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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  October 23, 2014 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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welcome back to "newsline" in tokyo. first the headlines for this hour. canadian authorities are beginning to find out more about a gunman that shot and killed a soldier and stormed the parliament building. recruit holdings, a job match making company has set a goal of becoming number one by 2020. we asked the president about his
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strategy. and kim jong-un disappeared for public view for five weeks. an expert on jong-un discusses what's behind the abscess. authorities in canada tried to pin down the motive behind the attack in the nation's capital. a gunman who the prime minister a has called a terrorist shot and killed a soldier in ottawa. then he stormed the parole amount building backed with lawmakers and journalists. the scene inside was chaotic as the sound of gunfire rang out. police and security managed to shoot the gunman, and he died. earlier the suspect target aed the national war memorial a short distance away from parliament. he shot and killed a soldier on guard there. paramedics tried to save the corporate nathan but he died.
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he's the second soldier to die this week in canada. in these killings, following the government's decision to join the international fight against the group islamic state. >> we will not be intimidated. canada will never be be intimidated. in fact this will lead us to strengthen resolve and double efforts and national security agents to take all necessary steps to identify, encounter threat, and keep canada safe at home. >> media have been reporting the suspect is a convert to islam who the government believed could join islamic state. craig dale has more about who he is and how the day unfolded. >> reporter: the suspect is 32-year-old michael zehaf-bibeau. government officials consider him a dangerous individual. authorities had revoked his
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passport. >> guys, there's a shooter on the loose. please move back. >> that didn't stop him from carrying out the attack at home. witnesses described the scene as the gunman approached the canadian soldier and shot him. >> a guy came from the side on my left-hand side, came out with a rifle, shot at the man, and then the guy went falling down. >> the victim at the shooting is a member of the canadian armed forces. his injuries were fatal. >> the gunman wasn't finished. >> he had a double barrel shotgun. he ran up the side of this building here and hijacked the car at gunpoint. >> then that by now familiar scene unfolded in parliament where the prime minister was with his party. other lawmakers were at work. >> possibly ten shot, don't really know. thought it was dynamite. >> kevin vickers is credited
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with firing the fatal shot that astonished the gunman. police locked down the capital a telling residents to stay away from the downtown core. they've given few details. >> it caught us by surprise. >> we all want answers. >> answers about who michael zehaf-bibeau was and who he may have worked with. authorities haven't drawn links to the attack monday in montreal. another man who converted to islam and had become radicalized ran down two soldiers with a car killing one of them. shot police and killed him. authorities earlier seized his passport too. he had been inspired by islamic state. canadian leaders decided earlier this month to help with the fight against the group. there are fears islamic state followers may carry out reprizeles a broad.
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canadians have long worried they would be targeted by extremists because they participated in the war in afghanistan. >> the second time this week there's been a brutal and violent attack on our soil. >> prime minister harper says they'll learn more about the suspect and accomplices in the coming days. he said what happened in ottawa is a reminder canada is not t immune to terrorists attacks. craig dale, nhk world. all right. now to what's happening in the world of business. here's ron madison. >> thank you very much miki. justice of the peace neez boon s -- japanese banks are moving to a comprehensive tie-up with a financial group. the sources close to the matter say the talks involving taiwan's financial holding is in the financial stage. one of the groups is the bank.
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both sides plan to cooperate helping japanese companies open bank accounts in taiwan. they hope to use tctb networks entering other asian markets. they have banks, life insurers and brokerage houses subs citiz it chose them as a partner to attract investors interested in real estate. the bank is a major player in this field. onto markets. investors across the region hesitant about buying stocks following the negative performance we saw on wall street. most majors are down. the latest chinese manufacturing showing the country's sought put for october fell to a five month low. this did not ease worries about slower pace and growth.
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shanghai down 2302, one month closing low. investors adjusted holdings ahead of public offerings by a number of chinese firms. here in tokyo, nikkei average finished 15138. investors locked in profits from the previous days solid gains. trading was lower than the recent average. the singapore index bucking the trend up 3233. it's playing catch up with wednesday's regional advance when singapore was closed. the minister in charge of the tpp is pledging for negotiations. he'll start in sydney and be joined by 11 other countries participating in the talks. he told a meeting of japanese
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ministers that discussions are in the final stages. he said negotiators are at the difficult point of trying to find common ground on outstanding issues. >> translator: the key to reaching a broad agreement by the end of the year is whether the countries involved can open a clear path to that goal in the conference at sydney. >> officials have hoped to reach agreement on basic issues. he said he'll do his best to accomplish that goal. right onto earnings news now. hyundai has posted disappointing results for july to september is period. the car maker saw a drop in quarterly profit. operating profit of $1.6 billion down 18% from a year ago. they attribute the decline the south korean currency that's hit a six year high against the dollar. officials cited strikes by
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workers at factories. net profit was down third straight quarter and dropped 28%. they have a plan to expand sales by the end of the year. they'll introduce new models in china and europe. samsung electronics has seen decline four quarters in a row. a new series that gives insight into the minds and strategies of top business leaders in our second installment of view from the top. we speak with the president of recruit holdings, one of japan's four most job making companies. the company is aiming to capture growing demand of talent from around the world. the goal is become the number one human resources provide per by 2020. we asked him about his strategy. >> last thursday recruit holdings went public on the tokyo stock exchange in the
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year's biggest ipo in japan. t company plans to use the funds to expand overseas. the president, youngest person ever appointed as executive officer by the company, has been diligently pursuing opportunities overseas. to his mind, the measure of the company's performance comes down to how many people the clients decide to hire. >> translator: we aim to become number one by to 2020 in terms of number of people employed by our services around the world. the shortest route to the goal is go public to acquire three things, diverse tity and financ strategy, management and reliability. >> recruit has enlarged the presence overseas through merge hers and acquisitions.
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it offers services in 16 regions around the world. as japanese companies expanded overseas, they ran into the problem of securing qualified personal they will. recruit recognized this problem as a business opportunity. on behalf of japanese companies operating in asia, recruit staff visit a local university to enlist highly specialized candidates. they also set up seminars to explain the ins and outs of work for japanese firms. he says his company takes advantage of global network to reach across borders the necessary to find the right worker for the job. >> translator: when a japanese company makes end roads into singapore and wants to hire, say the best marketing person, we look first in singapore. if that fails, we expand to asian countries.
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if we can't find anyone suitable, we'll look in europe, india or america for someone to interview. i think it's increasingly necessary to cross borders to find the right person. >> recruit purchased an american i.t. company to expand presence on the internet. online job search engine covers 55 countries in 28 languages. access to so many job seekers is a big advantage for recruit in the eyes of clients. >> translator: to give an example, if a global company in the fast food industry needs to find 350,000 part timers to hire on a daily basis, our global i.t. platform would make it easy for them to list suitable candidates. we acquire companies that have a
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global platform so that we can make use of those platforms. >> however, expanding broad means having to face more competitors rather than rely on one partner for deals. he says it's up to the leader of each department to find optimal partners. >> translator: we try to create a situation where we always have a list of candidates and we are always negotiating with them. typical japanese companies are sometimes passively waiting for offers, but in our company, each section head active will youly visits target companies and talks with them to see if their vision and strategy match ours. by doing so, we can make
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decisions quickly. it's important to be ready at all times. >> can recruit draw enough high level international talent to itself? a that may be the key of meeting needs of clients and becoming the the number one staffing firm. >> okay. that is going to wrap it up for business hour. let's see how things are looking on the markets.
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north korea's supreme leader kim jong-un remains a figure to those outside the country n. early september he disappeared from view more than a month. his unexplained absence caused speculation act his whereaboutsing and stability of his regime. he made an appearance last week, the longest absence since he took power. october 10th is the anniversary of founder of korean workers party. it's one of the nation's most important events. this year kim jong-un was not shown attending the ceremonies. kim's last public appearance was september 4th. there was speculation that changes might have occurred
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inside the north korean regime. earlier this month, some of kim's closest aids traveled to the south to attend the closing ceremony for the asian games. at that time, they announced that the north would accept a proposal by the south to hold high level talks. despite this apparent willingness to hold dialogue with the south, north korea has shown it is not prepared to compromise. when a south korean civic group released balloons with messages attacked criticizing kim's regime, gunfire was shot. north korea also hinted it might cancel the proposed high level meeting. on october 14th, the north korean state media report had the kim had visited a newly built residential complex for
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scientists. the media reports also showed pictures of kim walking holding a cane. kim jong-un became north korea's third supreme leader in december 2011 following the death of his father kim jong-il. three years later, experts continue to keep a close eye on his regime. brian meyers is an expertinn south korea and shared insight into the meaning of kim jong-un unexplained absence. >> well those health problems really were genuine. no doubt about that. there was nothing during his absence to suggest that he had loosened or lost his hold on
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power in any way. kim jong-il, his father, was also absent from the public eye for weeks at a time. the north korean people are quite used to this sort of thing. the propaganda has been exploiting his convalescence praising him for working to hard disspite his discomfort. his hold on power is secure. on the other hand he is turning into a kind of a difficult person for the regime to glorify. the one thing they could applause bli praise him for was youth, strength, vitality. now even that is gone. it remains to be seen whether he will be able to insire the north korean people the way his father did. well, this is really busyness as usual for north korea. we have to keep in mind this is a military first state, essentially far right state. it needs constant tension and routine small scale military
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triumphs in order to justify its existence. on the other hand it doesn't want the provocations to result in all out war. so what the regime does is put slack in the rope in a peace gesture so when the rope is pulled tight again, things don't get out of hand. that's exactly what we've seen over the past few weeks. what viewers saw many the clips, the surprise meeting followed be by a squirmish in the yellow sea, followed by artillery fire at the dmz. bauds there had been the friendly meeting at the beginning, the south korea response has been mild, actually quite positive. we need to keep in mind a north korean peace gesture is tolled by increase in tension as by a decrease the in tension. the people who run a nuclear
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plant in north western japan have opened their doors to show case new safety measures. their facility has been offline to have the authority check for preparedness in event of a severe accident. they're now undertaking a campaign to convince the public they're ready to restart the reactors. nhk world reports. >> reporter: diplomats from various countries got a first-hand look on wednesday at the nuclear plant on the coast of the sea of japan. the plant has seven reactors. during a tour t group looked at the main antiearthquake building that will serve as command center in case of emergency. they also viewed power vehicles, water pumps, and flood barriers that can withstand a 15 meter
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tsunami. >> why do you have them all together? >> in case of emergency, we use all of them. >> reporter: many had questions about the plant's safety. they wanted to know more about the specification of the equipment to be used in a disaster. >> it's hard for me to make judgments on these. i can only appreciate gain access to see by my own. >> translator: i was quite impressed by the reactors, turbine buildings, antitsunami and seismic measures. i was also impressed with the firefighter system at the facility. >> reporter: japan has 48 nuclear reactors, and all are current currently off line. so far the nuclear reaction authority has not started any of them. last september, they applied for
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the process to start two reactors at this plant. tok tokyo business has been declining since the last disaster. the company wants to create an environment with this goal of expressing plant safety. >> translator: we organized today's event in the hope of letting people around the world know what type of measures we have taken at the nuclear power plant that we hope to restart. we want people to feel reassured. >> reporter: plant operators in japan still need to satisfy all mandatory government regulations including the reexamination of the faults that run under the facilities. they're working hard to win back public trust and improve safety measures. they're communicating to the
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world the progress they're making to get the reactors safe a ly back online. nhk world. it's time now to check on the world weather with our meteorologist. people in tokyo are experiencing unseasonably chilly weather. what's up ahead? >> yes, miki, we had the coolest morning of the season so far in tokyo and northern japan. temperatures dipped below freezing in many parts. we have video to show you. people experienced november like cold weather this morning. some areas saw the temperature of the minus 7 degrees celsius. much of the area had five degrees lower than normal temperatures this time of year. first freeze of the season. we'll experience another cool morning tomorrow. during the daytime hours, temperatures are much higher
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than today. that's good news. in terms of precipitation, that should be gone tomorrow. sunny weather for many parts of the country. weather for the korean peninsula and most parts of china, air quality remains quite bad over the beijing area once again. the monsoon is causing rain falling heavily especially over thailand. rain stays with you over the weekend. bangkok 32 degrees, 20s hong kong. across europe, the effects of the hurricane affected uk tuesday and northern germany wednesday. we have pictures from the north coast of the country. dozens of cars stood in water in the northern town of germany
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wednesday. the hurricane caused storm surge along the coast. cars were rescued from the floods as they were in danger of being washed away into the water. clean up operations are now underway. now the system is still strong and now affecting the peninsula and packing cold air not just rain. we see frozen prescription in the mountains and may see sleet in low lying elevations. we have another system to come into the northern areas of the uk. many parts of the scandinavian peninsu peninsula. temperatures much cooler than normal. 5 warsaw. do bundle up. october is the start to the rainy season for the pacific northwest. we have intense system move ago cross the land producing heavy rain for coastal conditions. expecting 100 millimeters to
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fall for many locations raising the potential for mudslides. more rain to come early next week. across the flip side of the u.s., we have another system moving over the waters that is dragging cool and moist air from the water producing stormy conditions for north eastern u.s. for the maritimes as we go to friday. wa waves up to six meters. temperatures cooler than normal on both sides of u.s. and canada. 13 new york and 13 in vancouver and seattle 14 degrees in the middle of the continent. quite hot for this time of year. nearly 30 degrees in houston as well as oklahoma city. here's the extended forecast.
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and that's "newsline" for this hour. i'm miki from tokyo.
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we'll have more news for you at the top of the hour so please stay with us. ;gg99ññwçç
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but here -- >> here are the headlines. the canadian prime minister vows to double his fight against terrorism, this after to possible terror attacks there in just three days. for ex-employees of security are found guilty of killing 14 iraqi civilians in 2007 and could face engage in prison. and mexico's attorney general could be themayor mastermind behind the attack last month that led to the disappearance of 43 students.


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