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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  March 26, 2013 5:30am-6:00am PDT

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the arab league welcoming these syrian main opposition leader into the fold. hello from doha. this is the world news from al- jazeera. more protests in cyprus. the banks remain closed and now, word of resignation from the bank of cyprus. building a new order. south of africa hosting a summit from the world's leading emerging economies. china roaring back to the no. 1 spot. --it feels good right now tireder roaring back. i was crawling from iphone of
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all the people who have textrted name with all the messages that say thank you. >> we begin meant breaking news out of cyprus. ward is commander that the chairman of the bank of cyprus has submitted his resignation. we're going to go straight to one of our correspondents about this, john, what can you tell us? are we talking central bank or one of the commercial banks? the governor of the biggest commercial bank in cyprus, the bank of cyprus, not the central bank. -- >> this is the governor of the biggest central commercial bank. he is reported to be saying that the refinancing and restructuring plan that the bank of cyprus, which was to absorber much of the deposits of the
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bank, the one here behind me, that is to be wound up. he said the plan was concocted a long time ago, not in the last few days, not in consultation with the board of directors. he seems to be saying now that there is no place for him and his directors in the new bank. he says because so much money will be taken out of the accounts of depositors the bank, in any case, a logger belongs to the shareholders. this tapped into a much deeper concern here in cyprus. it is whether the bank of cyprus this and remain solvent. -- can absorb this and remain solvent. owns or theo liabilities, the biggest liabilities of the bank, the -- and i'mon euro
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0.3 billion euro that they owe for the emergency cash flow they have been receiving. john, a question. will they stand up? >> two things happening today. the banks are still closed. for how long? >> the banks are still closed down to let least thursday morning. that's the latest we're hearing from the central bank. tople are still able to go an atm and withdraw small amounts of money. the new withdrawal limit here seems to of gone down from two of its 16 euro to 100 euro. this is money to enable people to get through their day-to-day business, buy food and gasoline. ofwe're looking at pictures that as well today.
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was a small crowd of people who went to the central streets here and have now gone to the presidential office to .rotest the leading opposition they said that there've been organizing a much bigger demonstration tomorrow evening at 1600 gmt. we're waiting to see a mother will have to say about the substance of the structure that is still very much in the year. the numbers are now being crunched and we do not know what proportion of deposits will be levied away from depositors and which banks will prove to be viable and which will not. >> reiterating that the chairman of the bank of cyprus, a commercial bank in cyprus, not a central bank, has apparently submitted his resignation over the banking crisis, which is ongoing in cyprus.
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let's move to other news. the syrian national coalition leader has taken the place of the alice of a regime -- al- assad regime. they made their way to catarrh for the summit. these have been the highlight so far. syriann by inviting the opposition to take the syrian official seat. >> allow me to invite mr. moaz the chair oftake the syrian national state in this summit. allow me to invite them into the seat as per the resolution handed down by the ministerial council of the league of arab states in the ordinary summit held in cairo march 6th. please take your seat. >> the invitation was accepted there. leading the syrian opposition
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delegation to the seat once occupied by the assaad regime. in his opening address, of khatib said the international community had let down the syrian people. >> with a paid the price for liberty in blood. we reject any foreign dictator's orders. at the national level, this exacerbated the crisis. we created the revolution and only the syrian people will shape its end. clinical johnson is here on the right and we will talk to her about the jerusalem fondly a moment, but first to the summit in doha. this has been a very historic day. it becomes official like this when the nationalists sit down and take the seat and is recognized by everyone. for thetoric moment
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syrian opposition on. have the serial resolution not taken place, of president assaad would have sat in a similar chair. be ever protesting syria, literally sitting in a chair that probably would not be occupied by president al assaad. arabs been calling on the league for quite some time to take this step and now finally, this is given to the delegates attending the summit and they're saying that this could be a game changer in all of this and it could start leading to more support and the momentum of the syrian revolution. there's huge optimism for the syrian revolution, but the whole thing is still overshadowed by the resignation. by the way, i understand that he is now reconsidering his
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resignation. >> you wonder who is really in charge of the opposition. his really striving for retail leading the delegation, yet he says he wants out and that we're putting all of our faith behind the otherry, but man. >> kamal, of the hierarchy leaves him as a more senior to the interim prime minister. was the resignation, of course, this perhaps highlights the differences between the two men. he did mention that there are no differences between the two, but some sources within the syrian opposition did mention the fact that the way he was chosen to be the interim prime minister angered them. now i think the two men are
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leading the syrian opposition of. this will show the fate of him. interim prime minister is already thinking about is forming his interim cabinet. >> live at the arab league summit, in doha. they announced plans to set up a new fund, a jerusalem fund, to help the palestinians. take a listen. >> i call on the summit to do with part in defending jerusalem by setting up a $1 billion fund to bolster the steadfastness of palestinians there. i hope we will be able to implement this immediately and i announced that the tar will provide to wonder a bit steep dollar million and a plea the remainder will be provided by the arab states. >> this is good news, obviously. catarrh pledging to wonder $50 million to keep jerusalem an
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arab state. -- to start pledging to hundred $50 million. qatar, it comes to cat they are more skeptical. the money has been coming through. in terms of them dominating the $250 million to focus on east jerusalem, it will not be the same level of skepticism. palestinians will be waiting to see whether the other arab countries, particularly the gulf countries with their heavy reserves of oil and gas, whether they will make up the remaining amounts of money up to $1 billion. this is a massive amount of money to try to pledge toward east jerusalem. it puts the focus on east , an area this a have been neglected, often ignored. the focus has been on gaza and building a palestinian state in
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the west bank. gettingncerns will be some attention of. >> and then there is the point willthe money from qatar come true quite easily. there are areas that have their own problems at the moment. where will the shortfall comes from? >> that's right. it will be interesting to see whether role of the money does come through, but when it comes to east jerusalem, this is a very important, very controversial area of palestinians and for the wider middle east. in east jerusalem, we had the old city, and we have the moscow, the third holiest site for muslims. this is an area, across the middle east, that is regarded as very important. these jerusalem is meant to be the future capital of a palestinian state. this is not only with the palestinians say but what the international community says as
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well. they know they need to try to build up that east jerusalem. they're going to have any hope as having it as a future capital. >> nikole johnson, live in jerusalem. a birthday party for a leader who is no longer in power. >> i am happy and content here. my children are safe. they learn to care for the planet. >> and in colombia where
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>> top stories on al-jazeera, hundreds in protests in cyprus for the. -- bank bailout deal.
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bank ofident of the cyprus has resigned. national coalition leader taking the seat once held by a sharp fall assaad. china and brazil have signed a trade deal worth $30 billion using their own currencies trying to reduce their dependence on the u.s. dollar and the euro. the agreement was made at the bric meeting, the biggest summit of the five biggest emerging nations, which form a big chunk of the world economy. the bric countries as some of the most robust economies but they're looking to turn around cash flow. also expected to announce the formation of a new development bank, an alternative to the world bank or imf. regional security issues were likely also being discussed. is africa's busiest port
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so the bric leaders are meeting here. billion dollar a upgrade. they will be addressing some of the shortfalls over the coming days. brazil, india, china, and south africa, they're all now experiencing slow growth. >> this will be a big test for the bric summit. it will be the first time they attempted to put in place structures to give it real credibility. if they are able to make decisions to establish the bric's development bank, or anything else discussed at the moment, then people will take the formation a bit more seriously. bigger part play a on the world stage. -- want to play a bigger part. >> south africa's government position,olidify its
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they need to make trading with the natives earlier -- easier. they want to do away with forteral trade bdeals commodities like grain. behindcould not unify one candidate to lead the world bank or the imf. they're still a force to be reckoned with accounting for 45% of the world's population and predictions of a 45% slice of real gdp by 2013. >> it is possibly the biggest development. now is the opportunity for us to influence this before becomes sandstone for what we have had the last 50 years. >> the expectations for this summit is high. russia is pushing hard to go beyond the economics and find a common political purpose during
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the fifth summit. al-jazeera, south africa. >> before they get there, those leaders in the bric nations are l.e.d. capital of south africa for it luncheon hosted by president zuma of south africa. jinping, the new president of china, and a lot of investments in africa. on this occasion of him becoming the new president, a luncheon in his honor. i want to give you more on the bric's themselves. some of the most populous countries in the world. think about china with their 1.3 billion people. india, 1.2 billion there. brazil, about 200 million in population there. russia, about 143 million, then south africa, the most recent
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country to join the bric's, 52 million. altogether the world's population and when you think about the size of those economies, that is $13 trillion those combined countries are all worth. the growth rates are interesting. it you look at these sorts of even, india, 5.4%, and south africa, of any country in europe would be thrilled to have a growth rate like that. said,rd from one analyst despite the growth figures that you cannot write off the bric nations. , so some of these guys have slowed down, but they're still growing rapidly compared to developed countries. and the have large populations, something like 40% of the global
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population. populations large with developing consumer pockets. >> the former president of then described it running state as "dancing on the heads of snakes." he is no longer in power, but many showed up to celebrate his 75th birthday. the former president of yemen turning 71 years old today. is the longest serving president in yemen and's history, but the man was eased out of power in a popular uprising. his supporters never refer to him as the former president. they call him instead, the leader. >> i am here for my leader. it's his birthday. i wish him the best. he remains our leader. dignitaries, tribal leaders,
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and ministers all at the reception room. they all served under him and talked of him if he were still president of the country. but his nephew and former anti- terrorism chief say it is far from over. yemens shows the love it has for him. he still has the respect of the people. he saved yemen from more. the air of spring is failing. in 2014, we are back to power. >> this is his son who was groomed to succeed him. he commands an elite republican guard units. just a birthday party, a private event, but for his opponents, a clear indication he is looking for any opportunity to stage a political comeback. i wanted to ask about his future
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plans and the new era of yemen in, but he declined. the man is keen on being remembered by future generations. in this multimillion-dollar moscow, the former president has converted a building into a new museum dedicated to him. -- in this multimillion-dollar mosque. this is a hunting rifle given to him by former u.s. president george w. bush. on most important item display are the scorched treasures and he was wearing during the assassination attempt in june 2011. many of his aides and bodyguards were killed. the metals, the decorative gones, set as a reminder when he was yemen's most powerful man. salah.era, >> news out of nigeria.
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a terrorism conviction for henry okah. he has been found guilty of bombing that happened in 2010. one of them was on the nigerian independent state killing 10 people and injured -- killed 12, injuring 36 and another that killed one person and injured 11. he has been found guilty of 13 charges of terrorism and will be imprisoned for 24 years combined. that news out of nigeria just now. north korea has ordered troops to prepare for possible strikes against the united states. they say the path to survival lies in abandoning their nuclear program. we have a report from the south korean national cemetery. >> the time for the risk of
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violence on the korean peninsula is the highest it has been in years. new president of south korea pay injured -- the 46 sailors year when the navy ships sank three years ago. -- paying respect to the 46 sailors who died. they had this warning for p'yongyang. >> north korea should dropped their nuclear weapons, provocations, and threats. they should become a responsible member of international society. this is the only way for the north to survive. >> the message was immediately rebuffed. there relayed a statement saying they were putting artillery and missile units on the highest state of combat readiness threatening to strike the u.s. mainland, hawaii, and bases in guam. pictures said be taking on .onday of kim jong anun
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this was not accompanied by any, the dots of striking back. this was in response to what the u.s. and south korea had already --e, an apparent threat escalation in rhetoric. >> they want a commitment to back up in south korean reactions to north korean provocations. leading to of this something more are higher than before. he is carrying out his mandatory two your national service. he was planning a career in the maritime industry. >> he was such a good kid. he did not talk much, but he showed it through his actions. his mother still feels the void. >> one-family among 46. for all of the talk avoiding
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escalation, one incident can tick doesn't lives and forever change more. >> al-jazeera, south korea. >> an armed group from the colombians, which calls themselves the army invaded malaysian territory. at least 72 people have been killed between the fighters and forces. india's richest politician has been killed. bharadwaj was killed and his farmhouse. in mobile phone applications from a 17-year-old british schoolboy has made more money than most of us will make in our entire lives. sounds easy enough.
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it summarizes the entire web consise soon -- into summaries. 's was just made yahoo! youngest employee. columbia, famous for its drug cartels, have a group of woman using anything recyclable to build a sanctuary. we have a report from their village. >> it just outside the city, a group of women are making a difference. ec- are creating their own village, a peaceful place isolated from the violence that affects so much of columbia. by ae village is run commission of women. the men help us in some of the work, but the truth is we have
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done it all. sometimes, they want to decide and we take their opinions, but that's about it. >> year, the priority is to recycle. so far, they have managed to build 41 houses made with other peoples of debris. the recycle paper and plastic. the women here have created their own facility for commercial transactions. papers done with recycle and the value is the same as the columbia. 5000, 2000, and 2000. she arrived here when her family's home in the mountain was taken over by left-wing armed rebels. with nowhere else to go, she decided to settle here. >> we do not need to get into being slaves. we can make our own and jams and
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exchange food. we even exchange do with people outside the village. >> and that is why they work every day of the week. they want to sell organic quail eggs. they're in charge of each project. whatever they make, they pay a 10% tax to the ruling commission. >> i am happy and content. my children are safe. they learn to care for the planet. we learn different things to give us the tools that we need. village hashy the been a success as more and more women are hoping to find support here to escape the problems of columbia and also make a living in an environmen
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