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tv   Journal  LINKTV  December 17, 2013 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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>> welcome to the "journal" coming to you live. signing up for a third term, angela merkel takes her oath as chancellor. >> barack obama discusses surveillance concerns after a judge rules that mass snooping of phone records is probably on condition -- unconstitutional. >> a multi-billion euro deal cementing ties with the ukraine.
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germany's government is finally taking shape after three months of national elections. >> angela merkel was elected to a third term as chancellor. >> we'll be talking to our political correspondent in just a bit about the direction. first, this report. >> mr. president, i accept the vote and i think -- i think you all. >> it took 86 days from the german election. angela merkel has again been sworn in as chancellor. it is something few have managed
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and her second time beating the grand coalition of democrats. it appears some remain skeptical , though most are looking to the future. >> we will be a reliable partner . it is a pragmatic relationship. it will be dedicated and show solidarity. >> the finance minister remains. the previous job has gone to -- she has become the first female defense minister. the foreign minister has done it before. with the two biggest parties in government, there are concerns about the small size. >> i like challenges. we are small but smart. we need to fight for greater rights.
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>> right now, the left party lacked the numbers. >> what can we expect? >> the euro crisis dominates the load for this government. person in this cabinet of course will be dealing with that and he will be getting on this week with pressing forward plans for the banking union. i think the banking will be a key issue. i think the leader and economics
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minister will be pushing forward these ambitious plans to transform germany's energy sector. of coarse, what the germans are planning, just to remind you, more than 40% of germany's energy should come from her noble sources by 2025. that is an ambitious targets. there are many other things for them to deal with. the national minimum wage that we have talked about so much on this program and pensions reform. >> what about foreign policy? ties with both russia and united states are pretty strange right now. >> the new and former minister has got a big job on his plate as well. he's got to repair relations with united states.
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following the united states and espionage scandal. the first thing to deal with is russia. it'll be interesting to see. in the past, he has been very pragmatic. chancellor merkel has been speaking more wary. there's a potential for some tension in the two relationships there. that whole question is coming to a head right now with the troubles in the ukraine. >> what about the dynamics? the coalition is predominant. 80%. >> that is the fear that the opposition has that they will be steamrolled. their voice will be heard. they need the government to form committees in parliament. to take them to task any other institutions. we will have to wait and see how far they are ready to go on that.
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>> thank you for the commentary. along with pro-democracy groups and nobel prize winners and top internet telecom companies, now a federal judge has weighed in on the nsa's massive spying program. >> a district court judge says the all collection of telephone records is probably unconstitutional, describing it as an arbitrary invasion of privacy. he said they failed to prove the government had prevented a single terrorist attack. >> president has been meeting with internet executives as he defends the program that has a dwindling number of supporters. >> obama sat down with top names from the tech industry. the meeting itself was held behind closed doors but concerns about the nsa's clandestine activities were on the agenda. some of those present like
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microsoft, yahoo!, and google want u.s.-spying scaled back. data protection advocates say is a due process were applied, then it is clear the nsa is breaking u.s. laws. >> if they wanted to be open, they would allow these programs to be challenged in federal court. the government has been putting up every roadblock so these programs cannot be challenged in the regular court that we use every day in this country. only the government gets to make an argument. >> edward snowden is still hiding in russia. he says the secret activities could not withstand exposure to scrutiny. that may happen first outside of the u.s. intelligence officials have criticized european parliament plans to question him by video
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link. and in an open letter to the brazilian people, the intelligence contractor offered to help a congressional probe there. the u.s. is looking into spying on -- and other civilians. >> how has washington been responding? how significant is this and will he nsa be rolled back? >> we will have to wait and see for that because president obama got the final report of his review group last friday. those of the people who will make recommendations. but if obama is going to follow them or if you'll add some more. he will probably reveal what he is going to do in january.
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for this ruling, it is highly symbolic because it is the first verdict by a court other than the foreign intelligence. surveillance court which operates outside of the public eye, that is why it is important. for now, it just means the nsa has to stop collecting metadata for the five people who actually filed this case back in june. this might be as far as it goes because there is a realistic chance this will be repealed. >> the government does have the chance to repeal the ruling. what do you think? >> if the vertex of the indication are here, it will be appealed. many inc. this will go as far as the supreme court.
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>> judge of leon ruled that the government has failed to demonstrate that collecting the information has helped to head off any terrorist attacks. how are american taxpayers responding to not only a failed program but the waste of billions of dollars? >> certainly formulate what many americans are increasingly thinking about this, although it is hard to say what they really think about between this balance and security. a couple of weeks back it was split. half of americans thought it was necessary and the other half thought it was going too far. certainly, all this is not helping the nsa's cause. >> thank you so much. still to come on this program, life in tunisia. three years since the tipping point moment. >> let's take a look at some other news from around the world. >> a car bomb has exploded.
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at least three people were wounded. they appear to be aimed at fighters. >> government troops in south sedan are searching for warmer vice president whose followers are accused of mounting a failed military coup. they announced they had defeated the attempted overthrow. the u.n. says thousands of civilians are sheltering at its compounds. >> japan has announced lands to boost its military. they said that tokyo will i fighters and submarines and amphibious vehicles.
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>> to tunisia and our people held rallies and protests to mark the third anniversary that triggered what is now known as the arab spring. >> sets himself on fire over desperation and police harassment. a dictator was brought down. >> but as was found out, for many tunisians those hopes are fading rapidly. >> this is not how he had pictured his life. he works in this little shop making bags and shoes. working day in and day out just to get by. the 14-year-old has a law degree but these days jobs are hard to come by. >> i did not just take this job because of the money. i meet people here i can talk to
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and share stories and experiences with. that gives me the mental strength i need to get by until one day i can find a job as a lawyer. >> unemployment in tunisia stands at more than 15%. the rate is more than double for young university graduates. the outlook is bleak. many are taking to the streets to voice their frustration. they say the government is not doing enough. the ministry says they cannot create enough work for everyone. instead, the government's strategy is to encourage self- employment. >> we have done away with a lot of bureaucracy, such as making it easier to take out a loan. we have also expanded financial help to include all sectors instead of just a select few.
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we have done this to make it easier for young graduates to get access to financial support. >> butts with every day that passes, the hope is a in doing this you will ever benefit from the revolution three years ago. for years, he has been visiting the job center without luck. they come here to get advice. >> the government has all the money it confiscated from the members of the old regime. on top of that, foreign aid. where does it go? we do not see any of it. it's takes much too long to get a bit of financial help. we still have to fight to survive. >> so, they have no choice but to continue working in the shop.
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the only alternative would be to leave the country. that would be too much of a risk. >> vladimir putin showers with financial support. is he>> welcome back. it is the next round in the battle for the future of the ukraine. russia has raised the stakes. >> without that money, it could be encrypted in months. but the opposition says the deal means giving up the independence to the powerful neighbor in russia. we will get some analysis in a moment but first this report on the day the ukraine's president went cap and hand to moscow. >> protests at home. he came for support and he got it in spades.
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russia and the ukraine are strategic partners. not just in words but in deeds. we are united by centuries of friendship and have lived in the same country. part of tuesday's deal will see russia temporarily lower gas prices. they are facing a huge budget shortfall and desperately need the money, especially after bailout talks broke down in november. they immediately denounce the new deal. the opposition leader repeated calls for him to step down.
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>> we know that there is only one solution for this political crisis. it is to hold a snap parliamentary elections. the snap elections are a fair way to go. it is an opportunity for the people to choose which path they support for the country. >> she has are sure countrymen to reject closer relations with moscow. so far, they have not joined in the customs union but that is only a small consolation to the protesters. >> for more on this story, we're are joined now by student -- susan student -- susan stewart. welcome to the show. first of all, will this the enough to sort out ukraine's financial woes. >> it is a good short-term solution. a sickly, he and his cronies have created dire economic
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straits and he needs to find a way out of that. i think this will tie him over until residential elections currently scheduled for march 2015. >> what is the quid pro quo? they mentioned russia would like to ukraine to join but both sides said they did not talk about that. >> i am certain they have talked about it in the past. it is certainly the case that content will not give up on his idea of getting the ukraine to join the customs union. that is something we cannot rule out in the future. they are now more dependent on russia than before. >> that means the ukraine is effectively in the russian orbit. back to you. what happens now? >> right now, it is a standoff.
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we have them trying to stay in power. i think we still have to wait and see. >> what about the eu? do you expect the ukraine has been talking to the imf about the possibility of getting some assistance? do you expect to have these organizations match russia's offer? >> i think that is what the eu has been trying to avoid. it seems the imf is not willing to significantly reduce the conditions so far i don't think we'll see a bidding war but i you think they leave the door open in some form. >> thank you for your insights.
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>> moving on to business news now. here in germany, workers at the online retailer are on strike for the second day. they walked off the job at two logistic centers. >> they're pushing for better rates of pay but amazon is rejecting that call. >> the strike comes at a high pressure time for the company. >> a standstill at the busiest time of the year. unions want a wage agreement. they say the pay is adequate. the strikers are prepared to ruin amazon christmas. >> they are stumbling. we are hearing from colleagues that hangs are getting chaotic. >> they say they'll keep going until they get the bargaining agreement. >> if amazon won't give it to us, we have to cause problems.
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a bit of damage. and in a week like this one, it is quite simple. >> the strikers accuse amazon of importing american management practices into its biggest market in europe. >> the company is here in germany. we have laws. we have our teaming agreements and unions. those are all normal here. companies should stick to those, especially ones that create huge revenues and profits in this country. >> for its part, amazon insists it's strike is having no impact on its ability to deliver in time for christmas. >> let's turn to the markets now. >> the mood is quite positive with economic data. it rose to the highest level in more than seven years. investors are very optimistic.
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traders have been reluctant, waiting for results. the most important question is will it reduce the stimulus in december or before next year. the markets have to wait until tomorrow. registration numbers rose. and this is a chance for a real turnaround. >> reporting to us from frankfurt, let's have a look at the market numbers. the dax is down almost nine percent. 1.25% lower. the euro is gaining a little bit against the dollar.
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brazil has been rocked in recent months. problems in the health-care system have been one of the biggest sources. >> now the president has turned to cuba for a resolution. she has done a deal to draft in thousands of cuban doctors by the end of this year. they'll be sent out to health care to poor and remote areas that have been neglected. >> cuban doctors are indispensable. smiles read the pediatrician and psychologists. they have seen one patient who waited four years for a first appointment after a breast cancer screening. >> i was shocked and thought it was a joke. no, she said. her last examination was in 2009.
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then i realized i can really help your. i look forward to the work and i am really motivated. >> the patient feels like she is finally in good hands again. her friends and family believed gonzalez is there to help them. >> she is really good. she examines well. she asked questions and explains everything in detail. she cares and is interested in us getting better. the country is short of doctors especially in rural areas. the more doctors program is their one hope of getting rapid medical attention. there are critical voices. they doubt the doctors qualifications and think they are being treated unfairly. >> for the doctors and more doctors have the status of
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scholarship holders. did you not have a work contract. they do not receive a 13 month salary. the unemployment also been broken by the government itself. >> costs are another issue. brazil pays just over 3100 euros per month for the services. she and her family get 1/5 of that with the rest going to the cuban government. >> it is the only way our poor country can earn something. we do not have any natural resources. what we have is a human workforce. >> the 14-year-old would never be able to earn as much in cuba. there, dr. salaries max out.
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gonzalez has moved into a house with two cuban colleagues. they have been working around the world for years. most of their earnings go to the revenues back home. >> we are all very far away from our families. we are our new family now. >> after three years in brazil, the women hope to return in cuba but as members of the exploitable workforce, maybe their journey will take them somewhere else. >> it is all we have time for. thank you for joining us. >> stay with us. we will have more news in half an hour. check out our website.
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prussia -- >> russia agrees to help you grained stave off issues. that is coming up. -- russia agrees to help the ukraine. and dozens of soldiers killed in south sudan.


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