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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  May 26, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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>> this is al jazeera. >> welcome to newshour. i am nick clark in doha. rockets fall on beirut. fears that the syrian civil war spreads beyond its borders. colombia's government and rebels strike their first concrete deal over land reform. violence and arrests at a mass rally in france as anger mounts over plans to legalize same-sex marriage. the dream lives on for boeing's
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787. back in the air for the first time in months. the war in syria has entered a dangerous new phase. or the first time, a foreign capital has come under attack. five people were injured when two rockets hit southern beirut. the attack on the lebanese capital follows weeks of fighting by hezbollah and rebels in the north of syria. syria's southern neighbors are also experiencing destabilizing effects. tens of thousands of refugees have fled to jordan, and tensions are high in turkey, especially after a car bombing killed dozens of people two weeks ago. we report from beirut. >> the lebanese army has rocket launchers that fired the rockets in the mountains outside the capital. one of the rockets had this area, an overcrowded
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neighborhood where most people are shia. another rocket hit this car dealership and injured for workers. of della says it was just after 6:30 in the morning when he saw a flash of light and heard the explosion. he rushed to the parking lot and was the first person to get there. >> it was terrifying during the first few seconds. >> these attacks were not entirely unexpected. hezbollah's of -- stronghold, they have been on stronghold watching for bombs or suicide attacks. rockets are harder to stop. some syrian rebel groups have threatened action against has a lot areas for supporting the syrian president. -- hezbollahder leader hassan nasrallah proclaimed that they were helping fighters in syria. >> we will absolutely not allowed this type of sedition to
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pass. it is a plan by the u.s. and israel. we need to fight together against this plan. >> the leader of the sunni community also condemned the rocket attacks, but words might not be enough to reassure the lebanese. can expect on, you anything. you cannot rest your head. you have to be on alert. the sectarian strife is coming from syria to lebanon. >> residents of this neighborhood hope this will be an isolated incident, not the beginning of a series of attacks against them. lebanon is divided along the same sectarian lines as syria. most people in the shia community support the assad supportnd most other the rebels. the battles are raging very close by. al jazeera in beirut. >> the attack could have major implications for lebanon and the entire region. has been reaction from the
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united states which says it has been concerned for some time about the role hezbollah has played in supporting the assad regime. a white house spokesman says the attacks underscored the need for democratic transition in syria and that it is time for a side to leave power. syrian opposition leaders meeting in turkey have announced plans to expand the coalition. khaled al-saleh says the group will lead eight new members. it is expected to elect its new leader on monday. the coalition has not yet decided whether to attend talks in geneva next month with the syrian government which are being promoted by the u.s. and russia. israeli forces are investigating an area near the lebanese border after residents there said they heard an explosion. the blast was heard and a lebanese town about 10 kilometers from the border. the army has not attempted any activity or damage. colombia has taken a step closer to a peace deal after months of talks. the government and rebels have
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agreed on land reforms. that has been the rebels' key demand. aftertep forward at last six months of often strenuous peace talks, the colombian government and the biggest rebel group farc finally have something to show for their effort. >> we have agreed on the first point of the agenda contained in a general accord to the end of conflict and construction of a stable and lasting peace. >> land reform and rural development for the first and most compensated issues on the peace agenda. they have been at the heart of the civil conflicts for over 50 years, and it is the main began.farc rebels many rural farmers are at the start of the conflict. many had to abandon their lands and live in remote areas without access to water or government services. now it looks like they may be
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about to solve that. certainty thatth the agreement we have reached about land reform will allow radical change in the countryside of columbia. >> the delegation will meet again on june 11 to start working on the second point of the agenda. political reintegration of the rebels. the lead farc speaker says some details might still need to be ironed out. >> we have advanced in constructing a deal that will be checked over before the completion of the final agreement. >> this announcement could not come soon enough. both negotiators and the santos have been under pressure to show results. this deal gives them breathing space and renews hope for peace to be achieved in colombia. up to zero, bogota -- al jazeera, bogota.
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>> joe biden is on a regional tour in colombia and was met by the country's foreign minister. she said the international community has been supportive during the peace process, and she was very optimistic. 96 people have been arrested in france during a mass rally against same-sex marriage. tens of thousands protesters joined a march in paris on for parliament to reverse a new law. thet was called demonstration for all. tens of thousands of french men, women, and children marching against the new law which allows gay couples the right to marry. their slogans proclaimed quite how strongly they opposed the change. they perceive as traditional family life now in danger. there are really a lot of children, a lot of families, and it is really the family that is under attack at the moment with this law.
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99% of people i have seen are friendly, very cool, peaceful. >> senior members of the main opposition party were among the crowds. despite thete that law now having changed, for them, the fight against gay marriage is far from over. >> the french people have understood that the bill has been signed into law. the bill is bad. i say it now. in a democracy, you have the right to say that and to take steps to ensure that things change. without that, there is no democracy. >> but as the day wore on, tempers began to rise. despite the heavy police presence, some of the crowd started to turn against the authorities. police resorted to tear gas to try to subdue the protesters, and in one instance, a pair of journalists coming the event were attacked. to maket gay couple
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use of the law and marry will have their ceremony and southern france in just a few days time. it is the level of public opposition on show in the streets of paris. it is clear many people in france would like to prevent them from doing so. john mccain, al jazeera. >> french police are investigating as to whether the stabbing of her french soldier in paris on saturday was a copy of the killing of british soldier lee rigby. the soldier was on duty in the financial district of the french capital when he was stabbed in the throat. he is in hospital, but his wounds are not thought to be life-threatening. his attacker is on the run. meanwhile, more details have emerged about one of the suspects and wednesday's attack in london. the uk government has confirmed it provided consular assistance when he was arrested in kenya three years ago. heater sharp has this report. >> it has been revealed that one
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of the suspects held over the murder of a british soldier was arrested in kenya in 2010. accused of in court seeking training with al-shabab in somalia. he complained about conditions in custody. now he his under guard in a london hospital, shot by police following the murder. here on saturday, the family of lee rigby visited the london street where he died. death in a knife attack by the two assailants. or the family and his young wife, this was an ordeal they were determined to see through. the crowds that have gathered here in each day to pay their respects were kept back. the family came to take comfort from the hundreds of flowers and letters and cards left by ordinary people shocked by this brutal murder. that emotion shared by the muslim community. >> we need to stop these things happening in our communities.
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,ny extremist within our midst we have to speak against and stopped from doing this, because prevention is better than a cure. police investigation widens, four more men were arrested, two at this address in southeast london, her neighbor said, shots were fired. police say their investigations are continuing, examining what they describe as a significant amount of cctv footage. al jazeera in london. >> the kenyan government has denied accusations that the suspect had suffered mistreatment while under arrest. peter regressed and has more on that from nairobi. >> we do not have the great deal of detail about what happened to the suspect back in 2010, but he appeared in court on november 23 that year. according to the police, they picked him up along with six other young men on an island to the north. this is an area known for its fairly conservative mosques and
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koranic schools. they were tried to cross over the border into somalia to join our shabbat. i'll shabbat has been fighting to overthrow the somali government for some years. been fightingas to overthrow the somali government fourth of -- for some years. he complained he was not allowed to eat for two days, is denied access to lawyers and his family. the kenyan authorities initially denied he had been here, but then in fact they say he had been charged under a different name. some confusion over what documents he was traveling under. the canyons insisted the documents were legitimate -- kenyans insist the documents were legitimate. when they found no evidence of terrorism, he was allowed to go home. the kenyan authorities have gone on to deny that there was any abuse. there was no record of complaints. they insist they behaved
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ethically within the letter of the law. >> plenty more to come on the newshour, including barack obama heading west to obama to survey the damage from that massive tornado. to survey the damage from massive tornado. , a final game with brazil before heading to barcelona. tanzania has pledged to send more than 400 troops to the democratic republic of congo. a joint u.n. peacekeeping force fighting rebels in their mineral rich east. the announcement came on the third day of the african union summit in ethiopia. results president used the occasion to cancel my hundred million dollars of debt. >> talk of the summit has been cancellation of debts worth
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$900 million, and the biggest benefit or would be congo. it owes hundreds of millions of dollars to brazil. speaking to delegates here, they say it is a drop in the ocean for brazil. africa should be focusing more on developing its raw material, it industries, its mineral wealth so it can to become a rich and powerful on the net -- continent. we also had a meeting on congo. i spoke to the u.n.'s new envoy to the region. ms. robinson said she wanted the country's peace framework in february, to implement that free-market as soon as possible. she says time is running out for the people of that region. .he summit here is not over yet on monday, we are starting to get more information on what kind of message the african union is going to sent to the international criminal court at the hague regarding its case
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against the president of kenya. >> u.s. president barack obama has toured the tornado ravaged town of moore in oklahoma. he promised the people whatever they needed to rebuild. roslyn jordan has this report. >> u.s. president barack obama flew to oklahoma on sunday. he went to console, to listen, to promise. >> this is a strong community with strong character. there is no doubt they are going to bounce back, but they need help. just like any of us would need help. >> obama's visit to the town of moore came six days after an extreme we powerful tornado ripped through it. 24 people, including 10 children, were killed. 1200 families are now homeless. another 12,000 buildings were damaged. the federal government has promised to give residents at sost $3.4 million in cash they can pay for food and housing, but that will not
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nearly be enough. state officials think more residents suffered more than $3 billion in property damage. the insurance industry estimates it could be the second most expensive tornado-related disaster ever in the united states. residents are determined to rebuild. they call this part of tornado alley home. so the word from the president is, the country will help them do that. >> i am a messenger here today, letting everybody here today no him a you are not alone. you've got folks behind you. >> russell and jordan, al jazeera. moore is known -- is in part of the united states known as tornado alley. we went back to find that have residents have rebuilt their communities over the years. >> when this swirling tornado carved its legal path through oklahoma, a shudder ran through greensburg, kansas. >> our hearts sink.
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immediately our thoughts and prayers were with the residents in moore because we knew what they were going through. >> mayor bob dixon and others are member the deadly twister that leveled greensburg years ago, raking up 90% of this midwestern town, telling 11 it -- 11 of its residents. -- killing 11 of its residents. >> we are reliving that mentally with the people of oklahoma. we lost five properties the evening of our tornado. you wake up in the morning, and you realize that you have nothing. you just start over. >> greensburg transformed itself after the twister. a model studied and celebrated by planners from other tornado ravaged towns, like joplin, missouri, still rebuilding two years later, and now moore, oklahoma. >> if they stick together, they can rebuild. they are strong. >> if these stores look brand-
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new, there is a reason. every one of them was built after the tornado. all of this -- but this 1, 1 of two buildings left standing after the twister passed. >> rebuilding was sustainable and used salvaged materials. wind turbines power the town. >> this is what our ancestors taught us, to be good stewards of the land. >> as life gallops on in greensburg, perhaps the most dramatic rebuilding has been to the town's spirit. though the twister still holds the power to haunt. >> after a disaster, you have a choice. you can be humbly grateful you have the opportunity to rebuild and that you did not lose any more lives than you lost, or you can be grumbly and hateful that it happened. there are days when all of us
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just have a time, a tornado moment, and that is going to happen. way to go, sloan! >> with eight grandchildren all born after the tornado, he has learned to celebrate the life that remains. john hendren, l g0, kansas. >> coaster recut reduces almost all of its own energy, and most of it comes from renewable sources. -- coaster recut reduces -- ricaces almost -- costa reduces almost all of its own energy, and most of it comes from renewable sources. >> it is a region uniquely sculpted by the elements, but increasingly shaped by just one. here constant winds are almost guaranteed, and these are the biggest windfarms and latin america. turbines generate enough electricity to power 40,000 homes a month. this is more than just a pet project for coaster recut -- costa rica.
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there will be four new sets of wind turbines, all built by international companies, over the next few years. this region is a template for the possibilities of wind technology. country committed to sustainable energy on a national scale, and aiming to become carbon-free, wind power is set to play an increasingly important role. >> winds are impressive in this area. it is one of the windiest places on the planet. there is more space around to keep producing, to take advantage of the wind, which is fuel. imagine that. wind is fuel. the local economy, there has been huge benefits. my life has changed a lot. for 15 years, i worked for the wind power projects and i have seen the development in that
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unity. personally, i have work to provide food for the workers, and that job has allowed me to build my home, at a car, and even have savings. this landscape continues to play a vital role in the future of power generated by the wind. the findings here will have repercussions across the planet. andy gallagher, al jazeera. >> japan's largest airline has resumed flights of boeing 787 dreamliner jets after more than four months on the ground. first a mystic flight of the 787 after the break. boeing says it modified the jets batteries after two incidents. four months since being grounded over safety concerns, this must've been a welcome nepon airways. a series of issues with the
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batteries that power electrical systems have put the future of the dreamliner in jeopardy. but a new battery system and enhanced protection from overheating has seen the plane get a clean bill of health from aviation authorities. the plane was designed to replace air travel by replacing traditional technologies by advanced components. 15% titanium, 10% steel, and five percent other materials. crucially, it has an all electric system that starts the engines, the ice is the wings, provides cabins with air pressure and temperature. several passengers have been on before -- on board this flight, not bothered by the dreamliner's troubled past. >> i wasn't nervous at all as i heard that they were tightly checking the safety. >> i was determined to take this flight no matter what. i have been waiting for the state to come and patiently. -- this day to come and
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patiently. >> perhaps not as impatiently as the airline bosses. >> no matter how many times we say that it is safe, it will not be believed. the only way is to keep each and every reminder flight safe so our passengers finally say it is safe. >> other airlines have resumed flying the dreamliner commercially, but none have as many 787's in service. it is a key moment for boeing. 787s because developing the has already cost of $32 billion. with current orders, the plane is not likely to make a profit for at least the next and years. -- 10 years. which means boeing is hoping that all issues that have arisen will finally be put to bed. >> dozens of protesters have gathered and the greek apple of athens. -- capitol of athens.
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they are protesting against a government plan to build a state-funded mosque in a suburb. they say the money could be education.t on the chinese premier is warning against a global trade war, pitting his country against europe and the united states. li keqiang is in germany, one of his country's most crucial trading partners. nick spicer has more from berlin. >> the welcome was top drawer. berlin sees china as critical to german growth. beijing sees germany as the go to country for problem solving in europe. a special relationship, as germany sees it, one which brought angela merkel to china twice last are to visit leaders. >> the chinese-german relationship is in the fast lane and should develop more quickly. we want to create a new dynamic. we have the best condition -- conditions. has done far better
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economically than most of its eurozone partners in part because of demand outside of europe. here chinese managers are touring a german plant which makes precision built airplane part. >> the chinese market is for everybody very important, not only for us. a market is important because there are many people living there and they need many things. >> germany is by far china's biggest commercial partner in the european union. $180 billion in trade last year. germany represents just under one third of the eu's trade with beijing. volkswagen sold 2.8 million cars in china last year. the chinese are customers germans want to keep happy, even if they occasionally feel they need to talk about human rights. cluesng china happy and supporting beijing and its lobbying efforts to prevent tariffs on chinese made solar panels.
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the european commission says china is selling them under cost, killing competition in europe from companies like this one in germany. even though brussels decides on trade issues, germany has been warning against tariffs. >> germany and china are convinced that protectionism is goodn answer for a relationship in a globalized, open world. germany will do everything to solve trade conflicts in the solar or telecommunication sector. >> germany's economy minister says tariffs would be a grave mistake. what is certain is any trade war could gravely hurt german exports. nick spicer, al jazeera, berlin. >> a film telling the love story of two french women has won the palme d'or for the best film at the cannes film festival. >> "la vie d'adele." [applause]
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">"blue is the warmest color took the top award, despite its explicit lesbian sex scenes. the film is timely given the debate in france about the legalization of same-sex marriage. >> i love the idea of having a big fight in france right now ofut what we call marriage , talkingother women about the occupation of two people in the same-sex. that scene was made two years ago. a cohenrs also included brother's film. it is great. it is a great recognition of all
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the work we put in. it feels so insular when you are doing it. to be honest, first time we had a screening, i did not realize people would see it. >> i was not expecting it. i felt stupid because i said the only sentence i hate. "i was not expecting this." i felt really stupid. >> lots more still to come. since thest six years first climb of mount everest. we meet two of the people who knew them best. >> i am jonah hull and the bangladesh capital. this is the so-called noncompliant garment factory making the cheapest of close in the markets of europe. -- clothes in the markets of europe tri.
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>> with guts and torrential rain with us over the northern parts of asia at the moment. behind me on the chart, it is gradually going to be running eastwards as we head through the day. a very heavy downpours out of this system. north and south korea and down through here, it will be very wet and a lot cooler than it has been recently. as we go south, that is where the weather system came from. now things are calming down for some of us. as we head through monday and into tuesday, most of the rain will pull away to the south. some of us will be more in the way of dry weather. the heavier downpours, they will still be with some of us. eventuallye here into the northern parts of vietnam. there is also been wet weather around parts of bangladesh. the area of low pressure is still with us there as we head through monday and into tuesday. we could stay very wet. some showers will be very heavy. towards the west, fine and dry.
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not quite as hot as it has been. 42-43 degrees. in doha, the winds have changed recently. it has become a little bit more humid. no great change for us over the next few days. still rather sticky on our temperatures, 38 degrees. >> welcome back. here are the headlines. there are more signs that the war inside syria is continuing to spread outside its borders. five people have been hurt after rockets hit two neighborhoods in the capital of th lebanon. a land reform deal puts the rebels and the government in colombia a step closer to a peace deal. 96 people have been arrested in france during a mass rally
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against same-sex rally. tens of thousands of protesters join the march in the capital calling on parliament to reverse the law. more on our top story and the conflict in syria. rebel forces are in control of some parts of the country, although there are signs they are losing their grip and andrew symonds traveled there and sent this exclusive report. >> welcome to araka, a city like no other in syria. thestriking thing about city is about how normal it is .ver there, a suite stored there's is nothing normal about what is happening here. what is going on is a battle over opposition forces about who controls what. it is pretty complex, but one thing is certain -- the free syrian army is losing that battle. we started our journey from aleppo.
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no matter how many rockets they fire, this is a city of broken promises. it is nearly a year since rebels stormed aleppo, making the first of many assurances to its people of a free syrian army victory. through the ruins of its streets, we head east, following the trail of another rubble promised. raqqah.ination is ar it is no wonderful opposition -- it is now under full opposition control. the vista of the river euphrates, all now in rebel hands. checkpoints ahead do not give any clue as to which part of the divided opposition has the governing hand. two groups want to form an islamic state. whomever it is, at first sight, ar raqqah looks at the city in
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peacetime. volunteer police, a constant power supply, traffic lights, well supplied markets. it may look pretty normal, but what is happening in the city right now makes it like no other city in syria. there is one event that many see as a warning for the future, a public execution right here. crowds gathered for announcements from a group calling itself the islamic state of iraq. these three men are about to be shot dead. the leader of this group is the al-nusra front. another group says sharia law in the city means those found guilty of murder to face public execution, but he told me the new breakaway movement would be a setback. we divide the al-nusra front
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and the islamic state of iraq against the split. god willing, we will topple the regime before it uses this against us. this is a city that used to show loyalty to assad. its people are now reluctant to speak and are often looking to the sky in fear of airstrikes. this shoe store was destroyed in a bombing a week ago that killed eight people. life is good. all of my stock was inside. >> after the frenzied celebration of a fallen city, assad's face no longer stares
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down. what replaces it is unclear. with the power balance as it stands, it certainly will not be the colors of the free syrian army. it will be black, like the flag raqqah'ss on ar skyline. many fear this could be too good to be true. andrew symonds, al jazeera. >> india is investigating a maoist attack that left 24 people dead. among the victims, several senior congress party leaders, including a man who founded an anti--maoist militia state. it is a huge blow to the ruling party which had been campaigning to win back the seat -- the state in next year's elections. it is being called one of the most lethal attacks ever by maoist rebels. the attacks struck at the heart of india's ruling political party. among the dead and injured are well-known congress leaders,
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including the man who led the campaign against the groups. >> maoists attacked our convoy of over 25 vehicles. the rebels surrounded us. he got out of this vehicle and urged them not to kill anybody but him. a landmineay exploded, hitting one of the vehicles in the convoy before as many as 200 rebels opened fire. the killings are a huge blow to the congress party as it prepares for elections in 2014. the parties leadership including the prime minister and party president rushed to the state to visit the wounded. >> absolutely. i think it is despicable. >> it is a heart shattering incident, the likes of which has never happened before. it poses a big challenge to the indian government, as well as the government of the state. >> this is the second time in just over a week that maoist rebels have struck targets in the state.
11:37 pm
eight days ago, they killed at least one soldier when they attacked security force vehicles in the same area. thele gathered outside chief ministers residence to express their frustration at the lack of safety. and the police's inability to stop the violence. according to the home ministry, the maoist are now present in 20 of india's wendy eight states and have thousands of fighters. the prime minister said the maoists pose the most dangerous threats to india's internal security. al jazeera, new delhi. president hamid karzai's older president -- older brother has announced plans to run for president. he is expected to run as an independent candidate. analysts say it is a ploy by the country's most powerful family to maintain their powerful position. hamid karzai is not eligible. >> president karzai has not yet said he backs his brother.
11:38 pm
he has not said who he will support in the election. >> more details have emerged about a gun battle in central kabul between the taliban and afghan forces that lasted several hours on friday. 10 employees of the international organization for migration who hid inside a fortified room during the firefight spoke out. they praised the afghan police who came to the rescue. six people died in the battle which started with the suicide bombing. >> this was a preplanned attack targeted at us. first of all, full investigations have not yet been done. there may be a different conclusion afterwards, but they forcede way themselves in, the way they knew where to go once they were inside certainly provides every indication that they were coming for us.
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>> bangladesh's garment industry is under pressure from both europe and the united states to improve safety conditions and workers rights. a senior u.s. delegation is in the capital for talks. these issues will be discussed by eu leaders meeting in brussels this week. we went inside one factory to take a look at conditions. >> the garment industry in bangladesh, central to the south asian country's economic revival and key to the profits of western retailers. it is an industry that has grown uncomfortable in the spotlight after a spate of workplace disasters, so we had to film secretly. >> we would like to have look inside. can we? >> no. >> one factory did open its doors to us. classified, c-grade, noncompliant, this is the
11:40 pm
average factory floor in an industry that employs millions of workers on minimum wage and sometimes hazardous conditions. close made here are destined for spain, poland, the netherlands, and the uk. there is no fire escape apart from the main door. the workers have no rights. they do not belong to unions. many appear to be very young. who is to blame for conditions like these? there really is no simple answer to that. shared responsibility to an appetite for cheap goods abroad to the neglect of factory owners and managers, regulations that are not enforced, and total lack of industry oversight. following frequent and often violent protests by garment workers, the government said it will raise the minimum wage and make it easier to form workers unions. but human rights groups say much more must be done and fast before disaster strikes again. >> at the very least, we have to
11:41 pm
go back to the drawing board and look at what the standard regulations are, and sure the the basic minimum -- ensure very basic minimum, and build upwards. in all of this, the issue of dignity of workers must be central. >> this garment worker was fired for trying to form a trade .nion to protect her rights she asked that we hide her identity. >> in all the time i was working, i saw many bad things. they used to swear at us. they used to hit us. they would get rid of people for no reason. >> the dignity of workers is secondary to profit for the owners, retailers, and consumers. the best price is always the lowest price. most of us are a bit to blame for that.
11:42 pm
jonah hull, al jazeera. >> this week sees the 60th anniversary of edmund hillary snd can sin nor -- more date'a ascent of mount everest. it is the home of one of the most famous people in climbing history, nor gay sherpa. most about everybody tell you where his house is. 60 years ago, he in edmund hillary from new zealand became the first people to summit mount everest. >> my father was, he was a different person. not like other sherpas who climbed because it was a wave looming -- living for for them. my father climbed and explored and loved that. >> his house includes a private museum. >> the king's medal. there is no king of nepal
11:43 pm
anymore. the ussr does not exist anymore. things. historic my cousin has done it like 19 times. he died last year. 1996, he also climbed everest. the equipment displayed here gives visitors a good idea of how difficult his ascent was and those his father made. >> climbing for me was more of a pilgrimage. it was more of a way for me to sort of follow in my father's footsteps in the sense to get to know him better by climbing this mountain, going on the same journey that he took. him gave along the way, he also made the sherpas famous. he became a hero overnight. in a world which still has white tenzing was known for
11:44 pm
his name. for almost every foreigner clymer, at least one sherpa guide is assigned. >> if you ask sherpas today, why are you climbing? , they just want to get to the top, take a photograph, and come back and make a book. >> since they climbed everest, more than 3000 people have made it to the top. it was these two men who showed the way and prove to the world that it was possible to reach the highest point on earth. al jazeera, india. >> the oldest climber to reach the top is it-year-old japanese japanese man.old he said the only piece of
11:45 pm
advice he was given was to come down alive. a nepalese climber who is one year older than him is preparing his own ascent up the mountain. for me to be able to climb at the age of 80 would have been impossible without the help of the sherpas. we were completely dependent on them. >> extraordinary. coming up in a few minutes, a small village in the sprawling metropolis. why some families in south korea are choosing to live together. in sport, find out who managed to skip the crash course.
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>> japan has agreed to lend my and mark $500 million to help kickstart the country's economy. 'sinzo abe canceled myanmar
11:47 pm
remaining debt of nearly $2 billion during a meeting with the president thein sein. abe said it was in recognition of myanmar's political and economic reforms. south korea is in the middle of a housing boom. many people are getting priced out of the market. high rents are forcing some families to consider new living arrangements. the story from seoul. >> an afternoon at home watching the kids. these are not her kids and it is not her, or at least not only her, kitchen. her family came together with eight others to build what may look from the street like another suburban lowrise block, but on the inside has become a mini village. entirely meals are taken together, childcare is shared, and they even hired a teacher to supervise afterschool studies in a purpose-built western. -- classroom. >> we were not trying to build
11:48 pm
an old-style village, but it must've been like this. acton, mothers would take care of neighbors kids and people would cook for each other. the legacy of the culture is still within us. >> it is a lucky -- a legacy that the government is try to resurrect an unattended to a dress serious financial and social restraints. attempt to address serious financial and social restraints. one recent survey found that a two year lease for a typical apartment requires an average upfront deposit $230,000. the mayor is spending $70 million this year to subsidize cohousing developments as he pushes the concept of a sharing economy. savingsharing economy is the costs, effective not only concerns butens' also for the city as will. >> last year south korea's share of debt to income reached a nine-year high, the house --
11:49 pm
the price of housing and raising children the reason why. cohousing seems to offer a sensible solution. one academic questions the likely take up in south korea. >> korea is a very competitive country where people think about how they can outdo each other. competition is so intense that they are not used to the idea of communal living. unless awareness of cohousing is developed, it may be difficult to implement. >> for a small number, it is a scheme that seems to work. and it is a growing number. residents here have already helped build another similar block nearby, and a third will be open soon. harry fawcett, al jazeera. >> let's move straight on to the days sport. >> thank you. resilient football sensation name are has played his thought -- brazilian football sensation has made his anticipated move to barcelona.
11:50 pm
in the first round of the brazilian league. he will officially join the spanish champions on monday having signed a five-year contract worth an estimated $75 million. the player failed to sparkle in this 0-0 draw, but he stuck to his fans after the match. -- spoke to his fans after the match. >> i am still digesting what is happening. it is stuck in my throat. it is a great satisfaction and a huge honor to have played in this great team santos. i'm very happy. >> even though he has not arrived yet, barcelona still has level -- little trouble winning. redrickruit as -- does -- rodriguez fielded a win. one victory away from equaling real madrid's total from last
11:51 pm
season. real madrid was against rail sociedad. a 2-0 lead. sociedad rallied. 3-2 up, madrid. 10 minutes left. .he last-minute equalizer scoiedad's rival valencia back to win against granada thanks to a second goal fro. valencia occupies the fourth champions league spots and are two points ahead of sociedad with one game remaining. a day of high tension in italy. south korean rapper psy was booed during his performance. fans of both clubs have come under -- -- have come under
11:52 pm
attack for racist chanting. fans also clash ahead of kickoff. .he goal from close range the victory means of valencia will qualify for the europe league. nico rosberg has won the formula one grand pre- -- prix. he had to stay clear of plenty of commotion. a crash in nearly the same place as he did in qualifying. a second crash involving max chilton brought the red flag out. andanaged to hold his nerve take the victory. that takes into six in the drivers championship. his red ball teammates -- teammate mark webber completed the lineup. >> to win at home was special. i was able to control the pace. the car was really good. the tires went ok.
11:53 pm
that would be the key to the victory today. >> i am very happy. i am pleased with the result. we know that it is very difficult to overtake here. i think first of all, congratulations to nico. a very controlled race. i think he had the pace and the tires to respond whenever we try to get a little bit closer. >> the world's best tennis players are in paris at this year's french open. 15 time grand slam champion serena williams is the top seed in the women's draw, and she bulldozed her way into the second round. it took 51 minutes for serena to claim the match. 6-0, 6-1. not so good for serena's sister venus. the seven-time grand slam winner lost. venus has not reached the quarterfinals in roland garros since 2006. >> she played really well.
11:54 pm
she did not make a lot of errors, kept bringing a lot of balls back, and competing well. i definitely have to give her a lot of credit for that. seconder champion and seed roger -- roger federer swept aside his first challenger. , 6-2, 6-2.ight sets world number five carrere -- ferrer is through in straight sets. nevali came into the final stage with a four minute lead despite finishing down and 45th on the final day, he was cheered on by fans. it is his first ever triumph after finishing third in 2010 and second in 2011. won hiss mark cavendish fifth victory in this year's race. a good day for another italian. this time at the pga championship at wentworth.
11:55 pm
nana cerro has become the youngest ever winner in the 50th year history of the pga championship at just 20 years and 37 days old. he beat written simon, with a britain's simon khan with a birdie. >> everything came together this week. i managed to play well. i managed to stay in convention after a tough day on friday and pull it off with this playoff. i am the happiest man in the world right now. >> there is much more sport on our website. are the latest, check out and twitterogs feeds from our sports team around the world. it is all your sport for now. more later. >> thank you very much grade we wrap up this newshour with a little sport. take a look at this. professional wrestling and
11:56 pm
mexico has turned 80 years old. -- in mexico has turned 80 years old. they decided to celebrate i put in on a free show -- by putting on a free show for the enthusiastic crowd in mexico city. wrestling is a pretty important tradition.
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