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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  December 16, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> a curfew has been declared in south sudan. the country's president says a coup d'état has been defeated after fighting on the streets. and it is a year to the day of a studentg rape on a bus in new delhi. father said that the assault truck not just us, but the entire country. -- shook not just us, but the entire country. also coming up over the course of the next hour, we are going to washington to see to what extent and mood has changed on capitol hill, and asking whether
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the white house might have more leeway making progress on its top priorities. and in sport, we will be getting all the very latest on the premier league action. that is coming up in just a moment. our main headline this afternoon, it ukraine's you ruling party has ordered a cabinet reshuffle as it seeks to defuse a crisis that is seen pro-europe to mr. does cap out in it -- pro-europe demonstrators camp out in independence square in kiev. the followers laid squarely at the feet of the country's president, viktor yanukovych. you can see people remain camped those live pictures of independence square. another massive rallies planned
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for tomorrow to coincide with a ninkovich -- mr. yanukovych to moscow. our international affairs editor gave us this analysis. my apologies. i'm joined, in fact, by our correspondent in kiev. thank you very much indeed for joining us. we have heard this morning that this call from the ruling party that a reshuffle should be organized. how has the news gone down with those remain camped out in independence square? >> first of all, among the protesters, they absolutely don't think a reshuffle would be enough. they want the resignation of the prime minister and the president and anything short of that will not be enough for them.
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in terms of reaction from political leaders, i spoke to a spokeswoman from the opposition party, and she seemed rather skeptical about whether the reshuffle what actually happened. she said that one group of mp's one of the reshuffle, but another mp said he did not want it, and that he did not think it would happen, and we will only see tomorrow whether there will be a reshuffle. expectations are that even if there is, it won't be enough. some people see this as an indication of a split within the party of regions. political analysts i have been speaking to say consistently that even if there is a split, it is unlikely that enough party of regions mp's will leave the party for the party to lose its majority. >> a big day tomorrow as we will find out more on whether or not the reshuffle takes place. a big day also because viktor yanukovych heads to moscow,
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where he will be urged to sign this customs union by the russians. people in independence square presumably are going to be keeping a very close eye on what comes out of moscow. >> absolutely. the big fear is that viktor yanukovych will sign up for this customs union with russia. he is hoping to get loans from russia for the ukraine's struggling economy. it is also possible that russia will give them the loans without forcing them to sign up for the customs union. the men are scheduled to sign a number of documents but we don't know yet whether -- what the documents are. meeting today between the european union foreign ministers and the russian foreign minister, survey like rough -- sergei lough roth -- sergei lavrov. warm.d luck staying thank you very much indeed for being with us. the president of south sudan says an attempted coup d'état has been foiled. president ofhe
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africa's newest country, which gained independence in 2011, was speaking after heavy fighting broke out overnight in which heavy machine guns and mortars were used in the country's capital. the government says a group of disgruntled soldiers and a former viced by president has been attempting to overthrow the government. france, the ceremonies being held by french president francois hollande in memory of the soldiers who were killed in the central african republic last week. 2 of the french troops that were sent to the troubled central african nation after thestore order, united nations granted a mandate as the intervention african forces seek to build up and take over security in the country. the 2 soldiers were killed last monday and their bodies are
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being laid out this morning in paris. shot 2 troops have lebanese soldiers in the early hours of the day just hours after a lebanese sniper killed an israeli soldier on the volatile border late last night. it raises the possibility of her nude fighting in an area that -- of renewed fighting in an area that is remained mostly quiet since the summer of 2006. an increasing amount of details is slowly emerging. as you mentioned, the initial investigation led by the army in this incident that led to the death of an israeli soldier late last night is revealing that he was alone on board a military ,ehicle, not an armored vehicle which has been examined. anywhere between 6 to 10 shots
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on that vehicle. that soldier was hit by live fire, but many bullets. and he was transferred to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead. so far it seems he was on the israeli side of the border. remember that lebanese forces reputedlyrecent times accused israeli soldiers of going into lebanese territory along the very volatile border at this point to the israeli defense minister has simply said that this was unacceptable, and an investigation is being , along with the u.n. interim force that patrols out there that has asked both sides, the lebanese and the israelis, to cooperate, which is ongoing right now. sure at thisare point that it was indeed a member of the lebanese regular army who fired those shots and
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not a member of the shiite hezbollah. chalet has a new president. michelle bachelet made history by becoming the country's first female president. yesterday, in an all-female second round, she won reelection with no less than 62% of the vote, giving her the mandate she needs to tackle her ambitious agenda. every poll predicted a decisive victory. the final margin was the clearest and 6 decades of chilean democracy. michelle bachelet was reelected with 62% of the votes. arrived.ment has moment has finally arrived. we have the force of the people. we have a majority in parliament and the regional council. we have the political, social,
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and economic conditions. we have the will and we have the unity. her conservative opponents was quick to admit defeat. >> i knowledge that shall bachelet is the next ash that michelle bachelet is the next president of chile. congratulate her and wish her all the best in government. is oneeeping victory thing. achieving promised policy changes will be another. ashley has promised to tackle income inequality. t has promised to tackle income inequality. >> i'm very happy. i have a lot of hope that she will achieve what she has promised in the campaign. but it is possible she won't do
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it all because she only has 4 years in government. >> she has also promised to reform the pinochet-era constitution that still governs chilean politics. to germany now, where angela has unveiled her third term cabinet. among the expect a nominations, the renomination of the finance minister. and germany's first female defense minister. a new grand coalition government takes office tomorrow nearly 3 months after her conservative party won reelection. it shook not just us but the entire country and the world. the words of the father of the dehli rape victim attracted
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worldwide attention and anger. it was a year ago today that the gang rape of a student on a bus , an anniversary that the father says should be marked. for more on the story, we're joined by our correspondent in new delhi. thank you very much for joining us. it was an idea of what has been planned in india today to mark this tragic anniversary. well, it is a date that has become etched into the history of the city if not this country, and it has been a day that has been charged with emotions, as you can imagine. there are individuals and memorial services planned at various venues across the city, and i went to one of those earlier today. in terms of the energy and in terms of participation, the numbers are not as high as the protests we sought last december, there is a sense of urgency among participants, saying that there is a long ways
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to go to ensure that the legacy of the incident is an india that is more excepting, and india that is friendlier and safer. >> on a concrete level, grady will be made of fixed ash are great deal will be made of the extent to which india has or has not -- a great deal will be made of the extent to which india has or has not changed. what changes has indian society seen? >> there have been some significant changes in the way that i response to incidents of sexual that i response to incidents of sexual violence and abuse. up courts that will deal with cases of sexual violence. those changes have been put in place by the authorities, and the fact that this case got so much attention did go a long way towards breaking long-standing social and cultural taboos
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regarding the public discussion of sexual violence in india. remember, this is a traditionally patriarchal society, and the violence and abuse against women has been going on for generations, and to expect that to disappear within one year is unrealistic. meet today,sters there is a long way to go in terms of changes that need to be done to ensure that there is safety for women across india. >> the one-year anniversary of the attack of a student. to south africa today, which is marked a public holiday dedicated to reconciliation a day after nelson mandela was laid to rest, a day that marks the start of south africa's post-mandela era. the day was marked by the meterling of a huge nine- high bronze statue of nelson mandela, unveiled earlier today
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on the lawns of the union building in the seat of government, where, of course, nelson mandela was inaugurated as the country's first black president back in 1994. it is 14 minutes past 1:00 here in paris. time for a look at the latest headlines. ukraine really party wiki to reshuffle -- ruling party looks to reshuffle. for the fourth week in a row, protesters are camped out in independence square calling for the resignation of resident viktor yanukovych. a curfew has been declared in juba, the capital of south sudan, after its newest state. the president says a coup d'état has been defeated after a night of fighting in the streets of juba. it is a year to the day since the fatal gang rape of a student on a bus in new delhi. the victim's farther says it has
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shaken not just the south but the entire country. we will head now to washington, where the budget deal is working its way through congress of the moment and has raised hopes of a new political dynamic in the nation's capital, the fact that republican said democrats have overwhelmingly approved a new budget deal, and house speaker john boehner has declared war on republican tea party groups amid hopes that a more bipartisan atmosphere may allow the white house to get on with suome -- with some of his other priorities. it with ascuss professor of political science at the american university of paris. there is a sense that things might have changed, at least in terms of the bipartisan mood that exists on capitol hill. do you agree with that? >> i think this is just a very temporary truce.
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i think the republican leadership, the moderates, realized that there cannot be another shutdown, there cannot be another conflict within the republican party. they realize president obama has a lot on his light and has a difficult time saving his health plan. this is probably not going to change fundamentally, the partisan conflict or the polarization in congress, either the house of the senate. i think we are liable to see, as many observers in washington say, that politics will remain toxic and even poisonous. they are pulling back, they don't want to make waves, but we will have negotiations to change the debt limit soon and the publicans are very likely -- republican leadership is very likely to want to trade something for that. i think it is every. the white house has very little -- i think it is temporary.
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the white house is temporary. the white house has very little to do with this. >> it has more to do really with realization that they bore the brunt of much of the blame that follow. >> indeed, even though the public views the republicans responsible for the previous shutdown. that was quickly forgotten as obamacare entered all of its extreme difficulties. i think the republicans don't want to again engage in some sort of politicking that will bring the negative eye back to the republican party. a want to keep it on the white house and president obama. house may finally be able to push through on some of its priorities. i'm thinking in particular of immigration. is that likely to be the case? >> i would be skeptical about that cou -- i would be skeptical about that. the gaps for the moment are too wide to bridge. on the debt limit, immigration,
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on other issues coming up in congress, we are likely to see polarization comeback. but once again, the republican leadership will have to bring under its wing the more radical tea party element of the party. >> john boehner seems to have made it a priority for the time being. will he manage it? >> that is the big open question, one of the more interesting questions following what is happening in washington as we follow it from afar. we will see if the republican party can pull together, if they can put forward candidates that can have a reasonable chance of defeating democrats and very vulnerable states in the upcoming elections. the democrats are very vulnerable. the dynamic and change in the next 8 or 9 months ago but at the moment it does not look good for the democratic party and i think the republicans understand that and they want to control the more vociferous and radical part of the republican party. i think the republicans -- they
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downd this truce to calm the right wing. they want to win the senate, they want a majority in the senate, and they want the presidency, they want the white house in 2016. they are playing the long game here. president obama has to play the long and because all the problems recently in the short game have plunged his poll ratings down to around 40%. president obama forced to play the long game. to bepublicans seem wisely choosing to play the long game. they don't want to rock the boat, as it were, and be viewed by voters as having responsible for paralysis in washington. they will leave the current grouses with obamacare and the president and looking at those senatorial and congressional elections to keep house of representatives and take the senate in 2014. if anybody comes out of this well, it is not the white house, it is more likely to be the
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moderates of both parties, particularly the moderates in the republican party. >> thank you very much indeed for that analysis. in paris. past 1:00 it is time for a look at the very latest sports headlines, beginning with football and the latest premier league action. in france, bordeaux time that there -- claimed the latest win. psg remains 2 points ahead of monaco. closed the gap with 2 points. united returned with a comfortable 3-0.
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in the german bundesliga, a goal down just after the hour mark. marco reus giving frankfurt a lead. -- ay missed a chance magnificent save. first win in 11 games. amsterdam stood hot on the heels of the dutch leaders with the capital club breaking the deadlock. second goal of the season. with just eight minutes remaining, mohammed al mcraney,
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and missing 2 defendants. defender danny blinn saw his long-range strike block. winner 2 minutes into stoppage time. france has claimed a victory for the season. the swiss resort clearly agrees with the 24-year-old. she was quickest over the first one minute, 3.34 seconds. run, jessica lindell of sweden took the lead 2 minutes,l time of 7.99 seconds.
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giant -- shethe now leads the giants. the frenchwoman flying down the slopes on her second run. she eventually crossed the line in one minute, 3.28 seconds. that -- her eighth victory, 2 wins short of the record. delighted to have finally come the season underway. -- gotten the season underway. >> you just want to go really far and i think sometimes it was thosetricky, with all bumps and everything, it feels great. it feels awesome. i'm just so happy today. and mario monti is made
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history by becoming the oldest man to win a world cup slot in race fans to his victory there. the austrian was far on the first leg of the course, with a time of 71.52 seconds. the defending overall champion failed to qualify for the second run after missing a gate, ending his bid for an 11 the consecutive podium finish. the austrian had finished outside in a slalom event. blistering second run, his time of 52.8 seconds giving him an overall mark of one minute, 45.12. he produced another stellar run the second time around to clinch his first win since 2011. christian yeager is the oldest slalom winner.
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jeremy streb is up his second goal matter of the european short quarter with a victory in the men's 100-meter backstroke. the 100- silver in meter butterfly. he had too much for the rest of the field there it -- rest of the field. italy won the women-200 meter. the beijing olympic champion was again on top of the podium. she held off the challenge of france in the stretch, taking golden one minute, 52.8 seconds. russia earned a bronze.
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kept theirins have hopes alive as they want for the second time in a week in 4-4. -- englishlish aside aside a lead at halftime. boddicker made it 17-0. the harlequins are now 4 points
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