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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  May 17, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> the syrian crisis is back on the agenda in russia. russian defense arms sales while the u.n. calls for investigators on the ground. hello. your world news from bill jaua. also, inside sex trafficking rings in mexico. we speak with a young victim of the brutal trade. and why more and more people are using a virtual currency instead of paper cash. that australia, and hopes the sequencing of the koala bear genome could help save the species from a sexually
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transmitted disease. >> welcome to the show. let's start with the news just coming out of pakistan. there have been two explosions outside two separate mosques in the northern district. 12 people reported to have been killed and another 50 injured. local officials say the death toll is expected to rise. joining us now is our correspondent. any more details in this attack or claim of responsibility yet? >> yes, hello there. we understand shortly after friday's prayers, two very powerful explosions outside two separate mosques the place. least, have lost their lives and many more injured. one of the blast was so powerful that one of the mosques has collapsed.
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we are hearing reports that some people may be trapped inside. however, this area is quite remote, making things very difficult for rescue efforts as well. we understand it's been very tricky for rescue workers to get to the area and investigators as well. however, at this stage, no group has taken responsibility for the attack. >> this northern area is also khan made huge gains in the election. this will be a first test for him. >> certainly. inis a political phenom pakistan, and galvanized young voters. that put galvanized their ability to secure the province. when he forms his provincial government in this province, which really has seen some of the worst violence pakistan has experienced over the years, the
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true test of this government is how they tackle it. khan has a similar ideologies to the incoming federal government that will be led by scott mel watt sharif and his party. they are both in favor of dialogue " with groups like the taliban. this attack underscores the fact that many of these groups are still determined to cause attacks and feel determined to heard people. >> new challenges ahead. thanks for now. the u.n. chief ban ki-moon and the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov have met in the black sea resort of sochi to try to find a way to end the violence in syria. this is the latest in a series of the top-level talks. both men say a peace conference needs to be held but then russia has been defending its sale of weapons to syria. ban ki-moon meanwhile tackled
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the issue of alleged chemical weapon use inside syria. he called on damascus to let u.n. experts to check the claims. >> our team is ready at any time within 24 to 48 hours notice they can immediately conduct an investigation. i urge syrian authorities to be flexible and allow our teams to have on-site investigation. >> ban ki-moon is also due to meet with the russian president. why russia could hold the key to ending conflict in syria. if you want to join in sincere yeah, you have to come to russia. president vladimir putin has been playing host to an increasingly long queue of statesman trying to stop the bloodshed. theat arrive is the un
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secretary-general ban ki-moon. so far, the russian leader has shown no sign of abandoning bashar al-assad. the will not sacrifice such a vital strategic partnership no matter what international pressure is applied. >> nobody visit you. list oflong waiting politicians. it means you're policy is right. so that means the russian foreign policy in the middle east, in the case of syria, is absolutely reasonable. >> the russians are really opposed to any armed intervention by the west in syria. they fear if extremists gain the upper hand there, it would destabilize their own volatile borders in the north caucuses. there might only be a low-level contacts -- conflict right now
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in dagestan, but it could ignite into an all-out war if syria descends into anarchy. they're also worried about using their only naval foothold in the mediterranean, a syrian port. a russian fleet of warships is about to move through the suez canal to take up station in the sea for the first time since the -- cold war. action doeslomatic vladimir putin have left with damascus? the hopes for an international peace conference are not realized, syria could become the worst nightmare for russia and for the west. a nightmare that its people are living all ready every day. david chater, and al jazeera, moscow. >> thousands of displaced myanmar residents are heading
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back to their makeshift camps in the west of the country. forced 38,000sen people to flee, mos of them rohingyas muslims -- most of them rohingya muslims. there were living in the camps after violent confrontations with buddhists forced them from their homes in that state. severe flooding across china's southern provinces has killed dozens of people and forced thousands from their homes. 38 people have died according to state television and another 12 are missing. when dong province has been the hardest hit. gdong province. more than 60 people injured after several cars derailed on hong kong's light railway in the north of the city. the accident involved a single train. three people that were seriously injured have already been taken to hospital according to a state-run broadcaster.
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one passenger claimed the train was going too fast and loss control rounding a curve. 50 menlice suspect accused of selling illegal cigarettes have links to hamas and hezbollah. they are charged with trying to sell more than 1 million packets of untaxed cigarettes from the state of virginia in stores across new york. investigators have uncovered $55 million worth of illegal sales so far. investigators say that a sex trafficking ring in new york city was run by pimps from a town in central mexico. they say girls were sent to the from 130 kilometers from mexico city. >> we will call her maria. share 16 years old and was rescued from a prostitution ring four months ago. when she was 14, an older man
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arrived in her town, promising her a better life if she came away with him. instead he became her pimp. >> he made me do everything, force me to do it things i'd never heard of. i was his slaves. >> it was a brutal life in which her trafficker controlled her through daily beatings and countless rapes. >> after my first time, i felt bad and i cried. i arrived home and threw the money at him. every day i came home after work and took a bath. i did not want him to touch me, but he would always rape me. >> this is the small town in central mexico where she was first taken. a communitynd with leader who was rescued girls forced into prostitution. he showed us money built with the sex trade money and hotels where the traffickers keep the girls before sending them elsewhere. >> it is an incredibly organized network. they send them to cities like
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tijuana in the north. then they work in tijuana for a while making money. if there's a trafficker in chicago who says i don't have any girls, then they will send that's how they keep it going. >> this sleepy town is considered one of the main hubs of sex trafficking, a multimillion-dollar industry. it is run as a family operation. most kids learn the trade from their fathers or grandfathers. central american and mexican girls caught or freed often say they were first enslaved by pimps from this small town. it is markets like this one where girls like maria sometimes ends up. prostitutes working in the open often with the consent of authorities. >> the majority of rescued girls say how they have been raped by the ones meant to protect them, policemen, government officials, local authorities. one victim said there were six
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hoped thatshe always she would get rescued, with the other girls laughed because they knew that they would end up in the laps of police because they were the youngest, only 14. passed year mexico tougher sex trafficking laws, but the traffickers still operate openly across mexico. thousands of girls are still waiting to be freed. al jazeera, mexico city. >> still to come on al jazeera, finding argentina's hidden dollars. the government's controversial new plan to tackle inflation. >> saving australia's colorado there is, how genetic matching could protect them from a killer disease. details next. -- saving australia's koala bears.
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>> welcome back. a reminder of the top stories. their ability of explosions outside two mosques in pakistan's northern district. at least 12 people are reported to have been killed. another 50 injured. local officials say the death toll is expected to rise. russia has defended its sale of weapons to the syrian government. foreign minister sergei lavrov made the comments after meeting with you and steve ban ki-moon at the black sea resort of sochi. more than 60 people have been injured after several cars derailed spot on hong kong's light railway in the north of the city. and passenger claim to the train was going too fast and lost control rounding a curve. when it was launched a full your years ago few people took it seriously. but now a virtual currency is gaining ground with a growing number of businesses accepting it as an alternative to cash or card. now this report from berli where us spending
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their money. >> the golden oldies can be bought with a new coleraine -- new coin. banking without the banks. buying a burger is as easy as taking out your smartphone. >> i will sonia kuske qr code. >> and a bar code on the restaurant owner's tablets and your account pays into his account. >> for purely a trivial business reasons, accepting a currency like this is a good idea because you can accept additional payments without paying fees to credit card companies and stuff like that. you have your money instantly liked-. -- like cash/ >> it also fits in with the reputation of the neighborhood. anti-establishment and ready to try the latest thing. >> it is something different. a lot of people talk about it.
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it's nice to take part in something new that is actually working. >> it's not just the people here talking about it. monetary and financial authorities in europe and the u.s. have expressed some concern that the anonymous and untraceable nature othe transactions could make life easier for money-laundering. enthusiasts think governments have bigger problems. big to jail.too hsbc laundering money for a decade for drug cartels and terrorist groups. they get a slap on arrest. hashe value of bitcoins been fluctuating wildly lately, but the people who use it say it's not about speculation what about trying something new in an era where big banks and many governments have not been handling conventional money especially well. al.
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>> dav is the director of a group in london. he says the work of the coins could grow but only if more people use them. -- the worth could grow. >> it a solution to a complicated mathematical puzzle. the coin is a number that is the solution to one of these puzzles. once i have sold one of the puzzles, i have the coin and i can keep it or send it to you or use it for trade or whatever. they are just numbers. if everybody agrees that those numbers will be worth something, then they are worth something. just like cholera shells -- in a shells or cigarettes prison camp. right now areoins being courted for more speculative purposes. it's not a mass-market pavement source yet. but the technology that uses,
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this idea of using numbers that you can send over the internet for money, that is pretty strong. i'm sure you will see the emergence of a whole new generation of currencies that use that similar kind of technology. government has announced a controversial plan to tackle high inflation that is stifling the economy. it wants its citizens to deposit billions of undeclared u.s. dollars into the central bank with no questions asked. but critics say it will encourage money-laundering and organized crime. now this report. >> argentina can now boast it chlorinated queen and it has the pope. and as the world's best football player. on the downside, argentina has its currency. ,ouble digit inflation argentina's longtime enemy has been running out of control,
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reducing the value of the currency and causing argentine'' to take refuge in the u.s. dollar or at least tried to. u.s.wntown buenos aires, notes are openly sold on the black market at almost double the official rate, amid strict government limitations on the legal purchase on any hard currency. mess.s is a people worry and don't know what to do. >> last week the parallel rate surpassed the psychological barrier of 10. people rushed to nicknaming it the mess the dollar, unlike the number on the famous football player's jersey. dollar.essi the president has unveiled a plan to try to recover some of the estimated $160 billion that idin either
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under the mattress or in offshore accounts. for three months, people are invited to deposit their undeclared cash in argentina's central bank to be invested either in real estate or in the state energy company. all this tax-free and with no questions asked. saysmer finance minister the measure gives cards lost to cartelaunderers -- gives blanche. >> laundered money comes from different sources, but generally it comes from illegal sources. >> many have reacted with outrage. >> i am ashamed. this is for the mafia. how can it be that an honest citizen is forbidden from buying $1,000 to go on holiday abroad while often corrupt members of the government can easily launder their stolen money? >> clean or dirty, recovering at
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least $5 billion is the government's target, a short- term benefit with a big price tag, considering that it may set a bad example for those who until now have been willing to play by the rules. a al jazeera, argentina. >> thousands of ultra-orthodox jews of processed goods through the streets of drizzle, refusing to accept a new draft law that will make it compulsory for other men to serve in the army. currently the religious group are exempt from military service for and rely heavily on subsidies for their religious studies. mobile phone services have reportedly been cut off in the areas of the northeast of nigeria where a state of emergency has been declared in three states. andomes as fighter jets thousands of troops are deployed to the reason to try to flush out radical armed group boko haram. torrential rain and flash floods have displaced tens of thousands of people in southern somalia. many villages are now under
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water. people are desperate for help. the situation is mainly affecting large parts of a central region. now this report. >> many villages are completely isolated. farms inundated. thousands are in need of food, medicine, and shelter all because of torrential floods that have swept a region in southern somalia after the river burst its banks due to heavy rain. iswater caused by the floods blocking 22 villages in the province. floods disrupted road that can only be reached by small boats. >> people are trying in vain to prevent water from flowing to their farms and are appealing for help. >> our region has never areas far awayh from the river banks. >> thousands left homeless and there's a growing possibility of the possibility of disease.
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>> flooding forced us to leave are flooded houses, leaving us with nothing. we don't have food or water or toilets. we are suffering. officials in the provincial capital are appealing to local and international authorities to help the displaced before the crisis deepens. >> i call on all relief organizations to a accelerate emergency aid to those affected by the floods. >> the sad irony for people here is that they had just barely started to recover from a serious drought that had affected much of southern somalia. when the heavy rains came, the ground was too dry to soak it up. >> bangladesh has reopened more than 300 garment factories, ending a three-day forced closure due to worker protests over pay and conditions. the demonstrations were triggered by the collapse of an eight-story building which killed more than 1100 people. long before mass protests
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forced india to face up to the rise in sexual crimes, a group of young women started a movement to defend themselves from abuse. for a long time they were ostracized and shunned. but with public attention now more focused on the issue, the group is seen by many in their community as heroic. now this report from their hometown. starts with a claimed this is the worst time for a girl to be born. the red brigades's message is warning sexual predators to change their ways or face the consequences. their leader is a 25-year-old teacher who took matters into her own hands after community failed to respond to the rising attacks and harassment of young girls. >> one of my colleagues tried to rape me but i was told not to say anything. then i found that almost all my students had faced some kind of sexual abuse.
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police did not tell at all. even the parents did not support us. to protect ourselves, we started the red brigades. >> they confront those who can, harass, and abused females of the community. if they don't stop, it's not unusual for the red brigades to resort to physical intimidation. it is a method that concerns the police, recently set up a hotline number for victims of harassment. >> they can call us. we will do the rest. there's no need to fight the offender's directly when there is a system. all you need is to inform us. >> but their methods have proven effective. over the past few months, their popularity and reputation have grown well beyond the slum area in which they live. people in nearby villages for are now asking for their help in dealing with of harassment and more serious sexual crimes. parentsere to turn, the of a 13-year-old rape victim
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have asked the red brigades to assist in their court case. expectations are high. >> i said all i want is that he does not get out of jail. he should be punished. if he gets out, he will keep raping girls. >> the family belongs to a low caste community. they say the police refused to register the rape case of until the red brigade leaders stepped in. they have received no support from their community. it's a reflection of the stigma attached to speaking out. she told me after the rape, people avoided her. but she was welcomed by their brigades, which made her believe she could fight this. of all the red brigade girls and women are trained in martial arts. as india comes to terms with the extent of sexual abuse and crimes against women, the red brigade's message is louder than ever. empowering women to speak out and defend themselves.
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>> australian scientists say they've made a breakthrough in the fight to save one of their country's best known native animals, the koala bear. a sexually transmitted disease is threatening the population but and gene mapping could help provide a vaccine. andrew thomas no reports from the state of queensland. >> the first thing to know about , it's a is not a bear marsupial. the second thing is the species is in big trouble. in southeast queensland, numbers have declined by 80% and it's a similar story elsewhere. one of australia's national icons is officially vulnerable to extinction in three of the four australian states in which it was. loss of habitat is being attacked by dogs or hit by cars partly to blame, but a big killer is disease. australia's biggest wildlife hospital has more of these than any other animals. most are here because they have
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a strain of a sexually transmitted disease, chlamydia, that can kill, if untreated. >> very distressing. some of these animals are in really bad shape and have had very severe and bladder infections and are blinded by the infection in their eyes and have been living with that for months, sometimes. the research is starting to be done now, but we don't have the answers to why it is such a significant problem. >> trial and error attempts at vaccines have failed, disfigure might be a breakthrough. they have sequenced the genome in record time. >> to acquire this large data set very quickly is what it has allowed us to do. now we are mining it for things that would have taken years if we had developed for all these tests and one by one. >> it means scientists can anticipate what a vaccine is likely to do and how the immune system will react without doing lots of animal tests. sequencing the genome used to take years and cost millions of
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dollars. but this was done in just two month for under $100,000. the hope is with a blueprint, research into a vaccine against chlamydia can be fast track and one of australia's national icons can be saved. al jazeera reporting. [captions made possible by kcet television]
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