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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 8, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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russian separatists in the ukraine say that voting will continue this weekend as planned despite calls from russian president vladimir putin to change this. we are standing by in donetsk with more. more trouble for the dismissed by mr. of thailand, she is charged with their religion of duty one day after being suspended from duty. and barclays will cut 19 --
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19,000 jobs. the biggest shakeup will be in the banking sector. >> also coming up this hour eight european nations are coming together to try to get a handle on islamist radicals. we have more on the strategies to stop the growing ranks of western youth joining jihad e-groups in syria. and football history made here as helen acosta-- -- helena costa becomes the highest rating woman to lead a men's team. the voting in the ukraine will go on this weekend as planned despite vladimir putin calling on the separatists there to postpone.
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that announcement came from the self-styled leader of the rebel donetsk people's republic. robert, what more can you tell us? >> as you said, the self-styled president of the people's republic was speaking on the 17th floor and he said the vote would go ahead, the referendum would go ahead on sunday despite the appeal of vladimir putin for to be postpone. he said the reason for that was the ledger is arnie in place and they had gone so far that they could not betray the trust of the people who are ready for the vote. they cannot measure the trust of the people who died in the genocide -- nor could they betray the trust of the people who had died in slovensk and other places fighting for this referendum. he said this will be held on the
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european side -- and great weeks of preparation have gone into this. the papers have been printed and at this stage it was far too late because the train has already departed. >> hasn't been difficult to be split between the pro-russian separatists and the russian president himself? >> i don't think this is too significant. as i just suggested myself, the train has departed. they have advanced so far that the stop the movement at this stage, even with vladimir putin speaking, is not possible. popular demand is so whipped up, by the russian media to a large part, it is difficult to stop at this stage. i don't think that you can talk at this stage of a split between the people here, and the russian government. the leader of the separatists,,
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pushilin, says that vladimir putin has the best interests of the people of ukraine at heart. >> what reaction hasn't been to this referendum? >> nothing to clear but what the government has said is that far back this referendum has no legal standing whatsoever. and military operations that they have been conducting in the eastern ukraine will continue regardless of the plans to hold a referendum. so that means there could be clashes, not necessarily everywhere. but in centers like donetsk --it does suggest that the ukraine's young authority has their own plans for sunday. >> thank you, reporting from donetsk in the ukraine. more trouble for the dismissed prime minister of thailand. the anti-graft commission has charged her with their election of duty, involving the rice
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subsidy program. this comes one day after the prime minister, yingluck sh inawatra was asked along with several of her constituents -- and several of her allies for -- from power. let's get more on this. >> this is not unexpected from the anticorruption commission, there have been a number of these charges on the prime minister that have been waiting to come through for some time. the rice scheme and these questions played with many difficulties, the scheme involved offering farmers of thailand -- far above the market prices for rice and it left the country in a lot of debt for a long time, the number one rice exporter in the world turns to number three, and the prime minister was ruled -- for dereliction of duty, but she was not involved in any corruption for allowing this to carry on.
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this was their election of duty. this will be passed over to the senate and she could face five years for that. i must say also that there other members of the party and the cabinet, and they're also questioned in terms of their importance. so we can see more and more of these members paving the way for some kind of government to take the place. >> tell us more about the impeachment vote that the prime minister is facing, she has been dismissed from the office of prime minister, what can the engagement vote do now? >> because she was not seen as involved in corruption she does not face any criminal charges in this. 3/5 of the senate would have to vote that she was guilty, and she would face a political band but what we're looking at is the big picture. this is a big move, a move that is coming forward to really undermine this government.
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the elections in february or stalled, and the government is looking forward -- but it is looking increasingly difficult and they feel emboldened by these core actions and tomorrow leader of the movement, the former deputy of the democratic party says he will announce that he will form that different, that new appointed government to take their place. we see a lot of trouble for this government, and we do expect supporters of this party to come out and cheer them on, as a conspiracy against democracy -- >> thank you, reporting from bangkok. our apologies for the choppy sound of their on the line from thailand. a french soldier has been killed in northern mali. he was from a parachute regiment and was killed by the to --
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improvised explosive device from a jihadist group. france began military intervention in mali last year after the capital obama co. was threatened along with two thirds of the country. here is the latest. >> in northern mali a french soldier lost his life. the chief sergeant, at 1 a.m. in the morning, was killed by the explosion of an ied, one of the improvised devices -- placed by the roadside. he died for the security of mali, and also for the security of france and europe. because what is going on in mali also affects france. that is why our troops are there in mali. >> in south africa the anc party founded by president mandela with city heading to
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victory in the election, with about one third of ballots counted, the african national congress declare that 60% of the vote -- the first free election for people born after apartheid voting for the very first time. they have ruled south africa since white minority rule ended 20 years ago and the positive results come as a surprise, as south africa has been plagued with corruption scandals. and the leader of the syrian opposition made a powerful plea to the u.s. to end what he called the nightmare of civilians under siege of daily barrel bombings. jarva said of the opposition needs efficient weapons to face the attacks to change the balance of power on the ground. he said that the syrian national coalition would not let that's fallen to the law -- not let the weapons fall into the wrong hands. he also called the shallow side
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-- bashar assad running for reelection was a farce that would give him the chance to do his people for years to come. countries are facing the problem of youth islamists radicalization. eight european nations along with morocco turkey, tunisia and the u.s. are meeting in brussels to come up with a strategy to stop the growing ranks of western youth growing jihadist groups in syria. we have more. >> at website has been set up by the interior ministry to answer questions about how to combat -- prevent a minor from leaving the country without parental authorization. 24 cases of radicalization have been reported to the police. on that day, the french interior minister will meet with his european counterpart to discuss the issue. tunisia and turkey and the u.s. will also attend the meeting. an estimated 15,000 foreign
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combatants are believed to have joined the syrian rebels in their fight against the shower aside -- bashar assad. about 100 are believed to have come from the united states. with a history of jihadist threats going back to the civil war -- interior civil war, -- syrian civil war -- they lag behind britain in preventing radicalization in recent years and france has been relying on high school staff and employment advisors to reach out to alienated young people, tempted to join jihadist groups. >> u.s. national security advisor susan rice will meet with the palestinian authority president today, the first senior american officials to visit israel in nine months since talks fizzled out last year. she says that these are the palestinians can only be reached with direct negotiations leading
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to the establishment of an independent palestinian state. her visit to israel and the west bank comes as israel has been forced to deny claims that they are spying on the u.s.. and europe's fifth-largest bank barclays, is looking to slash as many as 19,000 jobs in the next three years. the lender announced these cuts this morning, which is far worse than the 10-12,000 that it printed -- 10,000-12,000 it proposed last february. mark thompson has more. >> drastic times drastic measures. after disappointing results from the first three months of this year, barclays bank has announced a series of structural changes, starting with sweeping layoffs. on thursday the lender announced 14,000 jobs or 1/10 of their worldwide workforce must he cut this year alone. around 5000 more are expected to go before the end of 2016. barclays posted a near 50% drop
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in pretax revenue in the first quarter, that is largely down from 41% for the british banks extend come, currencies and commodities business. this is blamed on the trading of bonds due to sluggish economic growth and interest rates job losses are expected to be cut in the u.k., and the investment will be split into. the barclays chief executive, anthony jenkins, says that the bank can stay competitive. >> in the future barclays will be leaner and stronger and much better balanced and well positioned to deliver less volatility and higher returns. >> they are creating a so-called bad bank which will control 100 alien euros of underperforming assets as well as profitable parts of its business. >> every year here in paris there is an exhibition called "monumenta." the grand pallet showcases work
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that is often designed for the space. the artist design this utopian city under the dome, the largest glass roof in paris. you probably know the world cup in brazil is on the way, and one chef has artie found an interesting way of showing his enthusiasm. this is brazilian chef and sculptor rogerio. he has set -- he has carved international stars like messi and renaldo out of watermelon. he says it takes 20 minutes to make a sculpture. pro-russian separatist in the ukraine say that the independent vote will go ahead despite calls from russian president vladimir putin to postpone this.
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more trouble for the dismissed by mr. of thailand. the anti-graft commission has charged or without -- dereliction of duty one day after she was stripped from office. and barclays will cut some 19,000 new jobs -- 19,000 jobs over the next three years. this is after the bank has been hit with scandal. >> let's now look at what the weekly magazines have been saying around the world, with our press reviewer. the european elections are coming up and there is a lot of focus on in europe this week. >> economic wonders, is europe the cure or is this the poison? this is a very relevant question because the debate is raging on. they believe that today, we need europe more than ever, but the european union is not working well and because of that many european countries are losing face.
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the reason that we have gotten here has a lot to do with germany, and germany's unquestioned leadership, according to the magazine germany has shown solidarity with its fellow european countries, but the deflation his policies are imposed on the whole of europe and even though these policies can work for one country they don't really work for the whole continent and because of this there is the increase in unemployment and a fall in revenue. according to the magazine this is why the euro and the european project are seen as fragile and unpopular. the magazine says that this could really paint a bleak picture that we see ahead of the european elections. let's look at the german magazine -- it looks like germany might be starting to doubt their own gospel. this says that the prosperity -- this says, the prosperity like, it is almost impossible to get rich in europe with hard work alone.
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>> the prime minister francois hollande is in the spotlight. >> he is on the front page this week. there is a great little drawing of him as a superhero of some sort. can he reform france? and it brings together the reaction from a lot of the international press. there is not a lot of hope for the new prime minister. in this article -- it says that the decline of france is inevitable, but this is not really his fault. el mundo says he has been a mobile and they will not be able to change that but the financial times -- 'the fina"financial times," which is strange because they are harsh towards france, but they say the country is on the right track. although there is a lot to be done. this is that france is not the sick man of europe. >> another person ahead of the
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elections, marine le pen. >> the far right party is expected to do well in the elections. but who is she? is she more of a joan of arc figure, or vladimir putin? will they tell us her true nature? she has been on a mission to really clean up the party image making it seem more normal, not the evil party it has been seen as being under her father's leadership. but she says she has a hard time separating herself from the parties racist words. and dominique -- do you remember him question -- do you remember him? what is life is like after the scandal three years ago. he was once seen as a presidential hopeful but he says he has turned the page on his political life and is focusing on his new career, as a businessman.
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it does not stop him from having plenty to say about french politics. his opinion of francois hollande is that he is a weak leader without much vision for france. another blast from the past is in vanity fair this week. -- "vanity fair" this week. this is monica lewinsky perhaps the world's most famous intern. she has written a personal essay, it is called "shame and survival." she says it is time to burn the beret and burn the blue dress. this has caused a lot of reactions, people wonder why in the world she is breaking her silence now. >> and a familiar face on the cover. >> ladies, george clooney is getting married. you can see his fiancée, a human rights lawyer -- they are called the power couple but i think that men can also get other
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handkerchiefs. there are a lot of reactions to this upcoming marriage and one funny, different take on things said that a successful multilingual lawyer is engaged to a middle-aged actor. i wish them the best. >> who is the winner in this exchange? i don't know. thank you for watching "france vingt-quatre." we get the latest sports headlines, and the latest on the french title. >> they have won back-to-back french titles, and they did this before the home game against rennes, after a slip off by monaco against guingamp to secure a fourth french ground. monaco only manage a 1-1 draw in the start of the third. then night was never going to be spoiled, alexi's early goal was
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cut and they handed out the first league loss for the parisians. they have a 7-point lead with two matches left. >> the result was not good. it is not serious. the party was not as fantastic but what we did during the year can't be forgotten. there was a difference between us and the other team. we are the champions and are hpapy. appy. we had a good season and accomplished our goals. >> we had a good season and i would like to say to my players we would like to break the liquored of points during a season. we wanted that record and it is very important for us, this team deserves to have records, it deserves to be this record.
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>> in the english premier league, the matches went towards the title with -- the second half race as citizens moves past liverpool. sunderland had a 20 home-0 home win. coach scaleri has named his team the surprise defenerder is henrique. -- failed to make the squad. there as a familiar face stealing the limelight of the dunkirk cycling race as last year's leader won and florian senecal made a break before the
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finish of the 160 kilometer run. they were both real back in with 23 to go. they waited for the right moment to attack, six kilometers before the finish line. this ended with just two days remaining. he realized he had a great chance of winning the first stage, the frenchman was again ripping up the road as he secured this stage ahead of -- the early race leader. [speaking foreign language] >> the players championship is underway thursday with a $10 million purse, the biggest and professional golf. the tournament which has the strongest field of any term and the world -- among those chasing the title and the unofficial fifth major is 2009 champion
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henrik stenson. >> this is a great championship, and a good golf course and i really like this one. this is really risk and reward. you can see what is in front of you and you take on the challenges and you can get rewarded and if not -- he will fight on. >> bubba watson, like stenson is one of the four players who could take his world number one ranking, but the champion has not had much luck at sawgrass. >> the green jacket, to me is the pinnacle of the game, to win that and to be number one i have seen guys be number one for one week, and phil mickelson who is arguably the top five best of all time, he has never been number one. this just shows me that the
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rankings are kind of messed up if bubba watson is number one and -- phil mickelson is not number one. >> they are challenging to be the world's top-ranked player and phil mickelson said his game is coming together nicely after his performance last weekend. >> parts of the game feel better to me than they have ever been, i feel like i am driving the ball longer than i have in years. and i feel like my long iron play is better than it has ever been. i feel good with the putter i have had off days with each one and i have not been able to put together. last week was a good week for me, even though the last day did not go well because i was able to put it together after the third round and chew the store i was able to shoot, that i knew i could shoot. that tournament, i have to look at more, for the rest of the year. >> all eyes will be on sawgrass in florida, this week.
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