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tv   Journal  LINKTV  April 26, 2014 6:00am-6:31am PDT

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>> hello. a very warm welcome indeed to the journal here on d.w. i'm in berlin, and these are our top stories at this hour -- pro-russian rebels are still holding a group of international military observers in eastern ukraine, accusing them of being nato spies. meanwhile, the g-7 countries move swiftly to agree to impose new sanctions against russia. and the world of soccer mourns after former barcelona coach, tito villanova dies of throat cancer at the age of 45.
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>> we begin in ukraine, where pro-russian separatists in the eastern city are still holding a group of international observers, calling them prisoners of war. the group, which includes four germans, is in the city to monitor the situation there on behalf of the organization for security and cooperation in europe. now, for his part, german foreign minister has called on his russian counterpart to do everything in his power to secure the release of the osce mission members. >> this is where the team of osce observers is set to be, inside the security headquarters, which is currently occupied by armed separatists. the team of 13 includes three german shoulders and an interpreter. berlin wants their immediate release. >> for us, it was important
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that we could at least inform the families based on eyewitness reports that so far they have been detained without violence. no shots were fired. the german government is using all diplomatic channels to work to ensure that the inspectors are released immediately and unharmed. >> the separatists accuse members of the group of spying for nato and for the pro-western group in kiev. >> we retrieved a map citing all the check points. this is proof that they're engaged in intelligence gathering, or should an osce mission involve the participation of the military who can examine our assets? >> as tensions increase, so does the risk of armed confrontation. the u.s. accused russian fighter jets as entering ukraine's airspace repeatedly on friday. in the east of the country, a
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ukrainian military helicopter was blown up by a rocket-propelled grenade. the attack was blamed on separatists, but the country's prime minister is convinced russia is behind it all. the world has not yet forgotten world war ii, but russia already wants to start world war three. kiev says russian forces have advanced within a kilometer of the ukrainian bothered, where they're engaged in fresh exercises. so far no side is interested in de-escalating the ukraine crisis. >> for more on this story, we're now joined by our correspondent in the you're crabian capital, kiev. what's the latest you can tell us about the situation, the desperate situation you have to imagine, of these osce observers? >> the observers are reportedly still being held by the two-russian forces. during a press conference, the
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self-proclaimed commander of those pro-russian forces accused the observers of being nato spies, and he said that they are only going to be exchanged for pro-russian activists for the ukrainian authorities have been in custody, so the situation there is very difficult, and according to the ukrainian intelligence, the observers are under ld in a basement better conditions, and one of them reportedly needs medical help. of course, we can confirm this report from here. meanwhile, the russian ambassador with the osce said that russia is going to undertake any measures to help to free the observers, but at the same time, he said that actually it's up to the ukrainian authorities to guarantee the observers' safety. >> ok, so there's grave concern about the situation, concerns,
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too, about the situation on the ukraine-russian bothered. what's the latest you can tell us there, alexandra? >> we have talked to the ukrainian foreign ministry told, and they told us that so far no major incidents have been reported from the border and that the russian troops have not crept to the bored sorry far, but of course that is what people here fear. >> so no major incident being reported. however, it's interesting, when we look at the mood as reflect in the language coming out in kiev, the stament that we've had about accusing russia of wanting to start world war iii, that almost suggests a tone of panic in kiev. >> well, yes indeed, these were very strong, very cryptic words, but we have to understand that the ukrainian government is in a very difficult situation. they've tried to regain control of those cities in the eastern
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part of the country, which were captured by the pro russian groups and the ukrainian government said at the same time it doesn't want to use force against civilians, so it is a very difficult situation, and my impression here is that more and more people are getting more and more frustrated. some people i talked to told me that they think that ukraine just needs more international help and that they think that the european union has been so far too soft on russia. >> thanks very much for those insights. alexandra joining us there from the ukrainian capital, kiev. with one eye on events in there, members of the g-7 group of major economies have agreed to target moscow with a new round of sanctions. the g-7 says that russia simply isn't doing enough to rein in separatist groups in eastern ukraine. however, precise what will new sanctions they intend to impose won't be announced until monday
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. meanwhile, the ukraine crisis continues to dominate the international political agenda, including the polish prime minister's visit to berlin. >> russia is not doing enough to de-escalate the crisis in ukraine. that's the view of german chancellor angela merkel, the polish prime minister, and all the g-7 leaders. they've agreed on a new round of sanctions to up the pressure on moscow. >> i'm convinced that russia has the option or could have the option of getting the separatists in eastern ukraine to join a peaceful process of constitutional dialogue and separation for elections, but so far moscow has unfortunately not given those signals. >> but it's not yet clear what form the new sanctions will take. merkel favors expanding the assets freezes already imposed on vladimir putin's inner sir
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welcome but the u.s. wants more. while continuing his tour of asia, president barack obama called for tougher economic sanctions on russia. >> what's also important is laying the ground work so that if and when we see even greater escalation, perhaps even military incursion by russia into ukraine, that we're prepared for the sort of sanctions that would have even larger consequences. >> russia's economy has already been affected by the existing sanctions. now moscow faces added pressure. >> now, hundreds of thousands, possibly even millions of catholic mill grims are making their way to rome today or may be already there. they're will there to witness sunday's historic double cannonization of two popes in one ceremony. they are two towering figures of the 20th century, john the 23rd and john paul ii, who will be confirmed as saints by the current pontiff, pope francis.
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and it was announced just a short while ago that the retired pope benedict the 16th will also be attending tomorrow's ceremony. >> anticipation is building in rome, and so are the crowds. it was filled with tourists, believers, and onlookers this morning. they're all flocking to st. peter's square ahead of tomorrow's ceremony. the cap knownization will be attended by dozens of heads of state and by pilgrims from around the world. it's thought that over a million might attend. many are from poland. john paul ii was hugely popular in his native country. >> we loved our pope. we have beautification in pope, and now we've come to the cannonization as well. >> we owe so much to him. we're going to pray for him. >> pilgrims are coming by train, bus, and even motor bike, like this group, which
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has brought along its own priest. two of the 20th century's most prominent popes are being made saints. john paul ii visited more countries than any of his predecessors and enjoyed great popularity. john the 23rd launched the second have the cal council, which made long i don't ever due reforms to the catholic church in the early 1960's. their cannonization will be broadcast in more than 20 countries, live and in 3-d, a reminder that it will be a show, as well as a solemn ceremony. >> it will indeed be a spectacle, and we will be broadcasting it live here on tomorrow morning, so do join us. now, tito dies, football cries, that is the headline in one spanish newspaper following the announcement of the dead of titoville november, former coach of barcelona. he died on friday after a three-year battle with throat cancer. he was just 45. >> the future looks bright as
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villanova took over the star-studded team in the summer of 2012. the soft-spoken coach had been battling throat cancer for almost a year, but was thought to be recovering. he was sidelined much of the season, traveling to new york for treatments of a recuring tumor in his saliva gland. he returned to barcelona the following spring and led the team to the spanish league title with a record-tying 100 oints. as an assistant, he helped barcelona to 14 titles, including two champions league trophies. he was a role model both on and off the pitch, respected by players and fans alike. >> as a person and as a coach, tito meant a lot to bars lone a. i'm sure that everyone is mourning this loss, whether or not they're barcelona fans. e was a great guy.
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>> he was barca's number one. he was loved and will never be forgotten, an unforgettable coach. >> only one season after taking over barca, the illness forced villanova onto the sidelines again, but this time he could not overcome the disease. as condolences pour in from all over the world, he won't be remembered as one of soccer's true greats. he is survived by his wife and wo children. >> a change of mood, let's have a look at friday evening's soccer action, where stuttgart edged further away from regulation by picking up a point in a goalless draw away from hanover. stuttgart were the better side, looking for all three points to put them firmly out of the drop zone. they scored in the first half, and the referee called offside.
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in the second half, martin almost snatched the late victory for the home side, but his shot was saved by the stuttgart keeper. and another team battling regulation is battling, and the club from northern bavaria fired the dutch coach earlier this week. it's a desperate measure at this late stage of the season, but will it help? well, this afternoon, they had a tough away match. >> morale is at an all-time low at nuremberg. the new trainers hope to change that. they had a disastrous season so far. they lost their last game 4-1 at home. it was their eighth loss in the last nine matches. the new coaching duo wants action. >> i would certainly go for t. i'll give it everything. if we go and see ourselves as losers, it will be losers.
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>> a new trainer with new ideas? a total of eight coaches have been fired so far this season, but it's a move that doesn't always guarantee success. >> this situation is not so much a question of who you're going to fire, but who the new guy will be, who can inject some optimism into the side and get things going again. >> his caretaker coach, he dropped, for example. a perfect record so far. two wins from two games. he's still pushing for a spot in the champions league. >> we call them firemen because they come in and rescue a club from the burning basement of the table. they bring some flair that can really help in this kind of situation. >> and nuremberg fans will be hoping their new trainer tandem can add some flair. no easy task. >> well, we'll have all the sports news at the top of the
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hour, of course, and all the other news, so don't go away. >> mothers learning thousand deal with tear gas, students blocking the streets. security forces cracking down n every protest. families standing in line for powdered milk. if a government can't feed its own people, then it's useless, says this man. the middle classes are trying to overthrow president nicolas maduro. the upper classes are applauding them, but even poorer venezuelans are iscontented.
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venezuela is mired in confrontation and stability is not on the horizon. over 40 people have been killed on both sides, and each blames the other for the casualties. they're in power, they're operating outside the law and violating the constitution, that's why the people are on the streets. do we have to tolerate it when they attack us? do we have to watch when they et our country alight? his is a popular figure in sar acass. she's one of the leaders of the protest and believes maduro's government has to go, but not because it's socialist. it would be wonderful, she says, if we had socialism here. hopefully we'll soon have socialism like they have in chile, but we don't have that here. we only have propaganda instead of real action. fwabby planned to finish her
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doctorate in history this year, but the protests have taken over. she hardly enjoys a minute's break, spending her days coordinating demonstrations, sky interviews and student rallies. her driver is a businessman. alejandro benitez has represented venezuela three times in olympic fencing. she's a committed supporter of the socialist president, hugo chavez, who died last year. now she backs his chosen successor, nicolas maduro. we remain committed to our system, and we want to build on the chavez legacy. we are building something, not destroying. but the opposition don't want o accept that. they destroy streets, houses, they set schools on fire. we don't think that's the way to build up a country.
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if they want changes, ok, but changes destroy, changes based on confrontation, that's not real change. she's not experienced the unrest firsthand in her everyday life. she's only read about it in state media reports. a student meeting underway at the technical university. gabby announces a protest on plaza venezuela. and she denounces the biggest problems facing the nation. over 50% inflation, short it is of milk and flour, the world's fifth highest murder rate, corruption, and human rights abuses. it always, it culminates in a meet for the maduro government to go. gabby believes she was long ago placed under secret service surveillance and that she's a potential target of government-supported paramilitary groups.
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this award-winning youth center exemplifies the chavez ideology. it offers workshops for youths from impoverished district, spanning music, art, and sport. t's open to everyone, not just chavezistas, but it identifies itself as socialist. >> socialists collective, she says. here you learn how to work together in a collect i have to achieve fundamental social hange. and what about those who don't share that ideology? the rally on plaza venezuela has been banned. gabby stays away. she thinks it will be too risky to make an appearance. so students withdraw to the nearby central university. one of the protectors is identified as a chavezista is
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almost lynched. a heated argument follows about whether the man should receive medical treatment. he's going in the ambulance, bring him here, shouts one opposition activist. throw broken ribs, injuries to he face and spine. a majority insist he receive medical treatment, but a surprising number are opposed. not far away, a group of chavezista attack a student from the opposition, beat him up, and humiliate him, showing ust as little mercy. later, shots ring out. the opposition called a press conference on plaza. gabby accuses the security forces and armed paramilitary groups of increasingly using terror tactics. she's also asked about the barbaric treatment of the chavezista at the university. i wasn't at the university, but the video clearly shows our
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friend being mistreated and that other citizens rescued him and saved his life, she. we don't want another fatality where the red, green, white, small, large, rich, poor, not one more fatality, not one more bullet, no more tear gas grenades. e want to live in peace. every afternoon, she trained at central university. cameras aren't allowed inside it. the university is traditionally an opposition strong hold, and she often thooze deal with snubs from her fellow students. unfortunately, not everyone here has a sporting mentality, some haven't achieved as much as i have in fencing, she says, nd what i do bothers them. on top of that, politics in venezuela are deadlocked. if someone wants to interview
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me, they create hurdles, various permits have to be secured. and that involves going to the university authorities or other authorities just to make things difficult. it is obvious it's not easy for her, but she says she tries let ht -- she tries not to it get her down. i will continue to fight for people to live together peacefully, she says, despite their different political beliefs. we should get together and talk to each other instead of shutting the doors. this standoff must end. the people should sit down at one table and campaign for peace and harmony and should all work together for a more prosperous and better country. i believe in dialogue, but also in freedom and rights, says gabby. it's difficult to speak to somebody who opposes you, who
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percent could you tell us you, who violates the constitution. dialogue is only possible in a democratic context. we are willing to take part, but not with those in charge. there are 4 venezuelas who can no longer participate in dialogue because they are dead, and it's for them that we're taking to the streets and demanding a change of government. after 16 years of the chavez ideology, the fronts have hardened. police officers are regularly confronted with such hatred on the streets. some people go even further, using the wide spread support for the protest among the middle classes as an excuse to go on a rampage. it does not take long for the tate to respond.
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gabby is giving an interview at radio caracas, she has an hour o promote the student cause. he has weapons, has all means of repression, and has seized all the wealth of the country. listeners can take part in the constitution. most of the want to put questions directly to the opposition, they don't trust the state media. our friend was standing by barricade when the cowards from the national guard came and attacked and beat him, but luckily he could be freed. most callers sympathized with the students. this one says she prays daily for their safety and protection, and urges them to keep on doing what they're doing.
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the venezuela and students don't believe in a peace like in cuba. from they live in peace but without freedom, and without freedom and justice, peace is just an illusion. peace can only follow from truth, from justice, and freedom. one after the other. that's why we're fighting on the streets. with three olympic games under her belt, she's now preparing for rio 2016. fencing is her sporting passion, but her political heart belongs to hugo chavez. she says he was like a father to her and she was like a daughter to him. she says this picture was taken on the day chavez won the election. when her sporting career is over, she plans to work as a dentist. she has already successfully completed her studies, and she
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has a fully equipped dental practice purchased with the money she earned as an olympic athlete. it doesn't cross her mind that the opposition could succeed in overthrowing the government. she believes that the ball will remain devoted to the political ideology of chavez, and she's convinced the chavezistas will still number power five years from now. in the past, people didn't want to admit that they were venezuelans, she says. today they're proud and are willing to wear the national colors. they have learned how to fight for their interest, for their country, for their ideals. in five years, we will be a very enlightened people who have lived up to our ideals. after the population voted for them, says gabby, they believed in him, but they were fooled, and now they support us. they want to ensure that those in power pay.
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dialogue could offer a way out of the deadlock, but neither side has been serious about it so far. a dialogue with maduro who shoots at us? no chance.ó?ó?ó?ó?ó?ó?ó?ó?ó?ó?ó
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[soft exotic flute music] ♪ captioning and audio description provided by the u.s. department of education. >> bokara: so today, we're going to do a show about transformation with two real experts in the field. it's michael murphy and jon kabat-zinn. jon kabat-zinn is a doctor, an author, and a meditation teacher. and michael murphy is


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