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tv   Journal  LINKTV  April 19, 2014 6:00am-6:31am PDT

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but live -- >> live from berlin, and sarah with the headlines -- with the journal. your headlines is our. the captain of the south korean .erryboat is arrested prosecutor staining experience third mate was in charge when the accident occurred. moscow said it has increased its troops in the border region. and new york's moma shows a retrospective of a german artist.
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the captain of the south korean ferry that capsized on wednesday was arrested on charges of negligence along with two of his crew. prosecutors say an inexperienced third mate was during an difficult waters when the accident occurred. 29 people are confirmed dead and 273 are still missing. most of the missing our children who were on high school trip. >> the captain of the ship is facing mediators. why hethey want to know told passengers to stay in a cabin and not move. he says he thought they were doing the right thing. >> the current was very strong and the water was cold. i thought if people let the ferry too soon, they could be washed away. the rescue ships had not yet
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arrived. >> but he was quick to bring himself to safety. the captain was among the first survivors to be saved. almost 300 people were still fighting for their lives aboard his sinking ship. it seems unlikely anyone else has survived. authorities are now treating this as a recovery, not rescue mission. divers have cited bodies in the wreck, but are unable to retrieve them. to appease angry relatives, they are being shown images of the dives. there are strong currents, poor visibility, and the wreck is constantly moving. rescue workers are also placing their own lives at great risk. >> we need to use cranes to partially raise the risk -- the wreck and stabilize it. the wait is now resting in the water, we cannot raise -- rescue
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anyone, dead or alive. >> family members have been asked to submit dna samples to allow bodies to be identified quickly. it is a difficult step, because it represents an end to their hopes their children could still be alive. >> for more, i'm joined on the line by uw correspondent jason strother in seoul. what is the latest operation there you go >> as you heard, the divers have continued to try to get into the ship, but not a lot of luck. the next step with this is to watershe boat from the however while plans are in place, the coast guard hasn't -- continueated they will is nothe rescue operation longer fruitful. the families might have the
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final say when the rescue operation finally ends. concordia inta 2012, and in this instance, in both cases the captain was one of the first to be rescued. why was he rescued first? >> he was one of the only people to use the liferafts. from what i understand, he told them that because of the way the ship was angling into the water, none of the other boats were able to be used. intage showed the boats plainview. whether or not they could have been used will be left up to investigators as the captain is prosecuted. >> what sort of penalty could faced?ey -- captain li there are five different
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charges filed against him. because of the in action reading death of passengers, that could land him with at least five years in prison. >> thanks very much. officials say the search for the missing malaysian airlines flight could be widened next week after an unmanned submersible found nothing near the site where the aircraft is thought to have gone down. a sound i could have come from one of the planes back boxes was detected in this area in the indian ocean earlier this month. has reinforced its troops on the ukrainian border in what it says is a response to the instability in ukraine. this as the u.s. threatened more sanctions against moscow if they fail to implement the agreement reached in geneva on thursday. rebels are still holding nearly a dozen towns in eastern ukraine
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and so far, moscow has done little to convince the rebels to give up control. pro-russiannetsk, activists are still controlling public buildings and demanding more autonomy from kiev and say they will not go home until their conditions are met. we are not here to bow down in front of the kiev government, he says. the people here with me don't have any weapons, as you can see. we are here because we want a referendum. government in kiev has offered concessions following the geneva agreement. they are promising more protection for minority groups as well as more autonomy for the region. they will also give the russian language special status. washington called on moscow to make sure the deal was implemented. wewe will -- we expect and will be watching whether russia does or does not uphold its
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responsibility to use it very considerable influence to thosein and withdraw regular militia from the buildings and spaces they have occupied. d -- aare listening in view are listening inonetsk, and moscow is demanding the withdrawal of certain presences in kiev before they will withdraw. the three northern european countries, estonia, not get, and lithuania -- latvia and lithuania used to be part of the soviet union. they're looking at whether they can provide their own russian channel, which would be objective and allow freedom of expression.
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president barack obama has signed a law aimed at preventing iran's new ambassador to the united nations from entering the country. the u.s. says it is refusing to a man entering because he when americans were held captive. iran has refused to appoint a different ambassador. yesterday, christians around the world commemorated jesus christ. the focus oned those who suffer most in society. >> silent reflection gives way to applaud with the arrival of pope francis. tens of thousands of christians rome's ancient
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colosseum to welcome the pontiff. from there, they embarked on one of the highlights of the churches easter celebrations, a torch lit procession to mark the stations of the cross. cross stations of the represent key events in the bible story of jesus's journey toward crucifixion. pilgrims stopped to pray at the station to pray for those migrants, elderly, poor, homeless, disabled, and tortured victims. at a ceremony at saint peters basilica, pope francis condemned economic injustice. he spoke of the consequences of the economic crisis and prayed for the victims of exploitation. the pope has made caring for the poor a central concern. the faithful fast on good friday to ritually participate in the suffering of their messiah until the celebration of jesus's
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resurrection on easter sunday. are in for ae fans treat at sunday's chinese grand prix in shanghai. the red bull and mercedes formula one teams are gearing up for a tough race. and the very wet -- in the very wet qualifying race, british driver lewis hamilton beat his competitors by a fraction. he is chasing his third win in a row this season. >> if nothing goes wrong, lewis hamilton has an extremely good chance of winning the chinese grand prix on sunday. he came more than half a second ahead of the red bull team, last year's formula one champion. his teammate came in third. he admitted he had to raise his game, but was optimistic about red bulls chances against the mercedes team.
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>> in wet conditions, think we have a bit more of a chance than in dry conditions. they are still quite quick and a little too far away. we will see what happens tomorrow. i think the weather forecast is dry. we will certainly try. we are in the position to try and give them a very hard time tomorrow. >> the mercedes team has been on a roll this year. they've got a perfect record in qualifying. but they are not infallible, as this undignified spin by hamilton's teammate indicates. men's number world one rafael nadal has made an unexpected exit from the monte carlo masters tournament. he was stunned after being beate n by fellow spaniard david carrere in the quarterfinals. .t ended his winning streak >> rafael nadal looked shocked after his defeat by david her rare.
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it was an uphill struggle from the beginning and took a -- 85 minutes before herrer took the first set in the tiebreaker. at once againas wrongfooted by his friend. he kept up the pressure and no doll slipped up -- rafael nadal slipped up. second-ranked?d second-rankedjo kovich security is place in the semifinals. he now goes on to meet roger federer. theest chance of reaching world cup finals in 22 years. after a first day of semifinals, they are leading against host australia, 2-0.
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the german team now needs only one more victory to reach the finals. a german artist had a prolific career, painting photographs and producing films. now the moma in new york city is featuring a major retrospective of his work. than 250es more objects from over five decades. let's have a look. >> the title of this translated into english is to see things as they are. the letters are printed in mirror image. tot was sigmar polke trying tell us cap the >> it is a bit like magic. picks your pocket -- distract you or your solution pick your pocket on the other side.
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--is not the norm that might that one might be interested in. >> he has a way of criticizing society in general. he questioned everything, recognizing that things are not -- often not what they seem. he was also versatile when it came to form and technique. early 1960's together foundedther artist, he an art style he called capitalist realism. it was sometimes seen as a german version of andy warhol. he grew enamored of using dots in his work. they became a personal trademark. he never stopped experimenting with styles and materials, as this sweeping show reveals. rocket hasely owned blasted off from cape canaveral with supplies for the international space station. the rocket is taking more than two tons of equipment and food to the station. private companies have been supplying the station since nasa
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shut down the shuttle program three years ago. the new supplies are expected to reach the station on sunday morning. the liftoff was delayed for more than a month because of technical problems. that is all for the journal. join me at the top of the hour for more. >> spring has arrived in germany, so it is time for motorcyclists to get out of the house and onto the open road. some of them are looking for their first ever motorbike. melanie from berlin has had a motorcycle license for two years, but until now has only written as a passenger on her boyfriends bike. as a passenger on her boyfriend's bike. today, she's going for her first solo ride. she's excited and nervous. none he thinks people need experiences like that, as they
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spice up day to day life. fornie has a brand-new bike the big day. it is a suzuki with a top speed of 135 kilometers per hour. it's a good bike for beginners. melanie cannot wait to take it for a spin. the police are also preparing for the new motorcycling season at their training center north of berlin. they teach bikers how to ride safely. thousands of motorcyclists die on europe's roads every year.
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daniel and stefan know why. daniel says people go too fast on roads they are not firmly with. stefan says if there is gravel on the ground, you have to go through it. people often don't know what to do in that situation, but i say if you break, you will definitely crash. track thists have to regularly, but at the start of the season they are coming in cold. stefan says they go too fast too soon and make mistakes because they have not gotten used to how it all works again yet. the dangers are one reason why some motorcyclists seek divine intervention. people at this special church service of motorbike riders are
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aware of the risks they are taking. >> he says when you ride a motorbike yourself, -- she says when you ride a motorbike your self, you understand how much more difficult it is. she says she has to concentrate more on writing a motorbike than driving a car, and that means she doesn't think about anything else. via likeske -- not driving down country roads because she discovers new places. she says it is not the same experience in a car. ♪ thehe members of congregation pray for help from above. they ask god to give them the skills they need to ride their motorcycles safely, along with a feeling for when they need to hit the brakes or the gas.
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ask god to protect them from invisible dangers. the priest is another motorbike lover. he holds services in memory of bikers that have lost their lives. he says he has already lost two people this year. they were young and inexperienced. he tells his followers to drive slowly and to think about what they are doing when they are on the road. apart from their own safety, he wants them to drive in a way that doesn't put others in danger. in the autumn, the congregation will meet again and ride in memory of those who are no longer with them. motorbikes aren't the only
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vehicles for having fun on two wheels. there are also moped. this was produced in east germany back in the 1960's. they have a growing number of fans. owner --holz's a proud is a proud owner of seven schw alze moped. give them a tuneup at least once a week. daniel had some problems with this one last time. it is the carburetor. schwalbe is not a complicated machine and with the right parts, daniel can fix it
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on his own. daniel says when there is something wrong with one of the mopeds, he forgets everything else and keeps looking until he finds the problem. up until now, he has never failed to get the vehicles act in full working order. -- back in full working order. the next day, daniel is meeting with friends for a trip. he has to get the moped fixed. even if that means working into the night. finally, daniel is on his way out of the city. he has arranged to meet up with lovers, andbe there are plenty of them, both in the east and west of germany.
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he calls it the best of the east. he says it used to be mainly women who drove them, but now there are plenty of male owners, too. the group is heading to a nearby river. they live for days like this. herfi even says writing moped has a therapeutic effect. -- riding her moped has a therapeutic effect. she can't switch off completely and just drive and enjoy her surroundings. it is relaxing for her. daniel agrees. he says it is about letting off steam. they're always happy to get out of the city.
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but accidents do happen, especially with vehicles as old as these. daniel had a classmate who was going 50 kilometers per hour when her rear tire blew. she crashed and was in hospital for a long time. daniel knows there is always danger waiting around the corner. but marco doesn't think about that. he says if you worry about it too much, it will happen to you. that is one way to deal with the fear. the police prefer good training. good raking is a valuable -- bra king is a valuable skill.
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every turn or corner creates the possibility of having an accident, as do potholes and objects on the road. motorcyclists are 20 times more likely to be killed in a traffic collision than car drivers. says motorcyclists have to react to situations and that takes time. and in that time, they can lose their bike. into a curve, he works out what could go wrong, so he doesn't waste time thinking about it later. whittle things make the difference, like looking exactly where you are going -- little things make the difference, like looking exactly where you're going. to look at they street, but he doesn't drive like that. he looks all the way down the road and has developed situations where he tries to work out what other drivers are going to do.
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and, he says, that has saved him before. protectivehe clothing, falling off hurts and leaves you helpless, because there is nothing else surrounding you. that's why motorcyclists have to train. beginners have to stay safe, too. only ridden 20 kilometers. her mother is the first to see the new suzuki. she can't believe melanie has bought her own bike. melanie is thrilled with how it drives.
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and she reassures her mother that the brakes are working nicely, too. her mother is still a little worried, though. the bikes top speed is low compared to that of some other motorcycles. it is more than fast enough for monica. she's used to driving a small car. , says otherené bikes can get past 300 kilometers per hour. he says it is perfect for someone like melanie. monica is not convinced. she has been around bikers all her life. her father rode my -- the motorcycle and so did his father before him. the most important thing for monica is that her daughter gets through the season in one piece.
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melanie is excited about getting around on two wheels. like all motorcyclists, she will need skill and concentration to get the most out of her new ֖ps
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