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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  December 26, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> thanks for joining us on "france 24." turkish prime minister reshuffled his cabinet. he had no choice after a corruption scandal forced three ministers to step down. one of them called on the prime minister to do the same. here's more. turkey's political upheaval dominated newspaper headlines this thursday. three ministers stepped down and ogan replacedr erd members of cabinet. some seemed unimpressed. a dash of democracy
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covering turkey right now. i wish that although this is a domestic affair, i do wish there was more international support or pressure, for that matter, calling for erdogan's government to make drastic changes or resign. >> he was the one who made the police and judiciary to where it is today. he really should not be complaining. >> there is a power struggle going on. we know that. but we don't want to be a part of it. >> the resignations and reshuffle comes on the back of a corruption scandal which has seen officials and policemen investigated for bribery and smuggling gold to iran. over 20 people have been arrested, including the sons of the three ministers to resign. is calling- erdogan the scandal of conspiracy plotted by international to destabilize turkey. >> we are facing an attack against the turkish people and the turkish republic, which is being presented as a corruption probe.
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everybody is aware that this is not a corruption probe, but this is an obvious conspiracy, a set up against turkish politics and people. >> on wednesday, protesters in three major cities accused the prime minister of covering up corruption within his government. with the local and national elections due next year, the scandal could further challenge is 11-year-old on power. >> assistant professor of joins usonal relations now over the phone by skype. threat is of the scandal pose for the prime minister? it is a lot of problem because, one, as he said, he had to change out his cabinet. the other thing is, we had to elections in 2014 and one general election in 2015. basically the political culture of the atp is you have to
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basically going to reflections -- elections whenever they are due. as it stands, there seems to be a lot of debate, a lot of controversy over the overall legitimacy of the government. not electoral but in terms of government. >> can you hear me? it looks like we lost the contact. we will get back to him as soon as we can. moving on now -- a bomb went off in cairo this morning, planted near a bus and a busy intersection at nasr city. no one was injured. no one claimed responsibility. it comes one day after the government officially declared the muslim brotherhood a terrorist organization. the 80 five-year-old islamist movement officially branded a terrorist group. -- 85-year-old islamist movement. it was announced wednesday after a cabinet meeting. >> the government decided to
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declare the muslim brotherhood a terrorist group, and its organization, a terrorist organization. been --roup had already in september, its activities were banned, including it's almost daily demonstration and former president mohammed morsi was ousted by the military. now authorities have more power to crack on muslim brotherhood supporters. >> i will be punished under the part in those who take the activities of the group organization and all of those who are motor with a written or pronounced words or any other whos as well as all those finance its activities. >> it comes in response to tuesday's deadly suicide bombing targeting police headquarters north of cairo. the government believes the brotherhood is behind the attack, even though they denied the accusation. on tuesday, a jihadist group claimed responsibility for the bombing. >> yasser arafat died of natural
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causes, according to russian forensic experts who have been studying the remains of the late palestinian leader. they rolled out poisoning after a french laboratory early this month contrary to swiss scientist who concluded arafat was poisoned with polonium. the investigation into arafat's death is not over. the latest now from south sudan. regional leaders are trying to mediate an end to the crisis. the kenyon resident and ethiopian prime minister are in juba, a meeting with the president kiir. the latest and the diplomatic efforts to stop the fighting here in the north, the army is battling forces on loyal to the vice president, a political rival between the top two politicians is boiling over into ethnic conflict between tribes. presidentkiir wednesday called for an end to the violence. >> my willingness for a dialogue and a peaceful
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settlement of our differences. i also extended the same message to -- and all other armed groups who have taken up arms against the state. i -- >> meanwhile, the united nations announced it would need 100 66 million dollars to supply emergency aid to civilians until march. at least 90,000 people fled the fighting since mid-december. more than half of them have sought refuge with the u.n. staying in africa, fighting in the central african republic. violence in the capital bangui left five soldiers dead. african force mandated by the ewing to secure the country. french troops are on full alert. they are deployed against them -- at the airport and along
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major roads. let's get the latest from our reports on the ground. has been less violence than yesterday so far but we still heard sporadic gunfire. panic amongsed civilians. this morning we saw hundreds and hundreds of civilians, especially women with children, women carrying suitcases on the head and hiring away often seeking refuge in churches. thatw this morning houses have been burned. and one district we saw three muslim men stoned by an angry mob. these men have bandages around their head and angry mob was kept at bay by french soldiers. the same district we saw a pickup that had been burned following a grenade attack and witnesses there said the body that was inside the pickup was that of a soldier. >> yesterday soldiers came under fire, five killed. the would have a better understanding of what happened? >> yesterday was really one of the bloodiest days so far. the red cross just told me they
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collected 44 bodies in the real figure is probably much higher. they cannot go into all the areas. what you had yesterday was two things. you have the militia which opposes the president who came to power in a coup in march. they attacked thechadian forces because they believe they support him. when they let the effect on the the africanes, forces retaliated and other witnesses say -- those who brought him into power in march also targeted their districts. it might have been christmas day but it was one of the worst days of violence since the beginning of the month. >> nicholas germain, thank you very much. thailand turned deadly thursday. a police officer was killed and dozens wounded as clashes broke out in bangkok. protesters tried to force their way into a sports stadium where representatives of all the main
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political parties were gathered. they were there to organize -- organized election for february. the commission is calling on the government to postpone the vote saying free and fair elections cannot be organized in the current circumstance. japanese prime minister angered china and south korea thursday when he visited the sensitive war shrine, honoring the war dead. to neighbors it is a reminder of japan's fast brutality. shinzo abe says he did not mean to hurt anybody's feelings. it is a first in seven years -- him -- japanese prime minister visiting the controversial shrine. initially shinzo abe came as a private citizen and not as a statesman of these images were broadcast on live television in japan and angered asian neighbors. >> unfortunately, visits to the has turned into
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a political and diplomatic issue. it has been one year since i took office and i wanted to come here to report to the spirits about the project -- progress i've made and renewed the commitment to peace that would not cause anyone to suffer anymore. >> the temper, moritz some 2.5 million people who fought and died for their country -- the temple commemorates 2.5 million people who fought and died but also war criminals from world war ii are buried here. japanna and south korea, represents the brutal militarism, occupation of the korean peninsula and large parts of china. >> the chinese government expresses strong indignation over the behavior of the crosley leader which tramples on the sentiment of the chinese people. gone out of his way to once again create a serious incident, erecting a major political barrier. abe's visit comes as tokyo is
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in a territorial dispute with beijing over tiny islands in the east china sea that both countries claim as their own. justin is in tokyo for more on this story. shinzo abe says he did not want to hurt anyone's feelings by visiting the shrine, but he must've known that this would anger his neighbors. >> yes, that's right. i don't think shinzo abe can be particularly surprised by the strength of the reaction from china. so, why did he go? i think there are several reasons. wing of theto a ruling liberal democratic party that believes japan has been enough apologizing for its conduct during the war and that japanese leaders should have as much a right to honor the country's war dead than the leaders of other countries. it have to remember that enshrined the souls, honors the
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souls of 2.5 million japanese who died in battle. the contention is, of course, that number includes several convicted class a war criminals. the other reason is it was the conservative wing of the liberal democratic party that dropped abe into the presidency in the first place, and he was coming under pressure from them to somehow pay them back for their support. i think in a sense it is his way of saying thank you to them. finally, he wants to send a message to china over the islands that were mentioned in the report just now. cannot -- china has upped the ante over the last couple of weeks and abe wants to make it clear that he is not prepared to back down. >> justin, how might this affect relations with the -- with japan's neighbors? >> clearly it is not going to do them any good is all -- at all. if it is possible for relations to get any worse, i think this will be the tipping point.
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the last time a japanese prime minister visited the shrine was backing 2006. that sparked protests in china. it affected the country's economic ties. and certainly soured the diplomatic ties. we may see that repeated in the first few weeks of the new year. k it will certainly mean is any attempt by people in japan, people around abe to arrange some sort of official meeting with his counterpart in china and south korea look dimmer than ever. one interesting other fact about today's visit is the response from the u.s. want theobviously tempers to calm here in northeast asia, it once japan, china, and south korea to start talking to each other. and the state department issued a statement this afternoon saying it was disappointed that prime minister abe made the visit and exacerbated already
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testy ties between japan and its neighbors. an important contribution from the u.s. there. >> thank you very much. 120thcelebrates the anniversary of the birth of mao zedong. thousands gathered in celebration near his childhood home. hisound it the republic but legacy remains divided. historians, he is responsible for 45 million deaths from famine but china sees him as a great figure who changed the face of the nation. but xi jinping did acknowledge that mao zedong had made mistakes and should not be revered as a god. >> imagine the english premier league season liverpool heading to manchester city. after four wins on the trot, has yet to drop a single point on home turf. liverpool hopeful of cementing a top spot. be.e know where we want to
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we are working towards that. isaiah said, no more so than the players. they have been working valiantly, effort put into their work, which is important. as i said, they are continually getting the words. we won't become clichés -- because we have not done anything yet. >> liverpool faces a city destructive at home. a tough placeis to go this year. --easley manchester city obviously manchester city has one bank every game at home and we won every game at home bar one -- manchester city has won every game at home. sergio for city. boxing day program in
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england. arsenal level on points with liverpool. face a short trip to take on west ham. fourth-place chelsea host swansea. everton tackles sunderland and new casco -- without a doubt, 2013 was all about serena williams when it came to women's tennis. it was an inspirational season for the 32-year-old who became the oldest world number one in wt a career 11 titles -- winning the french and u.s. open, a trophy case that town has 17 majors. just one behind the great chris evert. >> i think her year was phenomenal. i think it is wonderful that she at her age can still find the motivation and inspiration to go out there and go out and improve her game. she did very much. she became a better defensive player. she worked on her physical fitness. i think she ran down a lot more balls. she cut down on her air worries.
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she is very inspired. she has gone through a lot of adversity in our life and i think she has finally come to a place where she realizes her place in history. >> 2013 represented a breakthrough year for williams. free of injuries and a commitment to carving up the history books. >> i think the one thing about serena is she didn't have, like, 12 complete full years on the tour. she was in and out of the game. whether injuries or other interests or whatever reason. and i think mentally and emotionally -- she did not really commit 100% all of those years. and i think now she has enough reserve that she is committing, so she is able to do it. >> the result of the commitment was mind blowing. she obliterated the wga single-season prize money record. totally dominated thanks to a career-best 34 match winning streak. >> i think it is great for tennis. was criticized
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because men's tennis has great rivalries going on now and everyone is looking for a rival for serena, saying that is what is missing. on the other hand, when you have a player that is head and shoulders better than everyone, the field eventually catches up and it improves the whole standard of women's tennis. i think there is a positive there. we should appreciate the brilliance of serena williams. >> in the past, williams may have relied on her athletic prowess to get by but right now there are very few players on the wga tour that can match her all-around abilities and overall consistency. of all, what makes her dominant is her power. when you look at the next year and you look at as a rank, maria a, they do --azarenk not have the power every shot. the server will win her a lot of easy points. herher power, her mobility, anticipation is very good. i think what she has worked on -- you see her on the court always putting her hand down, it
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is really to stay calm and cool under pressure. that is what she has worked on. >> when she one bank -- won first grand slam in 1999 tennis was ruled by baseline is. as she matured she began an error of power hitters. it seems inevitable she will win grand slam number 18. >> she clearly is the greatest player of this generation, and she deserves it. i think she could even go further by challenging steffi at 22. to me, ever body holds up and she keeps up that motivation, she could definitely play another three years and pass 22 grand slams. >> the stage is set for williams to write new records in 2014. hello, and welcome to today's web news where we take a look at some of the stories making online headlines. coming up on today's show, chinese web -- about the smog
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engulfing the cities. sickornians help make a child's dream come true and canadian filmmakers bring marielle into the real world. facemasks are everywhere on china's networks. people are trying to protect themselves against the haze engulfing cities like beijing and shanghai the past few months. with air pollution causing increasing concern in china, any are trying to find a silver lining in the small clouds. -- smog clouds. clips, mostly dark, have been making the rounds online the past few months. one of the most popular is about a young man who goes out jogging every day to stay in shape. only to end up dying of lung cancer. this artist adopted a similar tone for his cartoon strip, which looks at 12 popular pieces
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of online advice on how to reduce the harmful impacts of small on one's health. example, to stop particles from getting lodged in your hair. or breathe through your nose so your nose hair will filter air. one web user has this special suit complete with gas mask, air purifier and integrated oxygen bottles so the body is never in contact with the open air. another wacky solution making -- doing the rounds on social network, insert cigarette filters in each nostril to protect your airway from fine particles. the method was actually tested by journalists who concluded the technique simply makes it impossible to breathe. even state media acknowledge the jokes, but inr all seriousness -- it can be a good thing. it helps chinese people's cell and -- sense of humor unifies rich and poor because
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everyone is affected by the pollution. inspired by the bat cave story where back in mid-november thousands of residents from san francisco helped a sick child's dream come true, turning the city into gotham city, home to the boy's favorite superhero, batman. residents of a town in the san francisco bay area launched a similar operation last week. wish -- the 10's year old girl wanted to be wonder woman for the day -- the 10 year old girl who had leukemia when it to be wonder woman. her dream came true thursday when, as we can see from these amateur images circulating online, hundreds of locals gathered across the city to show their support. the gatherings were coordinated by grassroots organization vallejo together who work hard drumming support in the week leading up to the big day, on
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facebook in particular. nica was renamed wonder girl during which the mayor gave her the keys to the city. she also received various other gifts from the local police and fire services. the aim was to make the little girl happy, and if the beaming smile on her face afterward is anything to go by, the mission well and truly was accomplished. mark is a youth worker in edmonton, canada, and by his twitter page he relates a story to illustrate with -- for children and teenagers dealing with poverty, drugs and a daily basis. using social media to raise awareness about a demographic largely marginalized in society. he often donate supplies, including toys and clothes, to help them carry out his work.
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he lost his wife to lung cancer in 2011. two years later, as he was about to move out of the house that bought on the eve of their to re-createecided the wedding shots with his daughter olivia taking his mother's place. it has been widely circulated, touching the hearts of countless web users. chess playing computers are not people. when people are very indecisive, it is hard for them to decide. the sentences was sent into the lol blog from students of philosophy, political science, and art history which encourages graduates to some of their thesis that took years of hard work to come to lead in a few words with a touch of self-mockery.
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these are not ordinary students. these men are convicted criminals, and they are learning how to care for horses inside a jail. of love, lots of affection. these courses give me a lot of love. it is what you miss most when you are in prison. you don't get any hugs or feel a section from anyone. francesco is one of seven detainees in this three-month grooming course inside milan's prison. --bed "courses in jail" this project is said to be the only one of its kind in europe and it has been spearheaded since 2007, by a man he sees the natural pairing
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between prisoner and horse. >> given -- giving a second chance for prisoners and horses. the horses live in a prison outside of a jail, inside their stables, with inmates experience in prison for the crimes they committed. the horse does not judge. >> prisoners monday every aspect of the equestrian job. they can because here inmates are free from their cells. thisp 12 years ago, experimental jail has at least a dozen such a rehabilitation programs. we started a process that tries as far as possible to apply the article in the constitution that allows for the rehabilitation of a person in prison. >> inmates request a transfer to this prison from other jails, and there is a waiting list. those accepted must agree to the terms and conditions, including living with sexual offenders incarcerated inside the medium
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security facility. but it is a chance for a new beginning am open to the new skills, like cooking. the prison launched the hospitality and catering college in 2012. they learn all aspects of the trade on prison grounds and earn a diploma at the end of the five-year course. i obviously regret what i have done. the past four years have given me time to feel remorse. i hope to improve. in the school. >> the skills these men learned help them in life outside. only 20% of these prisoners go on to become repeat offenders, compared to 78% at the national level. a fresh start -- whether hospitality or horse
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