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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  May 1, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> morning on may day in bangladesh. a collapse that killed over 400 people. the foreign minister has told al jazeera the people responsible for the disaster will be held responsible for the accounts. growing signs the war in syria is spreading beyond its borders. fire.ds of fires set
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the violence is on the rise. anger lingers after a disputed election in venezuela. the foreign minister of bangladesh said the owners of a building that collapsed a week ago will face the full force of the law. more than 40 people are known to have died -- more than 400 people are known to have died. may day takes on a special significance following the disaster. um want the death penalty for the owner of the factory, who remains under arrest. >> it is difficult to live with the wages they give us. we demand full compensation.
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>> we spoke to the foreign minister. she said the work -government- is looking to address a cultural of impunity. for many prevailed decades. many people including owners of buildings and owners of factories, they feel they did not need to comply with the loss and the standards -- the laws and the standards and the building codes. we have taken a stern action with people not complying with law. we have been working with the stakeholders in improving the conditions. >> the owner of the building that collapsed is politically connected. he has been able to get away with many things.
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connectedtically means you'll escape any form of connection. impunity --re of >> the culture of impunity is a thing of the past because of the government's initiative in this sector for ending in kennedy. of just bring the killers 1975 to justice but ending this culture of impunity in this sector. that is why whoever it is, whoever has done anything wrong or violated any laws, whatever kind of connection they may have with political powers, it did not matter. with this case, the owner of the building, he has been evicted and he will be taken to justice
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in thisody involved tragedy or any such tragedy, if there is any kind of negligence or violation of laws, he or she will be taken to task. this government is exercising zero tolerance to this. >> this has become a focal point for workers and social services. police have scuffled in the city of istanbul. may dayrnment enteremany protests out in the square. >> as you can see, the area is almost empty.
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government denied access to the square. it's a massive project under way. they are concerned about the safety of people. labor unions are not convinced. the have been denied access for political reasons. this is a place of a huge for laboremblance unions. in this spot 36 years ago, dozens of workers were killed. the facts about who killed them was ever established. people are here to honor the memories of those who died in 1977. >> there have been cabbles for a forday -- have been rallies a may day protest.
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protesters are demanding higher pay. most of them are migrant workers. they are threatening strikes and say they are workers at not slaves. . parliamentrike approved a bill that would put 15,000 civil servants out of work by the end of next year. thousands of russians are marking may day. is group was a mixture of labor yin's and political parties. -- this group was a mixture of labor unions and political parties. no doubt a very poignant day in madrid. >> exactly.
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i apologize. it is incredibly loud in the background. of a paradox here in spain. it is becoming difficult to find work. 27.2%.yment is at the economy has gone through the seventh consecutive quarter of economic contraction. the unions have largely been powerless. they're calling supporters out onto the streets. you can see how many people have turned out. turnout lackluster bystanders going back over the years. in some ways, people are feeling
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the unions cannot do it very much. they're so economic woe. coming out to protest is not achieving that much. >> reporting from a very loud madrid with a lot impassioned speeches. thank you. the leader of hezbollah says the government will not fall. insan nasrallah was speaking lebanon after an explosion killed 14 people in damascus. >> syria has real friends in that region. >> al jazeera is following events with both lebanon and jordan. first,ave a report, but
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a report from northern lebanon. >> they have become more frequent, funerals of fighters. group admitted it was militarily involved in the conflict. a group that is supported by many living along the border with syria. they have come under fire. >> yes, there are fighters that crossed. we need to defend ourselves. >> hezbollah said they are merely defending shias. there is much more at stake for the group. >> we are talking about the loss of a strategic ally in the region. if it falls, it would upset the strategic balance of power, which is already frail.
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it would weaken hezbollah's military capabilities. --many >> there are several flash points along the northern border. the situation is completely the opposite. many of the villages are predominantly sunni. known transitwell- point for rebels moving back across the border. people here are caught in the crossfire. government forces regularly shelled the area. syrianonsider the free army the legitimate representative of the syrian people. we're coming under fire.
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can we protect ourselves from syrian aggressions? >> the northern villages near those across the northern interior. soon the leaders are joining the fight. how long it will take before it reaches beirut. reporting along the northern border of lebanon. tojordan has been under fire step up a buffer zone. many feel overwhelmed by the growing number of refugees. this man says the conflict has brought nothing but hard ship. syrians camee here, we could barely make ends meet. zonetting up a buffer
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requires a u.n. security resolution. the government believes it can contain the growing number of refugees. this area could provide shelter and protection and a base for the rebels. some say it could be used to launch an international intervention. >> it would be part of a wider plan to control syria, especially after the collapse of the regime. the u.s. does not make such decisions based on humanitarian needs of the syrians. they want to make sure that area that close to israel is under control. >> jordan has resisted pressure to get involved for two years.
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the u.s. appears to be looking to its allies to help end conflict, and those include jordan. the government is concerned that fighters from syria could enter the country. are not happy. some say there will push it towards a disaster confrontation with syria. the weather up next and then -- >> i did not want these individuals to die. >> promising to close guantanamo bay. became of the
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>> hello again. the top stories. the owner of a building that collapsed a week ago will face the full force of the law. may day participants have been asking for full standards for workers. turkish cannons have been fired on a group of demonstrators in istanbul. protesters have been banned from entering the square. the conflict in syria it is spilling beyond its borders. the syrian government will not fall. refugees are a threat to national security. a new outbreak of sectarian violence. .olice arrested 18 people
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we have a report from bangkok. >> the latest violence in yanmar ended with this, hundreds of homes set on fire. 10 people were injured. hit.mosques were >> most of the people were from this town. there were around 50 of them. >> my husband is a muslim. son wants to be a buddhist that.he is allowed to do >> a government appointed a committee issued a report on how to stop the violence against the muslim minority.
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last year 200 were killed. myanmar does not recognize the muslim minority. some were born in myanmar. burne houses continued to into the night, the government has to do with anti-muslim violence closing in on sensitive areas. the commercial center and biggest city. a growing challenge as it works to distance itself from five decades of repressive military rule. >> barack obama has renewed his promise to close the military prison in guantanamo bay in cuba. 2/3 of the remaining detainees
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--are now0 strikes. on hunger strikes. >> 100 prisoners are starving themselves. president obama a push congress to close down the controversial prison. still idea that we would a group ofr ever individuals who have not been tried, that is contrary to who we are and to our interests and it needs to stop. >> that is what he has always planned to do with 48 of those men, those that cannot be tried because they were tortured and cannot be released because they were deemed too dangerous. the president was not asked about that.
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>> i do not want these individuals to die. the pentagon is trying to manage the situation as best as they can. should reflect on why we're doing this. >> why did obama pass the laws that he signed? >> i think the president made a mistake. military commissions, indefinite detention, and keeping guantanamo open as a policy discussion item. the >> as it promised president could not make in his first term with his own party in charge. try in his second term. -- he is trying in his second term. three >> natives soldiers have been identified as british.
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9 afghans were also killed in the attack. no one has claimed responsibility for the bombing. increasing has been attacks as troops prepare to leave the country. is expected toer win when pakistan votes in 10 days. >> he waited seven years for this moment. he was forced to live in exile abroad. he was forced out of office in a military coup led by pervez musharraf. he contested elections in 2000 8.d
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is party became the official opposition. he is widely expected to become the country's next leader. many people question whether he can win over the powerful military, given their contentious past. he says he does not foresee any problems. --what he has been doing my relationship with the military is ok. i want the military to abide the law. >> the anti-american sentiment here in pakistan is high. voters are for many drones. drones or not an issue when your last prime minister but aren't issue now. is your view on drones?
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is one causeone and the biggest cause. they threateno -- pakistan's independence. they must up. >> but many other problems remain. is a weak economy and port security. there is a weak economy and poor security. >> thousand people now feel safe enough to return. france sent troops to fight the rebels in january and are now beginning a gradual withdrawal.
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after a year home of hardship and squalor inside the refugee camps. .here is a solemn mood on board right now, she does not want to share her inner thoughts. a checkpoint is ahead. nobody is sure how they will be received. they treat everybody as a possible suicide bomber. youooking at these people, wouldn't believe what they have been through. there is a tense atmosphere. the security check has noticed that one woman this not have her identity papers. through.y she is led they escaped in the chaos,
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taking control more than a year ago. some normality has returned since the french has drove them now. now played in and around the pavilion where whipping took place. she is on the final drive offer long journey. in looks like a happy homecoming from her cousins. the family is split by the conflict. three of her other children will remain as refugees, along with her husband until she feels it is safe for them to return. another son ran off more than a year ago. he is still missing. >> one of my children it is in the bush. i have tried to find myself.
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>> how will you search for your boy? >> the government would not help me find him. it is up to me to find myself. >> the family home has been looted. her life is by no means one of the worst. she is one more woman without help who wants to cling on to some sort of hope. venezuela are in blaming each other for it fistfight that broke out in parliament. several were hurt in the brawl. they refuse to recognize the winner of last month's election, nicolas maduro. fightingl continue
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millimeter by millimeter, advancing and given the venice will of the future an opportunity. the government has to turn to violence. we are going to triumph. >> south korea is getting closer to a deal with north korea for a return of their workers. all the workers were ordered to leave the complex after pyongyang bend seveners from entering. the businesses are facing uncertainty. >> this is what remains for now of the factory. it was a multimillion-dollar business a few weeks ago employing 300 people, making uniforms and youyou tell the clothing -- and utility clothing.
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>> my shoulders feel heavy. my heart feels heavy as well. i'm convinced the company will be reborn. >> he is looking for factory space in suburban seoul. he could try myanmar. there were sustained by a diet of instant noodles. worry. told me, do not we will guard your factory well. do not worry and comeback. the sides tried to iron out last-minute demands for wages and taxes. the south korean government is
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promising to support the business. the company's one engagement for both countries for restarting the company.
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[captioning made possible by kcet public television] >> thank you. very, very good to be -- very good to be in san francisco. i got to say, there are places one goes where one feels like one is doing an immense amount of good and then there are places where one feels like it's almost not really necessary. whatever the kind of solar-era equivalent of bringing coals to new castle, you know, that's what coming to san francisco and to green fest feels a bit like. but we do need to get you guys completely engaged in this fight, in the


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