuing to grow and grow. >> reporter: it was a terrifying sight for neighbors who were jolted awake by the commotion. >> they had firefighters on the neighbors that's connected to them actually busting the windows out to get the smoke and as soon as they turned around, the fire came right back out the front windows. >> reporter: the fire quickly spread to the house next door. but everyone got out. two people went to the hospital with minor injuries. >> everybody when i was coming over here to see if everybody was okay people were taking their animals out and leaving 'cause they had to evacuation the place 'cause they didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: chief johnson says the construction of these older homes accelerated the fire. >> it's called blue construction. there's no fire walls and it runs from the basement to the third floor. straight up. >> reporter: firefighters remained on scene well after daylight. investigators now tasked with combing through the partially collapsed home to determine what caused so much damage. from delanco, burlington county, i'm trang do, cbs3
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"eyewitness news". >> march coming in like a lion storm scan3 tracking potent rain. coming you indicate tea will have the latest on the powerful storms. >> we're celebrating women's history month at the betsy ross house. we'll show you a new exhibit that explores the real life of this revolutionary woman. stay with us.
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>> welcome back. the betsy ross house is kicking off women's history month with a new exhibit. >> stitching the stories together invites visitors to explore the real life behind betsy ross. the betsy ross house is the own place in philadelphia
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dedicated to telling the women of colonial women and their impact on the young nation. >> sometimes unfortunately the flag story is a distraction. that's all people expect to hear and that's all they want to hear but when they learn all these on the tidbits about betsy and other 18th century women they realize these stories are relatable and interesting. >> at the moment i'm working upon finishings for a bed. it's the bed of the widow lipsco. >> she looks really good for 200 years old. >> also new. a police pursuit with a twist. >> there were no bad guys involved in this chase, just a couple dogs running along a busy freeway. coming up how the run aways were finally caught katie. >> oh my. looking ahead to our weekend we'll still be dealing with the aftermath of some additional wind in the wake of our coastal storm system as
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well as lingering clouds. temperatures should be pretty seasonable though upper 40's generally the expectation and we gradually see the worst of the coastal storm's impact taper away. the good news is the weekend is in fact dry. we've got a lot more to talk about with this storm itself which we'll do right after the break. >> ♪
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>> well, back on "eyewitness news" at noon with an unusual police pix arizona. officers were hot on the tails of two dogs running along a busy freeway >> police say the pair darted in and out of traffic narrowly escaping dsa okay. an officer caught one of the dogs on the freewaytha mile hom. both are okay. >> just went out for a walk. >> yeah, a le freeway. >> not going to want to be outside today though that's for sure. >> eventually i rally nice --
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at least okay start to the day. raining cats and dogs. >> the hits keep rolling with this her every thursday. >> and monday, wednesday and friday. muerhing down for you. we're going region by region, impact by impact and t sense ofs is going to shake out for your this though is that it is still quiet right now. i don't know about you but when i get home hopefully there's going to be an empty as garage. if you have anything that's outside right now and that could fly or bmeile, secure it t it away. because when this wind g going . let's get outside. we'll show you first and foremost more of storm scan this evening lee, leading edge starting to move into that kent county, dear peninsula. after the afternoon progresse en
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and get pretty heavy by tonight. this whole mess is cg muiple pieces of an overall puzzle but wheoff a shore, we're going to see the storm rapidly ens own cold air, get the wind cranking and that's where that nd problem. so, as we look primarily into tomorrow that the bulk of the really strong wind is under way especially afternon and nighttime frame for the strongest of the gusts but yes, your eyessts could reach 60 miles per hour at their peak. that willns flying down the road let alone anything else. we've had nice weather lately so maybe you've got some of backyard. make sure all of that stuff is put away and safy and i'll get off my soap box on that one but let's look athit which point you can even see some rotation going on with
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just the color contour here. the winds going to crank stronger and stronger toward the afternoon. yeah, we could be into the 50's with no those miles per hour gusts by friday afternoon and night. itbe a pretty windy saturday with the storme. coastal flood watch l night and that will affect urated ground with so much rain as of late and the kind of wind we're expecting tot only tree limbs, power lines but alsoal of their roots because then good ground is sory localized. it is specific to the poconos. ar so thisg to get dumped on is where you would want it, you want the heavy snow to
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come in the in the all the ski resorts but look at what we're e low end. we could end up with half a foote in your highest elevations. we could end with a quick burst of snow in the city but the main legacy this and the wind and that has been a theme all week long as we've been tracking this.w in e word y with all of these locations but this is the gist of whaty g. take a look. where is your neighborhood? that's what youn th northwestern suburbs you could end up with a quick inch of snow or so on the backside of ge poconos where we would want to he site. looking ahead in th seven-day, deep breath finally we're back to quiet weather, oh, by kendndis not tooking too bad it's just the eezerhat we'll still have
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that's noticeable. by monday it's out of here, back to awith sunshine. that will be a nice little again breath of fresh air chance chang >> looking forward to it. >> me, too. >> thank you. >> are you thinkingo a smaller home, maybe consider this skinny house in london. feet wide. >> the home was built in the 1800s where anstood but it's ren modeled. the fourzes small storage spaces and skylights over three floors to make it feel rent asks $1.4 million. >> come on. >> we thought philly was expensive.
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>> back now on "eyewitness news" with a great chance to see one of battle ships. today the battleship new jersey marks now being opened evan tur the battleship for half price. the deal runs untilafternoon. ship's famous 16-inch terrets and quad 40 gun served in there u.s. in world war iinew jersey. it's docked on the camden waterfront. thisr' away from the sunday ceremony with oscar gold butba worth, get this, $10. > include trips to tanzania hawaii and greece. also a real diamond necklace, free
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personal training sessions dental work and spa treatment. >> do they need any of those things? they have everything. >> they should give them to
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>> previously on "the ynd >> christine: the probe points to victor's involvement in highly illegal price-fixing >> j.t.: i am right where you want me -- undercover with the newmans. >> paul: so you ge iing us the e we need against him. >> j.t.: i plan to. but you and christine, you guys got to >> paul: right. i know. a job here at the department or chris hooking you up with the f suddenly demand full custody? you have to talk to her. >> j.t.: victoria, you don't that i know, the more ime. that i can help you. >> j.t.: mac is doing this because of you. that's why talking with heris ever gonna work. >> victoria: mac, hi. it's victoria. >> chelsea: adam's decision to know that christian was his. >> victor: please don't mention anything to a lot o. >> nick: [ crying ] i'm not his father.


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