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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 30, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> the united states government braces for a shutdown as the deadline looms for a new budget. new reforms proposed by the turkish government. a vote of confidence is land for italian parliament is another crisis engulfs the government. those are the latest headlines. thank you for joining us on "france 24." time is running out for the u.s. government to agree on a new deal. if a new deal is not agreed on the government behind the
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world's largest economy could shut down. that could mean hundreds of thousands of government employees would stop work. there would be delays in pension checks and many parks and museums would close. over the weekend, republicans brought the issue of health care into the mix. >> finger-pointing and playing the blame game on the steps of the u.s. capitol ahead of the monday night deadline for the government to cease operating. >> if this government shuts down, it is because the democrats that control the senate want to shut down the government because they have refused to even consider the compromise we have offered. >> democrats say it is the republicans who started it by attaching amendments on health care reform to a spending bill that would have kept the government running. republicans want the health care
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plan delayed for a year. that is out of the question for the white house. democrats in the senate say republicans will have to ditch the amendment if they wanted to pass at all. >> put the clean funding bill on the floor and let it pass with a partisan votes or force a government shutdown. >> critical services concerning national safety and benefit programs would continue. however, it if the government fails to have spending approved for the coming fiscal year, it would be the first time it has shut down since 1995. >> the pressure is also on u.s. president barack obama. in meetings with benjamin netanyahu, new developments in the relationship with iran is
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expected to be at the top of the agenda. obama wants to reassure netanyahu he will not move prematurely to ease sanctions on iran. let's get more from our correspondent. what more can you tell us about netanyahu's mission in the states this week? >> he told reporters he is going there to tell the truth to the world. he is in washington to try to temper much of the enthusiasm about the new regime in iran and the new president. benjamin netanyahu's performance last year at the united nations he brandished the poster with a
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cartoonlike bomb drawn on it to tell the world about what he calls the iranian nuclear threat. we can expect similar speeches from the premier. >> what is he going to say that will change people's minds? >> he has asked cabinet members to remain mute on the details of his speeches to preserve the surprise effect. we already know what most of the content is going to be. we have heard this line from him and his advisers in the past few days that the new iranian president is a wolf disguised as a sheep. he will remind the international community that same man was bragging a few years back about cheating the international community, talking to it while continuing the enrichment activity. he is going to say he wants to see concrete actions and not
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simply words. he wants to see the cease of enrichment activities before he is ready to join the chorus of nations rejoicing over the overtures. >> the syrian president has again said his administration will comply with the resolution calling for the chemical weapons stockpile to be destroyed. in interview for italian television, besides said his government approves of the plan to eliminate can weapons and agreed to join the convention that outlaws such arms. >> we join the international agreement for preventing the use of chemical weapons before the resolution came to light. in 2003, we had a proposal with
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the united nations security council to get rid of the weapons and have a chemical weapons free zone in the middle east. of course we have to comply. it is our history to comply with every treaty we have signed. >> five car bombs have exploded in baghdad this monday killing at least 24. the deadliest attack killed at least seven including two soldiers. let me bring you more news in brief. the jihadist group has been blamed for an attack on agricultural college in northern nigeria on sunday. at least 42 students were killed when militants opened fire on the college dormitory. they launched an insurgency four years ago aimed at establishing an islamist state in the region and has targeted schools. around 1000 people have marched
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in the capital calling for the government to step down. it is the latest spark in a week of unrest. 33 people have died since the violence started. there are reports that fresh fighting has broken out in mali between government forces and rebels fighting for autonomy in the north of the country. it comes as talks broke down on thursday. earlier this year, friends troops were involved in a military intervention in the country. tough questions after reports senior officials took no action after being warned of plans terror attacks and 67 people were killed in the raid on the shopping complex by somali rebels. 61 people are still missing. the turkish prime minister has
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announced a series of reforms he says should help to ease tension with kurdish people and other minorities. there are plans to lift a ban on headscarves for women in public institutions and a discussion for another political party to enter parliament. we go to our correspondent. why now? >> in march, the kurdish guerrilla group announced a cease-fire. in may it it started withdrawing guerrillas from the country on the understanding the government would make concessions to give the kurds a square deal and make them feel they are not second-class citizens of turkey. the government did not deliver. the kurds complained. things got so bad that three weeks ago on september 9 the kurds stopped withdrawing the
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guerrillas from the country and threaten to pull out of the peace process. the government had to deliver but it did not want to look as if it was just trying to appease the kurds. so this package contains concessions for the women who wear headscarves and the christians the main object is to keep the peace process with the kurds on the road. >> what about reaction from the kurdish population? >> i found a spokesman for the kurdish political party the peace and democracy party, just now. he said there are meetings expected to discuss the package and he could not comment. the major thing the kurds want is for their identity to be it recognized as equal to others in the country. they want the kurdish language to be recognized as the second language of turkey. the package gives them neither. the package says the kurds can
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have private schools in kurdish but how many kurds will be able to afford that? the kurdish majority part of the country is the poorest part of the country. it says nothing about kurdish as a second language. all it says is the ban on kurdish writing and names will be lifted, but they have fallen away anyway. if the kurds fired the package insufficient will they go back to war? that is the tricky question because peace has proved to be popular. for the kurds to violate the cease-fire would blacken their image. i doubt they would want to do that. >> we can see what happens there. thank you. a vote of confidence in the italian leadership is set for wednesday after a number of berlusconi supporters walked out.
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he has been worst to take the issue to parliament and said over the weekend he would resign if he did not win. tensions between the new party and berlusconi's party have reached desperate levels over the plan to increase sales tax. >> the convoy of the italian prime minister arriving at the presidential palace. the objective of the crisis meeting is the formation of a new coalition without calling elections. giorgio napolitano is the man charged with the task of ending the political instability in the country. his first choice is to form a government from the parliament already in place. that government came tumbling down on saturday when five ministers from berlusconi's party resigned. berlusconi urged them to pull their support if the government did not carry through on the plan for tax hikes.
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he then called for new elections. i think there is no other way than to go ahead with elections and do it with conviction as soon as possible. >> meanwhile, napolitano remained reluctant to dissolve parliament. >> they both said they do not want early elections. they both and other people have said italy needs a budget and a new election law at least. >> on the street, there was little sympathy for the politicians. >> it is hard to believe italians who cannot find a job have to worry about the problems of just one single person, berlusconi. >> italy's quest for stability is not just political. the economy is in dire need. recession, high unemployment, and debt. if you cannot thank you -- if
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you cannot find people willing to form a coalition, he may have to call for new elections. >> when he made comments about the roma community last year, he probably did not still expect to be making headlines this week. members of the community have expressed outrage that has been supported by colleagues and others. >> when the minister said france's roma should go back home, it was probably not that he was expecting people not to agree from his own party. >> when you say something like that, you are violating the republican packed. >> the republican packed is in accord of what is considered acceptable by the mainstream
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parties. it does not include those on the margins like the far right. facing anger across political lines, he spoke out any zone defense. >> there have been intolerable statements i am damaging the republican pact and copying the national front. if political debate in france cannot be peaceful, it could at least be reasoned. >> he said he was only responding to national frustration around the roma issue. he is no longer alone in doing so. 16 socialist party mp's came out in his support on sunday. the interior minister is pandering to right-wing voters. public opinion may be on his side. a survey said 93% of people believe roma were not integrating in society and 77% approved of what he said. >> thank you.
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we will be back in 15 minutes. >> they are back on top. the 2005 champions were on the same run as stalemates. they are tied at the top with marseille in third. in england, daniel scored one and provided two sets for the comeback man.
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liverpool 13-1. -- won 3-1. massey has been ruled out of the championship after he injured his side. he scored his 11th goal in barcelona before being forced off after 28 minutes. he will be out of action for two to three weeks. in cycling, portugal has won the men's road race after a grueling battle in italy. the colombian crashed inside the final tone -- 10 kilometers. costa made his move storming home to beat rodriguez.
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costa taking gold with rodriguez second. valverde won the bronze. the canyon broke the world's record on sunday. the olympic champion was on hand to send the runners on their way . an early group of five runners set the early pace on the notoriously fast court. he trained specifically to break the record here and was on pace to do that. when the tempo dropped, the 31- year-old broke free. his compatriot's record was in range.
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he sprinted across the line into hours, 23 minutes, and 23 seconds and shaved marks set at the same venue in 2011. >> i think i was inspired by the one who broke the world record here 10 years ago. >> there was double joy for kenya as she came home first in the women's race. six minutes off the world record pace. that was after the title she won in berlin two years ago. in kuala lumpur, sousa became the first player from portugal to win the final. he lost the first set but produced this passing shot at
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match point down in the second and the tide turned in his final -- favor. sebastian took his first championship race when -- win in spain. he led from the start and kept the lead to consolidate the results. they have won the qualifying race three times this season but had yet to finish on the podium in the main event. eugene boosted his hopes of securing the title by willing a second race of the weekend on sunday. he overtook tom sikes on the
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penultimate lap. he had a shocking into the day overtaken by two others. the 28-year-old going for the first -- from first to fourth in just one lap. >> ♪ >> following the death of the five-year-old, outrage in france. web users marked the upcoming presidential election. a glimpse of what it will look like when it is finally completed. when the five-year-old went
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missing from a park in france in may, thousands of web users joined the hunt for the little girl. pages were set up on facebook to organize. last week, her mother and her boyfriend admitted she was dead and they had hidden the body. the revelations have france outraged with many taking to social networks to voice their anger and disgust. strong words slamming the capital have been pouring in online describing them as monsters and demanding ultimate punishment. some are calling for the return of the death penalty. it has collectively drawn over 65,000 members. they believe they should pay the ultimate price for their appalling act. a stream of hate messages.
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others are trying to urge restraint and let the justice system deal with the perpetrators. they say instead of insulting them and posting hate comments, web users should devote their time to writing tributes to little fiona to keep her memory alive. with a little under six weeks to go before the november 6 presidential election, the majority of the web users believe the current president who has been in office since 1994 is assured of an easy victory even though he has yet to officially announce he will be running. they say the election is nothing but a formality and are openly mocking it online. caricatures of the tajik resident are flooding social networks. they call the election as a farce.
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they want to highlight with more than a hint of irony his control over the country's institutions. web posters criticized the fact the current resident seems to be willing to go to any links to stay in power. they say it is highly unlikely he will be willing to step down. some imagine him as an old man still serving as president in 2020. tajik web users are not only targeting the president. some voters have gone as far as to describe candidates from other parties as clowns working for the current government. google launched a new project this week so web users can read, search, and compare constitutions from around the world. they can learn all about the fundamental laws that govern
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different countries. the fascinating tool is only available in english but is soon to be translated into chinese arabic, russian, spanish, and french. the creator of the art gallery has combined masterpieces with japanese texting to convey emotion. they add a modern twist to the classical works. the reworked paintings are full of surprises. this video recently uploaded to youtube shows what it will look like when the current construction work on the world- renowned roman catholic church is completed in barcelona. the architect began work on the huge monument in 1882.
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this video gives an astonishing glimpse into what it will look like when it is finally completed in 2026. >> ♪
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