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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  October 16, 2014 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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hello. welcome back to "newsline." i'm miki in tokyo. first the headline this is hour. a second nurse in the u.s. has ebola. authorities are appealing to anyone she may have come into contact with including passengers on a commercial flight. the u.s. led aerial campaign against islamic state militants now has a code name operation
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inherent aresolve. chinese peanut farmers warn of a price hike after drought ravish the drops. health officials in the u.s.s question anyone who may have come in contact with a nurse diagnosed with ebola. she was diagnosed shortly after she visited family and boarded a commercial flight. she's the second health care work tore get the virus after treating a liberian man that died of the disease in dallas. >> nurse amber vincent was part of the team carrying for thomas eric duncan, the man who died of ebola. vincent took a flight from dallas to cleveland, ohio to visit family. she flew back on monday. she did know one of her fellow nurses contracted ebola. she told health authorities she
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suffered from a low grade fever, and still they cleared her to fly. she's transferred to atlanta where she's in isolation at emory hospital. people on her kmishl flight are urged to contact the centers for disease control. they're monitoring her family and tracing her steps in ohio. >> where she travelled and who she was with. >> vincent was in frequent contact with thomas eric duncan at texas presbyterian hospital. he died october 8th. >> three days later, nina pham tested positive for ebola. three days after that vincent was tested positive for ebola. they do not know how the two were exposed. >> we don't have an answer for this right thousand. >> 75 other health care workers at the hospital are being monitored along with 48 people
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that came in contact with duncan in the community. >> it may get worse before it gets better, but it will get better. >> it's not getting better though. in west africa, local ask and foreign medical teams are battling the outbreak. the vast majority of 9,000 cases are in sierra leone, guinea and liberia. nearly half have died. some ngo are struggle to keep up. japanese prime minister shinzo abe has pledged money for medical treatment. he's sending 5,000 sets of protective countries. president obama says more countries need to follow that example. >> get what we know is a raging epidemic in west africa under control. obama has tightened further disease are protocols at home. the nation's nurses aren't happy with how the outbreak has been
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handled. >> we've been lied to in terms of preparations and hospitals. we know this because the nurses are telling us this. the nurses are the ones caring for the patients. >> still president obama says if strict protocols are followed health care workers won't get affected. hospitals here in japan are ramping up individual lens. the risk is low for the general public outside west africa. intubation period is two to 21 days. symptoms are fever, fatigue, headache followed by bleeding. it is contracted through bodily fluids. the nurse was nvomiting on the flight from dallas to cleveland. drugs include antibodies of those that have survived this highly deadly disease.
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nhk world. defense department officials have given a name to the u.s. led military effort against islam pick state. the name, operation inherent resolve was revealed more than two months after the air strikes on militants in syria began. u.s. military officials say the name is aimed at reflecting the unwaivering resolve in the deep commitment of u.s. and partner nations. they say they're dedicated to eliminating the terrorist group and the threat it poses to iraq and syria. the campaign began in iraq on august 8th and expanded in september. on tuesday and wednesday, coalition forces carried out 18 air strikes near the northern
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syrian city known as kobani and destroyed islamic state positions. pentagon spokesperson john kirby said the air strikes likely killed hundreds of militants, but he cautioned that islamic states could still seize control. >> i think it's important for people to understand kobani could still fall. >> u.s. president barack obama wednesday spoke by video conference with five european leaders. they agree they need to do more to stop the influx of foreign fighters and funds to the islamic state militant as. they also agree to enhance military capability of iraqi forces and moderate antigovernment forces in syria. meanwhile john allen, u.s. special envoy for the coalition against islamic state militants spoke to reporters after visiting countries such as turkey and iraq.
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turkey shares borders with both syria and iraq and hosts air force base at incirlik. allen says he and his turkish counter parts are continues talking on using the air base in turkey. >> we had very detailed and very constructive conversations with the turks. >> a wave of daily air strikes does not seem to slow the islamic strikes. lack of ground troops fighting with the u.s. led aerial campaign. nhk world. now to what's happening in the world of business. here's ron madison from the biz desk. >> thank you miki. let's get started with markets.
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investors saw the benchmark falling more than 2% for the second time this week. nikkei pushed down to a level we haven't seen since is may. wide range of shares were lower leading the decline today. investors rushed to reduce risks following steep losses in europe as well as on wall street. worries about global growth have increased especially after chick data out of the u.s. the negative sentiment ved a across the region today. many major benchmarks finished lower. selling pressure appeared to be modest outside of tokyo. shanghai composite finished down three quarters a %. banking shares capped losses helped by the country better than expected data on money supply and new loans. for more on the drop and japanese stock prices we spoke with chief equity strategist
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atmore began stanley securities. -- mitsubishi ufj morgan stanley strategies. >> the concern over the economic slow down in the future. it should depreciate more. there's a correction in the tokyo market. in the short term the tokyo market may decline further. these are current domestic economy. however over the next several months on the horizon, i have the view of the tokyo market. first corporate earning likely to increase by the 10%. after the current discount, market should pay attention and
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be supportive to earnings of the discussion. the improvement in labor market some increase should support the inflation supportive to the equity market. >> also at the tokyo stock exchange today major publisher and staffing services company recruit holdings set a record on the board with largest offering of any business this year. ipo is worth under 2 trillion yen, $18 billion u.s. shares in the company began trading 3170 and ended at 3330. that's higher than the ipo price. the president marked the company's debut on the exchange by a traditional ringing of the bell. recruit was founded in 1960 and
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grew to prominence as a publisher of jobs. it grew last fiscal year to $11 million. they're looking to expand overseas. other companies hope to follow in recruit's footsteps. the number of firms making debut on the tokyo stock exchange has rebounded following a downturn caused by the 2008 global financial crisis. more companies have been offering ipo's since stock prices start td rising after abe took office two years ago. 43 firms have been listed this year, nine more than at this time last year. the market for condominiums in tokyo has been sluggish most of the year. an industry group says the number of new condos on the market has declined eight straight months. analysts at the real estate economic institute say new units went on sale in tokyo. that's down 44% from the same
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month last year. the drop is attributed to a slow down following the rush and demand ahead of the consumption tax hike in april. researchers at institute say rising construction costs are driving up prices. they say sale prices will likely keep going up and number of new units will continue to drop. business people around the world are starting to see the potential in virtual reality. japanese are in the race to create the most realistic technology possible. they are using it already to boost business. lisa has more. >> reporter: virtual reality was a hot topic at last year's game show. major electronic makers unveiled products using technology. >> translator: my legs are still shaking. it was so real. it scared me.
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>> oculus sales devices that provide users a true virtual reality experience. the firm was established two years ago. these gadgets used to sell for more than $100,000 a piece. now they're only $300. people are taking notice. >> translator: you don't have to be a big firm, individual developers without advance technology or a lot of money can buy our product. they can create new content and interesting software. >> reporter: affordability and high performance have fuelled the drive to develop programs using virtual reality. this tokyo firm is at the forefront of producing virtual reality software. it's developed a roller coaster ride that offers the same
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thrills as the real thing. wearing a pair of goggles you feel yourself climbing higher and higher. then suddenly at the top gravity takes over and the fun begins. the this company is researching ways to fly simulated reality to areas other than computer games. >> translator: this game technology can be used in construction and education. you can also apply this to a wide variety of areas from simulated travel to welfare services. >> some businesses have already adopted the new technology. this is a major home builder. at this facility perfective customers get to look at the the plan at two dimensional house in
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3d. company officials call it a trial fitting. through this, customers can experience what it would feel like to live in the house. the first says the service is so popular there's always people wanting to visit. this client is considering buying a house. she's interested in the large balcony next to the kitchen. it measures about seven square meters. she says the balancecony seemede when she looked at blueprint. seeing it in virtual reality changed her mind. >> this is always such a nice balcony i would stay out here rather than inside. >> number of home buyers is
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expected to drop because of consumption tax hike and other reasons. we'd like to use this to reinvigorate the housing industry. >> the possibilities for virtual reality are virtually limitless. all companies need to do is come up with with the right idea. lisa, nhk world, tokyo. >> and that is going to do it for business hour. here's another check of the markets.
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the japanese government has requested revisions to a 9096 united nations report. chief cabinet secretary says the move follows through traction of japanese newspaper articles on the issue. >> translator: there was a new development that they admitted some articles on comfort women were false and retracted them. we explained this to the report's author and asked her to revise the views expressed in the report. >> then united nations special investigator on violence against women recommended that japan apologize and pay reparations to the women. the government explained to her japan's efforts on the issue
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including compensation paid through the asian women's fund. he said the government told her it cannot accept some descriptions in her report. she said he rejected the request. he said they will use it in other avenues to explain the mission. in august the newspaper retracted a number of articles published in the 80s and 90s. a man said he had taken women to work at conference stations in world war ii. they believe the man fabricated testimony. the report refers to his confessio confession. farmers in china have been hit by the worst drought in more than six decades. 3 million hectors of land have
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been affected. peanut crops have suffered badly and it looks to have an impact around the world. nhk reports. >> reporter: at this peanut farm, the fields are ready to be harvested. at first glance the plants look fresh and green. the soil is dry and crumbly. peanuts grow under the ground in the summer. this year most the plants failed to reach maturity due to drought. >> translator: look at this this. the pods have fewer peanuts than usual this year, and they're small. our output is down 60 to 70%. >> reporter: there is increasing concern about the situation in the industry.
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he manages peat export to japan for a chinese trading company. in the warehouse, stocks from last year's harvest are running low. he's getting worried whether he can secure enough peanuts and afford the same price as last year. if the situation does though the improve, the company may need to raise prices by over 10% when exports begin later this month. >> translator: we have received many e-mails and phone calls from our japanese customers. before prices go up, we have no choice but to raise the export price. >> reporter: last month, a chinese conference drew par the tis pants from around the world. they came to find out the forecast for this year's prices.
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>> translator: and the global market peanut prices are expected to rise. they're already rising. >> reporter: one participant was the head of a peanut processing company in japan. the news he heard was worse than he expected. >> translator: the peanut harvest in the province is only about 50% of last year's yield. this really makes me worried. >> reporter: the factory in japan processes peanuts used for chocolate and cookies. he says even if the market price of chinese peanuts continue to rise, it will be hard to substitute them for other countries. japanese peanuts are price of those from china. >> translator: depending on the market conditions, we may have to raise our prices from the
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beginning of next year. >> reporter: because of the recent drought, china's output this year is expected to be worst in its history. exporters and importers are watching carefully as the harvest gets underway. nhk world. it's time to to check on the world weather with our meteorologist jonathan oh. jonathan, another gorgeous autumn day here in tokyo. it was chilly this morning. was it cool across japan? >> it was quiet cool in the morning hours. many areas in japan saw the cool temperatures as we saw the northerly flow. that suppressed temperatures in western japan. in tokyo, temperatures down to 13 degrees celsius. that's not the toughest point. let's look at video coming out of this region.
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talking about much colder weather. these people woke up to coldest temperatures of the season. minus 12 degrees celsius, five degrees lower than normal. the first ice of the season was clear areally visible. other areas of japan had a chilly morning as well. in mount fuji it had the first snow cap form since last winter. that's 16 days later than normal years. let me show you the map here. as we go throughout friday, it's going to be a little bit of a change. low pressure moving in going to bring moisture northern japan. otherwise going to be a dry day close toward the western side of japan. high pressure building in from the eastern side of china going to bring pleasant weather through the korean peninsula and across eastern china. so we're expecting temperatures 22 beijing friday, 21 seoul,
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maybe more clouds shanghai and taipei with highs in the mid-20s coming up friday. 23 tokyo on friday. as we take a look at the forecast in the central pacific, keeping an eye on tropical storm ana. continuing to make approach toward hawaii. in fact a tropical storm watch is in effect expected for this storm to become a hurricane by friday and then by the time we go to the weekend, the impact in terms of surf, wind, rain coming in effect. make sure you make the proper preparations as we go into thursday. now, as we look at the forecast for north america, clearing starting to take place eastern portion of the u.s. the cold front still lingering, the one responsible for causing problems into new york city. now as this front goes in the new england states, be prepared for thunderstorms through the day. meanwhile another low pressure system moving in for the western side of canada and also into the pacific northwest for the u.s. this is going to bring rain to
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vancouver and seattle and windy conditions through thursday. we slide east keeping an eye on gonzalo. this is expected to make the north easterly turn and approach bermuda under a hurricane warning now. expecting the impact of the system to take place as we go to friday. make sure you make the preparations that the time. taking a look at europe. we have a very massive low pressure system with a lot of moisture coming in. that's going to really have a huge impact for the western half of europe. we're talking about rain from paris down to madrid and lisbon and berlin coming up thursday. we'll see a the rain extending eastern side of the continent as another system brings the moisture into the area. hope you have a good day wherever you are. here's your extended outlook.
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one more story to share with you before we go. the u.s. pro basketball team dallas mavericks has signed a japanese player. he will join the team to have a spot on the nba squad. the 21-year-old joined the mavericks nba summer league team this year and was invited to the final preseason camp earlier this month. the team has not disclosed a duration or other terms of the contract. at 167 centimeters he's relatively short for a basketball player. he's known for his speed and still he led japan's lead in assists last season and was chosen as one of the league's top five players. he is the second japanese to join an nba team. the first signed with the denver nuggets in 2003. that's all for this edition of
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"newsline." we'll have more news for you at the top of the hour. thank you very much for watching nhk world. gg99ññwçç
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>> welcome. these are our headlines. hong kong protesters three weeks into their demonstration, and they are ready to hold talks on democratic reform as early as next week. a global food crisis resumes if ebola is not contained after warning that the u.n. agency scribble to help the 1.3 million people already a nude of -- already in need of food aid. in northern syria, the islamic state is pushed back according to the pentagon after two days of intensive airstrikes. hundreds of fighters happen killed. ♪


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