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tv   Journal  LINKTV  December 30, 2013 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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>> hour by hour, that is how medical experts at a hospital in france say they are taking michael schumacher's edible head injury. >> he is fighting for his life -- critical head injury. >> he is fighting for his life. he is in an induced coma. >> michael schumacher remains in critical condition. formula one's most successful driver ever is still fighting for his life at this hospital in grenoble. the hospital says the former f1
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champion's life is still in danger. schumacher was unconscious when he was admitted on sunday, suffering from severe brain trauma. doctors performed emergency service he -- surgery to try to relieve the pressure on his brain. he is still in an induced coma. >> all the treatments currently recommended are in place. we cannot say anything on what will happen to michael schumacher. >> the news has sent shockwaves around the sporting world. >> i've been listening to the news, like you. i live here, so i came to see him. >> schumacher was with his son in the french alps resort when the accident happened. they were skiing when he fell and hit his head on a rock. he was wearing a helmet, but that wasn't enough to fully protect him from the force of
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the crash. >> the helmet protected him a little. without that, he wouldn't be here now. >> people in schumacher's hometown are coming to terms with the news. >> he took so many risks and it all went well. then he has a skiing accident. it is unbelievable. >> he was a really great driver. i'm sorry for him. >> these are crucial moments for one of formula one's all-time greats. >> last we heard, michael schumacher is the most successful driver in formula one history. his fan base and former challengers are wishing him well today. >> german chancellor angela merkel has expressed extreme display -- dismay on learning of the accident. >> sending encouragement for a man who has had a huge impact on motorsports. >> michael schumacher played us
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-- played a part in revolutionizing formula one. he saw that fitness was crucial to being successful as a racing driver and worked hard to keep himself in the best possible condition. he also used high-risk hobbies like skydiving and racing motorbikes to hone his skills under pressure and give him an edge over his formula one rivals . these were key factors in the early years of dominance on the track for schumacher. he won the world drivers championship with benetton in 1994 to become the first ever german to win the title. he followed that up with another championship victory in 1995. schumacher then moved to for ari, what -- two for ari -- moved to ferrari, where he spent five years working to make the car competitive again. he got his reward. he was the world champion once again in 2000 and another four
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consecutive titles and short his name would forever be part of formula one history. -- four consecutive titles ensured his name would forever be part of formula one history. in 2010, he returned to the sport with mercedes, where he had started out years earlier. it was not the glorious comeback many had hoped for. schumacher continued to impress as an f1 driver, even into his 40's. in 2012, he retired again. >> it is good to say goodbye. that's what i'm doing here by the end of the season. it might this time even be forever. am schumacher's fans are hoping their idol can return to the sport again -- >> schumacher's fans are hoping their idol can return to the sport again, even if it is just as a spectator. >> schumacher is not only a
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legend within his own sport, but he is simply one of the world's best-known sporting personalities. rex yes -- >> yes, he certainly is. he belongs to a rarefied category of sports figures known by only one name. it is like borg or boris or steffi. everybody knows who you are talking about. it is because he had a truly stellar career. he won seven world championships with two different teams, five on the trot. he was an icon in his time. he has a very special meaning in german culture because he sort of person on a five that german fascination and excellence -- sort of persona five that german chemist -- sort of person on it by -- sort of personifies that german fascination and excellence. we are talking about that magnitude of an event.
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>> quite a reputation he has. what has been the reaction from fans and the world sports community? >> people are absolutely shocked. it is so ironic that some who stayed in such a high profile, dangerous sport for so long then suffers such serious injuries while on a skiing vacation. there have been expressions of sympathy pouring in from all over. i think we have a clip of this. one of the most moving ones is by his former teammate who wrote, in portuguese, on his social media site, "i'm praying for you mama my brother." -- "i'm praying for you, my brother." another commentor people have been paying special attention to is sebastian vettel, the reigning world champion. he is sort of the godchild of schumacher. that is of course very moving as
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well. it has been people all over the world asked germans, non- germans, sports figures, nonsports figures -- it has been people all over the world -- germans, non-germans, sports figures, nonsports figures. >> he has recovered from accidents before. >> he broke his leg once while he was a formula one driver. a few years ago, he crashed on a motorcycle and suffered fairly severe injuries to his back and his neck. he has come back from that before. most people have this cliché of these formula one drivers. these guys are athletes. hopefully, his excellent physical condition will help them to recover -- helped him to recover. >> he recently made a comeback. it was not the success he was hoping for. >> no. it was kind of a last laugh, if you will. he decided to have another go of it for a couple years when he was pushing 44 mercedes --
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pushing 40 fofor mercedes. we can only hope he does recover now. >> we do hope that. thank you for that update. alert in russia following the second suicide bombing in as many days in the southern city of volgograd. >> at least 14 people have been killed in monday's blast and around 20 others injured. or has been no immediate claim of responsibility. -- there has been no immediate claim of responsibility. >> the bomb destroying the bus during morning rush hour. it was evidently intended to kill civilians and to sow fear. the powerful blast also shattered windows in nearby buildings. >> the blast hit me so unexpectedly i did not know what was going on.
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there was glass everywhere. window frames were blown out. >> the attack comes less than a day after a bombing at the city's railway station. the russian government is determined to respond forcefully. >> we must review the allocation of forces in the bobo grad region and all other regions of our country as well -- in the volgograd region and all other regions of our country as well. >> investigators say the same kind of device was used in each attack. at least 17 people died in the bombing on sunday. the authorities believe that islamist militants from the north caucasus are behind the attacks. rebel leaders have threatened to disrupt the winter olympics in sochi, just 700 kilometers from volgograd. concern is mounting about security at the games, which begin in less than six weeks. >> for more, let's bring in our correspondent, joining us now from moscow.
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what more can you tell us about these bombings? why the city of volgograd? >> russia's media suppose it is bobo grad, the city in the south of russia, with more than -- it is bobo grad -- volgograd, the city in the south of russia, with more than one million people, because of the traffic. it is easy to get there from the north caucasus. you don't have to get checked by police officers over and over again. that might be one reason. the other version is that this could only be a tactical maneuver by a largely terrorist -- by largely terrorist bombers to distract attention off of russia's security forces from their preparations and maybe even a more serious attack on a major city such as moscow, st. petersburg, or maybe even an attack on the olympic sites in
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sochi. >> what does this mean for the olympic games? what are security forces doing in order to make sure they are prepared for the tens of thousands of spectators that are expected when they begin in february? >> president vladimir putin, this day, again called on security agencies to take every possible measure to make these winter olympic games, the first ever to be held in russia, maximum safe. he promised that many times before. because authorities are well aware of the threat from the northern caucasus, from islamist rebels, analysts in moscow say the games itself will be sure, because there are more than 30,000 police officers and soldiers already deployed to the region to ensure security during the games.
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immediately after the games, many here in russia fear that violence and bloodshed will increase extremely. >> thank you very much for the latest. >> you are welcome. >> as we have just heard, the attacks in volgograd are raising fears over the safety at the winter olympics. coming up, -- winter olympics coming up. >> they have been wracked by war and insurgencies for years. we have more on the troubled region. >> the chechen capital has survived two wars in the last 25 years. today, it has been rebuilt thanks to billions in aid from moscow. the kremlin plows millions into the region, hoping to plow -- prevent young people from being radicalized. i'll -- al qaeda is also sending money.
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conflict between the rebels and the army are a regular occurrence. at first, rebels wanted independence from moscow. but now the aim is to create a full-fledged islamist state, and emirate -- an emirate. he is public enemy number one in russia. he has taken responsibility for many terrorist attacks, including bomb out -- bombings at the moscow airport in 2011 and the year before in the city's underground trains. this is the head of the chechen republic qt has declared war -- of the chechen republic. human rights groups say he is guilty of murder and other crimes. with tensions running so high, it is easy for islamists to recruit suicide bombers. many of them women, the so- called black widows.
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some are seeking revenge for the death of family members, others are forced into service. the war in syria is also contributing to militant is him -- militantism. radicals travel to fight with -- fight government groups, then return home, hungry for blood and ready to keep up the fight. >> we will take a one minute break. when we come back, we will go to the one country in a world where women are denied the right to drive. >> 2013 has been a >> welcome ba. the markets will have cause for celebration when they ring in the new year. funny 13 was filled with all- time record highs for many of the world -- 2013 was filled with all-time highs for many of the world's in this piece.
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-- world's indices. >> few expected that 2013 would be a good year for the economy, but it got a boost as it went on. consumer confidence rose to its highest level in six years. low interest rates field -- fueled domestic demand. exports were also up. growth in the eurozone helped prop up for in demand. the economic gains were met with enthusiasm on the stock market, promoting the dax to all-time highs. german stocks grew in value by almost 25% over the year. in late december, they almost broke a 9600-point mark. experts forecast yet more growth for 2014. some even predict the dax could clear the 10,000 mark
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within the next six months. skepticism is say that -- skeptics say that the stock market might be due for a correction. >> here is our report on the last day of trading. >> at the end of the year, some people here on the frankfurt floor felt like celebrating. they opened a bottle of pink champagne and toasted this unexpectedly good year for german equities. the dax the level that no one at the beginning of the year would have foreseen. a lot of things went right. the economy grew in germany, also starting to come out of recession for the eurozone, china, and america -- the eurozone. china and america continue to order progress -- products made in germany. for 2014, people hope that the central bank help will continue. otherwise, it could be a difficult year. people still are optimistic that at least the dax will strive for 10,000 points before maybe one
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of the other crises could set in. >> let's have a look at the numbers for you in a bit more detail. starting off with the dax, which has closed after a short day of trading. it entered the day at 9552. slight losses. currently on the currency markets, the euro is trading one point 37 -- trading 1.3757. >> german foreign minister frank-walter steinmeier has condemned an attack on the home of germany's ambassador to greece, but he says it won't affect the relationship between the two countries. >> no one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack. germany is greece's biggest bailout lender. it has been criticized for
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demanding tough austerity measures as the government tackles its crisis. >> there is only one country in the world that bans women from driving. we need one woman campaigning from behind the wheel. >> first, a look at other news in brief. the government in the government in the democratic republic of congo says 40 people who took part in an uprising have been killed. earlier, gunmen attacked the airport in the capital, kinshasa, and seized control of the state television headquarters, both of which now appear to be back in government hands. officials say no civilians were killed. >> supporters and opponents of the bangladeshi government have clashed for a second day in the capital, dhaka. elections are due to take place early in january, but the opposition wants the government to step down before that to allow a caretaker administration to oversee the polls. >> the lebanese army is set to receive free -- $3 billion in
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aid from saudi arabia. a portion of the money will be used to buy weapons from france. french president francois hollande confirmed his country was prepared to sell weapons to lebanon. >> saudi arabia itself is under fire over its human rights record. [please stand by] down a rights group, and imposed sweeping new anti-terror laws. >> challenging the state is not easy in one of the world last absolute monarchies, but that is what a courageous group of women has been doing. they are demanding a right so basic no other government denies it -- the right to drive. >> let's meet one of the women leading that campaign. >> this is a photohe in octobers
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video of herself driving. it was viewed by thousands of people around the world to achieve first defied the driving ban 23 years ago, but she says little has changed since then. while saudi arabia is considered economically progressive, social change has been slow to come. as well as being prohibited from driving, women can only leave the house in the company of a man. >> the road presents nothing but problems, like harassment, kidnapping, or rape. >> our religion forbids women from showing their face in public. it is difficult and dangerous to drive a car with your face covered. >> there are safety concerns involved. >> her friend is among an increasing number of saudi women to get into the driving seat. and she does get some support from fellow motorists.
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in other areas, too, women are being encouraged to consider roles outside the home. this is one of the few vocational schools for women. teachers say many when you -- many young women still have limited expectations. >> a teacher in school. this is their most -- their maximum dream. we are trying to make them understand that is not enough. you should go there, work in the lab, try to work with people, so what? cover up and that's it. >> a few years ago, it would have been unthinkable for a woman to be in the same room as unknown men without a male member of her family. now these young women are dreaming of finding a job. >> they are able to achieve their dreams. they have -- [indiscernible]
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>> women are beginning to get jobs as sales assistants. this woman says she is very content with her job. her colleague agrees and tells us that she enjoys meeting customers and learning how to deal with them. dealing with the public and learning new skills has given them both confidence. meanwhile, she has removed her headscarf for the interview -- a first for the activists. despite some progress, she feels there is a long road ahead. >> we are maturing and growing and becoming more and more sophisticated, but we still have a long way to go. >> her punishment for driving was to have thousands of her photographs burned. but that hasn't stopped her from continuing the fight for women's rights. >> change of pace now, let's get
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to some sports. in ski jumping, a prestigious -- the prestigious four hills competition has been underway. in past years, it has been the austrians dominating. >> not so this time. >> simon ammann was delighted after securing his first victory nearly three years -- first victory in nearly three years. he staked his claim as a tournament favorite. the swiss jumper and stout the top qualifier. he was a leading contender for the overall prize in ski jumping's most prestigious competition. defending for hills champion gregor schierenzauer's are -- defending four hills champion
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gregor schierenzauer could only manage ninth. germany's performance was lackluster. mariners crafts -- marinus kraus was the best of the bunch, finishing in eighth place. >> rescue efforts to free a scientific research ship stuck in eyes off the coast of antarctica have again been stalled, -- in ice off the coast of antarctica have again been stalled. >> heavy fog made it impossible for an australian icebreaker to reach the expedition team that is stuck on board. the expedition team was headed home after what was a five-week research trip in antarctica when sea ice blocked their path on christmas eve. passengers and crew have been waiting six days for rescue. there are 74 people on board,
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but it is said that they have ample provisions and that they are safe and well. >> we want to recap our top story before we go. medical experts at a hospital in france are saying that michael schumacher's condition is currently hour by hour after he suffered a critical head injury. >> we will bring you updates on that throughout the day on dw. you can check our website any time. >> inc. you very much for watching. -- thank you very much for watching. captioned by the national captioning institute
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>> the international olympic committee says it has full confidence in russia's ability to host a safe and secure games in sochi. it comes after two deadly attacks in a city a few hundred kilometers from the side of next month event. no one has claimed responsibility for the attacks that left at least 31 people dead. >> this bus was packed with commuters this morning but hours later the area was sealed off. investigators are gathering clues to allow them to identify those who carried out the attack. according to russian police, a suspect got on board with the bomb and explosive device of about four kilograms. say the device was
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triggered by a suicide bomber. fragments of his body were retrieved and taken for identification. one has taken responsibility for the blast. according to russian investigators, the same people may have planned both the bus attack and one carried out on sunday at grand central station. >> the bomb was filled with striking elements, the same as the


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