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tv   Journal  LINKTV  December 29, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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>> hello, and a very warm welcome to the journal. these are our top stories at this hour. a suicide bomber kills at least 15 people in a train station. shells southern lebanon one yearation and after the victim of a brutal gang rape died in india, tempers are still running high.
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we begin in russia where security forces are on high alert after 15 people were killed in a bomb attack. the female suicide bomber was also killed. it is not clear who was behind the attack, but it is certain that it comes at a very difficult time for russia with the olympics just weeks away. >> the moment the explosion tore through the station, it was captured by security camera. the station was busy with many people preparing to travel. included aasures baggage control area at the entrance of the building. it was there that the bomb exploded. i came through the metal detector and took my luggage.
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there were a lot people. they pushed me forward and suddenly i heard a bang. there was a blast. i fell over. >> according to our information, the explosion was carried out by a female suicide bomber. she saw policemen, got nervous, and detonated the bomb. >> at least one police officer was among the victims. some of the people injured are still fighting for their lives. the attack comes at a sensitive .ime the olympics are due to open in six weeks time. authorities say that security will be tightened in the buildup to the games. the bombing at the station is the second suicide attempt. lefttober, a bomb attack
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six people dead. groups have threatened to use terrorist attacks. he will be hoping the latest tragedy does not deter sports fans for making the trip to russia. >> look at the latest on this story now. tell us how the authorities are responding to this incident area >> they have vladimir putin, authorities are ready to do everything to ensure security now with the olympic games just a few weeks away. authorities said they would step up securities at railway stations and underground stations and shopping centers in russia's major cities such as moscow. we have seen all of that before after the bomb attack at a moscow airport in 2011 after
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twin bomb attacks at the moscow underground. still, that is what this shows now. are obviouslys not able to protect their citizens from such terrorist attacks. >> this is being linked to the upcoming winter olympics. how plausible is that given that it is 650 kilometers away from where the games will be staged? >> bit too was one of the rebel leaders, of the top terrorists who called on militants to do everything to disrupted these winter games. he called on militants to do so and even though it is way too early to say whether this attack can be linked to one of his supporters, it shows very clearly that the rebels can very
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games.mage these are theseortant winter games for ordinary russians? >> when the games were first , many russiansia were delighted and full of joy. they had hoped for their living standards to improve but now that is a loss of disappointment. they see a of money having been spent. their lives did not improve. vladimir the games of putin. did you not feel these games to be a better games. >> thank you for joining us with that update. we go to theews, ukraine were thousands of anti- government protesters have marched. bearing eu flags, they drove 15
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kilometers north and then walked to the home, surrounded by riot police. at the same time, they gathered in independence square to protest. the leader and boxing champion told the crowd that the protest movement would win against the government. the turnout was noticeably smaller than the opposition protest over the past month. the united nations monitoring force on the border between israel and lebanon says it has contacted the government in both countries and urged them to exercise maximum restraint. artillery fire. lebanese -- lebanese fromnment was accused --
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the lebanese territory. remainsers examined the of two rockets. the border from lebanon, no one was hurt and there was no damage, but people living nearby are worried. israel responded immediately by firing dozens of shells into the territory. suggestedminister hezbollah may be behind the attack that help the government responsible. >> we do not tolerate rocket fire and we respond forcefully. if necessary, we take preemptive action. we hold the lebanon government responsible. >> up until the 2006 israel- hezbollah war, they saw numerous attacks. since then, the situation has been mostly quiet, but now it is spilling across the border.
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assadpro-and anti- wasions, prominent critic buried in beirut on sunday two days after he died in a bomb attack. for us andtragedy for the whole country with all of its different factions because a great man has been lost. a man with the right word who offered useful solutions to our country. >> some analysts see it as a sign that the lebanese government may be losing control over what is happening in the country. >> staying in the region, four egyptian soldiers have been wounded north of cairo. it is the second bomb attack on the security forces in less than one week. meanwhile, police and students have clashed in cairo. dispersed gas to
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protesting students. the compass and the university has become a battleground in the recent days. now, fewer words and more deeds. that was the response from the authorities in spain to the that ition by the group would recognize the criminal justice system and acknowledged the pain caused by four decades of violence. has beenrsuit, it blamed for killing more than 800 people in this for decades, mainly in shootings and bombings. in 2009, policemen died after a car bomb exploded. it was one of the last deadly attacks. two years later, the separatist group announced a cease-fire.
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now it's a gel member states acknowledge the pain they have caused. sinceritygnize in all the suffering and damage caused to all parties. responsibility for the consequences of our political activities. founded in 1959 during the rule of the day later, the group stepped up its attacks after democracy came to spain. attacks have killed over 800 people and wounded dozens more. 600 of its members are in jail. this announcement could allow some of its jailed members to get early release. hopes are it will strengthen the peace process. >> this is exactly one year since a young student died two weeks after being gang raped.
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people in india have been marking the occasion with vigils and prayers. it's triggered a major debate on how it treats women. the father performs rituals for the salvation of his daughter soul but nothing can make up for the loss in the village. they do selke 23-year-old's death will change attitudes. student was the gang raped and repeatedly assaulted with an iron rod. she died a short time later. the tragedy unleashed a wave of public anger about sexual violence against women. lawsovernment has passed against rapists, but these demonstrators holding a vigil on the anniversary of her death say more must be done. is as difficult to report a crime as it was last year. we want police and judicial
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reform. but the victim's family says that is still not enough. >> i and the rest of india feel the legal process has changed but our society has not changed. of attacks on women continues to rise. just in the past week, a brutal double gang rape made headlines. here in is concern germany about one of the country's leading sports stars in recent decades. the former formula one racing person had suffered a head injury. was lifted to a local hospital. at thereportedly skiing resort 20 suffered a hard fall.
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he has been diagnosed with a serious head trauma but his life is not in danger. the world champion quit formula one last year. skiing, thenhill 25th world cup of his career. racing down the slope like no other, ranked first in the world course now winner on a that had thrown him in the past. candidates initially looked like the man to beat after a notoriously challenging --
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of the timeust sigh but manage to make up the difference in the second half. is the second downhill when the season. with the olympic games less than six weeks away, his performance makes him a clear favorite. >> from downhill skiing to ski jumping, the tour in germany on the first event saw an olympic champion rise to the occasion. victory was claimed in the opener. it is the perfect start as he bids to win his first ever title.
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is your lot from the journal. more news at the top of the hour. do not go away. >> to members of the russian punk band were released from prison on monday. it ahead of the winter olympic games. and a cynical action, in reality, his act was much more cynical to release deal that do not needed. i could spend the next two months where i was. at the same time, refusing to release those who need it. cynical.
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weree members of the band sentenced to labor after they staged it on prayer in a russian orthodox cathedral. a third member was released one year ago by appeals court. no women plan to campaign against human rights abuses in russia's penal system. >> we have to work on this if we want thousands of people to be released. this is our job. the authorities will not do it. are calling for someone to replace putin as president. as for him who is unexpectedly pardoned, russia said they will review cases against him possibly opening the wait for him to return to russia. >> on monday, the german defense minister wrapped up a two-day stationed in the northern
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afghan town. inexpense would be spared securing safety. she pledged the defense ministry to ensure they get the best equipment possible. the condition of the equipment was a regular point of criticism for germany's previous government. concerns are growing that south sudan may soon face a catastrophe. they continued fighting and called on the security council. deployeds on civilians to protect them must cease immediately. reports will be investigated of human rights violations and crimes against humanity.
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>> the security council reacted promptly. hundreds of people have been killed in the fighting and thousands have been forced to flee. traveled toleaders try to broker an end to the violence power struggle. met, but -- refuse to join the talks. late in the week, key agree to a cease-fire but further negotiations were insisted upon. the u.n. says over 1000 people have died a long trouble lines. there are fears that hostilities could learn -- turn into a bloody civil war. andegyptian government has
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a muslim brotherhood and it cleared it a terrorist group. minister read a strongly worded statement on >> theelevision. government reiterates that there will be no return. egypt will never succumb to the terrorism of the muslim brotherhood. the government has decided to clear the muslim brotherhood a terrorist group. >> police arrested members of the muslim brotherhood. were a number of fatalities and numerous people were injured. storm hit western europe on tuesday with heavy rain. five people died in britain and france. thousands of travelers were stranded at airports and train stations.
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.he storm battered there were waves up to seven meters high. several houses were destroyed. the storm pulled down trees and railroad tracks in its wake as it swept across northern spain. on christmas eve, tens of thousands of christmas pilgrims went to the town of bethlehem. the native land celebrated midnight mass. tilt above where christians believe jesus christ was born. the palestinian president and foreign policy chief were among the dignitaries attending the service. and in rome, people attended pope francis his first ever
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christmas address. he called for peace. >> 40 children and for the elderly, for young people and families, for the poverty- stricken and those driven to the edge. called for global peace and an end to the use of child soldiers and human trafficking. then came the traditional blessing for the city and of the world. words moved many. >> i think he is more with the likes to talk to everybody and that is a good thing. >> and the fact that he is so
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close to all of us and that makes it feel like he is one of us. he >> in his first months as pope, he is focused on trying to withus the church in touch ordinary believers. in his christmas address, the german president pleaded for more solidarity and tolerance. >> since the beginning of time, all refugees have been angst- written with the desire for a better life. the refugees coming to us are not coming here expecting to fall into a ready-made bed. we want to flee from prosecution or poverty. they want a meaningful and fulfilled life. let's not narrow our hearts until we can conclude that we cannot accept everyone who comes into our country. i know this statement is very true but it only becomes true if
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we first listen to what our hearts tell us when we see the pictures of the persecuted. are we really doing everything we can do? >> the government of the turkish prime minister is in crisis. three cabinet ministers abruptly resigned because their sons have been implemented in corruption and money laundering investigations. shuffled,t was replacing 10 out of 23 ministers. he claims to government as a victim of a conspiracy. attackre facing an against the turkish people and turkish republic, which is presented as a corruption probe. everybody is aware this is not a corruption probe but an obvious conspiracy set up against turkish all it takes and turkish people.
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says the probent was instigated by followers. they have infiltrated the judiciary and the police. from his self-imposed exile in the u.s., he has used the internet to spread his beliefs. in an attempt to limit the damage, the commission of inquiry has been started. that has done nothing to appease thousands of demonstrators who have taken to the streets and called for him to step down. respects ineir tokyo on thursday. it also honors some convicted war criminals.
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>> i prayed for peace and the souls of all the people who whose lives were taken by war. i also made a vow to pronounce or. where peoplesera lives are not engulfed by the misery of war. china slammed the visit. as a shrine of the past military aggression. the third minister to visit the shrine in seven years. protester stepped up their campaign to disrupt an upcoming election. a policeman and a protester were killed and 100 people injured. right police fired tear gas and
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rubber bullets. the reelection commission called for them to be postponed. an explosion in the heart of beirut killed the former minister. at least 70 people were limited. the bomb exploded near parliament. the blast was so powerful, it could be heard. many in lebanon are convinced about who is behind the attack. european winter sports fans have been waiting for snow.
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rhodes had to be closed. adults,a7gucand many
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