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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 1, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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s coming up, here are the headlines. the ukrainian army is on that -- max müller from ukrainian separatists. the international monetary fund approves a $17 billion aid package. taking the streets of major cities across the world marking labor day in istanbul. protesters -- tear gas is used to prevent protesters from attending their demonstration. and the champions league upset atletico madrid beats chelsea and will play local rivals
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real madrid in the finals. ♪ >> ukrainian authorities are gradually losing control of the east of the country. about one dozen towns are now partly controlled by pro-russian groups. armed separatists seize government buildings and there are maximum alert but it is unclear what may change. in donetsk, we report on the gradual takeover of these sites. >> you see the chipping away of control of kiev of this situation, these eastern regions of the ukraine, the luhansk regi on where i was yesterday, and the donetsk region where i was right now.
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we see the same scenario over and over, they fall to the hands of separatists. separatists or taking control of strategic building sites, local administration buildings and tv towers, police stations. they arrive on the scene usually in a large crowd that will gather in front of the building, and they will start shouting pro-russian slogans and you'll have a smaller, core group of armed men often in military fatigues, often carrying weapons and assault weapons kalashnikovs. they will go about seizing the buildings. we saw the takeover yesterday of one building here in donetsk, a customs building. when we arrived on the scene the military men had just arrived, in their uniforms with no real insignia that would verify them as attached any particular force. they entered the building and within a few minutes you see the employees filing out, and they say everything is calm and normal and under control, and
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they will tell you that they are only there to search for weapons. weapons that they fear that the pro-ukrainian ultranationalists are going to come to seize. their version is that they are here simply to take control of the building, in the search for weapons to protect the population they are taking over these strategic sites for control. >> and just who are these separatists? many of these were unknown to residents until recently, and kiev has betrayed them as agents of moscow. >> he enjoys speaking with journalists as long as they ask what he calls the right questions. >> if you don't ask the right things, you will be in trouble. >> one question he does not like is whether he gets orders or assistance from russia. >> i have no contact with moscow.
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stop asking i have told you -- stop asking, i have told you this several times. >> but to the authorities in kiev, it is clear that they have -- the russians have sent weapons to him and other separatists in power. like other russian leaders -- pro-russian leaders, he was a member of the soviet army before running a small soap factory. another member is still a member of russian military intelligence according to the european union and ukrainian authorities. he now that she used to live in the shadow but now is openly saying he's behind operations in the separatist provinces of donetsk and luhansk. >> my presence here is a result of the work i did in crimea, and i helped bring about the crimean scenario in the native regions of donetsk and luhansk. >> ukraine separatist leaders
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were recently unknown in the provinces that they now control. the new leader of the so-called donetsk people's republic used to be a security guard and sell candy, and work for a company known for ponzi schemes. now his name is on the european union sanctions list. >> the battle for the ukraine is also economic. the international monetary fund approved a $17 billion aid package to prop up the ukrainian economy. this will help kiev pay billions of dollars of debt earned to russia. >> a reprieve for the cash trapped ukraine. this was necessary -- decisive measures were taken by the ukraine, and decisive measures have just been taken i the imf. >> the international body will pay out $17 billion over two years, starting with an immediate 3 billion-dollar first installment.
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there is also further aid from the european union and the united states, a lot is expected of the new interim government in return. the bailout is dependent on economic reform, in particular reducing the country's $8 billion budget deficit. the imf has called for a whole range of cost-cutting measures including suspending a look sector wage increases, and in addition, kiev must cut down on tax evasion. this is described as inefficient and opaque and is expected to face the biggest overhaul. the ukraine has one of the highest conception levels -- consumption levels in europe. >> we believe that the ukraine has an opportunity to seize the moment, to break away from previous practices, both from the fiscal, from the monetary
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and from the government's point of view. >> the conditions are likely to hit households hard, and could strengthen the tenuous grip on power by the interim government. the chief programs were suspended after the government failed to meet its target. >> in northern ireland, police are questioning gerry adams over a murder committed by the ira 30 years ago. sinn fein has denied any involvement in the disappearance and killing of jean mcconville. >> killed and buried in secret the irish mother of 10 was disappeared by the irish republican army just before christmas in 1972. the ira admitted her killing in 1999 and her body was discovered under the speech in 2003. the murder haunted gerry adams of sinn fein for decades.
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>> i regret that anybody was killed by our group and i was one of those who brought the conflict to an end. obviously we support those people who have been injured and there is a lot of work that has been done by all of us with the healing process. >> despite acting as the head of the ira's political wing, adams has always denied he was a member, but that did not stop him from becoming the face of militant irish nationalism during the ira's 1980's bombing campaign. three decades of violence between catholic groups like the ira who wanted to unify and ireland and protestant groups ended in 1998. sinn fein says this arrest is publicly motivated but it is not clear about how this will affect the power-sharing government, of which martin mcguinness is the deputy. >> international workers day
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across the world. thousands of demonstrators have marched with various demands and in turkey police crash with protesters in istanbul, preventing them from reaching ta ksin square, where protests were last year. prime minister erdogan is the center of controversy as he has been battling a corruption scandal. and in france, the right party -- the far right party celebrates joan of arc, and this is a chance for them to rally their troops and measure popular support. we speak to the -- we listen to the party leader. >> a lot of people hate us today, this shows a willingness -- which is what france needs most, our willingness to know where we are going and how we will get there. that is something those in power are lacking. >> we are covering the rally,
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and this year's event is special. it comes on the back of a good showing in recent elections. what is the mood in the crowd? >> it was a celebration. here at the center of paris despite the rain that has fallen -- and is still continuing to fall, people here were determined not to let that dampen their spirits. may 1 is always a show of force but this year was perhaps more upbeat than ever. and when they gathered here, with the recently elected mayors -- you had the president take to the stage, and she thanked the thousands that have gathered for the votes. for her, this was a vote that showed they believed in france, people here believe the current government is failing to do -- they say that they are being led by donkeys and that the government was dividing up and
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selling out france, and both her and her supporters talked about the current deal of one of france's biggest companies which could be sold to american interests, and also complained about the number of vineyards in france so symbolic for the french, currently in chinese hands. there was a message here from the front but they also talked about the issue of europe. you can see behind me, it says no to brussels, yes to france. there is continued momentum in the recent elections, and they say that they are against the euro, and the financial crisis is being felt in france. they say it is very important to vote on may 5, because france exist -- because your exist any only way to get stronger is by having a voice in brussels. >> a speech coming up on the national front leader, marie le pen.
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in brazil, may 1 has a somber overtone, the day that formula one champion and national hero aryton senna died, he crashed in the grand prix 20 years ago. our correspondents report. >> it is the karting track that bears the name of a racing legend. it was here in the suburbs of san paulo that aryton senna revealed his skill as a driver. camaro was a mechanic for the man who would become a national icon. >> he was a passionate man, he lived go karting. go karting was everything to him. he would wake at 7 a.m. and leave at 6 p.m.. even when it was raining. when he passed by you could hear his engine noise. >> for young and old, his star
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still shines bright. don has just turned 11 and from films and books he has drawn inspiration from this man's story. >> he was very determined and he did things thoroughly. and i try to do my best, like him. >> marco is another dedicated fan. at his home he has more than 10,000 ayrton senna collectibles. >> he left us his pager to -- patriotism and he was a proud member, showing his determination. always pushing himself further. it is all linked and it makes them a great champion. >> 20 years after his death, senna continues to fascinate brazilians. especially those watching the spectacle of his many victories. [speaking foreign language]
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>> at the time it was difficult for the country, there were no football world cup victories but formula one -- >> his death was a national tragedy, it was his personality and his drive to win that many brazilians refer to remember. >> a word of sports now atletico madrid is ecstatic because their team is on the way to the champions league finals for the first time in 40 years. they played chelsea in the finals in the finals of the final score was 3-1. they will play the chief rivals, real madrid. they play late on wednesday in the next they played late on wednesday in the capital -- they played late on wednesday in the
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capital. >> atletico madrid can hardly believe it, for the first time in 40 years they have made it to the finals and this is the first time that two clubs from the same city face-off for the champions league trophy. >> for majority, it is important to support capitalist europe. i bet that real madrid is getting nervous. this is a sign -- >> i have never felt so much joy in my life. we are in the european final and after 40 years everything is perfect. >> nobody is surprised to see real madrid, one of the richest clubs in the world in the finals. but they have -- atletico has the spirit of the underdog.
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>> this is a theme, we are not like real madrid or barcelona with big players or individuals. we are a single unit. >> being proud of atletico madrid --this is in your blood. >> they have arty stunned fans at home. with three games to go -- they have shown it is possible to beat the big spanish two, alone and real madrid. >> a reminder of the headlines. the ukrainian army is on maximum alert, as the separatist forces seize buildings in the east as the international monetary fund approves of an aid package for tf. workers across the world market labor day and tear gas is used in egypt to prevent government demonstrations. and a champions league upset as atletico madrid surges past
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chelsea in the semifinals. they will meet their local rivals, real madrid, in the finals. >> thank you for joining us. it is time to look at the weekly news magazines. with a press review. still, a lot of focus on the events in the ukraine. >> yes. this german magazine likens it to a wildfire and wonders if we are going towards war in europe. there is a photo on the cover of a very threatening looking -- threatening looking photo of so-called green men. the crisis in the ukraine is really stoking fears in germany and europe that we could be going towards a new war at the moment. it is critical they say, it is a question of war or peace now. the magazine actually focuses on a thinly veiled tolerance that many germans have towards russia's expansion politics, a
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lot of this has to do with economic ties and also historic ties and der spiegel says that it seems like rush is full of a pop -- germany is full of russian apologists. gerhard schroder celebrated his 80th birthday with vladimir putin and they say this is a bad form and make fun of his foreign policy something he should be publicly defending. >> it focuses on the 50 most influential africans in the world. >> this is on the front page today, a very wide ranging list. you have the former u.s. secretary-general, kofi annan. and the comedian is also on the list and the leader of al qaeda. this is a very wide-ranging list. one person they focus on is franco iborium.
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we have heard a lot about him and france because he recently gave an interview to the magazine in which he was radical of what he sees as a glass ceiling here in france, for many french people of foreign origin. you have to know that he graduated from some of the countries top schools, and yet he said it was hard to find a job up to his standards. >> he has been discriminate against here in france? >> he felt he was being discriminated against and had to cross the channel to feel that he was valued and appreciated. now he worked for the insurance group, attentional and is the first lack person to lead a ftse 100 company. he is still critical to france for discrediting against people of african origin. >> you had to go to london to find a job to match his qualifications. a lot of magazines focusing on wealth this week. >> this magazine focuses on the minimum wage, calling it a
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global struggle. and it focuses on how workers across the road, from cambodia to switzerland, are joining forces to demand better payment. and in the states, republicans in the senate blocked a government effort to raise the federal them him wage from $7.25 to $10.10. can money buy everything? that is what this magazine is focusing on, "books," it focuses on books, surprise, surprise. >> is this an open-ended question? >> this is an open-ended question. there is a political science -- clinical scientist named michael zendel who wrote a book about what money cannot buy. he has a couple of questions about is there something wrong in the world if everything is for sale. and he wonders what the moral limits of marketing are.
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>> moving on, focusing on a very modern problem. >> that is the burnout. those big two words that we keep hearing about in the french media. it is a very popular topic. newly 3 million french people are at risk of burning out being exhausted by their work. what can you do to avoid it? the main one is listen to yourself and listen to your body. remember that work is not everything about life, do things that make you happy. there he simple things, perhaps you can get -- very simple things maybe you can read a magazine this week and get some recipes for happiness. even under francois hollande, this is the conservative magazine so they have asked philosophers and religious scholars, what are the keys to happiness? my favorite one is from the comedian jerry lewis.
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he said the key to happiness is to marry a nymphomaniac. maybe they can find some inspiration in the press this week, they are focusing on the lourve and are trying to reveal secrets of these treasures, and some people may find happiness in living vicariously through other peoples happiness. maybe you would be interested. a french actor is on the front page, this week, he is very happy with his new girlfriend, they are inseparable. if you want to live work -- vicariously, and there. >> that was the weekly press review. stay with us for sports results coming up right now. >> atletica madrid will meet real madrid after upsetting chelsea.
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it was 1-0, just before halftime. diego costa put them 2 up and then they completed the mission. >> the 1-1 halftime was the goal that changed everything. we went to the second half knowing that chelsea had to score and they only had 45 minutes ahead, and this will give us more space behind their defense, and the second goal killed the game. >> i think that they change their tactics a little bit but we knew that we would have opportunities and we were able to take them. this is a story for all of my teammates and the fans, this is a beautiful thing. >> we tried everything and did not have too much luck, either. one shot was just wide and this is a good save by their goalkeeper. i think that we gave everything to win but so did they.
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it was a great game and they deserve to be in the finals. >> on thursday night, they will host the second leg of the european league semi finals. the newly crowned portuguese league champions have a narrowly to take into the state, and the italians have every chance of reaching the finals at their own ground. >> the past year was exciting and extraordinary and we need to focus on that, we know that we deserve to be in this game to play the semi final in europe after only two years. so it is an exciting time, and one that we should take full advantage of. we and our fans especially deserve this, having watched over the last 11 years as the other team is making it further in competition.
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>> with the final being played -- they said they want to be part of this but they have to overcome the toughest opponents yet. >> we are aware it all depends on us. we have the opportunity to continue living the dream. which is to make the finals and to have a wonderful season. and that includes in the europe league. >> the portuguese champions are on the brink of wrapping up a third straight title, with exciting prospect between two of europe's form teams. the semi finals -- alexia will meet everything they can to try to overturn the 2-0 deficit. the coach was trying to complete their -- season after losing 3-0
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in the first leg. >> we have to play the fixture and believe it is possible. during the match we have to make the most of our chances and we have to realize that if we are to come back, there will be few opportunitiesg
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