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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  March 25, 2013 5:30am-6:00am PDT

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any do not think there is denying the cyprus people will have to go through tough times. >> international lenders agreed to bail out the cyberspace. some depositors face a harsh cuts. welcome to al jazeera. also on the program -- crimes of discrimination in long pond after the top court rules two filipino man cannot have permanent residency.
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africann the central republic. the witness tells us people are afraid. the u.s. is to complete the handover of the notorious jail. what will happen to the prisoners? spectators are stunned. they have avoided financial meltdown, but can they sell it to the cypriot people? and, alastiations minute deal was struck to build up the cyberspace. the depositors will still be hit. with looming job cuts and years of austerity to come, will cypriots accept the deal?
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>> having gone to bed fearing the worst, cypriots will continue as the country have been saved. they did not seeme pleased. >> decisions were harsh. it was a catastrophe. it will be a long time before things are right again. >> is a shame what has happened. where else could they do? there was no other solution. god help us all. >> after 10 hours of agonizing negotiations, a deal was struck to reduce the banking sector in cyprus. the two biggest banks will be hit. a popular bank will shot with individual deposits above $130,000 frozen to pay costs at a later date. deposits below that amount will move to the bigger bank of cyprus where rich investors and account holders will face losses of up to 40%. they will have to meet the costs
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of recapitalizing the bank. the good news is ordinary savers will be spirit. >> tonight is a goodnight for .yprus and the eurozone andng period of uncertainty insecurity surrounding the cyprus economy has in then. avertede we have iterally the possibility of bankruptcy and assure the prospects for generations to come. >> was it really aconite for cyprus? pension and insurance funds face major losses in the big banks. that will hurt ordinary people. lines of credit to small businesses could freeze. austerity will begin to eat into
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jobs, growth, and salaries. without a deal, cyprus faced immediate ruling. which is, the pain will still come, just perhaps more slowly. will nowd nation receive a $13 billion package of rescue loans, not enough, some predict, to avoid trouble down the road. in europe isry going to decide the pain of being inside the bureau is not risk losingn you 40% of deposits. >> without an agreement, cyprus would have become the first country to leave the euro. that has been averted. aanswered questions include or cost, to whom, and for how long? economice to an historian at the university of cyprus. he said the deal marks the beginning of a long and painful
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process of reform. >> disaster has been averted. the war is on going. the whole mess has led to cyprus losing a second bailout before it signed a first. it has been stage one of the long drama. it is successful. i think source -- cypress has argued its case effectively. it was clear and that unless -- that ifs a group they work as a group, they can be more effective in serving the crisis. >> as you said, the war is ended. it is still an ongoing battle. what does this mean for the president and his political future and for cyprus? >> the president has a huge political backing for what he is doing. the cypriot president usually has overwhelming support.
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tuesday will be the current day when we see how big the damage has been to the economy. there will be closing the second biggest bank in keeping the banks closed for so long. we were on the road to recovery. business confidence was at an all-time high on friday. primary surpluses were being collected. that is gone now. -- the ideology has led to our debt being unsustainable. i think the president will put it on the table that we need to restructure our government debt. the europeans were not willing to listen. i think they will been willing to listen as the days go by. unless they are not willing to listen, cyprus will have harder times than it has to do it over the crisis. >> at least 13 south african troops have been killed in the central african republic. 47 others have been wounded. one is still missing.
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there are 200 south african troops in the country to help entering the military. the soldiers were killed as rebels advanced on the capital. this is the scene. many people are without water or power. there are reports of looting and gum card. the rebels are urging civilians to remain calm. the rebel leader has declared himself the head of state after forcing out the president. the fighters say they took over the capitol because a peace deal was not honored by the government. the country director for doctors without borders in the central african republic says people are ready to go out into the streets because of ongoing looting and violence. >> it is still not secure at this time. the looting and gunfire continue. the population is terrified. there is no public transport. there is no electricity or water. one of the major worries is
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there is difficulty to access for the health personnel and patients themselves. there is no running water. no electricity. there are shortages of drugs and medicine. it is a difficult situation for the hospitals and general population. most of the internal displacement within the country has been in pockets. there has been a lot of movement since the rebellion started on december 10. thousandhere are a few that have already crossed over into the congo. >> the former president has been accused of embezzling $11 million during his three years. he is charged with abusing power and an oil deal with nigeria. the former president says he is not guilty. he was arrested and later released. he is due to appear in court on tuesday.
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in zimbabwe, a high-profile lawyer has been granted bail. he is now expected to be released from prison after she was arrested following the referendum on the constitution. a lawyer for opposition leaders and human rights activists was charged with obstruction of justice. her supporters say she was arrested for political reasons. brokers looking to settle in hong kong have lost their legal fight. the highest court decided not to grant permanent residency to two filipino women. the decision stops the hopes of hundreds of thousands of others. decision is a bitter blow for campaigners who have fought for months to a different course of the hong kong judicial system for the rights of domestic workers. the court of final appeal was their last hope. >> it is regrettable the opportunity has been lost on this occasion to strike a blow for equality and non-
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discrimination. we will continue to struggle inside and outside the court with our colleagues so we no longer teach our children. there is such a thing as a second-class citizen and that we demean people based on their job, gender, race. this overpopulated city, this has been a highly divided issue. many people believe the case could allow for thousands of foreign workers to clean residency bringing in thousands more as their dependents. many of the migrant workers feel they are the victims of racial discrimination. they number about 300,000 in hong kong. they are vital in keeping the ing doing domestic chores. unlike workers in finance or management, they are not entitled to claim residency after seven years of continuous employment. they say that is discrimination. >> we fear we will be excluded
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again. this is a very sad day for migrant workers. this is a very sad day for justice and fair treatment for foreign domestic workers. >> after this ruling, domestic helpers are still wondering why they are considered good enough to clean the apartments of the better off but not qualified to enjoy the same rights as their employers. al jazeera, hong kong. >> my colleagues spoke to someone from the international domestic workers. she says permanent residency is a basic human rights. >> we are talking about equal rights. the right just to apply. we are not saying all of those who have continuously been working in hong kong for seven years will automatically become residents of hong kong. we are just saying that they do have the same rights. they can apply after
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continuously working in hong kong for seven years. that is number one. no. two, according to our knowledge, because we work closely with nearly all of the margaret domestic workers in hong kong and their organizations, we know a number , a very fewmbers percentage say even if they have the rights, they will not want to become permanent residents of hong kong. even if they have the right, the people who apply in use the right will be very small. only race issue. it is also a gender and class issues. .hey are domestic workers they generally have been looked down upon.
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valueic work has little in the eyes of most people. people think you are just domestic workers. why do you want the same rights as a teacher or financial officer? we should not be treated the same. about race, class, and gender. >> we are in moscow next to find out what russian investors think about the bailout bill to stop cyprus from going bust. what now for some of the most notorious prisoners in afghanistan? find out when we come back after the break.
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>> the weather remains unsettled in europe. the more central parts will be getting heavy rain and snow. this system was responsible for giving some snow across the u.k. island saw very heavy snowfall. thousands of homes were left without power. we have real problems across much of the island. bad conditions. with the cold weather set to remain, no sign of any sudden thaw. for many people, it will remain very cold with a significant wind chill across much of germany into northern france and the u.k. you see this area of rain and snow extended across central europe. the more southern areas are seen very disturbed weather conditions. at least it will be improving for ukraine. to 50ow cover is centimeters deep in some places.
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temperatures are -10 at night. across northern africa, we have significant wind. temperatures are not high. >> the top stories and al jazeera. after financial meltdown was avoided in cyprus, a small petrol bomb has exploded outside the bank of cyprus in
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one city. people are angry at having to pay out of their savings for a bailout of the bank. 13 south african peacekeepers have died during fighting with rebels in central african republic. hundreds of south african soldiers are there to help train local troops. looting has been reported since the president was overthrown. workers in hong kong are protesting against a court decision which bans them from settling permanently. two filipino maids lost a case in the final court of appeals. they say the hongkong immigration laws are discriminatory. prisoners held at the facility at the airbase are regarded as among the most dangerous men in afghanistan. after a lot of pressure from the afghan government, the u.s. military is about to hand over control. what will happen to the prisoners? .> and over as the largest prison run by
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americans into afghan hands. u.s. transferred most of the facility to afghan control. not all. that may present karzai angry. he repeated the demand of the prisons be handed over, most recently in less than two weeks ago. >> i urge you to stand with me and say karzai is right. we want to take responsibility for the prison. those or innocence to be released. >> that is what worries u.s. officials. that the afghans with set free the detainees still in u.s. hands. >> americans want assurances that people they feel are dangerous, if they are released from jail, will not be released on the battlefield. they are worried about an afghan state that has a history of releasing such men. >> president karzai in u.s. officials disagree on internment, holding afghans
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without trial. karzai believes it is unconstitutional. u.s. troops have done that for years. somehow, they must close the gap. >> dangerous individuals who are detained will be kept in the detention center according to the afghans. >> afghan and american officials would not disclose details of what convinced the americans to turn over the remaining detainees or whether u.s. officers will have some say in who is let go. afghan officials say the handover is an affirmation of afghan sovereignty. this removes the hurdle to resume talks on the security agreement. it will spell out the role and rights of american forces to remain in afghanistan after 2014 when the new commission in. it is also seen as critical if u.s. troops are to stay beyond the point. an individual is recovering
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after being wounded in a car bomb attack. the colonel is reportedly in stable condition after having his leg amputated. amateur video shows what activists say is assad's car after the attack. al jazeera cannot independently verify its authenticity. the former commander was heavily involved with opposition fighters in syria. he has crossed into turkey for treatment. syria national coalition president stepped down, he will attend the arab league summit in doha. to the leadadmitted on sunday. it is not clear if he is attending on his own accord or representing the fmc because they have not accepted his resignation yet.
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our colleague joins us live from the meeting. his us how you think presence will be received at the meeting. i think he will be welcomed by most of the attendees because the prime minister of qatar did invite him as well as the interim prime minister to attend the summit on tuesday. resignation,prise the prime minister said this is something he regrets. he called on him to reconsider his decision other sources attending a foreign ministers' meeting will probably suggest the same. this is an historic moment for
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the syrian opposition. calling on the arab league months ago to give seat to the syrian opposition. i think the attendance will be highly appreciated. >> thank you for the update. the speaking to us from arab league meeting in doha. let's go back to our top story in the bank bailout of cyprus. many of the wealthiest depositors in cyprus are russians. joining me from moscow is emma hayward. what is the general reaction in russia to the deal? reactionhas been some from the russian prime minister. he says they keep stealing what has already been stolen. not expect positive
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reaction to the deal. when the original deal was put on the table last week, the report was critical saying it was unfair. -- vladimir putin was critical saying it was unfair. there is much russian investment in cyprus. about 1/3 of all deposits are said to be of russian origin. there could be large financial losses for some russian investors on the island. -- tell usof our what the relationship is between russia and service. why are they so close? >> the russians have been investing in cyprus for around 20 years. lots of investment on the island. you do see signs of that investment on the island. the big question will be, what will the russians do next? some russians will see this as an opportunity to say, put your money in russia because it is safer. a lot has been said about the deal. it will stop cyprus from exiting the euro. i think the big question will
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be, will russians start leaving cyprus? >> thank you for speaking with us from moscow. in paris, hundreds of thousands have been taking part in a march to protest against homosexuals being allowed to marry or adopt children. scuffles broke out as some push through barriers. many of the protesters say they oppose same-sex adoption because it will have a negative impact on children. they want the issue to be put to referendum rather than a senate vote next month. in a boat carrying asylum seekers has capsized after being intercepted by australian vessel. two people died after they fell into the water from the indonesian fishing boat. 93 others were rescued between indonesia and australia. it is the latest vessel to hit trouble near the island since 2001 almost one dozen people have died attempting to reach
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in overcrowded boats. in australia, new government ministers have been sworn in after the prime minister reshuffled her cabinet. the ministers resigned or were fired after a leadership challenge. she is in the sizing loyalty over experience in the labor party before elections in september. unseemly display. out of that has come clarity. it is now very clear i have the confidence of my colleagues to lead the labor party -- the labor party and remain. minister. kevin rudd has acknowledge to will never leave the labour party again. >> in the united states, a small storm is heading to the east coast after hitting the midwest. 38 centimeters fell on kansas, illinois causing
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major disruptions. pennsylvania, new york, and new jersey are expected to be hit next. the weather in the united states is also affecting golf. tiger woods will have to wait one more day to try to reclaim the no. 1 ranking. the final round of the invitational in florida was postponed because of heavy rain and high wind. woods manage to get through just to the polls before the play was called off. he will take his lead into monday and go to number one if he wins. he lost occupy the top spot three years ago before taking a timeout from golf after the breakdown of his marriage. against the up weather, his fellow players found plenty of other hazards. t but managed to hold out for an eagle.
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caught his ball stuck in a tree but played out one-handed and records. it was a highlight for the crowd but did not do much for his corporate he withdrew from the tournament. skydivers from iceland have been found dead in the united states. a search was launched after they did not return from a jump in florida. the owner of the club where the men were jumping says the main canapes had not been opened. >> we do 75,000 tons a year. we have done well over 1 million skydives here over the last 20 years. students, we go to great lengths to make sure it is a for students. students are not supposed to get killed. to have to the people killed on the job is almost unheard of. estimates,g to some
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the united states throws away $155 billion worth of food each year. as we report from california, a group of retired people are trying to use some of that unwanted food to help the poor. old and the great- grandfather settled times over, john retired decades ago. several times a week, he will find him hard at work. boxes and stacked them on a pallet. >> it is food destined for hundred families, through the with otherwise go to waste. >> it is good for me at my age. i need to keep busy. >> she is 72. the aches and pains of age make it hard for her to walk sometimes, but she is hell on wheels when she drives her forklift. >> a lot of people need help. we are helping them. of more than 500
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senior citizens who volunteer in sacramento. it was founded 30 years ago. the organization collects unused vegetables from farms, groceries nearing expiration dates, and they'll spread from local bakeries. bread from local bakeries. it is repackaged to feed the hungry. this crew led by 78-year old is harvesting a citrus fruit from her backyard. >> i do not want them on the ground. i want them used. >> 49 million americans are food insecure. that means they may not know where their next meal will come from. thepresident of organization says there's plenty of food to go around. >> it is getting it from where it is to the people that need it. it is a shame we waste as much food as we do.
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waste 96ans, we billion pounds of food per year. of the volunteers are low income. they need help putting food on their own tables. is raising three young grandson's with disabilities. >> they are always happy when i come home. they get home from school. they want to see what kind of treats we have got. it helps. we do not have extra money. >> she says knowing she is helping the hungry gives her a sense of purpose. a brain.e we use it. >> they are making the world a better place in one box of food at a time.


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