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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  March 24, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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.> this is al jazeera ♪ >> hello there. welcome to newshour. our top stories. cyprus deal, a $13 billion bailout is agreed to prevent and banking system from collapsing. described chaos after armed rebels take the capital of the central african republic. pervez musharraf. after four years of self-imposed exile. ther woods's bid to reclaim
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number 1 title gets thrown off course. deal on a bailout for cyprus casa crippled banks have about reached. after talks going to early hours of the morning in brussels, ministers agreed on a $13 billion bailout to save the banking system from collapse. let's look at the terms of the deal as we know them. the two main banks, the bank of are centralanother, to the agreement. the assets of both are to be restructured. the bank of cyprus, the good bank, and then the bad bank -- the bank of cyprus will survive, whereas the other will be wound up. deposit holders will have the money transferred to the bank of cyprus, savers with more than $130,000 in the other bank will face a one-off levies. this could be as much as 40%.
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this in turn will trigger -- -- will trigger a bailout from the international monetary fund and the eu or $13.5 billion. olihe last few minutes, rehn said a deal had to be reached. >> it has been yet another hard day's night, a long and winding road, but it was absolutely central that an agreement be reached tonight on of financial assistance program for cyprus. we now have such an agreement in place, which means that we can now work starting today to help the cyprus people to rebuild their economy. based on ant was institutions,ree the commission, the ec be, and
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the imf. the commission has been working hard for many months to facilitate a sustainable i recallto help cyprus i raised the issue of financial results -- assistance program novemberirst time in 2011 with the finance minister of cyprus because of concerns about the sustainability and financial stability. been a particularly complex process in the most challenging of circumstances. already last week, we found ourselves in a situation where there were no optimal solutions ,vailable, only hard choices and that has been even more true in recent days. lagarde said the
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deal would restore trust in cyprus and banking system. >> it has been a laborious and could result. i would also like to salute the courage of the separate authorities -- the cypriot authorities who are taking on the challenge of putting into place and implementing in the days to, something that will number one protect the injured depositors, number two, treat the two -- the two troubled banks, and limit the treatment to those two banks, and therefore, restoring trust in the banking system outside these two ones that will be treated. number three, allocate the burdens between the europeans on one one hand, the cypriots
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the one hand, within the taxpayers and the uninsured depositors on the other hand. sum, because of that approach, combined with all the other components that have to do with fiscal consolidation and measurestion and aml that will be taken, which were discussed previously, we believe this will form a lasting, durable, and fully financed solution. >> let's go out and live to our correspondent in cyprus. jonah, eu leaders there late in the night, praising cyprus authorities for reaching the steel. it was a particularly difficult process. >> it was an extremely difficult process. do not forget, this is not a deal that cyprus authorities
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themselves brought to brussels during the course of the day. betweenetings president nicos anastasiades and the ec and the imf, 10 hours of the your group, the finance ministers, including cyprus, of course, the 17 members of the eurozone, to hammer out a final deal. cyprus had been trying, hoping to come out with a better result for the bank of cyprus. it seems t they have been pushed into giving up the bank of cyprus to this process, this process of resolution for which legislation was passed in the parliament here on friday that could relate to any ailing bank has chosen by the central bank governor here, it will require to be wound up. i wanted to keep bank of cyprus whole. it seems that is being thrown in as well. we do not have figures, we may not for some time.
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the deal centers on the bank of cyprus and the popular bank of cyprus. those are the top two biggest banks in cyprus. the focus has been particularly on a so-called of uninsured depositors, those with deposits above the key benchmark level of 100,000 heroes or $130,000. that would in effect mean that people with balances above that level will have their money frozen completely, until the assets and liabilities of the two banks have been worked out. the liabilities paid off, and whatever remains, that will come directly out of the bank accounts of those uninsured depositors. it is entirely feasible they will take an immense hit, anything from a 30%-40%, even more. in the meantime, they will not have any money at all. that is an extraordinary account -- a consequence, if consider the bank of cyprus holds one-
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third of all bank deposits in this country, some $35 billion held in the bank of cyprus alone. it employs 11,000 people, many who lose their jobs over a period of time. holdspular bank also billions in deposits. some in the bank accounts of foreign investors, some for c ypriots. this is the structure of a deal that will allow a bailout to proceed, bailout money to flow to recapitalize other banks in the system, and ultimately, to prevent a cyprus from going bankrupt. been focused on the details of any deal that will -- that would a merger. clearly not anybody there will be happy with many of the terms in any deal, but is there going to be a degree of acceptance do you think? i think during the course of
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the day on sunday, a lot of people were starting to think that it was very possible that there was not clear to be any deal at all. they were starting to wonder what in the world they might arrive at at the end of monday or the beginning of tuesday when they effectively found that cyprus was broke and had no assistance forthcoming from the eurozone. people were talking openly about the possibility of printing the pound and what that might mean. frankly, nobody can quite grasp the full implications are around that idea. one imagines that in a few wakes' time, when cypriots up to a last-minute deal, whatever shape or form, there will be an element of relief. they will feel that the country has been saved. as president nicos anastasiades said it would be. he said he would do his utmost. he said the deal would be in the best interest -- interest of the
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cyprus people. they do not know what is yet to come. in the context of any bailout deal, we have seen several across the eurozone, it is not a question of money being pumped into a country and economic system to keep it going -- it is a question of somehow paying that money back, and in the process, making the system better, reducing unsustainable debt burdens, and that comes down to one simple word -- austerity. cyprus is going to have to go through a painful process of austerity. that i am afraid is something that the people of cyprus do not quite understand yet either. i'm afraid it will become painfully clear. in the words of the eu commissioner olli rehn, the near future will be very difficult for the country and its people.
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nobody in that room in brussels is under any illusion, there is pain to come. the country has been saved, but people will pay. >> joanna, thank you very much, that very early morning reaction there to the late-night deal in brussels. this deal has saved cyprus because the banking system from collapse. we will be bringing you more reaction from financial analysts. france is sending more troops to the central african republic to protect its citizens after rebels seized the capital. there are reports of looting and gunfire across many parts of the capital. fighters said they want to hold democratic elections and urged civilians to remain calm. confusion, anger, and retribution. leftis what rebel fighters in their hunt for the capital. a man under attack is expected
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of being a rebel supporter. 70 kilometers outside the capital, the damage to buildings and the dead. south african forces have tried but failed to stop the advance. in the capital, pictures of what happened when the rebels took the city. it is feared the sort of retribution government supporters made out to their attackers will be overtaken by reprisals, score settling, along with looting. >> they have cut our phone networks. they are telling us, raping us, polluting. they are not allowing us to live. they have taken the state hostage. he had become an unpopular president, especially outside the capital. 10 years after he took power, he has suffered the same fate. only 10 weeks after the signing of a new power-sharing of peace deal. amidst celebrations, there was hope of some desperately needed
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stability. what was to follow was more death, more chaos, and suffering for one of the poorest countries -- [no audio] >> they are very well organized. they have been keeping the momentum and pressure for some time. when the peace talks failed and they asked specifically for people who they know are in jail to be released, and also for troops to leave their country and ugandan troops to leave the country, the rest was history. it came in in full force. the president has fled. >> this is a country rich with minerals, coal, uranium, and diamonds, but known for its poverty and failed peace deals. in a dangerous and uncertain times ahead, people are wondering what might change. they have an overwhelming fear that things could get worse. andrew simmons, al jazeera.
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our u.n. correspondent spoke to us about the security situation in the city. >> it is a little bit calm in the neighborhood we are in. we are in the u.n. compound about 4 kilometers north of the city center. was early in the morning. entered the city fairly quickly and easily. the sporadic shooting and fighting has been going on and throughout the day and into the evening as well. they took over the presidential palace earlier this morning. the former president has left the country with his family. he is in congo.
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there has been an announcement by the senate, coalition -- seneca coalition, naming their former minister of defense, as the new president. the situation is rather precarious grip most residents are in their homes. houses have been looted. offices have been looted. the u.n. promises, -- premises, ngo premises, private communications, banks, pretty much everything has been looted. there have even been reports of the hospital being used, the pediatric hospital. this has been done by combination of armed elements, as well as neighborhoods, residents taking an opportunity to target houses that belong or
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are recited by international diplomatic communities or the united nations community. .t has bent on going all day that work aters these promises have had different groups come through, so they have not been loaded once, but several times. it has been a traumatic experience for most aid workers. >> several people have been killed as rebels spent a second day battling troops. the joint military force launched a counter-offensive. inbels withdrew from gao january after a french operation to drive them out of northern mali. homosexuals in russia fear a new propaganda bill could threaten their rights. that is still ahead on this newshour. work, therugs do not growing threat of an
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untreatable string of tuberculosis. hot at between these teammates. we will tell you why in sports. the syrian national coalition has refused to except the resignation of its leader ahmed moaz al-khatib. we have a report. arab cornyn -- foreign ministers discussed the problems. at the top of the agenda, the war in syria and how to support the syrian opposition. we need the arabs to take a firm position in support of the syrian people fighting for freedom, dignity, and social justice. we praise the efforts of ahmed
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moaz al-khatib, and we welcome the election of the interim prime minister. we look forward to their participation in the summit. >> members of several delegations at the meeting said the foreign ministers agreed to grant the opposition representation at the arab league. that move is expected to be approved by top arab leaders on tuesday. without the foreign minister's decision to give them the arab league seat to the syrian national coalition, there was the surprise college -- resignation of a coalition leader ahmed moaz al-khatib. he posted on this facebook reasons for his resignation. he says sarin have been slaughtered for the last two years, and the world is just watching. he adds that some parties are trying to control the surf and people and its revolution. he also criticized the failure of the international community to help circassians defend themselves.
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it is not clear if his resignation would affect the war in syria or the unity of the opposition. on the ground in syria, the battle rages on. town in homs the under heavy bombardment from heavy -- heavy bombardment from government warplanes. elsewhere, civilians continue to die and flee their homes. pakistan's former president pervez musharraf has returned home after four years of self- imposed exile. despite death threats, he says he plans to run in may's general election. we have a report from karachi. >> touchdown, but to what kind of outcome? if he was expecting a hero's return, perhaps the former president was disappointed. but pakistani standards, this is
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a small crowd. >> i have put my life in danger by coming back to pakistan. i was thinking that the government would call me back and say, save pakistan. that cannot happen. my nation ordered me to come back. i came back in my life in danger to save pakistan. >> before he arrived -- arrived, the pakistani taliban threatened to kill them. earlier in the day, he met with his inner circle in the vip lounge of the karachi airport. a scheduled news conference was canceled. he was also due to address a mass rally. that too was canceled. even his supporters were disappointed by the turnout. people were afraid to come because of the security situation, because of bomb threats. they should have come. struck dealsharraf
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before coming back. he has been granted bail on another -- a number of court cases. if he wants to be a player, he has to turn his lackluster return into political momentum. >> the challenge is now one for the former president to build a political movement. to do that, he said he is going to try to win over the support of the undecided, people frustrated with corruption and with the ruling political families. given the obvious lack of popular political support, however, that is a big ask. al jazeera, karachi. >> the afghan president will be traveling to cut are in the coming days to discuss possible peace talks with the taliban. hamid karzai intensively pursuing efforts to create a peace deal in this country.
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finallyed states has reached an agreement tripoli hand over its main detention penalty in cobbled to afghan up -- to afghan authorities. it has been a tension on both sides for some months. >> the head over puts the largest prison run by u.s. forces into afghan hands. last year, the u.s. transferred part of the facility and most detainee's, more than 3000, to afghan control. not all. that made hamid karzai in great. your repeatedly demanded that the prison be handed over. i urge you to stand with me and say that karzai is right and we want to take responsibility for the present and those who are innocent should be released. >> that is what worries u.s. officials, that the afghan government would set free some or all of several dozen detainees still in u.s. hands. >> the americans want assurances
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that people they feel are dangerous says -- they feel are dangerous, that they will not be released onto the battlefield. they are worried about an afghan state that has a history of releasing such men. officialsand u.s. disagree on the tournament -- detention. ,> dangerous individuals individuals who are detained will be kept in the detention according toter, afghan law. >> afghan and american officials would not discuss details on what convinced american officials to turn over the remaining detainees are whether u.s. off -- officers will have some say in who let's go. it is an affirmation of afghan sovereignty, afghans say.
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a security agreement will spell out the role of american forces that stay in afghanistan after 2014 when the nato mission ends. it is also seen as critical of if u.s. troops are to stay beyond that point. jennifer glass, al jazeera. isthe chinese leader continuing his foreign tour with a visit to africa. sunday and signed agreements on trade, culture, and development. his trip will also see him visit south africa and the republic of congo. killed in have been violence in the central city of me and mark. a curfew has failed to stem the unrest in the country this year. fighting between muslims and buddhists has spread to different villages. at least 100 people have been displaced. the u.n. costs top envoy to
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burma said the government must punish those behind the attacks. ofsifting through the ashes violence that had been concentrated on the west coast, now spread to the heartland of myanmar. perpetrated this violence, it is important that they be caught and punished. >> this is the first outbreak of fighting between majority buddhists and a minority muslims since two similar episodes in the state last year. mostly communities lived apart. the fighting reportedly broke out on wednesday after an argument between a muslim shop owner and his customer. it left the buddhist monk data. as news spread, buddhists rampaged through muslim neighborhoods, protests got out of control.
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most of those displaced are minority muslims. they said police did little to intervene in the violence, and it was only after the army stepped in to enforce a state of emergency, was restored. -- that calm was restored. >> i think i'm safe now because soldiers are guarding the town. soon after they arrived, it became peaceful. the situation has been very dangerous. >> there are people from both sides of the religious divide who help each other during the violence. >> i have tried to stress to them that this should be seen as criminal action. this should not be converted into a major communal problem and that the communities must learn to live together. i think they are convinced also that there is need for communities to live together. >> there has been intermittent
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fighting between muslim and buddhist communities for years, even during military rule. new-found freedom to protest are not creating new challenges for the reformist government. latest onhead, the mexico's long drought. desperate communities are having to use our raw sewage for irrigation. sports,have all the including south africa looking to wrapup the final one day international against pakistan. ♪ >> weather remains mobile across japan. another cloud country itself out of eastern china and parts of south korea. it will push across the southern areas of japan. it will move into the open
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waters of the northwest pacific. out and rent clearing away from tokyo through the day. temperatures at around 14 celsius. still a chance of wintery flow around the periphery. tuesday, a bright and breezy day. temperatures down a little for tokyo, but it should settle around 11 degrees celsius. beijing, still fair, temperatures around 17 degrees. largely dry or the next couple of days. dry too in southern china. what weather will set in. a convergence line, this one, heavy rain is certainly a possibility for a good part of southern china. hong kong could see some clouds and rain for the middle part of the week. clouds and rain in the forecast for much of free lanka and india. -- sri lanka and india.
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we will have a high here of 40 degrees celsius. ♪ >> hello again. you're watching al jazeera. a reminder of our top stories. cyprus and eu leaders have agreed at the last minute on a $13 billion bailout deal for the country's banks. the to come in separate banks -- banks will be restructured. leaders in the central republic of africa will hold democratic elections. walters tell us there
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is widespread looting. the former president of pakistan has returned to his homeland despite death threats. pervez musharraf flew in from dubai after four years of self- imposed exile. police in britain say there is no evidence that anybody was involved in the debt of boris berezovsky. the former russian oligarch was found dead on saturday. his body was discovered by a member of his staff in the bathroom. we have latest. >> irish police insisted they have in a specific reasons to believe they would find hazardous materials at his house. given the regularity with which russ and dissidents died in mysterious circumstances, they clearly were not taking any chances. the all clear came late on sunday morning. the debt is still being classified as unexplained. boris berezovsky lived in self- imposed exile since settling in britain 12 years ago, having
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written on the wave of post- soviet capitalism. he was once considered one of russia's richest men. the money came from an opposing car -- importing cars in the 1990's. for more than a decade, he has been one of the largest opposition voices of the russian leadership. it had not always been this way. he had at one time and part of the kremlin pozner circle. inner circle. he survived an attempt on his life in the early 1990's in which his chauffeur died. when in the late 1990's putin wanted to end the political ambitions of russia's richest men, boris berezovsky left for britain. in his absence, russian courts convicted him of stealing millions of dollars, but boris berezovsky refused to be silence, denying the charges. last year, he lost a case against another prominent russian, the owner of a chelsea
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football club. the case cost him dearly. he was forced to pay out millions of dollars in legal costs. it was reported that he had been struggling financially in recent months. >> i think that people like boris berezovsky, they find themselves completely lost when they not only lose money, but their influence and their words -- the respect of people, the aberration. --bottom airport and costs vladimir putin's press secretary said he had written a letter apologizing for his mistakes. this has not been confirmed. leaders agreedu to a $13 billion bailout deal in order to save the country's banking system. let's turn out to richard singer in sydney. the mother much for joining us. -- thank you very much for joing
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us -- joining us. eu and good deal for the cyprus? what's the best deal for the eurozone is they get the structural position of the various economies and institutional framework on the right track. yes, this is a good deal from that perspective. for cyprus and for the eurozone more broadly, it is the beginning of a very long road. we have seen these eight packages in other countries. agreeing to a deal, while it does not seem easy, actually is the easy part. it is the delivering on that over the months and years ahead which will be testing people's patience and fortitude. >> how is this going to cost, how was it went to hurt the cypriot people? >> look, the cyprus economy is effectively in the middle of an extremely bad recession, potentially depression. that will be exacerbated by the
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fact that as a share of the economy, the banking sector -- sector has to roughly half over the next five years. that will be extremely painful. the economy will be less dynamic. it will be very difficult. >> how the market's been reacting on your side of the world to this deal? arkets have taken this as a somewhat positive step, but certainly not the end of the road. the row is stronger. bond yields in the car market -- the euro is stronger. bond yields are lower. markets are taking it as a positive step. recognizing that cyprus is not the most significant economy in the eurozone, but it has the potential to cause some problems until a deal was not done. >> you bring up a point about cyprus being small. how would it upset the eurozone, when it is such a tiny nation?
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fact, the numbers are not big. cyprus needed to raise nearly 6 billion heroes, and in exchange, they would get an additional 10 billion year rose -- ueros from the troika. troika. from the the issue would have banned if they were not -- the precedent it would set, if they were not able to get the money for cyprus. whether who would be next. >> richard singer, thank you very much for your analysis from sydney. let's go live to brussels. we have at the cypriot finance minister. systemreformed banking -- a reformed banking system,
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the very definite plan of structural reforms, and fiscal discipline. we look forward to macroeconomics stability -- macroeconomic stability that will underpin economic development and social progress. i do not think there is any denying that the cyprus people will have to go through some tough times and will suffer the consequences of a protracted period where the wrong decisions at thede, primarily banking level, but also the that we had tos just over a relatively short period of time.
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say,e are confident, as i and thes agreement ,rovisions of the memorandum understanding the significant downsizing of the banking system, would restore its ability and its agility to contribute to the recovery and economic development. but this will mark the beginning of a successful fight against andng unemployment declining living standards. thank you. now we can answer a couple of questions. two questions. ben do you think banks will
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open in cyprus? flow do you capital envisage and for how long? your saying this is a good outcome for the people. the option you took was on the table last week. you rejected it then. why did you except that now? >> thank you. the first two questions are connected. as you know, closing and opening banks is not something that happens very often. we would like to strike a balance between prudence and stability. returning to the days of strict
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, it coulded controls hamper capital movements. are in the process together with our partners to work out what is that set of arrangements that we strike that balance with. analysis,is of that we will decide the exact date that the banks will reopen, but i want to reassure you that our aim is to reopen the banks as quickly as possible so that they can begin to play their expected role. we had anweek agreement. like in many instances in life,
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people never know whether things would have been better if they said yes or no to a particular set of proposals. our parliament has decided to say no. we felt that at the time we had a good deal. it has some shortcomings, i believe, for example, putting into some question the fact that deposits under 100,000 euros are fully insured. i think this week's decision in somesense corrects problems that have accumulated economy. in cyprus's
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instead of trying to work from sums ttom out and find that would recapitalize the banks, we have taken a different and have a major contribution by everybody involved, sequentially, like it is customary in this adjustment effort. it is not going to be without pain. it is not going to be without cost to a significant number of people, but like we have been able to do before, a we will use to time in the days to come recapture our losses, regained the lost ground, and as i said
11:42 pm
earlier, make a new beginning savings,ing standards, and the general prosperity of aprus will be restored in relatively short period of time. finance minister talking in brussels after a deal has been reached after a long night of the negotiations with eu leaders. he said tough times are ahead for cyprus. thate says he's confident this marks the beginning of a successful fight against unemployment on the island nation. they will try to reopen the banks as soon as possible. he is confident they can correct the problems that have been accumulated over time. finance ministers speaking in brussels after reaching a deal with the leaders, securing a bailout to save its banking system.
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♪ homosexuals in russia say they are being persecuted by the state. under controversial law would make publicizing any information about the defense punishable by heavy fines. >> marina used to be comfortable showing affection to her girlfriend. after she was attacked by homo phobes, and all changed. >> when they hit me, i hit back. they beat me harder, threw me on the ground. the last two or three minutes. then ambulances came and took me to the hospital. then they reported it to the police. after three months, the case has not been addressed. >> the track -- the attack on marina and other lesbians in moscow was not unique. it has the gay community worried
11:44 pm
that a national ban on homosexual propaganda is creating a national atmosphere of violence against gay people. russia decriminalized, such lofty 20 years ago. years ago.ality 20 prideear, moscow and gay parades for 100 years. book-to-bill unanimous -- nearly unanimous mally -- violation of not a our constituents constitutional rights. ity can hurt young people. >> there is no legal definition of what constitutes propaganda's, sexuality.
11:45 pm
the activists say the law could be interpreted -- could be interpreted loosely. of ans is a kind criminalize asian of crimilzation of homosexuality in russia. they cannot but as in prison. they have no such legal right. e forcan punish us by fin being openly gay. >> the bill needs to be voted on two more times before president of vladmir putin can sign it into law. it is unlikely to fail. backed by the powerful orthodox church, it is part of putin's drive to promote traditional russian values. >> in france, thousands of protesters had marched against a proposed bill to legalize same- sex marriage and adoption. banned theorities
11:46 pm
march. many protesters say they're not homophobic but a bit -- but oppose the idea of adoption by homosexual couples. the world's second-biggest infectious killer after aids is tuberculosis. the disease kills more than 1 million people every year, and leading experts say the fight against it is failing. many are affected by new strain it virtually impossible to treat. we have a report from romania where they are struggling to keep the disease at bay. >> this is the front line in running his war on tuberculosis. -- romania's war on tuberculosis. this doctor throws everything she's got this disease, but she struggles against old fashioned a prejudice. >> it still is a stigma.
11:47 pm
they do not believe it. they do not want to be traded. they sometimes run. but, after one or two months. they hardly -- they come after on or two months. >> tuberculosis is a social disease which thrives on poverty. there is plenty of that here. as a result, romania has the highest rate in europe. in 2012, it had 16,900 cases. 1500 of them, the serious drug- resistant a version. romania spends only $6 million a year on tb. recentlyldren diagnosed will spend two months here taking their antibiotics before continuing their course at home. the treatment these girls are receiving is as good as anywhere else in the world. the problems in running a start
11:48 pm
when they're discharged and how to continue their treatment. these little girls live in very poor backgrounds. the doctors complain that when their centcom, they stop taking their pills. they stopeturn home, taking their pills. >> there is not enough money for a national screen program. many get sick again. it is a nightmare for health officials. > people who are ill with tb are poor. guess, aboutare, i the disease. family, the same, they do not care. this is a big issue. of the the devotion staff keeps the treatment program going. romania's infection rate is slowly dropping. without more money, more screen, and political will, eradication of this terrible disease will remain an impossible dream.
11:49 pm
jazeera, northern romania. granted, butit for in parts of the world, what supplies are precious commodity. in mexico, two decades of drought have left farmers tribes struggling to keep their crops alive. the government wants to divert water that have left to urban areas. the tribes are fighting back. sothese lands were once fertile that they fed families from these tribes for centuries. farmers like fernand go valencia used to grow wheat and carrots and other vegetables here. after nearly 20 years of drought, he is barely able to grow anything. with no rain and little help from the government, fernando and other farmers were forced to start irrigating their lands with the only modern -- what
11:50 pm
resource available, raw sewage. >> if replant crops with this water, we will get sick. seoul my family. you can only use it to grow animal feed. >> for the tribe, the drought has been devastating. over the past decade, more than four thousand hectares has dried up. things could go from bad to worse. the state government is building an aqueduct that would divert nearly 75 million cubic meters of water from the nearby river to the capital. the government says the project is crucial. >> you could imagine in the summer, the city with this much potential, with temperatures ranging between 47-50 degrees celsius in july and august, this is a social crisis. questioned thes
11:51 pm
government's -- tirbal leade -- questioned the government's decision. >> we need the water not just to drink or farm. we also use it for our religious ceremonies. these traditions are now in danger of dying. the river is what holds us together. >> especially since drain the river could threaten the sacred rituals his people have practiced for centuries. even the construction of the aqueduct is well under way, fernando and almost every member of the tribal community are challenging it in the courts. they claim they will lose another 10,000 hectares of land after it is built. >> we're going to fight this project with our last breath because of this land is ours, along with 50% of the water. the government believes we will give up. >> fernando hopes to preserve their land and also their way of life.
11:52 pm
al jazeera, mexico. >> time now for all sports. >> tiger woods is contract to wait one more day to try to reclaim the world's number-one ranking. that is after the final round of the arnold palmer invitational in florida was delayed because of heavy rain and high winds. the storm swept over the course, knocking over a tv tower and setting off a tornado warning. wood's managed to get through two holes before play was called off. he will take a 3 -- his three stroke lead into monday and will go to number one if he wins. his fellow players found plenty of other hazards at bay hill. not every got his feet wet on the third. unimpressive eagle. garcia got his ball stuck in a tree.
11:53 pm
this was a highlight for the crowd. it did not do too much for the score -- his court. -- his score. world this -- this world champion has apologist tuesday night after overtaking him to win the malaysian grand prix. the team orders were to cruise to the finish line. with 13 laps left, he ignored the orders and made his move, nearly crashing into his teammate. he took his 27 carries wind, but left team officials fuming. decision, which we always says -- which we always say, that is how it is going to be. at the end, he made his own decision today. you will have protection. that is the way it goes. >> there is plenty more on that race on our website.
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titles at the miami masters. india'safter he beat challenger in the third round. the third seed has sealed his place in the fourth round. he defeated italy's challenger. he will face in japan in the quarterfinal. has moved intoa the fourth round of the women's competition. to football now, african teams continue their quest for world cup. ethiopia left late but got a result they wanted against botswana. closed the gap to one. after beating sudan a four-zero. the hook for the next world cup in brazil -- hope for the next
11:55 pm
world cup, brazil, is still looking for its first win. said something about monday's opponent. teams, i know the russian quite well, because six of their players i have played with. i believe that they are very strong. i have not let any goals in. they have a clean sheet in their qualification for the world cup. i believe it will be a very good game for us, even if it will be difficult. we're going to work and difficulties to try to overcome them. quirk -- >> india had a won the fourth test against india. -- australia. india reached the target with six to spare. it completed a clean sweep. south africa won at the final day against pakistan to clinch the five match series between
11:56 pm
the two. pakistan struggled with the bat. unbeaten knock led to the victory. --i has defended their hunt their hong kong rugby ground after defeating whales in the final period -- final. after three tries in the first half, the second half belongs to fiji. 26-19 win. they are second in the
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