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tv   Deutsche Welle Journal  LINKTV  May 26, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> of very warm welcome to the "journal". here is what is coming up. syria's foreign minister says this country is in principle prepared to take part in a peace conference in geneva. china's new prime minister has begun a two day visit to germany with talks in dominated by economic issues. triumphrial for -- a for munich winning at wembley stadium.
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east begin in the middle where the two rocket attacks were fired into the lebanese capital entering four people. the area targeted is controlled by it hezbollah. the attack comes after the leader promised in a speech that his fighters would bring a victory in the civil war in syria. it is the strongest admission so far of their involvement in the fighting in syria. the militia? the syrian government and many fierce sectarian strife could spill over into lebanon. the rockets struck this apartment building. down in a care dealer's lot. five people were rounded. both locations were in shia neighborhoods. so far no one has claimed responsibility but many believe
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the attacks are linked to the hezbollah leader. on saturday, he announced that the president -- that fighters were al-assad supporting- >> we are going to continue down this path. we will shoulder our responsibility and the sacrifices and consequences that come with it. during the july 2006 war i promise you victory and i promise you victory now, you mujahedin, you warriors. >> syria's foreign minister said it is government would take part in the peace conference in geneva. during a visit to baghdad he said it would be it the opportunity for a political solution to the conflict. but it's questionable whether a conference will be able to stop the fighting. some opposition groups have ruled out negotiations with the .egime berli here in berlin, this isn't
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likely to dominate the visit by the chinese premier. china considers germany a key economic partner. >> weather might have been bleak, but the weather was warm for premier li. he was greeted with military honors. germany and china have strong economic ties, so trade issues were high on the agenda for talks between the new chinese premier and german chancellor angela merkel. merkel is mediating a spat between china and the eu. li slammed antidumping tariffs against solar panel products. protectposed it to european products. the leaders covered more far afield topics. lil brought up china's current island dispute with japan.
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>> as china's rep, i want to point out what was written in the potsdam declaration. japan must give back to china all the territory it has stolen. discussionsjects of included human rights, iran, and the syrian conflict. germany is the only e memberu nation un li's first overseas trip. >> i am joined by simon young. what does china expect from this visit? >> i think china wants to demonstrate its growing importance as an international player. it wants to show that is a responsible world power now. underliningcheng li that by saying that china is
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supporting the peace conference on syria. by coming to germany, china is showing that it believes that germany is its most important partner in europe as mentioned. this is the only european union country that he is visiting on this trip. of course, the trading relationship between the two countries is extremely important. >> as we mentioned in the report, there might be controversial business topics that might put germany in a tough spot. could you tell us about that? >> there is a lot of anxiety about the prospect of a potential trade war. this is because china has said that it will retaliate if the european union goes ahead and impose is a punitive tariff on china because you're alleges that china is subsidizing its solar panels, exports to europe. the europeans are not happy. it is clear that neither side wants a trade dispute at this
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time. the germans are looking to compromise. they have been talking about avoiding all kinds of conflict. it seems to be bearing fruit. the european commission and chinese officials will be holding talks in brussels on monday. we will have to see what comes out of that. >> our political correspondent, thanks so much for your insight. well, this year's cannes film festival has come to an end and the best actress award went to a french actress. the mailuce dern won in territory -- the male category. "blue is the warmest caller tells an intimate love story between two young women." >> do you want to hear the records? >> we stay in france because a large demonstration is being held in paris against the legalization of same-sex marriage and france. police say 150,000 protesters
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took part in denouncing the new bill. the president recently ratified the law after months of fierce debate. the law legalizes gay adoption. >> these protesters refused to give up, although the measures they oppose have already passed into law. for them, the newly instituted right of gay couples and france to marry and adopt children is not acceptable. >> we believe a child needs a father and mother to grow up and develop normally. >> over half the french are in favor of gay marriage, but that has not stopped conservative protesters taking to the streets to fight the change. >> we can't give up. we have to make it clear that the family and the right of the child to a family is important. we want to stop further concessions and perhaps get the law repealed.
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if the makeup of parliament changes, we will make a push for that. >> although president holland's popularity may be plummeting, it is too late to stop one of his pledges -- france's first gay wedding is scheduled for wednesday. >> france's interior minister said the stabbing of a soldier in paris could have been a terrorist attack. the soldier was on joint patrol with police and the busy underground shopping mall when he was stabbed in the neck. anti-terrorism investigators are combing it surveillance footage. the incident came days after two at a sailors killed a british soldier. authorities are treating that as a terrorist attack. the british foreign office has confirmed that one of the suspects in the london attack was arrested and kenya in 2010.
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the kenyan government believes that michael -- was preparing to fight somali military group al shababb. more people have been laying flowers where the soldier was murdered. he was run over by a car and brutally stabbed on wednesday. coming up, all the way to sports news, including the triumphant return of byron munich. more news in brief around the world. in india, and attacked by killed 24titchists has victims. many were the leaders of the governing congress party. it occurred at the end of a political rally. brazil says it will cancel a majority of the debt is owed by 12 african countries.
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the announcement came at the 50th anniversary of the african union. brazil said it was writing off 700 million euros. hundreds have demonstrated in taiwan against the countries nuclear policy. they say a planned referendum on whether to complete the island's foruth nuclear power plant is unfair. the government says it will only accept a no vote it turned out reaches 50%. sports news. the winners and losers of saturday's championship league germany they arrived in munich saturday. was the first major international title for the players. who lost thet match, there is the consolation
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of a warm reception from their fans on their return home. the players held their heads high when it returned from london. the fans showed their appreciation despite the final defeat against byron. it's a sade end for the players and their coach. >> we are still very disappointed. obviously of first, we were frustrated. was a big disappointment. but we quickly realized that we lost to a very strong opponent. >> the victorious team flew back to munich with the trophy. the players were met by the sort of weather expected in england, but the wind and rain could not dampen their spirit. the night before, they celebrated winning the fifth european title. winner in thethe closing moments.
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>> when you score a goal in the last minute it is like a dream. it is so hard for me to believe it really happened. >> the match itself was a tense affair. on.mant took control early fans had to wait until the second half for a goal. robins set up mario -- in mat the viewing event unich went wild. but they battle back. fan's was a dortmant turned to celebrate. but robins scored a crucial goal to crown an incredible european campaign. >> excitement is building up for tennis fans ahead of this week's french open. one name in particular is on everyone's lips. that of 7 time champion nadal.
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after a break due to injury, the clay court specialist looks back. than's back and better ever -- spanish tennis ace nadal. since february, he has won six tournaments. >> it is unbelievable. i am trying back, to enjoy every moment heard >> the layoff was long. he missed seven months with the damaged knee. when nadal threw himself back into trading, he was spurred on by the encouragement from his fans. father to mother and facebook, to twitter, it was very important all the support
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in a low moment. >> the struggle was worth it. one week ago, he powered past roger federer. it was a statement of intent -- he's back to his best just in time for his favorite competition. >> on to form the one where a german driver has won the prestigious monaco grand prix. the drive starr did from pole position and managed to avoid trouble. his adopted monaco's home by his father won the grand prix here 30 years ago. that is all from us for now. for me and the rest of the team in berlin, thanks for watching. stay with dw for more news.
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>> oh my god. tornadonday a huge ripped through oklahoma city. the storm was one of the most powerful to hit the united states in recent years. 400eft 24 people dead and injured. seven of the victims were children killed when the roof of an elementary school collapsed as winds hits 320 kph. >> the tornado came in and i was so afraid. i was hanging on. i saw that. all the dirt was in my eyes. >> a state emergency was
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declared in the region. thousands of people have been left homeless. tornado damage is estimated at between $2 billion and $5 billion. rebels battled government forces for control of the strategic town. more than 50 people were reported killed there on monday alone. rebels say that lebanese hezbollah have been fighting on behalf of president syria. parties tobring the a peace conference in geneva are ongoing. members of the syrian opposition met in turkey were later in the week to decide if they would attend. the russian or the ministry said al-assad's government was willing in principle to go to the talks. marks the 30th
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anniversary of the discovery of the virus that causes aids. on the 20th of may, 1983, sicence published two articles on hiv. the virus invades and destroys the cells of the immune system. the pandemic has killed more than 30 million people with the worst infection rates and sub- saharan africa. visited theesident white house. is the first visit to washington by a leader of the country in 50 years. his efforts lauded to institute democratic reforms. the general was once part of the ruling junta, but has led the transition toward civilian government. >> raymond -- >> the co founder of the 1960's rock group the doors died on
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monday. he was the keyboard player behind their distinctive sound. fronted by jim morrison, the band sold 100 million albums worldwide. ♪ come on baby light my fire ♪ german clinic.ed in a he was 74. pressure continued on germany's defense minister over his role in the euro-hawk drone project. it was scrapped recently over half a billion euros were spent. the defense ministry knew about fundamental flaws in the system for years. >> given that he knew about the problems he's to explain why he applied for more funding from
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the budget committee. even though it was clear that this project have failed. a cover-up on his part and says he will provide parliament with all the relevant details. i would be appropriate that of former lawmakers and the bundestag first and then the public. approaching,ions the coalition partner in government is distancing itself from decisions which are seen as wasting taxpayers' money. tuesday, a german public broadcasters said it had documentary evidence that the neo-nazi killer gang had been identified as possible terrorists in 2000, before the began a series of 10 murders. this secret document from the domestic intelligence agency in saxony warned of the group's criminal activities.
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the sole surviving member of the group is on trial. guardiany, iran's council announced it was borrowing it the former president for standing in upcoming elections. he's seen as a reformer. the guardian council says he's too old to stand. 8 candidates have been approved for the election on june 14. most are conservative. the council barred the candidate favored by the outgoing president. he's a close aide of . ahmadinejad. on wednesday, a british soldier was hacked in a savage attack in a london street. a passer-by shot this video that shows one of the attackers justifying the killing and threatening more violence. >> we apologize that women have to witness this today -- >> the attackers encouraged people to film them. >> they do not care about you.
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the twort time later, men were shot by police officers and arrested. the british government's emergency response committee met the following day and decided not to raise the terrorist alert level despite the terrorist nature of the attack. people who did this were trying to devise us. -- divide use. they should know that something like this will only make us stronger. >> david cameron went on to declare the attack of the trail of islam. police have carried out a series of raids. officials say the attackers were previously known to security services. movment was in the spotlight in germany on wednesday with the conviction of a man accused of attacking
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police officers at a demonstration last year. 26-year-old afghan born german received a suspended sentence. he was part of a group of hard- line islamists who took part in a protest against the far right up.i- mosque gro overce trial that left -- the events that left police with stab wounds. on wednesday, the european union decided to go after $1 trillion ueros in tax revenue. at a settlement, heads of state and government agreed on a number of measures ro end banking secrecy. the european economic crisis has raised pressure on member states to collect more taxes but the deal is far from done and could derail the find points not worked out with non- eu stay it's like switzerland. >> amnesty international
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released its annual report on wednesday. the focus this year was on the situation of non-governmental organizations. russia2013, all ng's in had to register as foreign agents. many receives funding from abroad. authorities see this as meddling in the countries internal affairs. amnesty international says that the situation is dire. the egyptian government sees foreign funding as a threat and has moved against ngo's. ofy view this as a betrayal the values of the uprising that toppled the mubarak regime. ♪ germany city celebrated the 200th anniversary of wagner's birth. revered andthe most most reviled composers. but to mark the grand occasion,
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his birth city unveiled a new statute. it shows him standing before silhouette representing the shadow his fame would cast in future. key jury address on thursday, barack obama defended the use of drone strikes, and calling them of legal means of fighting terrorism. but the president did acknowledge concerns about accountability and civilian casualties. obama launched a new attempt to close the military prison at guantanamo bay. >> today, i was again called on congress to let the restrictions on detainee transfers from gitmo. >> obama told the audience that guantanamo has become a symbol around the world for an america that flouts the rule of law. also on thursday, the social
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democrats celebrated their 150th anniversary. >> i want to express my gratitude and recognition to everyone who has battled for freedom, justice, and solidarity to improve the lives for millions of people. >> the current leader told the audience that the mission is more important than ever. >> our challenge remains the same to this day in the face of increasing social and cultural division, both in europe and in our own society. that is to create the necessary conditions for every individual to have a chance at a successful life. >> the anniversary also falls in the middle of an election year. despite the upbeat rhetoric, surveys show the sdd polling
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near record lows. of rioting ink stockholm, unrest spread outside the swedish capital on friday. cars and buildings were set on fire. swedene worst unrest in in years. schools and even a police station have been burned. began after police shot dead a man last weekend. but deeper problems are being blamed. >> if the police shooting was the spark, then the underlying reasons are years of feeling hopeless. % of the inhabitants are emigrants, unemployment is high, and young people see few prospects for the future. yet moreiday's solid snow for regions of germany a
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week before summer starts. that meant plenty of fun for kids but less for driverse.
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