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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 9, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> live from paris, bringing you the international news. headlines of his tuesday -- flight mh17 was hit by high-speed objects and the plane broke into pieces mid-flight so are the findings on the report into the crash of the malaysian airlines plane over ukraine in july. iraq's parliament has approved the new prime minister and most of his new unity government although two key posts including defense and interior have still not been filled. and there are mornings the many thousands of new ebola infections could come in the next two weeks.
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the world health organization is expecting a huge new fight and cases in west africa. ♪ also coming up for you in the next hour here on live from paris, hamid karzai is urging rival candidates to come together and stop settling and form unity government five months after the elections. it is still deadlocked to we will be getting analysis on what that means for the future. apple fans holding their breath as the tech company is about two ago the new iphone 6, but will it be a change of direction from the founder? first, the latest international
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news -- the malaysian airlines flight that crashed over eastern ukraine in july was likely hit by multiple high-energy objects from outside the aircraft. that is according to a preliminary report into the disaster by dutch investigators. they also say the plane split into pieces during the flight. these initial findings confirm reports that the plane was shot down by missile fire. >> questions as to why flight mh17 crest over eastern ukraine are finally being answered. a preliminary report by the dutch safety board says structural damage to the fuselage and cockpit section suggests the plane was struck by high energy objects from outside the aircraft or the sudden impact caused the boeing 777 to break up in flight and scatter over a large area of rebel-held territory, killing all 288
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passengers. while the report stopped short of pointing the finger of blame analysts say the findings are consistent with damage from a missile. no human or technical error was found to have contributed to the crash your it signs pointing to foul play, the malaysian transport minister is calling for justice. >> i call upon the international community and all those involved in the ukraine -- [indiscernible] to seek justice and find out who caused this brutal act of aggression. we mourn the loss of the passengers and crew, and we will not relent until those responsible are brought to justice. our heart and prayers are with the families of the passengers and crew. >> ongoing conflict between pro-russian rebels and ukrainian forces prevented dutch investigators from visiting the
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fields where the plane fell. the report was compiled based on sources. details from forensic examinations are still ongoing. a full report is expected before july of next year. >> let's get more on this now. flight security expert joining me and the studio. he is a lecturer at a university in the french capital. thank you for joining us. some first analysis. does this report say to you that this was a missile attack? >> yes obviously, it is a missile attack. people do not know, but when a missile strikes a plane, it does not strike likely to the plane. it explodes before. and then pieces pull out from the missile and it completely destroys the object or the plane in this case to >> there are other factors in the report
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saying there is no technical failure from the aircraft and that the crew were not at fault. >> obviously, yes, that is the black box -- looking into the black box into the plane everything was normal. the flight was just, you know, flight normally, and the crew did not realize what happened. >> any more clues today about how this happened? about what kind of missile was used, with the circumstances were? >> we know exact the what kind of missile was used. we know it is a type of missile that is equipped with ukrainian forces and the russian forces, too. the problem is to blame one or the other, you know of -- the rebels on the ground, because we do not know who decided to launch the missiles. that is the question that is more important for the press and
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for the victims, of course. >> do you think we can never get to the bottom of what happened here? i mean, access to this site is very difficult. >> know, never. i am every pessimistic because of the first minute of the crash, a lot of people ran into the site and moved the pieces. they took some pieces. it is like a crime scene. you do not touch anything. obviously, they can take out some pieces of the missiles. it would be very difficult to prove who were the launchers. >> thank you very much for your analysis. ukraine's military says the airport in the eastern city of donetsk has been coming under rocket fire overnight. a cease-fire was signed on friday.
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russia's foreign minister said the truce is being observed and general, adding that he hopes that talks on the status -- of donetsk will begin soon. the eu has agreed on a new set of sanctions against russia over the crisis in ukraine, targeting the petrol industry in russia. but they are not being put into forced immediately. let's get more. >> russian oil, the new target of eu sanctions are three of the country's biggest suppliers including the guest from petroleum arm are all in the crosshairs. each of the cavities access and ability to raise money on european financial markets will be restricted here at the new sanctions do not target the gas sector of the country which could have a knock on effect for other european nations such as germany and rants. eu council president says he hopes the measures will alter
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russia's decision-making with regards to ukraine. the kremlin denies accusations by its neighbors and the west that it has sent troops to support pro-russian rebels. >> if we could see signs of a durable cease-fire and if peace talks restart with 3 -- with ukraine, we can renegotiate these sanctions. >> the second round of sanctions come after initial measures were introduced by the eu and u.s. in july. the coordinated efforts included moves against the russian banking and defense industries. the kremlin has hit hard against the pressure being applied, and it has already banned european dairy products, fruits, and vegetables from being imported of the country. the president has shut down the corridor to western operators. >> now to iraq or after months of -- the parliament has voted
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to approve most of a new government lineup. it is a more inclusive government with sunni and kurd five prime ministers. a new prime minister has been officially confirmed. he is al-abadi. the international community has been calling for a unity government for iraq to lead the fights against islamic state militants. let's get more. >> the iraqi prime minister was under pressure to form an inclusive cabinet, a united front to avoid a sectarian divide. lawmakers approved three deputy prime ministers, including a sunni and a kurd. 21 other ministerial posts were also filled, but key ones such as interior and defense remain open. al-abadi said he will likely fill those in a week's time. united states held the new iraqi government as a milestone. >> the iraqi parliament approved a new and inclusive government
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one that has the potential to unite all of iraq's diverse communities for a strong iraq, a united iraq, and to give those communities the chance to build the future that all iraqis desire and deserve. >> the u.s. secretary of state made those comments only hours before leaving to the middle east. he is on a mission to build international support against militants in iraq. the islamic state group has seized territory in both iraq and syria, terrorizing many of the minorities in claiming to be had several foreign hostages. -- twoo behead several foreign hostages. in august, the u.s. began airstrikes in iraq. president obama is considering expanding that effort to syria. >> the president has no interest in putting boots on the ground. unless we can get our regional allies to do it, this may degrade them the air part of isis' capabilities. but it will not set them back.
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it will certainly not destroy them to her u.s. state department says more than 40 countries have signaled a willingness to help in some way against the jihadists to also confront militants on all possible levels. >> more international affairs editor -- more on this up and how the iraqi government addresses religious and ethnic divisions and some of vicky government jobs. >> enormous pressure brought to bear on the iraqi government. yet this unity government together -- that is basically what the west was all but whispering, shouting in its ear. they had to do it. even if that meant not crossing all the t's, dotting all the i's, getting every ministerial post failed. you have these two gaping holes in the new cabinet. defense and interior ministry. these are not minor posts. here is the problem. it casts a shadow over the unity
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word when we say unity government. basically the prime minister is a shia. in the constitution, the prime minister is also chief of the army which is why the sunnis are demanding that they get the defense ministry. they want that balance. that inclusiveness and balance. they are not going to sit down until they get that. it will be a lot of wrangling and haggling, to say the least. it could get very nasty to my own sense is that the lawmakers in parliament are under a lot of pressure and will reach some sort of deal. they are not there yet. they have to fill the post. in the meantime, they will have one week to do so. the prime minister himself will be filling those post. and we have the outstanding question which is a whole mother pandora's box of the kurds. they're sitting on the sidelines watching all of this. >> the french defense minister has called for international action and libya which she warns is becoming a hub for terrorist groups. he is sounding the alarm about
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the deteriorating security situation in libya. in recent months, they have been the worst fighting since the overthrow of muammar gaddafi in 2011. >> i think we should alert the international community about the risks present today in libya. the country and its authority have collapsed. jihadists have present a prominent role, both in tripoli and benghazi. because there is no one stopping them in a south of the country that has allowed some of the terrorist groups we saw in action in mali and niger to regroup. quick the world health organization is warning of an exponential increase in ebola cases in the coming few weeks. they are expecting many thousands of new infections, specifically experts say that liberia could see a huge spike in cases. let's get the report now. health centers for ebola patients in library are all
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ready -- already whatever capacity. the ambulance arrives, but there is no rooms left at the treatment center. the suspected ebola suffers in the liberian capital have little choice but to lie down outside the gate and wait for a bad. the ambulance driver says clinics across monrovia are filling up and he does not know where else to go. >> please open more centers. we need up to 10 to 12 new centers. >> the current ebola outbreak has claimed over 2000 lives in west africa, half of them in liberia. several medical centers in monrovia have suspended general services, treating only ebola and critical cases. >> [inaudible] we are not really open --
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>> nearly 100 liberian health workers have died after treating patients with ebola. the united states and britain have announced they will send military personnel to liberia to set up yield hospitals. another opinion poll on scottish independence shows that the results of the referendum is incredibly tight with just nine days to go now. the latest shows that the yes and no counts are just one-point apart. we have just been hearing in the last few minutes that the british prime minister and the leader of the opposition labor party will be going out to scotland to campaign tomorrow wednesday, instead of holding the normal sessions in parliament. that is in a last-minute bid to try and keep the u.k. together and boost the anti-independence campaign. former british prime minister gordon brown has already been out on the trail for them.
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let's get more. >> it is a gloomy outlook for pro-unionist campaigners. the second poll confirming momentum is with the yes campaign, the major u.k. parties are sending out their big guns. large swings to yes have been credited to dissolution labor force is switching sides. and gordon brown has been called in to announce additional powers to the existing british parliament. >> we are reporting that over the next few months, we agree a program that the scottish parliament should have increased powers in welfare and economic policy and in finance. we are also proposing that there is a timetable for delivery. >> the grim economic warnings are not deterring support for independents but the financial arguments no longer have the desired effect so westminster's
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main parties are offering additional autonomy for exchange for a no vote. but the yes campaigners have said proposals are nothing new and are the result of desperation. >> it does not have the job-creating powers that scotland demands. the people of scotland have gone far beyond the offer of crumbs from the table by desperate parties trying to maintain their position. >> with the campaign in the final front, the result is too close to call. financial markets have already started to react to the uncertainty with the pound sinking to a 10-month low on monday. >> time for a reminder of our news headlines now -- flight mh17 was hit by high-speed objects and the plane broke into pieces mid-flight and those are the findings of a report into the crash of the malaysian airlines plane over eastern ukraine in july. iraq's parliament has approved
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the new prime minister and most of his new unity government. although two key posts including defense and interior have still not been filled. and there were warnings that many thousands of new ebola infections could come in the next few weeks. the world health organization says it is expecting a huge new spike in cases in west africa. it is time enough for our international press review. let's look at the world newspapers. >> let's look at the headlines from across the world. a lot of focus on scotland with that independence referendum nine days away. that race is looking really tight. >> it is getting a lot of attention in the scottish pressed her there is an article from "the herald" which points out it is probably going to be a photo finish. according to the latest polls the yes and no camps are neck and neck, at 41% among those who
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are certain to vote to vote that is what is important here. there are a further 18% of people, about 600,000 voters who say they are undecided but that they will vote in that referendum on september 18. "the herald" says these undecided voters are probably going to tip the balance. >> the independent newspaper is looking at something that could be in the balance, and endorsement by rupert murdoch who is very influential. >> absolutely but keep in mind, he is australian-american, so what does he have to do with this scottish phone? it is pointed out that he does have scottish ancestry but that does not mean he will be able to vote in referendum to what is a poor and as he has very close rapport with the first minister -- he has very good rapport with the minister. and he owns scotland's biggest
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tabloid, the "scottish sun." it seems like it is on the brink of endorsing the yes campaign. it takes a closer look at what is in it for rupert murdoch. it says that scottish independence means a huge black eye for the whole political establishment, especially prime minister david cameron. it would be a way to get some payback after the humiliating phone hacking scandal. he very well could be the kingmaker. >> he could be. rupert murdoch has swayed elections in britain in the past. going to the states, focusing in on barack obama and his response to the unrest in iraq. >> he is getting a lot of criticism, especially in the right wing press. a editorial in the "wall street journal," which says the president is trying to avoid the "w" word as he heads back to
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iraq, that word being war. but it says it is war by any other name. the washington post focuses on another w that is george w. bush. you can see here, this article points out that george w. bush was right about the iraq pullout. what is this focusing on? a statement that former president bush made in the summer of 2007 when he warned about the dire consequences of pulling out of iraq. little did he know how prophetic his words were going to be. back in 2007, he warned that a withdrawal would mean surrendering the future of iraq to al qaeda and it would increase the probability that american troops would have to return at a later date. george w. bush could tell obama "i told you so.” >> maybe he will. in france, mp's are heading back to prone after the summer break or the mood is not very good. >> absolutely drilled rarely has the mood been so tense that an
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opening session of the parliament. they talk about a poisonous atmosphere. you see on the front page that the prime minister will ask mp's to give him a vote of confidence. it is not a clear win. he still has his work cut out for him in securing the vote of confidence. >> one mp is getting a lot of attention, negative attention. >> that is right. that is thomas thevenoud. he is been getting a lot of attention recently because he was appointed trade minister in the latest cabinet reshuffle and had to resign nine days after he started his job because of problems with his taxes. the problem being he was not paying his taxes or so he was kicked out of the socialist party, kicked out of the government, but he wants to hold onto his job as mp. that is what a lot of papers are criticizing today could you can see that cartoon where you see francois hollande saying "sometimes i feel like quitting," talking and saying we
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will take a page out of his news book and he is still clinging onto his job, isn't he? it is hard to imagine anybody could have such a feeling of impunity that anybody could feel so above the law. >> more bad news for the socialist party there. i think we are going to have to wrap it up there. thank you very much for the international press review. time now to catch up with sports news. >> the u.s. open title with a three-set win. the croatian won over federer. and he cannot get into the match -- [indiscernible] nishoikori over djokovic.
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you can see the scores in the final -- >> as a grand slam champion, it is really unreal. amazing day for me. amazing last three or four matches for me. a huge joy for me. >> defending champion spain bounced back from their disappointment. spain over macedonia. england over switzerland. >> it is a tough place to come here. we came here with a game plan to defend well. there were two very good goals. >> a fifth term as fifa's
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president next may and fifa has been embroiled in allegations. he insists he is the backing of the majority of the national associations. >> i am not finished. i have told them, the congress' of the confederations, and i got support of the majority, a huge majority of national associations asking, please, go on and be our president also in the future. >> it is highly unlikely anyone will oppose him. another one withdrew his name from contention. >> for me it was not a surprise, because he told me -- i think he is a reliable man when he is speaking not only colleagues-to-
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colleagues but friends-to- friends. it is the same idea in football. i was sure that he would make this decision. >> this was 78 euros spenteñaoao
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many ways the holy grail of this global spirit series. just remember, for centuries, consciousness was only talked about by spiritual types but by the end of the 20th century, quantum physicists the real top science guys, began their own studies of this rather weird thing called consciousness. suddenly, they were claiming that consciousness is quite possibly the single connecting force of the entire universe. so here we go. sit back take a deep breath as we join our trusted guide and host, phil cousineau heading off to the outer frontiers of consciousness in this most engaging episode of global sprit the first "internal travel" series.


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