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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  May 30, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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>> answering the call, hundreds of rebel fighters enter the besieged city of 'cusear. >> it's a world war being waged against syria. were confident of our victory. >> no backing down. syria's president describes a fight against tens of thousands of terrorists. >> hello, also on the program, not guilty. two former serbian security officials are cleared of war crimes by an international tribunal in the hague. embarrassment for brazil, a football match with england's
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being suspended over safety fears the main stadium of next year's world cup. plus -- >> i'm wayne hay reporting from northeast in myanmar where yet another town has been torn apart by anti-muslim violence. >> the battle for control of a key city close to syria's board we are lebanon is intensifying. the syrian opposition, national coalition, says hundreds of rebels are pouring into krusear. both sides are refusing to compromise. here are the main developments. in an interview with hezbollah's television, the syrian president said he's very confident a victory. meanwhile the main opposition coalition is refusing to take part in peace talks, demanding any negotiations must lead to assad's resignation. there have been reports that government forces supported by hezbollah fighters were close to regaining control of krusear but just within the past couple of
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hours, 1,000 syrian rebel filetters have apparently stormed into the city. >> more than 1 a. fighters from the free syrian army are now joining the resistance to defend it against the terrorist invaders infiltrating our country from lebanon and other places. they are flooding in to liberate it. >> after more than a week of talks, the opposition syrian national coalition reached a deal on expanding its membership but it has elect to elect a new leader. we are covering the meeting in istanbul and he sent this report. >> after intense negotiations that lasted for eight days and suspicions the open session coalition might not ever agree, members here finally announced a deal. they will be expanding the coalition by 51 members. of those 51, 15 seats have been assigned to the free syrian
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army. 14 seats to other resolutionarry groups on the ground and finally 12 seats have been going to members of the liberal block led by secular opposition figure michelle kilo. that had been one of the demands by the international community to ensure a more representative opposition coalition with liberal figures, not just figures from islamic parties ahead of proposed peace talks in geneva. .f and when they happen all of this, of course, tied to the opposition on the ground. we heard remarks from the opposition leaders here in the battle is important for them, that they're not willing to sit on any negotiating table without first ensuring that a siege is listed off kusair. on hezbollah's tv channel video of syrian government forces retaking an air base near the san francisco border town.
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fighters from hezbollah, shiit group based in lebanon, were heavily in the battle. the role important for the success of assad's regime and one of the reasonsp opposition pulled out of peace talks that were supposed to take place in geneva. translator: to talk of international conferences and diplomatic solutions is farcical, meaningless. the syrian national coalition will not take part in any diplomatic initiative in the face of this invasion by militias and hezbollah fighters n syrian soil. regaining control of qusayr with the coast of the allied sect, the battle is taking heavy toll on civilian population. heavy bombardment from regimes flattened lard areas of the city. anti-government groups say
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qusayr is surrounded. >> after the destruction of the field hospitals, more than 1,200 injured tweeted 20rks0 in serious condition and doctor as announced they have run out of oxygen. we're calling for immediate evacuation of the injured. we cannot find shelters for them. >> with hezbollah's house, assad centers that hurt around damascus and centers of the country. still much of the east and syria is beyond ss control. >> today anyone who is following the situation in the field, recognizes that our armed forces are in charge. any israeli aggression will not pass without any retaliation and the retaliation will be equivalent to the aggression and weapons used. >> the syrian regime may be emboldened by the arrival of a russian air defense system. a shipment. weapons that israel considers a threat to its security. as the situation deteriorated,
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syrian's embattled opposition has been under pressure to commit to the peace talks in geneva but they are the ones trying to exert pressure and while they may not get what they want in terms of ending involvement of iran and hezbollah in the conflict, they may at least manage to secure humanitarian measures from the international community to get injured out and bring food and medicine in. al jazeera, istanbul. >> let's focus on president assad now and he's -- hear some of what he had to say in an interview with hezbollah tv channel. translator: it's a world war being waged against syria, where confident of our victory and i reiterate syria will remain supportive of resistance more than ever in any place in the arab world. hezbollah is willing to defend syria, they will defend a number of fights, a couple of hundred to 2,000. we're speaking of tens of thousands of forces and tens of thousands of armed terrorists. hezbollah could not send enough
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fighters given enough terrorists and size of the country. we don't engage in fighting in order to divide the country. if we meant to do so, the progress of the battle doesn't suggest we're seeking division. on the contrary, it's meant to maintain the territorial integrity of syria. we responded to all of the party that's communicated with us, arab and foreign. we would respond if any strikes take place. on occasion there's were a number of violations of our skies and we responded immediately. >> a u.n. tribunal cleared two serbian officials of war crimes during the 1990's bosnian war. they were facing charges of crimes against humanitarian. judges said there was insufficient evidence to convict hem. >> they have been in and out of the hague's courts in 2003.
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prosecution presented testimony rom 97 witnesses, 5,000 pieces of evidence were exhibited. but after all of that time, effort and court's money, the serbs are now free men. >> having considered all of the evidence and the arguments of the parties, the statute and rules and based upon the effectual and legal findings as determined by the government find you not guilty and, therefore, acquit you of all counts against you in the indictment. >> in a majority decision, the court decided there wasn't enough evidence linking the former head of serbia state security and deputy with war crimes carried out with men under their command. on the streets of the serbian capital belgrade, the news was welcomed. >> finally good news from the hague. from years the i.c.t. existence, only bad news came to serbs from there.
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>> i think it's compensation for releasing them. i think that's the only reason. >> murders, deportation and transfers in croatia and bosnia herzegovina, by security forces between 1991 and 1995. ivan still remembers the day he and 50 other men were forced to walk through a minefield. suddenly we realized we were in the middle of a minefield. i looked out at the first man in line. one uniformed man came from behind and pushed him towards the mines. they started to exemployed one by one. at the same moment the uniformed man started shooting at us. 20 people were killed by mines or by bullets. >> with thursday's acquittal, the international criminal tribunal for the former yugoslavia has suffered a costly
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setback and people like ivan are still waiting for justice. al jazeera. >> a man accused of killing brashe soldier on a london street last week has appeared in court. 2-year-old michael abdebali was remanded in custody and will appear again next monday. he's charged with the murder of lee rigby and illegal possession of a firearm. second suspect who was also shot by police are still recovering in hospital. in brazil, there was been a football of a grand scale. this sunday's international friendly between england and brazil is on the verge of being canceled over safety concerns. a judge in rio has ordered the match to be canceled off, has to be called off at the newly rebuilt americana stadium, also due to host the confederation cup time next month. but local officials are still hopeful the match will go ahead. famous rio enyu is centerpiece
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of next year's world cup. our brazil correspond has been covering the story and said the cancellation will be huge setback with brazil ahead of the world cup. >> this is the last thing brazil wanted right now. they're supposed to play brazil against england in a very high-pro find friendly that is supposed to be reopening of the kanasa, famousca center piece of football, under construction the last two years. this was going to be the big coming-out party for the new stadium in rio, high anticipation and this has really embarrass brad zill quite frankly. it happened today, which is a national holiday, so we will very to see what fallout there is tomorrow when people come back to work. but make no mistake about it, damage was done no matter what happens. this is really a black eye for brazil right now that they're going to have to try to fix very soon. >> russian officials and businessmen have stolen billions
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of dollars from the 2014 winter lches and that's according to a government opposition leader. boris has released a report claiming widespread corruption ahead of next february's gains and has called for full investigation. >> the main conclusion from the first chapter of our report is that in preparing for the olympics, 25 to 30 billion dollars was stolen. the expenses for the winter olympics in sachi turned out to be more than all expenses for all of the sport structures in all the winter olympics put together. >> on the day organizers unveiled design for the medals and went asked about the claims, top official from the international olympic committee ouldn't exactly deny them. >> people are being used, money being spent. i don't recall and it's not an excuse obviously.
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there might be correspondent in this country. we hope we find ways to go around that. >> a reminder of top stories. hundreds of rebel fighters are flooding into the strategically important syrian city of qusayr near the lebanese border. that's according to the head of the syrian opposition. rebel forces have been close to regaining control of the city in recent days. syrian president assad says he's confident of winning the war against rebel forces. in a television interview he described a conflict being waged n syrian soil. and two serbian security official of war crime, judges say there's not enough evidence to prove they're responsible for some of the worst atrocities of the bosnian war of the 1990's.
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and the european council agreed to add an opposition joint there. a major fighting force against president al assad's governor. james spade has this report. >> the al mufsa front has grown steadily influenced in the last year. its fighters well trained and fearless. some experts argue its units are officially allied to al qaeda and iraq are among the most potent fighting the sydney regime. >> in terps of their effectiveness and debris of ideological radical organization, they are quite significant by sort of setting standard for terror for atrocities, for radicalism and having an influence across syrian rebel movement that's much greater then their actual size. >> the u.n. security council meets regularly to discuss syria. but it's one of the council's committees which holds its meetings behind closed doors that decided to add in effect
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another name for al qaeda in iraq to its list of band organizations. the move was proposed by britain and france, which happens to be same countries whose pressure led to an e.u. decision to allow its arms embargo to lapse. the designation of al musra may seem clear cut here at the u.n. but i have spent some time on the ground in syria and it's clear to me the opposition to assad is made up of loose alliances and shifting allegiances in a place that is so confused deadly and there is no black and no white. it is already the subject of u.s. sanctions. the new u.n. destine designation, which legally comes into force the next 24 hours, means the group is subject to travel ban, arms embargo and freeze of any known assets. al jazeera, the united nations. >> three people have been arrested in bahrain after a remote-controlled bomb exploded
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injuring seven police officers. this happened in a village 10 kilometers west of the capital. more than 60 people have been killed since sunni buddhas began crockdown on protest by the island's shia majority. i u.n. envoy said iraq could zeeped into mayhem unless political leaders find ways to ease tension. more than 20 have been killed in bomb attacks around the cun. one police officer was killed when bomb destroyed a checkpoint in the ca rotia district. in the neighborhood, a car bomb exploded killing four people and injurying a dozen more. >> there have been at least six car bombs in baghdad and in the northern city of mosul. the targets as we have seen have been ordinary markets particularly in shia areas as well as religious school and
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security forces. police in the army are continuing to bare the brunt of the attacks. in the northern city of mosul, a car bomb exploded at a police checkpoint killing 12 policemen, federal police and local officials. some believe this is score settling, vendettas by groips linked with al qaeda against the security forces. a lot of other people believe this increase in attacks is politically linked. and iraq's foreign minister said although there have been security operations aimed at the borders stemming the flow of fighters back and forth from syria, the bombings going off and car bombs are coming from inside iraq. >> for the people of iraq will have suffer so much and that's why you see the anger and people's eyes and statement is different from previous attacks because there has been a pattern the se attacks and
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governor's responsible to double efforts to revise security plans, to contend this wave to resthreapt from sliding into sectarian conflict or war as i and you witnessed in 2006, 2007. >> in a sign of concern over this increase in car bombs and a wave of coordinated attacks, prime minister nouri al maliki has gone walking around security checkpoints showing citizens he's actually on top of things. he's recently replaced top security commanders but iraqis say the problem goes much dealer then that and a lot of people here feel unless the political situation and political crisis is resolved, these attacks will continue. the pakistanly taliban suspended all peace talks with the
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government. the group announced its decision as it confirmed the former deputy was demilled a u.s. drone strike on wednesday. earlier this year the taliban said it was open to talks but negotiations had not gotten anywhere by the time of may's elections. pakistan's income 0ing government promised to continue pushing for a solution. as a mother of ban danned baby rescued from sewage pipe in china won't face criminal charges. newborn named baby 59 after incubater number was discovered saturday. his mother said she could not afford an abortion and delivered her child secretly in the toilet. police are calling it an accident. the baby has been dischargeford hospital and is now being looked after by relatives. alm has been restored for now. al jazeera's wayne hay is there. >> the remains of the mlim
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quarr are still smoldering. shops, mosque and islamic skill were destroyed. burned by groups of buddhists who reacted violently to reports of a muslim man attacking a buddhist woman. but buttists here say they lived alongside peacefully and blamed outsiders for the attacks. >> muslims are friends and neighbors. never gave us any trouble and they never gave trouble to them. >> attackers terrorized muslim areas arming themselfs with machetes and sticks. most people are myanmar are buddhists. attacks spreading lins last year but this is the first incident. the streets are now mainly empty and nighttime kerr few in place. only those who live here are allowed to come and go and
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muslim community is long gone. large full-time military presence and soldiers patrol areas hoping to prevent outbreaks of violence. despite security presence, there's great deal of fear among muslims and soldiers helping people who want to leave their homes. in a show of religious immunity, more than a thousand have taken without given food and sense of safety. among them son of a man hacked to death and body mutilated. >> when i saw my forge's body, i saw three of his fingers cut off and both of his eyes and cheeks pierced with something. >> the religious violence is getting worse and being shared by muslim communities around the country who wonder if they might be next. wayne hay, al jazeera, lashio. >> venezuelan's opposition leader has urged latin american countries to back a full recount of april's elections.
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and bogota clurg a colombian leg of a regional tour. he insists the vote was reached and president medulla's government is illegitimate. venezuela's government accused him of trying to trigger a coup. a regional human rights court told el salvador to allow doctors to perform an abortion on a woman carrying a seriously deformed fetus. the woman's life is at risk and fetus has a condition that results of partial development of the brain and no chance of survival after binge. el salvador banned abortions 14 years ago and does not have to follow the court's ruling. two british executives accused of corruption have gone on trial in cuba. amotto and steven worked for a u.k. investment firm which closed in 2011. men faced charges including bribery and operating outside the firm's license. the father of a chechen immigrant was shot and killed by
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the f.b.i. last week is calling for an independent investigation into his son's death. he was being questioned over possible ties to one of the suspected boston bombers. andy gallagher has more. >> he was at this apartment complex in orlando when he was shot and killed by investigators in the early hours of the morning. one account claims the 27-year-old chechen immigrant was killed following a violent confrontation but details have since become hazy. immigrant being questioned about possible ties with one of the suspects boston bombers and unsolved triple murder case when the shooting happened therein were now serious questions over the official account of how and why he was killed. >> we have confirmed through senior sources in the f.b.i. that was indeed unarmed once in the head, appears to be even back in the head. that's disturbing and we're calling for an investigation to
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make sure excessive use of force that was not used against this unarmed individual. >> his father showed reporters photographs of his son's body and apparently riddled with bullet wounds and now calling for a trial of the f.b.i. agents involved in the case. at one point referring to them as bandits. he had been interviewed several times by officials investigating the bombings in boston, with his family claiming he was fully cooperating. >> he's been coming to their office. very friendly, very open. and he's been trying to give us more information as he knew. more than a lot actually. e didn't know that well. >> the f.b.i. remained silent about what happened in orel but there's concern over the apparent discrepancies in the case. several reports suggest the chef lunge towards investigators with a knife. others said he was about to sign a murder confession but there are more questions then answers. andy gallagher, al jazeera,
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miami, florida. >> meanwhile surviving suspects in the boston marathon bombings has recovered enough to walk and insists enhis brother were innocent. that's according to his mother, who's been speaking about her latest phone scall with her son. 19-year-old was shot during the police search following last month's attack. he's being held in a prison hospital. his brother killed during the manhunt. it's five years since the financial crisis u.s. housing market hit a freefall and now it appears to be on the mend. in chicago, john hen dron reports. >> sarah merts is a victim of a new housing boom. >> here you go. >> she made nine offers on homes in six months and was outbid three times after bidding $100,000 over the asking price, she's getting the keys to her new home in oakland, california. >> i think whatever it takes to 0 get in the housing bay area.
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>> the housing mark, biggest investment of the area has seen three months of gains. home prices took their biggest jump in seven years. an index of 20 u.s. cities shows 10% growth in housing prices last year. highest growth rate since 2006. all of that as wall street is soaring and has americans buying cars. in april car sales jumped 8.5% from the year before. >> we are comfortable in our house and now it's thinking about adding on to the monthly payment. >> not everyone is feeling the real estate boom. next to prospering victim there are vacant properties and a new housing bubble ready to burst. >> i'm distinctly worried at some of the markets we are bidding at prices beyond levels sustainable three to five years now. >> the rising economic tide is not lifting all boats. >> it benefits the majority of the people. minorities, no. .till got to struggle
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>> are you struggling? >> no, i'm good but i can be better. >> new housing boom remains well the level of the last bust, but for any americans any sign of growth is a welcomed confidence booster.
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