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tv   France 24  LINKTV  October 6, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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o gangs admit to killing almost 40 students in southern mexico. the bodies may have been found in a mass grave uncovered over the weekend. and african union groups back somali militants to push out al qaeda in an area.
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also coming up this hour, a look at the copyists and move -- copy ists in the louvre, working to perfect their craft. shares in the owner of disneyland paris lament after it announces plans to raise one billion euros -- vomit after it announces plans to raise -- voplummet after it announces plans to raise one billion euros. dilma rousseff will face an opponent neves in a runoff.
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the biggest upset was the loss of the popular green candidate marina silva who looked set to become brazil's first black president. more now from brazil. let's bring in bruce douglas. are people surprised at the results from the first round? >> yes. the opinion polls really did get it wrong until just a few days ago. marina silva was almost a certainty to be in this second round, but as we saw in -- but as we saw last night, she faded away at the last minute, and the center-right candidate stormed into the league. marina silva struggled to keep together her coalition of economic liberals, social conservatives, and progressives. in the final presidential debate, she was a little bit disappointing. it appears that neves'much more
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simple -- neves' much more simple message resilient -- resonated with brazilian voters. >> what's going to happen with campaigning? >> president dilma rousseff won in the north and the northeast, neves in the south and the southeast. they will be attempting to poach votes from each region. 21% of the vote was disappointing for marina silva but it is still a significant prize. both candidates will be doing their best to try to convince her supporters to migrate to their vote. there's 29% of the electorate who stayed or who voted blank. an interesting question will be where do those votes go. will they decide to vote in favor of the president or the center-right candidate neves? >> thank you for that, bruce dallas, reporting from rio de janeiro.
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next to mexico, where two yang hitmen linked to the police have admitted killing 17 of warty three students missing in southern mexico -- 17 of 43 students missing in southern mexico. the students are accused of having hijacked buses, but the motive for the attack is still under investigation. on saturday, a mass grave was found with 28 bodies, some of which were badly burned and cut in pieces. investigators are now trying to determine if some of the bodies there are those of the missing students. claire williams has the latest. >> police search a mass grave near the town of iguala. so far, they say they've uncovered 28 bodies, many charge and -- many charred and decapitated. it is not clear if they belong to the students who went missing
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after they protested. the state attorney general confirmed two members of the guerrero gang have admitted to killing 17 of the 43 students -- the guerreros unidos gang have admitted to killing 17 of the 43 students. >> the order to take them away and kill them came from an individual the member and leader of the guerreros unidos gang. >> on september 26, students from a teacher training college protestsed -- protested in iguala against nationwide reforms to education. police fired at and killed three students while they were traveling home on buses. witnesses say they saw police take away dozens of others. relatives of the victims are blaming authorities for covering up what happened. >> we are here because they are
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still missing and the state government is only giving us crazy, false ideas. our children are alive. >> 22 police officers have been arrested, and the public security chief appears to have fled. some police officers double up as gang members. >> this weekend saw the fiercest fighting yet or the syrian town -- for the syrian town kabani. jihadists have been moving in on that town for the past week. observers say they have almost reached it despite u.s.-led airstrikes. at least 16 insurgents from al qaeda's syrian wing, the nusra front, have been killed in clashes with hezbollah. hundreds of the sunni muslim insurgents attacked at least 10 hezbollah bases along the
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mountainous range close to the syrian border. two hezbollah fighters were killed in the latest spillover violence from the syrian war. we have more from our international affairs editor. >> we have just heard that the death toll is higher on the hezbollah side. we are hearing of 10 fighters. if that is confirmed, it would mean one of the highest death tolls that hezbollah will have faced since it openly backed bashar al-assad in the syrian civil war, but is -- it is certainly an escalation now. this fighting happened just southeast of baaleck -- baalbeck. jihadists are probing certain sections to see if they can find a way between the shiite buffer between syria and the coast. tripoli has become a staging ground for going to syria.
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this was the scene of very errors -- very fierce fighting between the nusra front and the other forces, who attacked and retreated with hostages. they've since decapitated several of those soldiers. very much using the same tactics -- shock tactics as they have against the u.s. and british hostages being held in syria. and sending a signal to lebanon that it is very much part of this regional conflict. perhaps the interesting thing about the latest fighting near baalbeck is that the jihadist's have -- jihadists have particularly targeted hezbollah the lebanese army -- hezbollah and the lebanese army.
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i think this has a sectarian aspect to it. one gets the impression that the jihadists are trying to so deeper divisions between the sunni and shiites -- sunnis and shiites. they are trying to move into lebanon as they come under pressure from these airstrikes in syria and iraq. there is a phenomenon of fanning out to other countries around. >> thank you for that. now to the port town in somalia where african union and somali troops are pushing for complete control. it was used by the al qaeda linked militants to bring in fighters from abroad. militants have left the city, but the troops are prepared for an al-shabaab resistance to take back control of their last urban stronghold.
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>> somali government troops and african government forces are driving out the remaining al qaeda-linked militants of al-shabaab. residents say many of the rebels fled days earlier before the town was surrounded, but not before leaving their mark. officials fear that booby-traps could be planted all over the city. not yet in full control, african union troops are distributing propaganda fliers to help. barawe is one of our sure that's -- of al-shabaab's last significant remaining assets. the port city was a supply route for weapons, food, and the entry point for foreign fighters. they may be weakened, but also that -- but al-shabaab rebels still controlled areas --
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the defense comes a month after i'll show that -- after al-shabaab's leader was killed by a u.s. airstrike. >> french prime minister manuel valls is in london, trying to defend the french government's economic reforms in the face of the recent french bashing. he addressed his british counterpart and others. it seems that it is a very adamant french prime minister there in london today. >> well, it is a french prime minister with a very hard mission to accomplish. yes come here to impress not only that -- he has come here to impress not only the city of london and it investors and brokers, but also to very much -- and its investors and brokers, but also to very mush of the british government
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what the french government is doing, -- to very much show the british government what the french government is doing. the bulk of the -- of what is being raised -- it is for them to love-hate relationship, despite the strong economic and political and other cultural links between the two countries, huge commercial exchanges. the french bashing float on friday when a managing director of a very well known retail group here -- flowed on friday when a managing director of a very well known retail group here was irate. he had quite a full pot of his own -- a faux ppas of his own. he encouraged british investors to pull out of france. he unreservedly apologized once the media relayed this particular tirade. the strength of the links are very strong.
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in fact, the french community here is thriving. at least 160,000 french people here in the heart of london. much lower unemployment. in france, it is 10%. growth has stalled in france. it is easier to create a business here. the rivalry between france and britain isn't about to end neither are the strong cultural political, defense, and cultural links, and numerous commercial changes -- exchanges. >> thank you for that. now to hong kong, where civil servants are back behind their desks, children have gone back to school, and traffic is rolling back onto the street. the city had been paralyzed for more than a week as tens of thousands of demonstrators camped out in various districts to call for completely free elections in 2017.
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hong kong's current leader demanded the protests leave the streets and warned that he would take "all necessary actions to restore social order." but a few hundred demonstrators are still determined to fight. >> arriving for work as protesters look on. the pro-democracy movement, occupy, heated the ultimatum issued -- heeded the ultimatum issued to remain barriers blocking roads. organizers say they are taking a break to regroup. >> we have occupied [indiscernible] this kind of pressure is not overwhelming enough to change the government officials' minds. maybe we need to occupy other places as well, places that are very important to hong kong economy. >> not everyone is thrilled with
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the partial with rall. -- partial withdrawal. several hundred protesters are still on the street. >> i'm going to stay here until our demands are for will -- are fulfilled. >> the protests kicked off a week ago over the issue of universal suffrage. china promised direct elections by 2017, but only of candidates prescreened by beijing. it is that decision that has angered the protesters and caused tens of thousands of students and activists to take to the streets. they are demanding the central government in beijing allow a fully free vote for the territory's leaders and that hong kong's chief executive step down. organizers say they are willing to hold talks with the government. >> let's take a look at our headlines. brazil's president is facing a tough election runoff, facing
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her pro-business rival after he rose to a dramatic late surge in the first round of voting. two gang hitmen linked to the police admit to killing almost half of the 40 students missing in southern mexico. the bodies of some of those victims may have been found in a mass grave uncovered over the weekend. and african union troops back somali soldiers to push out al qaeda-linked militants in the town of barawe. in just a few minutes here on "france 24," our crest review. first, business -- our press review. first business. >> brussels is ready to reject france's but it are not cutting the deficit by enough -- france's budget for not cutting the budget by enough. they would not meet deficit targets until two years later
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than planned. france is not expecting its budget to be rejected by brussels. all eurozone countries have to submit their budgets to brussels by october 15 for a decision by brussels by the end of october. a look at the markets in europe. we are not seeing too much worry on the french markets over that newsroom brussels. there's -- poaris' cac40 is up 0.32%. in germany, the dax up by 0.9%. german factory owners dropped sharply in august, many due to a drop in demand. >> the big mover on the markets
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is the owner of his name and paris -- of disneyland paris. >> the company's biggest shareholder, the walt disney corporation, will finance one billion euro cash injection into the troubled company. >> trying to recapture the magic with a bailout from mickey mouse. eruurodisney has agreed to a one billion euro recapitalization plan backed by its parent company, walt disney. shares will be put up for sale to current investors. >> this proposal to recapitalize is an essential -- is essential. >> the theme park on the outskirts of paris remains europe number one tourist attraction with more than 275 million visitors since it opened in 1992, but it has struggled
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with an uncertain economic climate. last year, attendance dipped to 14.9 million dragging operating losses to 27.5 million euros. the park has a total 1.7 5 billion euro -- 1.75 billion euro debt, which will now be cut to just under 1 billion. unions have welcomed the restructuring deal, saying it will protect some 50,000 jobs, both directly and indirectly linked to the park. >> let's take a quick look at some of the day's company news. hewlett-packard announced plans to spin off its pc and printer business. hp is under pressure to improve its profit line. the pc business will be separated from its business services. it is undergoing a massive
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overhaul. jimmy choo has been valued at up to $1.2 billion ahead of its stock market launch. the lecturing brand -- the lux ury brand plans to list up to 25% of the company. >> to brazil, where president dilma rousseff did win the first round of the vote, but it was a surprise for the person who will be going up against her in the second round. pro-business candidate aecio nev es. we took a look at the two plans for the two very different candidates. >> he is the surprise challenger to brazil's status quo. aecio neves would support pro-market reforms. he said he would rein in government spending, reduce roadblocks to make it easier for companies to do business, and
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focus on free trade. detractors see him as an elitist whose party is beholden to the rich and who doesn't represent the working class. the incumbent, dilma rousseff, counts poor voters as among her strongest supporters. she said she would continue state support of the economy, as well as her party's record of lifting some 40 million brazilians out of poverty. her record could also work against her, though. huge protest last year after the -- over the country cost for health care -- huge protests last year after the country -- huge protests last year over the country's poor healthcare. brazil fell into recession in the second quarter.
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overall growth is expected to be less than 1% this year. whoever wins the presidency will have to tackle high levels of inflation squeezing low income and middle income workers. >> an eagle ieye tech expert may have spotted some of facebook's future plans. >> we knew that this had been in the pipeline. the code was discovered in the app by a student. he found a button set up when he was working on code. he said there will be a button that will appear to make payments between users in the same way you can share a photo on the app. they had approached paypal earlier this year. >> interesting stuff. i don't know how happy i am about paying via facebook. we will see how it comes up.
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thank you for that. always a pleasure. to take a look at what the newspapers have been saying today, we have all of her fairy -- he have -- we have oliver ferry. >> a year and half on from the passing of the law the eagle last and sex marriages, the protest -- the law that legalized same-sex marriages, the protests continue. they call it the human tidal wave to the ounce francois hollande's -- to denounce francois hollande's stance on the family. they are also correct -- protesting leave laws. the right wing candidates in the next presidential election
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cannot afford to ignore this constituency. one paper asks about this movement, which has impeded the socialist social reforms, which now threatens to wreak havoc on the right. it is a movement that has silenced dissenting voices. the demonstrators hide a real target, which they say are france's gay community. they say this is a large group of people protesting against the rights of others. "it is fundamentally an anti-gay procession. -- procession." >> in brazil, lots of reaction to this first surprise round of the presidential election. >> dilma rousseff, the incumbent, headed the poll, but she had a tougher run than was
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expected. the real surprise was the center-right aecio neves who crept up and overtook marina silva in the last few days before polling. now rousseff and neves will go into the runoff. the scramble has begun for votes. marina silva, in a surprise move, has suggested she may declare her support for aecio neves, even though she is a central right handed it and she was on the central left -- even though he is a central-right candidate and she was on the center-left. she feels that she hasn't been defeated. that's understandable considering less than two months ago, she was not even a candidate. her running mate was killed suddenly in a plane crash. aecio neves will need all the
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support he can get to close the 11% gap. he will need every vote going for marina silva. whether her support is ready to transfer center-right is not clear. >> brazil is not just having a presidential election, also local and regional elections for all 26 states. there are quite a few footballers among them. >> nine professional former footballers. one played in brazil's world cup winning side in 1994. these are not just any other footballers. they were fierce -- they were superstars. he will now be a rio de janeiro state senator. the centerleft solidarity party -- >> let's go to hong kong, where
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the protests seem to be dwindling. there was this ultimatum from the government, yet a few people still digging in their heels. >> the government has taken surprised by the scale of the protest. one executive admitted he and his colleagues were not "psychologically prepared for the scale of it." he wrote that he did not sleep well as the citywide campaign escalated. he admitted that the transformation of the mass movement is unprecedented and the confrontation between rival groups further deepened their worries. he says it is a great test for hong kong people and will require "everyone's wisdom and patience." joseph says beijing's intransigent was the root cause of the protest. he says both hong kong and the parties have more than a year to figure out what to do with occupy central. it has been very whole -- high-profile for the last 12
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months. they failed to handle it properly. he said the arrest of student leader joshua wong and others, together with the tear gassing of protesters, escalated things needlessly and turned public opinion in favor of occupy central, which he knows has never managed to get more than 30% through before that. he also says that the chief executive must bear responsibility. he didn't appear to have sufficiently convey to beijing the concerns and strength of feeling in hong kong behind the nomination and the white paper which was the impetus for the road test -- the protest to begin with. çñ;ñ;ñ;ñ;ñ;ñ;ñ;ñ;ñ;ñ;ñ;ñ;ñ;ñ;
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global health threat kills more people every year than aids, malaria and tuberculosis combined-- hunger. is there a better global food system on the horizon? i'm mike walter in los angeles. let's take it full frame. for many chefs, food is all


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