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tv   Journal  LINKTV  April 26, 2014 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> hello, and a very warm welcome to the journal here on dw. these are our top stories at this hour. assians are still holding group of military observers in ukraine, accusing them of being nato spies. meanwhile, moves have been made to quickly impose new sanctions against russia. and in rome, preparations are underway for the double canonization of pope john paul pope john xxiii.
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pro-russian separatists in eastern ukraine say the international group of observers they are holding captive includes soldiers and spies. to secures are trying their release. russia has said it will help free the observers but the separatists are not backing down. we will talk to our correspondent in ukraine in a moment, but first we have this report. >> the pro-russian government appear to have no intention of letting the osce observers go. they are claiming their captives were working as spies. have no relation to any osce mission. indicatingps on them the location of our checkpoint. we get the impression they are officers carrying out a spy mission.
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>> the 13 member german led team of military observers was traveling under the auspices of the osce when they were detained on friday. a spokesman for the organization confirmed that germany is leading negotiations for their release. >> it's a bilateral mission under the command of the german military's verification center. it is primarily a matter for germany. there is also the ukrainian government, which invited the mission into the country. today are also in contact. >> ukrainian reports say the observers are being held here at the barricaded police headquarters. separatists say they are in good health and that one soldier is being treated for diabetes. ukraine's interim prime minister condemned to the kidnapping.
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>> the idea that the so-called peace protesters are real terrorists is absurd. >> the osce has had no contact with them since they were taken captive. russia is working to resolve the situation. >> we're are joined now by our correspondent in kiev. alexander, what is the latest you are hearing on the observers -- alexandra, what is the latest you are hearing on the observers? the ukraine'so domestic intelligence agency, captives are being held in
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bad conditions. one person reportedly needs medical help and was denied to get it. hand, we are hearing and as we just saw in your report that the self-proclaimed mayor told the press today that the observers are in good condition and that the one person needing medical help is being treated. so, we cannot confirm those reports and we have to be very careful dealing with it because we simply do not know in what situation the observers are right now. what we know is that the pro-russian separatist are to releaseot willing them immediately, saying that the observers can only be exchanged for pro-russian activist who the ukrainian authorities have in custody. , ukraine has tightened its blockade. what are they hoping to achieve with that? the ukrainian
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authorities say they want to prevent the pro-russian separatists from getting more supporters, more weapons, but that the ukrainian army does not have any plans to enter, to storm the city, because they fear that might cause many casualties. it is a very difficult situation. the ukrainian government is trying to regain control of the area, but at the same time it does not want to use force against civilians. >> the armed group holding the observers captive says they want to see separatists being held in kiev freed. beit possible they will released? >> i talked to the foreign minister in ukraine today asking if they've would be willing to release detained pro-russian separatists. they refused to comment on that,
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saying just that negotiations are going on in that every option is on the table. >> the situation there seems to be inching dangerously close to war. how do people feel? are they scared? >> of course, people here fear that the russian troops of the ukrainian border may come across the border anytime now. they fear that might lead to a seem topeople i talk to get more and more frustrated. think ukrainehey needs more international help, international support, and they think the european union has into soft on russia so far. -- been too soft on russia so far. >> thank you for joining us. our political correspondent joins us now in studio. michelle, pro-russian separatists accused the osce observers of spying. what were they doing on the
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ground? >> they are accused of spying because they have not been at particular checkpoints. they are part of the military verification mission. they were doing their job, which is to provide transparency and clarity when military situations on the ground get as murky as they are with names and counterclaims. that includes moscow, kiev, berlin. they were doing their job. they were accompanied by ukrainian soldiers. this is because they were invited by ukraine and ukraine has a possibility -- a responsibility to provide security. they were either misunderstood or unwelcome on the ground, or thiser theory is that could be an opportunity to have some clout on the side of the separatist.
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the aim is that they provide methods to release tension, to get the attention of the conflict. but we are seeing today that there are different interpretations of what this means. suggested talks on troop movements to moscow and all interested parties. the conversation between u.s. secretary of state kerry and the russian foreign minister. v says he wants to stop kiev acting against the separatists and to rein and the right-wing movement on the ground. there he different interpretations -- very different interpretations of the situation. >> moscow has said repeatedly it does not have control over the separatist. who is responsible for getting them released? >> certainly, germany is. ukraine is. they are the state that invited these observers.
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hear very interesting to this from moscow. there appears to be a recognition that moscow indeed has some clout there on the ground. -- all be very important very important litmus test about how much control the russians actually have over the situation. i sure that will also influence the discussions that european diplomats will be having on sanctions when they get together on monday. >> thank you so much for joining us here in studio. unfold,s continue to western nations have agreed to hit moscow with a new round of sanctions. they say moscow is not doing enough to stop separatists in eastern ukraine. it is not clear what the new sanctions will be, but the west is thought to act swiftly. >> european leaders want to on russia.e pressure on monday, leaders will unveil , including travel
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bans on political leaders. the sanctions could take effect the same day. the main center-right candidate in next month's european elections told dw he wants to see tougher sanctions being imposed. >> this is about showing respect for europe's core values. the russian leadership is stepping all over them. that is why we need to respond economicher acade sanctions. >> he agreed that the member countries would impose more sanctions on russia. he said the sanctions would be coordinated but not necessarily identical. meeting with her polish counterpart, german chairman angela merkel said russia is not doing enough to de-escalate the crisis. >> i am absolutely convinced that russia has the power or could have the power to get the ukrainest and eastern
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to join a peaceful process of dialogue and reparation for elections but so far moscow has not even given those signals. russian economy is already suffering from the sanctions that have been imposed. now the pressure looks set to increase. >> moving onto other news, slovenia's governing coalition is on the brink of collapse after just 13 months in office. members of the ruling positive slovenia party have voted to oust the prime minister and replace her with the party founder. to hand in her resignation. coalition partners say they government led by the party leader. they are calling for new elections. hundreds of thousands of doldrums are making their way to rome to witness the historic -- athletic pilgrims -- catholic pilgrims are making
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their way to rome to witness the historic canonization of two saints. >> anticipation is building in rome and so are the crowds. tourists, believers, and onlookers are all flocking to st. peter's square ahead of tomorrow's ceremony. the canonization will be attended by dozens of heads of state and by pilgrims from around the world. it is thought that millions might attend. many are from poland. john paul ii was hugely popular in his native country. >> we loved our pope. andere at the beatification now we have come for the canonization as well. >> we owe so much to him. we are going to pray for him. >> pilgrims are coming by train, bus, and even motorbike, like this group, which has brought along its own priest.
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two of the 20th century's most prominent hopes are being made saints. john paul ii visited more countries than any of his predecessors. john the 23rd made long overdue church to the catholic in the 20th century. it will be a show as well is a solemn ceremony. news.sports in soccer, byron shook off recent poor form, smashing five goals. gameeventually won the 5-2. it was a bad day for nuremberg. the team lost 2-0. threat of relegation is looming large. in friday kickoffs, guard edged further away by picking up a goal in hanover.
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stewed guard -- that guard looked for all three points. the referee called offsides. in the second half, almost a late victory for the home team, but the shot was saved by the keeper. let's take a look at all the results so far this weekend. you course -- the scores see there. off on sunday, ouster faces hamburg. things are shaping up at the end of the season. two games to go in the bottom half. troubleg is in real after suffering defeat. that is all for now on the
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journal. things for watching and please stay with us. -- thanks for watching and please stay with us. >> martha is learning how to deal with it. students blocking the street. security forces cracking down on every protest. families standing in line for powdered milk. if the government cannot feed its own people, it is useless, says this man. middle classes are trying to overthrow resident nicolas maduro. even poor venezuelans are discontent.
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venezuela is mired in confrontation and stability is not on the horizon. over 40 people have been killed on both sides and each blames the other for the casualties. they are in power. they are operating outside the law and violating the constitution. that is why the people are on the streets. do we have to tolerate it when they attack us? do we have to watch as they set our country a light? gabriella is a popular figure in the well-heeled districts of cover this. she is one of the leaders of these unit -- of caracas. she is one of the leaders of the student movement that believes this government has to go. she says,e wonderful, if we had socialism here. hopefully we will soon have socialism like they have in chile, but we do not have that here. we only have propaganda, not real action.
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finish herto doctorate in history this year, but the protests have taken over. she hardly enjoys a minutes break, spending her days coordinating protest and student rallies. her driver is a businessman. represented -- alexandra has represented venice three -- venezuela three times in olympic fencing. backs hugo chavez his chosen successor, nicolas maduro. >> we remain committed to our system, says alexander, and we want to build on the shot is legacy. we are building something, not destroying it. but the opposition don't want to accept that. destroy streets, houses. they said schools on fire. we think that's the way to build
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up the country. we -- we don't think that's the way to build up the country. change based on confrontation is not real change. alexandra has not experienced the unrest first hand in her everyday life. she has only read about it in state media reports. a student meeting is underway at the technical university. gabby announces a protest on plaza venezuela and she denounces the biggest problem facing the nation. over 50% inflation, shortages of milk and flour. murderld's fifth highest rate. corruption and human rights abuses. as always, the meeting culminates in a call for the maduro government to go. gabby believes she was long ago placed under secret service surveillance and that she is the target of paramilitary groups.
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youth centernning in the southeast of caracas exemplifies the shop is ideology. it offers workshops for youths from impoverished districts sports. music, art, and it is open to everyone, but of identifies itself as socialist. wakes it is fear that it is a socialist collective, she says. a it is clear that it is socialist collective, she says. here you learn how to work together in a collective to achieve fundamental social change. what about those who don't share that ideology? the rally on plaza venezuela has been banned. gabby stays away. she things it will be too risky to make an appearance. this too dense withdraw to the -- the students withdraw to the
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nearby university. one is almost lynched. at heated argument follows about receivethe man should medical treatment. he is going in the ambulance, bringing him here shouts one activist. three broken ribs, injuries to the face and spine. authorities insist he received medical treatment, but a surprising number are opposed. student of the opposition is beaten up and humiliated, showing little mercy. later, shots rang out. the opposition call a press conference on the plaza. gabby accuses the security forces and armed, military groups of using barbaric tactics. >> i wasn't at the university,
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but the video clearly shows our friend being mistreated and that other students rescued him and saved his life. we don't want another fatality whether red, green, white, small, rich or poor. we want to live in peace. every afternoon, alexander trains at central university. our cameras are not allowed inside. the university is traditionally an opposition stronghold and alexander often has to deal with snubs from her fellow students. unfortunately, not everyone here has a sporting mentality. some have not achieved as much as i have in fencing, she says, and what i do bothers them. on top of that, politics and venezuela are deadlocked. if someone wants to interview
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me, they create hurdles. darius permits have to be secured, and that involves going to the university -- of various permits have to be secured, and that involves going to the university authorities or other authorities and that makes things difficult. shes not easy for her, but tries not to let it get her down. >> i will continue to fight for people to live together peacefully, she says, despite their political beliefs. we should get to each other that get together and talk to each other instead of shutting doors. this standoff must end. the people should sit down at one table and campaign for peace and harmony. we should all work together for a more prosperous and better country. i believe in dialogue, but also in freedom and rights, says
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gabby. it is difficult to speak to somebody who oppresses you, persecute you, violates the constitution. dialogue is only possible in a democratic context. we are willing to take heart, but not with those in charge. venezuelans who can no longer participate in dialogue because they are dead, and it is for them we are taking to the streets and demonstrating against the government. officers are regularly confronted with hatred on the streets. some people go even further, using the widespread support for the protest among the middle classes as an excuse to go on a rampage. it does not take long for the state to respond.
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gabby is giving an interview at an independent radio station. she has an hour to promote the students cause. the regime has weapons, has all means of repression and has seized all well from the country . listeners can take part in the discussion. most want to put questions directly to the opposition. they don't trust the state media. >> our friend was standing by a barricade when the cowards from the national guard came in and attacked and beat him. luckily, he could be freed. >> most callers sympathize with the students. this one says that she prays daily for their protection and urges them to keep on doing what they are doing.
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venezuelans and the students don't believe in peace like cuba. there they live in peace but without freedom, and without freedom and justice, peace is just an illusion. >> the church agrees. he's can only follow -- he's -- peace can only follow justice and freedom. why we are fighting. >> alexandra is now preparing for rio, 2016. fencing is her passion but her political heart belongs to hugo chavez. she says he was like a father to her and that she was like a daughter to him. she says this picture was taken on the day shot is one the election. chavez won the election. when her sporting career is
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over, she plans to work as a dentist. she has already completed her studies and has a fully equipped dental practice purchased with the moneys she won as an olympic athlete. it does not cross her mind that the opposition could succeed in overthrowing the government. chevy convinced that chavistas will stay in power. she says people did not used to want to wear the colors of venezuela. today they are proud. will be a verywe enlightened people who have lived up to our ideals. most of the population voted for says gabby, and
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now they feel like fools. dialogue could offer a way out of the deadlock, but neither side has been serious about it so far. so far. >> a dialogue wió?ó?ó?ó?ó?ó?ó?ó?
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