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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 3, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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he world. these are the headlines this hour. barack obama is in estonia. he is giving a firm show of support for nato's newest members in the face of russia's growing pressure on ukraine. this, as confusion reigns over whether or not a cease-fire deal was really reached. a second american journalist has been beheaded by militants from the islamic state organization. this, as washington authorizes more troops into iraq to beef up protection for u.s. citizens there. and and angola -- ebola patient
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escaped a treatment center in library, causing panic in the streets. this, as dr. city are losing the battle against the disease. -- doctors say they are losing the battle against the disease. also coming up for you this hour, going to the vanilla capital of the world in madagascar are to look at the troubling state of the farmers there. you can see how -- hell has no. as a woman scorned. -- has no fury as a woman scorned. that is from shakespeare. but it is true on their stormy relationship. the president just up found out about it today.
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first, reports on whether a cease-fire deal has been reached on the fighting ukraine. the cranium president said he and russian vladimir putin had agreed to a truce, but that was immediately shot down by the kremlin. to try to get a bit more clarity on all of this, let's go to m ariopol. is there a cease-fire or not? >> the kremlin says it is not in control of the separatist fires -- fighters, so it would not be in the business of agreeing to a cease-fire. meanwhile, on the ukrainian website, there was a change of language. they said first that they had
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agreed to a cease-fire, and then changed it to talking about the agreement for a cease-fire and reached an understanding. here in mariupol where i am, the scene here has not really changed for the past few days. the ukrainian soldiers manning the checkpoint said they have heard of the cease-fire announcement but they are still manning the checkpoint. the rebels have taken over 40 kilometers to the east of mariupol. i have not heard of any fighting going on today. >> also today after this confusion came out about the
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cease-fire, the ukrainian prime minister began using some very inflammatory language to talk about russia. talk about that. >> yes he said that russia is a terrorist state. very strong language there. of course karen ukrainians trying to continually -- of course, the ukrainians trying to continually insist that russia is invading. there are thousands of soldiers on the ground and lots of evidence to support that claim. we have been seeing what the ukrainian fighters are saying about what they are up against. they are using this kind of inflammatory language with good reason. russia has stoked this invasion in the east of the country. but he's made some very odd promises full to be said that ukraine would build a wall between self and russia along the border. he did not mention that 400 kilometers of that order in the
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region between ukraine and russia is firmly in the hands of her russian separatists against whom the ukraine military shows every instance of retreating from. >> u.s. president barack obama is in estonia today, a stopover on the way to the nato summit. it is meant to reassure the baltic states in the face of russia's move on ukraine. >> i've come here first and foremost to reaffirm the commitment of the united states to the security of estonia. as nato allies, we have article five duties to our collective defense. that is a commitment that is amber cabal. it is unwavering. it is eternal. -- that is a commitment that is unbreakable will stop it is unwavering. it is eternal.
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>> and there is more on the threat of russia to estonia itself. >> estonia has been independent and in the popular imagination russia has always been there, a clear and present threat and danger to it. when barack obama says an attack against one is an attack against all come a which is what is enshrined in article five of nato, to assyrians that -- to estonians, those are not idle words. estonians wanted more. they want permanent nato troops on estonian territory. however, that contravenes what is called a 1997 russia-nato funding act. it basically says -- founding act. it basically says you cannot have permanent troops, substantial combat forces, station on a former soviet bloc territory. they are continuing to abide by that agreement. what obama said, yet knowledge there had been a sense of complacency in recent years and nato. and what happened in ukraine and
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the crisis there has given nato an opportunity to look with fresh eyes at what it can do to reiterate this commitment. that is exactly what he was there to do today. there was a call for nato and for the west as well. >> president obama was questioned by many journalists about its strategy in regard to isis. that came as the white house confirmed a new video released by the greek -- the group did indeed show the beheading of a second journalist. stephen sotloff was kidnapped in syria last year. he was also an israeli citizen but cap that under wraps. here is what president obama had to say. >> it is going to take time for us to be able to roll them back and it will take time for us to
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be able to form the regional coalition that is going to be required so we can reach out to some of the sunni tribes in the areas that isis has occupied, and to make sure that we have allies on the ground in combination with the airstrikes that we have already conducted. the bottom line is this. our objective is clear. that is, to degrade and destroy isil so it is not only no longer a threat to iraq and the region but to the u.s. but many western governments have now said they will take firm measures against their citizens -- >> many western governments have now said they will take for measures against isis. >> there is room -- there is affirmed measures against isis. iraq's human rights measured --
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minister said the group is a problem that extends far beyond iraq's borders. >> it is not an iraqi phenomenon, isis. it is a transnational organization and there is an imminent danger for all the countries of the world. >> many isis members have been drawn to the middle east across -- from across the world, including the west. many governments are weighing options to deal with jihadist nationals when they return home. >> they are prepared to use brute force. the risk of those using violence israel. >> particularly among western governments. neither hesitate to kill inopportune moment when under military attack. >> the message of the group is
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obviously trying to say that when it says it's going to do something, it follows through. they did say if america does not stop its airstrikes then it would behead another hostage. i think it wants to show that it means business. >> the u.s. and its allies are taking the fight to it -- to isis in iraq, and have been invited to do so by the syrian government. plus with wide stretches of territory under its control, isis has proved to be a terrorist threat like no other. >> next to liberia where any ebola patient escaped a treatment center, prompting panic in the streets of the capital. this after the charity doctors without borders has come out with the announcement that they are losing the battle against the disease. >> the man in the red shirt has just escaped from a quarantine center in monrovia after testing positive for ebola. he had been roaming through local markets in search of food.
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>> [yelling] >> and angry mob closes in on the patient as he tries to push them away. local residents are scared by the government's failure to contain the disease. when health workers arrived on the scene, they had a hard time catching the patient. after cornering him, doctors tried reasoning with him to no avail. eventually, they had to pin him to the ground and force him into a truck to take you back to the treatment center. the facility was so crowded they have had to turn away ebola victims. the liberian government announced on saturday it will open five new treatment centers. medical workers say they will need 10 times more in order to keep those infected off the
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streets. >> in stark contrast to the pictures you just saw there a british nurse infected with ebola while working in sierra leone has now been discharged from a london hospital. fully recovered after a 10 day treatment with the experiment told drug zmapp. he said he felt incredibly lucky , saying that he wished the care he had been provided with could be available in act -- in africa as well. apple is fighting back after it icloud torch service was hacked. icloud was the source of the leak of naked photos of celebrities, including the actress jennifer lawrence. but apple says that was linked to targeted attacks on specific users login details rather than a general security breach. charlotte hawkins has more. >> doing its best to repair its image just days before a new product launch, apple has admitted some of its most famous customers accounts were hacked but declared it icloud system was not to blame for the leak of
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these celebrity photos. the company said certain celebrity accounts were compromised by a very targeted attack on usernames, passwords, and security questions. but they said none of the cases they had investigated were the result of a breach of apple systems on the icloud or on iphone. the hackers were working out in the visual passwords. -- individual passwords. critics say that apple should not allow unlimited password attempts. the breach has sparked a new debate about data privacy. security experts say keeping personal passwords of date and secure is the best way to try to keep account safe from hackers. >> there are some third-party apps that users could be using something like password vaults. you could store all of your passwords in them, so you do not reuse your password.
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they can automatically generate passwords for you. >> brand experts say the celebrity hacks have caused a dramatic increase in negative comments about apple on social media. it's unwelcome attention for the company. it is set to release the iphone six next week. >> one happy story in the midst of all the of the graver news today. a mother and daughter have been reunited after the girl's father smuggled her out of the country last year. marion ryan had accused her husband of taking the child to join a jihadi movement in syria. here is more. >> happy and long-awaited homecoming. the plane touched down outside of paris and she was clutching her two-year-old daughter in her arms after months of separation and uncertainty. >> she is feeling immense joy and relief after a long, admirable struggle.
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the french government was at her side every step of the way. to ensure that marian and her little girl could come back to france today. >> her daughter was taken last october by her franco tunisian father. he went too serious to fight against bashar al-assad. marion accused her then husband who she is now divorcing him of kidnapping. -- who she is now divorcing, of kidnapping. she spoke to france 24 about her fears. >> the questions i have to live with everyday is, what is she eating? is someone looking after her? in this struggle, every second counts. >> after months of silence and an international manhunt she was contacted last week and asked to pick up their daughter
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did the syrian border. he was arrested there while authorities negotiated her release to her mother. now she begins the long journey home. >> barack obama is in estonia. he is giving a firm show of support for nato's newest members in the face of growing pressure from russia on ukraine. this after discussion over whether or not a cease-fire deal was really reached. a second american journalist has been beheaded by islamic state militants. this as washington authorizes more troops into iraq to beef up protection for u.s. citizens there. and any bola patient escaped a treatment center in liberia causing panic in the street of the capital. doctors without borders says the world is now losing the battle against the disease. >> it's time to take a look at what the headlines have been saying around the world.
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a lot of focus today on this tragic news with the second u.s. journalist reportedly beheaded by isis militants. >> getting a lot of attention, especially in the u.s. media. let's start by taking a look at the front page of the wall street journal today. the video shows americans beheaded. this video was dubbed the second message to america. a lot of papers are describing this video. both are similar filmed in the desert, and feature a man with a london accent. a lot of papers are trying to figure out just who that is. the guardian says that experts are investigating the video. they say there is a possibility the killer is the same man in the video with james foley, a man dubbed "jihad he john" with this london accent. -- "jihadi john" with this
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london accent. russian president vladimir putin is setting the agenda for the nato summit. in the editorial, the times takes a look at urgent challenges facing nato. one major question is whether nato is up to the challenge of pushing back an expansionist prudent. that is what the "new york times" wonders and the independent agrees. this is really a need -- a wake-up call for nato. the russian very stepping out of its dan, is what it says for -- out of it tden, is what it says. there is no point standing around while vladimir putin flouts the law. and there was a cartoon in the washington post where you could
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see vladimir couldn't chopping up ukraine as if it were a state, really. on the one hand, there is ukraine and "mykraine" for vladimir putin. a call for a crackdown on jobless benefit fraud by tightening controls on unemployed people. they talk about job seekers under surveillance. the minister was called to order and he ended up going back on his statement saying he did not mean to stigmatize jobseekers. but a lot of the damage has already been done. but it is. -- >> it is. >> his comments have outraged heavyweights in unions and across the job trades. they took it as a punch in the
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gut. they talk about a rich -- which hunt for job seekers. --witch hunt for job seekers. they say it is not unemployment that is the problem, but the unemployed. this is really what a socialist minister would be acting like. but what about the right wing? -- >> what about the right wing? >> the right wing press is actually very happy about the comments from the socialist government. and the comments of the prime minister last week where he declared his love for businesses now they are saying there's a clear pattern here. basically, the left is breaking taboos. they have crippled the party for a long time. there are also comments about immigration from the interior minister. he said that france means to limit the number of immigrants. saying that france cannot welcome everyone.
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has the left got in some sense knocked into a? it seems to think it has. >> a new, explosive book about french president i want -- french president hollande with his ex. >> she was out of the spotlight for a little bit, but now she is back. she is publishing a kiss and tell all book called "thank you for this moment." it will come out tomorrow, but the press is already starting to focus on it. it is billed as a no holds barred memoir on her 20 month stint as the unofficial first lady of france. one review said it is the memoir of a wanted woman. >> she is so clever to publish it in germany, so no one would know. >> smart woman.
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>> time now for sports. let's go to the u.s. open. >> federer at the u.s. open for the 10th time in 11 years. tomas berdych will be dominant. >> i'm really happy i played well. i didn't want him to take control. the conditions were easier there, so i really let myself go. i lost two sets like this against merrick. >> in the women's draw, 10th seed caroline qualified for the semi finals. dropping just one game in 65. shuai peng was clinical in her approach.
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germany will take on argentina in düsseldorf tonight only seven weeks after beating them in the final of the world cup. it is the fourth title at the stadium. germany qualifies at home against scotland next saturday. the coach stresses their new challenge. >> this is a new cycle. it's about new targets and challenges. one must face new tasks. the new target now is to approaching play the location round for the european championships in the style of a world champion in order to qualify. i think our next big market after the 2014 final must be to reach zero final in paris. and even if it is still a long way away, the journey starts with our next game on sunday
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against scotland. bastian schweinsteiger is germany's new captain. roy hodgson's england will take on norway, and in many ways, it will be a start of a new era. they look to put their dismal world cup behind them. wayne rooney has been chosen to wear the armband, leaving them forward. -- leading them forward. >> it is a good crowd. we have had fantastic support and certainly i will be very lucky. almost every game i've had, we have been winning against opponents that are themselves intrinsically attractive to the public. we have played in front of full
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houses. it will be a new experience for me. there was a time when he was playing that they could not get beyond 25 thousand people. it's good to keep perspective. >> it seems rooney is the obvious replacement to gerard. >> i still think the cup is -- the crowd is going to be a good crowd. about 40,000. probably one of the highest attendances. obviously, a bit lower than normal, but we expect that. we understand that, and as a team, we want to put on a tight performance and win the game. >> hodgson decided to focus on the use before the clash.
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england will begin the 2016 qualifying campaign in switzerland on monday. the 10th individual trial stage for spanish wealth begins on tuesd
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