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tv   Deutsche Welle Journal  LINKTV  May 12, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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x welcome to the journal, live from berlin. nine arrests. accra and damascus trade accusations. elections in bulgaria, exit polls suggesting. tonando alonso is thrilled win the spanish grand prix. >> turkey has rounded up nine people over saturday's bombings near the syrian border. it says they have links to
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syria's intelligence agency. damascus has rejected that and says that turkey is to blame for the violence on its soil. we will talk about the tensions between the two neighbors with our correspondent in istanbul. whatever the truth, 46 people are dead and the local community is angry. >> residents came out in force in the turkish border province. thousand people joined a demonstration against terrorism after sunday's bombings. this buried my cousin morning. there was more a massacre than an ordinary bombing. it was done to create chaos. saidrkish prime minister that he would not be drawn into a knee-jerk reaction. he made a plea fo rcalr calm. >> most importantly we have to keep our cool against all kinds of provocation that tries to pull turkey into the war in syria. in spite of that, on car is
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keeping its options open and has not ruled out taking military action -- ankara is keeping its and has not ruled out taking military action. >> nine people were taken into custody last night. some were involved in the planning. the suspects are turkish citizens, but officials say the group has links to bashar al- assad's regime. the syrian government denies any involvement. >> it was turkey who transformed the syria-turkey border into concentrations of terrorism. it turned farms and properties into a passageway and center for terrorist activity. >> but now citizens feear that the war in syria will spill across the border. >> dorian jones joins us.
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these arrests came incredibly quickly? how could the authorities find these people so soon? >> turkish security forces have a record of tracking down bombers very quickly. in 2003, an al qaeda cell that carried out bombings in istanbul were carried out very quickly. the searing intelligence, people linked to them --syrian intelligence, people linked to them have been under surveillance. is denying any connection. is a credible -- that credible? >> there appears to be a broad consensus that damascus on was involved somehow.
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possibly syrian rebels tried to do this. but they are only a few voices. >> we have seen how angry locals are in the town where the attacks happened. possible broader impact of this kind of attack in public opinion in turkey? >> there is a feeling of shock and numbness. there are strict media controls. there has been reports of local journalists being detained. the number of dead far higher than what the government is saying. blame of then turkish government, saying that policy supporting the syrian the a feeling that conflict has been brought to turkey. >> dorian jones in istanbul, thank you very much.
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the attacks have overshadowed a meeting between the german foreign minister and his turkish counterpart. the german foreign minister condemned the attacks as barbaric. the two men also discussed turkey's stalled bid to join the european union. said he wanted to overcome the standstill, saying it was emphatically not in europe's interest. party isrvative gerb in the lead. this just months after the party resign from office, following mass protests against low living standards, or limoneira results show that the consensus led by the last prime minister boyko borisov was about a third of the vote.
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joining us now is a guest from radio. nicolae, hello. do you expect this result to be confirmed? >> hello from sofia. we do expect it to be confirmed. there are a lot of people who are already very angry, even in the last few minutes, there have been protests that have started in central sofia. the preliminary result we know and thew is that gerb socialists roughly have 30% of the vote, and in the nationalist party and they .urkish ethnic party
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the various citizen groupings and we are protesting have already gone on television and said that they don't trust the vote. there have been clashes between police and protesters in central sofia. >> let's talk more about that. before this election, authorities found hundreds of thousands of fake ballot papers, didn't they? >> yes. that wasn't the only scandal that happened grea.
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tackling violence is likely to be high on the new government's agenda. >> to sports now. a good day for spain. fernando alonso in the grand prix. he only qualified to start in fifth place. fernando alonso gave his fans the daring drive they were hoping for.
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this time there was no stopping him. the win puts the ferreri pilot back. every single member of the team -- we want to do well here in frontou. , a dreamrcedes qualifying day turned into a nightmare. hamilton went from second on the grid to 12th at the end. championship leader sebastian settle also blamed his tires. >> there is just a week to go until the end of the season.
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in the second to last match on saturday, a draw against frankfurt gave him the crucial point they were looking for. >> it came as a huge relief. the team has escaped relegation and is looking ahead. >> wh. now we can start planning for next season. the pressure is off. >> he fought aggressively from the get go. he scored the first goal in the 22nd minute. nicolai's inkfurt the second half. second the it seemed all was lost when frankfurt put another into the net. but the referee called offside. four points clear of danger. after a disappointing season,
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that is almost as good as a win. >> let's see how the table stands with one week to go. down at the bottom, bremen safe. the season goes right down to the wire. they know they are heading straight for division ii. team germany is going to need some luck to reach the quarterfinals of the ice hockey world championships. the match against the u.s. today was a whitewash. >> the best german on the ice was powerless in the face of the u.s. onslaught. two early goals made it tough battle even tougher. a short while later, some
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german defending gave a second chance to score. germanyecond period, managed to stop the rot. but they could not capitalize on their many chances. the wastefulness was punished in .he third period germany now has to beat france on tuesday and hope other results go their way. finally, pope francis has named the first saints of his papacy. he canonized a columbian nun and a mexican woman who both died in the 20th century. they devoted their lives to helping the poor and sick. france is canonized 813 italians who were beheaded by ottoman forces in the year 1480 four refusing to convert to
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islam. it was pope benedict to authorized these canonized nations. stay with us on dw. >> a landmark trial in germany. in 10s of involvement racially motivated murders carried out over the period of a decade. she is thought to be the sole surviving member of a neo-nazi cell. also on trial are four alleged accomplices. within hours of the trial opening, it was adjourned for a week. defense lawyers filed a motion to have the presiding judge removed. a motion that was later rejected. for relatives of the victims, it was a disappointing start.
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>> the day was filled with legal formalities. lots of motions were made and debated. it was very strenuous and tough for me, personally. it was unpleasant to sit in the same room as the accused and watch them. outside the court called for institutional reform. the case has exposed a string of police and intelligence failures that have shocked the country. last week of election campaign in pakistan was overshadowed by violence. by monday, 21 people were killed when a bomb exploded during campaign rally northwest of the country. the taliban claimed responsibility for the bombing and most of the other attacks this week. the militants say that democratic elections are on islamic -- un-islamic. >>
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taurold world jewish congress tt anti-semitism needs to be fought. >> it has no place in berlin or budapest or anywhere else in europe or in the world. >> westerwelle said there needs to be better legal means to fight anti-semitism. the world jewish congress held its conference in budapest to highlight growing anti-semitism in hungary. thousands of russians took the the street to demand an end to vladimir putin's presidency. the anniversary of the huge anti-putin demonstration last year in which hundreds were .rrested and imprisoned the protesters demanded freedom for all political prisoners in russia.
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the activists are vying to keep up their protests as long as putin is in power. >> this week saw the amazing story of three young women escaped from captivity, 10 years after they were kidnapped in the u.s. state of ohio. neighbors were shocked to learn the women had been held captive in their midst. >> i go on the porch, and she says, help me get out, i've been here a long time. i figured it was domestic violence. i open the door. it's so muchis, that my body can't fit through, only your hands. we take out the bottom. she comes out with a little girl. she says, call 911. >> the women were said to be in relatively good health, but horrifying details emerged of treat the man suspected of kidnapping the three is said to have beaten and raped them repeatedly.
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one of the women said she had five pregnancies aborted by being punched in the stomach. the suspect could now face the death penalty. >> the united states and russia announced a new initiative this week to end the conflict in syria. after meeting in moscow, john kerry and his russian counterpart said they would seek to convene a peace conference. representatives of the syrian government and opposition. later in the week, there were fresh allegations that the syrian regime has used chemical weapons. turkey's prime minister said that some syrian patients working at turkish hospitals have skin burns consistent with exposure to chemical weapons. >> the latest islam conference was overshadowed by controversy.
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islamic groups accused the government of focusing too heavily on security issues. >> security is important to us all. muslims also suffer from islamist terrorism in germany and elsewhere. it is a legitimate topic, but not for the islam conference. >> german interior minister insisted that security had not dominated the agenda, and said the conference had been useful. while muslim groups want more attention paid to integration issues, both sides agreed on the importance of continued dialogue. ,> the best blog award presented by dutch well i -- deutsche welle. more than 7 million people follow his blog. other internet projects in bangladesh, togo and morocco received awards for dueeutsche
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welle. on wednesday, kurdish rebel fighters began withdrawing from turkey as part of a historic cease-fire deal. these are earlier pictures of the rebels. the pullout itself is happening in secret. >> the armed groups inside turkish terror terry -- territory are now leaving our borders. the fighters are heading for a time is kurdish areas in northern iraq. 40,000 people have been killed in the 30 years of fighting between the kurds and turkey. a cease-fire was agreed last month. >> at least eight people were killed in the italian port of genoa after a cargo ship crashed into a control tower. the structure collapsed into the
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water. diving gear in spent wednesday searching for bodies. the external staircase was all that remained of the tower. the crash happened as the ship was maneuvering out of the port. prosecutors have opened an investigation into the incident. >> the president of niger was in berlin on wednesday for talks with german chancellor angela merkel. he urged germany to do more to help resolve the conflict in mali, it borders on niger. angela merkel pledged continuing support for the region. germany along with other european countries is helping to train malian soldiers in an effort to strengthen the country. >> it is known as the oscar of politics.
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the prize went to lithuania's first female president. she increased spending on growth and employment. she has been credited with pulling lithuania out of economic crisis through a strict program of austria -- austerity. >> more than ever, europe needs political will to make responsibilities. no challenge can be faced without assuming responsibility. leaders and ordinary europeans. >> eu parliament president called her an extraordinary european. >> if we had more leaders in europe with this kind of courage, we would have far fewer problems in the you -- eu. it has been awarded to
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individuals and institutions outstanding services to european unity. eight people were killed and a fire at a clothing factory in bangladesh on thursday. the blaze broke out late at night, when most workers had finished for the day. investigators believe the fire was caused by electrical fault. english'sndards in low-wage textile industry are in the spotlight after a factory complex collapsed -- bangladesh's low-wage textile industry are in the spotlight after a factory complex collapsed. rescue teams pulled out a woman alive from the rubble, 17 days after the collapse. >> the of germany's olympic federation announced his candidacy for president -- head of germany's olympic federation announced his candidacy for president this week. >> after thinking hard about it
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and speaking to colleagues in international and national sport, i have decided to stand for the office of president in september in buenos aires. >> bach is a former olympic fencing champion. he is considered the front- runner in the race to succeed. he steps down in september. >> uncle amerco visited german -- on the la merkel visited german troops -- angela merkel visited german troops. she paid her respects to the 53 visitors killed -- soldiers killed in afghanistan. her focus was mainly on per perl for -- preparation for withdrawal of troops. >> our soldiers have to be able to get their work done, while not compromising their security. >> merkel reiterated germany's
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readiness to keep a small number of troops in afghanistan for a longer period to train the afghan army. she said this would only apply if the kabul government continue to develop its democratic institutions and make political progress. >> u.s. prosecutors arrested seven suspects in connection with a worldwide cyber heist, a criminal heist. they allegedly stole the details of debit cards and made as many as 40,000 withdrawals from cash machines in 27 countries. friday, germany marked the 80th anniversary of the infamous a book burnings by nazi students, where work steamed -- works deemed "un- german" were thrown on bonfires. may 10, 19 33, the nazis burned thousands of books.
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it was only a foreshadowing of the brutal crimes that followed. the books destroyed included works by thomas mann and karl marx.
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