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tv   Journal  LINKTV  December 22, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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>> live from berlin, this is the journal. coming up, two days ago, he was in a russian jail. today, he gave a press conference right here in berlin. as south sudan seized with violence, world powers appeal to the nation not to fall in civil war. -- go into the winter break.
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free critic gave a news conference here in berlin on sunday just two days after his surprise release from risen. he chose to give his address from check point charlie, a symbolic location that served as a crossing point between east and west during the cold war. >> showed up at the checkpoint on sunday morning. who just emerged from a decade in prison, he looks fixed and at ease. there were hundreds of journalists on hand. many of them were from russia. he said that he was surprised by the huge international media interest. once one of the wealthiest people in the world.
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he is not had time to make any major plans but he did say his future would not encrypt -- would not include russian politics. corks i am not -- >> i'm not going to engage in any political activity. i said that my letter to president putin and reiterated several times since. i'm going to engage in public work. the struggle for power is not for me now. >> instead, he said his priority is to help people unjustly behind bars in russia. >> the goal has to be that there are no more political prisoners in russia or in any other countries, of course. will do my utmost in this journalista russian
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asked what his feelings were about vladimir putin, the men who put him behind bars. >> he was always hard on me but he left my family out of it. that is what i am being pragmatic about this. i cannot see any reason for revenge or hate. >> one -- once one of his most vocal critics, he is not choosing his words more carefully. he has no plans to return to russia as long as the status there is unclear. >> the political correspondent has been covering this event for us. he joins me now in the studio. you are at the press conference. what was the atmosphere like. >> electric. huge media interest. many russian journalist there. of coarse, was in effect .nveiled to us
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again and again his name has been mentioned as a symbol of what people say is wrong with a russia. of course, he looked a bit thin but otherwise he was generally not obviously marked by his 10 years in russian prisons. he was very composed, searching for the right words. showing some emotion as he thanked supporters. it was difficult for him in some ways. he was talking about how difficult it had and to take the decision to apply for his release by president putin. he is worried that could have indicative of fact -- a negative >> he is going to campaign for the life of those who are still in prison. are we going to see this become a human rights activist? in thean activist
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traditional sense. he said that he doesn't intend to take a direct role in russian politics. he also said he will not fight that werehis assets seized. he has not called for a boycott or anything like that. challengeseeking to president putin directly. on the other hand, he did leave the door open. he wants to be engaged in russian society and that he wants to work for the release of other political prisoners as he called them. it is still possible he will speak out and directly against the regime. >> thank you for joining us. release russia view his and a sudden move to germany? we put that question to our correspondent in moscow. >> many in russia showed deep for him who spent more
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than 10 years in a prison camp. they say he remained true to his ,rinciples all those years which they believed not admit guilt. but of course, he is a controversial figure in russia. to many, he is a symbol of the political risk of doing business in russia as well as a symbol of russia's chaotic move to a market economy in the 1990's when many people lost their savings bought a few others like him earned millions and millions and even billions. many here see the circumstances of his release, the quick move to germany for the fact that russia has no rule of law or any justice. >> thank you fortinet. conference, hes
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also called on the ukraine president to release their leader. that there is little sign he will free his highest profile prisoner. demandingors are also that the opposition leader be released. are nowest their entering their second month. of lettingittle sign up on sunday. 100,000 people turned down. airstrikesrnment have killed at least 42 people, including six children. to the including observatory for human rights. amateur videos show reports of the aftermath of the attack. activists say air raids hit separate areas on sunday. world leaders are stepping up
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efforts to pull south sudan back from the brink of civil war. they were scheduled to arrive in the capital to persuade leaders to end the conflict peacefully. violence erupted last week after a former vice president tried to stage a coup. u.s. secretary is extremely worried about the crisis. he appealed to all sides to come to the negotiating table. presidentd on deep and oppositional leaders, -- to come to the table to find the political way out of this crisis. they are responsible to the andle to and the crisis
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define the means of addressing their differences. >> dallas the u.s. secretary general. >> just days after she took over her new job. soldiers.visiting she will stay in afghanistan for two days. she is there to find out more about conditions for troops in afghanistan. the first female defense minister is tasked with overseeing the withdrawal from afghanistan. mr. cap sports. took on sunday in a tightly contested tussle. the second half lead was quickly canceled out. the resilience -- brazilians nice goal was a long-range drive.
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put him back in front. at 2-2.s tied a point from their match was enough to leapfrog into third place. picked off by berlin on saturday, losing their third match in a row. trap, putting the him ahead. ruined the 18-year-old debut. they rane again, but out of steam after 20 minutes. possession. things got even worse for the home side.
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that was enough to settle the game and in-flight injury. >> i'm certainly feeling more confident that we can handle this problem just fine. it must mean were in for a great start. >> meanwhile, the newly promoted >> let'sing pretty. take a look at the weekend's other winners and losers. win, vital late three points against hanover. friday and we on will have to wait until january.
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busy on saturday evening, winning the club world cup in morocco. a german soccer takes breather for the next month. here is a look at the 17 action- packed weeks we have seen so far. >> on top of the world right now after an incredible 12 months. the new coach has made the troubled winners even better. the team keeps breaking records. they are unbeaten and have the biggest ever points for the first half of the season. >> we're on a run. that is something out of the ordinary. quality. lot of a good attitude and an excellent coach. that is the perfect package. >> it is been an interesting year for the rest of the pack, too.
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the most bizarre goal of the season so far. their infamous ghost goal. they started well but have suffered badly with injuries in recent months. >> he hurt his hip. it is not looking good. >> newly promoted are the feel- good story of the season. the capital club are hunting a european place. they feature more goals than europe's other top leagues, averaging just over three goals per game. >> let's plan our sports correspondent to discuss how the first half of the season shaped up.
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this is been an incredible first half of the season. is there any stopping him? swept all before. they have been in this position before a couple of seasons ago. there was always a risk that some complacency could slip in. the first sign of anyone cruising could take off and replace them with another player . like theydoes look will lose at the moment. >> how do you think that will shape up? table, you squint at the it is a very competitive and exciting season. see themtastic to leave into the top three. but it doesn't click one of the big names might miss out.
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-- we'll be enjoying the winter break. >> thank you for joining us. edition oft for this the journal. >> at the start of the week, the onset of cold winter weather worsened conditions. back in syria, more and more people are being killed by the violence every day. an estimated 130,000 people have been killed since march 2011. the u.n. predicts that number will grow. .he cost of delivering aid
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in new york, the u.s. secretary general call for an end to the fighting. violenceal to end the and provide humanitarian access. i call on states with the influence on the syrian side to help them prepare for engagement. million syrians, nearly three quarters of the population are affected by the violence. children are among the hardest hit. the middle east and africa are also at the center of the deal. the long-awaited agreement allows governments to send them across illegally to turkey. an two sides also signed accord to open talks on dropping the visa requirement for visiting the eu.
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chile, a socialist was elected to her second term as the country's president. she served her first term as president from 2006 to 2010. election does not allow back-to-back presidential terms. >> i am proud to be your president-elect today. wem proud of the country built but i'm even more proud of the country we will build. campaign, she promised a major overhaul of the education system. she also wants to legalize abortion, a controversial issue in chile's catholic society. despite her popularity, it will be no easy task to address the seat divide between the poor and rich in chile.
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>> nearly three months after having held elections, the new government was sworn in on tuesday. chancellor merkel now heads germany -- ballots, 462 voted yes. do you accept the vote? >> mr. president, i accept the vote and thank you all. votepala terrance did not but that is a relatively small number. it is believed that most dissenters came from the ranks of the junior partner, the social democrat. partnershipragmatic that will be dedicated in solidarity. >> merkel's key partner is her new vice chancellor.
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the party leader and minister for economy. the governing coalition accounts for 80% of parliament and that has raised concerns about the small size of the opposition. >> i like challenges. they are small but smart. we need to fight for greater rights. taking three months to forms, germany's new government wasted no time. >> also on tuesday, russia agreed to lend the ukraine 11 billion euros and extend a discount on natural gas deliveries. the president the two countries signed a deal in moscow. country closere to russia. demonstrators stayed on the streets protesting the deal. the opposition leader called for
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fresh elections to be held. >> i would like to challenge him. not scared to snap elections. if he is not scared, then he has to prove it. >> the protesters say they will keep up the pressure until elections are held. >> the u.s. president barack obama met with executives, including representatives of google, yahoo!, twitter, and apple. the meeting itself was behind closed doors but observers believe they were on the agenda. of e-a bot collections mails and telephone calls was criticized by a u.s. federal judge who questioned the constitutionality. >> one of britain's most died ons criminals wednesday at the age of 84. he was part of the game but
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carried out with became to be known as the great train robbery 50 years ago. they got away with 2.6 million pounds in cash, most of which was never recovered. he was caught, escaped from prison, and evaded recapture for 36 years living mostly in brazil where he became something of a celebrity. reflect -- regret that i was involved in the train robbery and i am quite pleased that i was involved. >> why? >> it is giving me a little place in history. through hisne fortune and suffering ill health, he returned involuntarily in 2001. he served in prison before being released in 2009. still, a celebrity. >> in south sudan, hundreds of people were killed as violence spread after a coup attempt on
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the weekend. on thursday, they stormed the united nations compound where civilians had taken refuge. concerned the secretary-general is. and wee was attacked werereports that lives lost. >> many observers say the conflict is following ethnic lines. the president says a coup attempt by a former vice president is to blame. u.s. and european states are taking no risks. they have begun evacuating embassy staff. >> european leaders launched the final summit in brussels by unveiling plans for the third and final pillar of a european banking union.
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the plan foresees the rescue without forcing taxpayers to pay the bill. leaders also returned to an older issue. defense. such as the current mission in the african republic. >> france took the initiative with the united nation. europe should support this. i have received lots of backing, almost all of them. now funding has to follow this political support. >> others opposed and in over two much power. david cameron said he would not accept a separate eu military force. >> two men accused of murdering a british soldier were found guilty. muslim extremists murdered off
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by driving over him and then trying to decapitate him. the two men are due to be sentenced in january. on thursday evening, the roof of a london theater collapsed. engines pulled up at the apollo theater in the city's popular west end district. eyewitnesses reported hearing a loud creaking before masonry fell down and the auditorium was filled with a cloud of dust. rescue workers were able to free everybody from the rubble. -- successfully blasted off from the european space agency. detectice is designed to
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-- and drop the first three- dimensional map of our galaxy, the milky way. it will change several fields of astronomy d chart of oure 3- galaxy should be finished in about one decade. >> on friday, russia's most well-known critic arrived in germany after he was given a surprise pardon by vladimir putin. the former minister had reportedly been working for the release behind the scenes for years. >> the result is that a man who was imprisoned in 10 years is now free. that gives me great satisfaction. friday, he left the prison camp and flew to berlin.
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he later issued this statement. on november 12, i asked the president of russia to grant me on family reasons and i am glad he made a positive decision. also said that his request for a pardon was not an admission of guilt. release nextue for year but earlier this month, russian prosecutors raised the possibility of a third trial. that, along with the health of his mother are said to have helped to the request. it dates back to 2003. he was sentenced to a long prison term for fraud and tax evasion. wasas targeted because he becoming a political threat to putin. many western governments seem to agree. the foreign welcomed israelis.
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>> this is an opportunity to continue talks on the future of the rule of law. now, he will be able to spend christmas with his family for the first time in 10 yea
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>> today on "earth focus,"
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killing wolves, rocky mount and wolves face a new battle for survival you can hunters, ranchers and conservationists find a way to live with wolves? coming up on "earth focus." >> people hate wolves because they think they see them as a threat to their livelihood. >> wolves are a pretty good killer. >> only a few places in the lannett have made accommodations for the wolves and we


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