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tv   Journal  LINKTV  December 15, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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>> welcome to the journal from dw in berlin. our headlines, germany's new cabinet is unveiled after almost three months after the federal election. south africa holds the state funeral for nelson mandela. hundreds of thousands are back on the streets of the ukraine capital of kiev for pro and antigovernment rallies. >> here in germany the lineup is
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set for chancellor angela merkel's new cabinet. in berlin the chancellor announced her picks to lead the ministers assign the. one is set to take over defense ministry that will make her the first female minister in german history to oversee the military. her predecessor will be interior minister and the finance minister will remain the same. six of the 14 cabinet posts beyond the chance colorry will be occupied by social democrats. two of them served in the cabinet under merkel during the last grand coalition that ended in 2009. for the others this marks their debut in the federal government. >> the day after the rank and file endorsed the coalition deal party leaders announced the
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names of the six ministers in the new cabinet. party leader will led a new economics and energy super ministry and oversee the shift toward renewable energy. it is important to get it right. energy has to be clean, safer and affordable. the minister is perfect for the job. the fortune minister will be the same as in the previous coalition from 2005 to 2009. s.p.d. secretary general will have the labor portfolio. justice and customers protection and the party treasury is environment and construction minister. >> the coalition deal is one thing. to implement it and deal with the challenges is quite another. that is all part of being in
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government. with the women and men presented today we are in an excellent position to tackle the task. >> three women and three men. familiar faces and newcomers. a shrewd choice by s.p.d. leaders after a poor showing in the september election their spirits appear to have been revived by the return to government. >> so, some fresh faces and new responsibilities for some of the old guard. our political correspondent simon young is here to help us put it in perspective. let's start with the first female defense minister. was anyone expecting that? >> i think it has come as a surprise. of course, this is traditionally a male dominated air. she will be a defense minister with s children to look after. but it was clear that she was looking for a big challenge.
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she is held office under merkel before as labor minister and families minister before that. the defense portfolio can be tricky. previous defense ministers have slipped up particularly over procurement problems when things of the euro, drone, scandal, where money was spent but the program was closed. but i think if she gets through without too many problems that alone would be seen as success for her in this new job. >> chancellor merkel still at the helm but big changes in her cabinet. what does that tell us about her grip on power? >> i think she is very much in charge. the christian democrats are in charge and they have the jobs of defense, interior, finance minister and chancellory. a certain amount had to be given to the social democrats to get
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them on board. the balance reflects the election result with the conservatives having done extremely well but merkel's deputy will be taking forward the project of transformiing the energy sector. that is a very important job. but it is clear that going forward angela merkel's christian democrats remain the driving pors. >> simon young, thank you very much. nelson mandela has been laid to rest. his burial took place sunday at his ancestral home in south africa following a state fin funeral. he was a prisoner 27 years after. after his release he was the first black president supervising an ongoing process of reconciliation. >> a final farewell to nelson
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mandela, south africa's an antiapartheid leader was buried on land belonging to his clan. earlier thousands of guests attended a state funeral service. friends, camp radios and international dignitaries came together to remember a leader who held south africa together as it exited the dark years of apartheid. >> thank you. thank you for being everything we wanted and needed in a leader during a difficult period. today mingled with our grief is the enormous pride that one of our own has, during his lifetime and now in your death, united
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the people of south africa and the entire world. >> the funeral brings 10 days of ceremonies to an end. >> the european union announced it is suspending work on a trade agreement with ukraine. it is increasingly clear kiev has no intention of signing the pact. the ukrainian president's decision to reject the offer and pursue closer ties with russia continues to divide the country. both pro and antigovernment supporters held mass rallies in the capital sunday. >> tens of thousands of ukrainians heeded the opposition call to rally in support of the e.u. on kiev's main square. turn out was high. their latest talk is the president's planned trip to russia tuesday to sign trade
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deals. the opposition was the congressmen lip is trying -- kremlin is trying to restab its severe of influence. >> we must do everything we can for the sake of our future. so that moscow doesn't walk all over us. we demand the president not sign an agreement with moscow that would conflict with our nation's interests. >> not far away a smaller crowd showed up in support of the president's party which is backed by many in the russian speaking east. the e.u. accused russia of engaging in a bidding war over ukraine which needs a cash injection to cover debt. one opposition leader said that if he gives up to moscow he might as well stay there. >> syrian activists say air raids on a city have killed at least 22 mostly children.
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syrian state television blamed them on terrorists. that is the largest city and was the commercial capital. it is divided with some districts controlled by pro government forces and others by various rebel groups. opinion polls in chile show presidential candidate michele bachmann heading toward victory sunday. she was former president from 2006 to 2010 and is loping for a big win to pwoepbolster her ref mandate. it is the first presently showdown between two women in chile. >> the two candidates voted early. opinion polls suggested michelle bachelet will win by a landslides. unless her supporters stay home because they expect her to win. that would be dangerousor her. the supporters of her challenge er emily matthei those each vote
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counts if she's to stand a chance. she is an economist who backs business friendly policies. she's criticize the bachelet's leftist ideas as experiments that failed in other countries. >> our agenda is basically about the middle class. we believe the middle class is the backbone of our country. we have to help them. >> matthei was promptly heck manied buy a group -- heckled. bachelet wants to narrow the gap between rich and poor, raise corporate taxes to fund educational reform and revise the constitution. >> i'm convinced that today will be an important day. a day when the people matter. the men and women of our country. >> bachelet has been president once before and served from 2006 to 2010.
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>> sports news and we begin with sunday's bundesliga which pitched two teams chasing european dreams against two simply hoping to avoid relegation. frankfurt turned the book on its head with a 1-0 win. the only goal secured their first league win since september. in the early kickoff a lackluster schalke were able to w win. they failed to score in their last four games. on saturday may earn phaoufrpbg bounced back from the champions league to brush aside hamburg. >> bayern munich against hamburg
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it was more than enough. after 42 minutes this goal was set out. hamburg held up gamely but shortly after the break there was another moment. and that put them up 2-0. some late drama was created with a goal for hamburg in the 86th minute. a substitute got the goal back to create a 3-1 win. >> we can play better but we have won all of our home games and are undefeated so far. it is looking very good. >> bayern is off to morocco after the game. there they hope to add the club
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world cup to their trophy cabinet. >> injury plagued coudortmond w tipped as title contenders at the beginning managed a 2-2 draw saturday. hoffen anahe ee hoffenheim took a 2-0 goal. then dortmond clawed back into the game. the draw means dortmond have won only one of their last five bundesliga contests. here are the rest of the results for the weekend. >> that leaves the bundesliga
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table looking like there with one round left until the went break. at the top that slip-up means m bayern is six clear. in the lower half relegation scrap is tighter than ever. brui irish actor peter o'toole has died at age 81. his agent said the film star died saturday in a london hospital following a long illness. after beginning his acting career on the stage, o'toole became best known for his performance lawrence of aretain kwrafrplt his title role in the 1962 classic earned him his first oscar nomination. eight more would follow for his roles in films including beckett, lion in winter and stunt man. he retired from acting last year
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after a career that spanned six decades. that is all for now. stay with us on d.w. after weeks of mass protest the prime minister the thailand announced she was calling snap elections. >> i would like to notify everyone after listening to opinions from all sides that i have decided to request a royal decree to dissolve parliament in 2013. >> elections were scheduled for february but the opposition said that was not enough. they called for her to step down immediately. >> i don't want that family here any more.
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they should get out of the country. >> she was accused of allowing her brother to control the government from exile. he left in 2008 to avoid a corruption conviction he said was politically motivated. the government later invited all sides to attend talks to discuss ways out of the crisis and that was rejected. >> they have mentioned the reform host by the government. it is not new. they have set up many reform forums but it never succeeds. >> the opposition wanted an unelected people's counsel to map out a new future. >> monday france began disarming rebel grooves in the african republic. at least 600 have been killed. two elite french soldiers were
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killed on patrol on monday. the premiered and paid tribute to the fallen troops. the crisis began in march when muslim rebels overthrew the president. more than 160,000 have since fled their homes. later the african union designeded to beef up its force in the country. >> the world bid farewell to nelson mandela this week. the memorial ceremony was a massive event worthy of south africa's first black president. it was a mixture of joyful remembrance and grief.
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mourners came from all over the world. they included some 90 current and former heads of state and government. the event brought people together who normally do not sit together. one speaker after another praised mandela as a great reconciler even beyond his death. u.s. president president obama compared mandela's achievements with the life's work of mahatma ghandi, abraham lincoln and martin luther king. >> he tells us what is possible, not just in the pages of his books but in our own lives as well. >> and many were amazed to see what was possible even during the ceremony. barack obama in an historic hand shack with cuba's president raul castro. they have been arch foes for
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decades. for south africans the day had special meaning. many johannesburg residents stayed up all night hoping to get a seat in the stadium. even the bad weather couldn't discourage them. >> there is nothing we can do to repay him for what he has done for this country. i do want to say thank you to him. >> i only hope that tpwod blesses him -- god blesses him even more and ancestors protect him where he is going now. >> a celebration of one of the great men in world history, an unforgettable moment for south africa. >> the winners of the nobel prizes collected their awards this week. the director general of the organization received the peace
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prize for his organization. the watchdog was honored for its lead roll in organizing the destruction of syria's chemical arsenal. since the inception in 1997 the opcw has eliminated 80% of the world's declared chemical stockpiles. >> the founder of the french firm at the center of a global scandal was convicted of fraud on tuesday. mas was sentenced to four years and fined 75,000 euros for hiding the substandard nature of his company's product. p.i.p. used industrial grade silicone to make breast implants that had an abnormally high rupture rate. >> on tuesday uruguay became the first country in the word to legalize the production, sale and consumption of marijuana. the senate debated the measure
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12 hours before finally putting it to a vote. outside hundreds of supporters held a party to celebrate the news. the government hopes the legislation will take the market away from the drug cartels. critics say it will lead to more drug use. two-thirds of the general public opposed the move. the united nations condemned it as a clear breach of international law. >> demonstrators continue to protest all week in ukraine demanding president yanukovych resign. wednesday riot priest tried to break down -- police tried to break down the protest eers. that is how we are. we won't back down. yanukovych might as well resign because we will never forget what happened hear. >> diplomatic efforts to resolve the standoff intensified. e.u. foreign policy chief
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visited the protesters and said president yanukovych told her he intended to sign the association agreement of e.u. that was what tricked the protest, his refusal it sign. but opposition leaders remain concept confidential. yanukovych sat down with them later in the week. he offered an a.m. messity for detained -- amnesty for detained protesters. they say they won't leave independence square until he leaves office. >> wednesday also saw a suicide bombing in the afghan capital kabul. the attacker drove a vehicle into a german army convoy near the airport. authorities say no one else was hurt. the taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. it came just as germany's defense minister was visiting troops in northern afghanistan. he toured the last remaining
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military base in the country. he was there to discuss continuing the international military operation after next year's official withdrawal. he called the attack in kabul worrying and said it did not change anything. >> we always have to expect this kind of thing. the situation remains unstable. but that is no reason to deter us from our course. >> back in germany judges dismissed a compensation claim related to a 2009 air strike in northern afghanistan. two fuel tankers seized by the taliban were blown up in the attack. at least 91 were killed, many of them civilians. the strike was ordered by the german army colonel who feared that the tankers could be used in a suicide attack. victims sought damages from germany but the court ruled there was no breach of conduct.
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>> mali's president was in berlin wednesday for tailbacks with merkel. he appealed for more assistance in rebuilding his country following the islamist surge insurgenty. rebels were being took over in 2012 but were pushed back. markel said germany would continue to support french troops. german soldiers have been he helping to train malian so soldiers. >> the head of the u.n. team charged with investigating the use of chemical weapons in syria delivered his final report to the secretary general thursday. it cites what it says is credible evidence that chemical weapons were used in at least five places in syria. he called the use an offense against the universal values of
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human kind. inspectors investigated seven alleged attacks in september. >> north korean leader kim junk unhad his uncle and mentor executed at the ends of the week. state media said he was a traitor to the nation and involved in corruption, gambling and inappropriate behavior with women. two aides had already been executed. in p'yongyang public reaction echoed the official line. >> this group of traitors who were going to destroy our single-hearted unity execution is too lenient. they need to be torn up and thrown into the rubbish bin of history. >> he was considered the second most powerful figure in the regime and always at kim's side. just days before the execution
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pictures emerged of him being arrested by police officers during a party meeting. observers believe that kim is seeking to consolidate his power through a reign of terror. the shock announcement triggered concern in south korea. >> we have seen efforts to crack down on internal security lead it external provocations. we are paying close attention to such a possibility this time as well. >> south korea said it would prepare for all possibilities. it keeping a close eye on the north to see if kim jung un will order military operations to further cement his operation. >> at the end of the week germany's national soccer coach visited the squad's training base for next year's world cup in brazil. it is a resort being built by a german company on brazil's atlantic coast. it will have 65 rooms, a
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swimming pool and training pitch. it just needs to be complete in time. training is to begin in march of 2014. that
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