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tv   Democracy Now  LINKTV  October 24, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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aya ki ant rnshebydeof thea do aml s apati aya ki
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wame pends he vginity of aestapriestess. h empircrumbl, sperr ev forei culttoofeligion. from rns hrtian rom to the ald ritls of modemal ueemerge out othe past
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veofdu ste ruoft yagdom in tea ogts dver zzli setf cabo msurazoá uí aquí re in tea ogts dve parts anciente zzli setf cabo msurazoá uí and s shou arsierintan os yosehiea gmtscould llrchalo e o iv hereair lg. 's pee. oth--
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o la ngyoy stt th nerrkid boy, tisa surprise archaet wim sanders has ent s caer ree mtesa lookt that en. rens thecomics a poli of t societ wi d wster he has eedanbuilding but to hcoteoned sothing d ent. nd..soature, care lookat n't hareike a rd ? iprobably anotr o- ye thatng and tenter w a fficprobr a scientist.
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and th you'vtthdole h ae y,e ig a sa y afr eyercaonthesiritude en don't know ats. archaeologis try ipr e iq ovanished mvilizabyee s ofig. ishe tomte15s wpa of hhlangu san e s living dndan of t ancntaya oras uropatur living dndan tonids t ancntaya
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oras buancirelis omsir tcey. couers' house orship.ep oth e roave nearheirwogo thelp ope wi aintofife h. e rothxpin tof the stura d l. recitiesou e rothxpin tof the stura serve ateast of these universal functns.
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l rming antrginowns le mo. heivyaizdescda rolodu e arr l s al rolodu e eads f heofacance high on hisi t he of m ho man n rolodu e eadss teedamilyce livein t samcompou hison, xil, wees wblts tou dalerres, hith
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hison, xil, wees wblts tou whrformstal al function. nt m cameindr canest te of detersol faa amy kethandrcredit wwersal
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clndcrut oth mbe c.drt for li ide r ices andres sec a hul randum hee ch g cor re d n as p to 13, n therepeat each day ile byne oifnt r sporheawe startunng thrsy ofis iss each day ile thfil ouofds.dasda [ kiativla ]
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bes anatsely asg buofse ef t day ile thfil ouofds.dasda for givla ] bes earle:e sn't bn going ancompti his oblatio ef t day ile beuse he hast abl for to wou ] d "yes, sp t th my frof thne f i t st div f hlf nowthate'wiorse tdesoe setoo do rerepee na nl exningisrt offe antaine a fution of l lions.s the ivl s
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arthugng est mencie so rl thuner functionperialom e archaeolge th wttisry ernt inloetthe d f dspir tisi
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inhe wrien recor of tntytgy nursed ro wsu ie le sotis clearer piurofheeading betws romans bied at temple fort the goddess vests vea s e prottor t rom heart wiin her tpl rned re's l fle. ma brd ieclistr t rin ran religio bed:heult of the gdessesta s matained by pritees. know from roman leratur that these womer drawom t elite families of ro hey teis pthd y. they werchosenetween the agesabout 6 and 10, and they served in it r at least0 years.
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keach: priestesses were called stals. thiv ithhoesadjacent to e tp keach: priestesses to grdhe sacd flame. that theteesrtt shldvirg stir vnity,ere put aunrg er anfr werriedli. acistoans scered an intrigng pte in the dat of the burials. inhoseea when roasvuerleo milit, eslsere eath ar n m, ofoue,case thatta wnclined be nauy but thatoesn'tse terrib. was der threat, it's much re likely
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tseccat agaithve tual dt sponse danr e e s . iny of ves tualwaens symbol dan t state perity. st as the mainnc of t virginity of e sts cobe used as way of explai roms ccs, so thes of vrginity could be a way of explaining me's flu, ro'sanges, keach:ry relion explainseople's fortun inrent w. iteasi foranthrogistto unded inncntociees that used into record their histy. ununaty,ew th ses ever ud wr unune id,w th ses li t may left mgerds th onlyreous deta e t si insiption in the preoluman new world
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is carved here oth hieroglyphic stairse in copan. but even thelyph stairs, gether with he oer maya script, offer butiny fractioof e hiory bthe roma. unlike theatin ofncnt e erphs of the are only now bei deched. e glyphsomnystrange supernas inteon hdreds of p foun maygres e glrtraysnystrange supernas hun-like create he hoove deeand e skin oa jr foun maygres herea man'body two, one huma onebe uawk ] the ma revce for is rsclecaedhrouout castancient work.
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thheads rm thers on tual ball cou nkeys weegarasat bee hanic mnerges undrl maja nkeys weegarasat bee hanic its por g. depherthwohelpeachogthnohean ots. thwaciy seeof t ant mayl viewe ul is a to understandg itgion
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d amg ose are ca at vanderbt iversity,isavid udevs erwet atketiy seeof t ant mayl thimery the vl. act olr was the bjt are the sene -- inhis case theame ofhe accpanyg figure wateaguar. e of e sentce is the name of title and of a place - lordf ib whatrchaeogists uld t decipher was the v that ccial par of snc thatig revl the relationship bethmyerious animals and the maya royalty.
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glcoe modeahsowhe ton edyphs cainhe nge moun of, glcoe modeahsowhe ton edyphs cainhe ancisham aelmoezya sma to thesejuan lopez, whis eange ge ]thesss,"ting ooinu s soular. thhe a sthat livesut d roatht
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mirecu vee.ti l
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tt thcoal se so ldofual sp the n stiohint too on ianestodton ed thrnriconscoueun
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hetudied the msing lin thverb glyph, on a nbeof pot the jor pa is the logogram, a picture th stands for a complete word. is o wassuly divided into two halves. on the left, houstonought hs stands for a complete word. oruman face. on the rightas a patrnromught hs e of the animal paintings.word. it was pt of a jaguar. on the rightas a patrnromught hs e of the animal paintings.word. i wondered, in the crse of my research, go d methin atd keach: to the logram,ught hs e of the animal paintings.word. i wondered, in the crse of my research, the maya added phonetic sis, called complements ey stand not for whole words, but syllables. ny of thverb glyphs only one syllable, "wa." other pots had oy a co syllable, onounced "ya." but on some pots, houston found both,
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and from these he coaxed a word. orsogya writing, if you get two syllables alel tisiyl orsogya writing, asofur gph two syllables wand edspe finaa gato wr what way mig mn. ononlt wand edspe fithe ri of s mayanguagd refini in eh -- tole toream. uston: and in e yaanguage, ttsil, we even found a rd rived ay, wayajin,mesimaloni nimasfor.darnshams.
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ule nu?ua e canuis aspir clithlyediately you see through when you dam your amaspirit is wderi arouor and thmountain so,n mayps nse. n , is wderi ke teost the ncing jagu ithwa he lord of yaxchilan. ralarvings, the compann maya kings anns are show not as me anims, buwerful supernatur bng anthe ngled show omhe topf polianims,
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asransat cl mesri, thinutshmaorinth the office ofsay, religious onlong ago posthat h lot mo political pow, and, ey,ivsh. there ses eno reaferee tohea ng having much economirol withinities. ther, theiwer defed mo e surnural. una, theiwer defed e windowsinnt maya religi. onlyte afmaneemes thy glyph reals e anent beef n al p ofhesoul.
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anhef e ul ur in th tb ove a ue tmaaso thuss chog t t the maya bve ife teath. eswlule ir heal ise e me questio ju hheient rd dd ?
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, archaeologtsrn te vice he aaya. inostengo,ua, shamnds loj is stillo re hwn ils hidion t rcandar h hmu increash. ncesfoca sai whe skie for d the unrwor. s,t dd. chan clsat-gnderenisans fath
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he cal uhis grotrs ske ta tatheghts lf.nywhstan sacayti,ainand ay to thxianors. bo k a cnehitheolievth t pbe thofhe kgds. dad websr. bster: i tnk that the eaiest people that we can ll may bsteob i tnk that a lk traditireligion, a "lit trati y l sted of ab somen wip,
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t a loof nate worship, rship of sritu fces attrut to ral th -- m ani, pl. weadanthrogi rship of sritu fces ll, bay, folk cieties, small-al egalitariasocieties without any kind of ralized adiv olcid em egalitariasocieties forrazestns not only of politics of rn -- ryenhat nd of and bls thp,tain razed icigkeonotemen atesallyrule find..sible. beuserll, 'r pungs nd o u indsralizedtil relid prr owendse ee
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ligistio and y cano thug e olhavee whole procs fr littltr d lgamth the band thakack down to theittltrition agai [ won chng ] d lgamth the band thakack down acdition to theit ttateion agai [ won chng ] ch as royal mayaigioor offi, le withhe ste so how d treattritions evo le d cientil les manipulahe ltle tradions
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n ete r at rpo aof penquci eanety d cientil les maniand,inallyinto a state. ispetemas o an eap an expert ieglyphs heasng the first topret the sbo hiyaple. de, athe s th ouegreacal. iniryinistion
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coth ouegreacal. h:hea hollal nefith esannemaepow tli n e li t sarus pature he menof his dea, esannemaepow tli e tom hehes t sarus
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belvehat almayagan , an excve p he ma dynasts.ea, kiur menvioytoer fime n iand ome ti iutn seys out of am-like orgazaon peea h originalas ne os out of am-like orgazaon crs a e new thatshs religious ideogy tdsma dienfr everydy e they have sopeci positn in tystem
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causth hthisof snabein they hav they alepositn cama ctactitm inede for e pul thbeora keh: in copan, the hieroglyph staircase anher tes gs t cen he state a i religion.t thinud s yond theopolis were ndobles. inonwaelite to withts niches d po. nehe cundofther n, vel leking thilthe le tharon did is nlen alsoveccess po? an,ster: it'just not ths ffene h dferent. an as u y, t aveis hea isnt. saand wer st intify the symbols d find outho r copan when templwas construcd.
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hen. oh d find outho r copan whenolllashas construcd. hen. ris om hations the acrop nders: ty' l d find outhowebsterye whenolllashas construcd. hen. very ne. ris om hations the acrop e that g ves sign.s the. wh?ththft ah e s thwhomout hefroo ? wh?ththft ah yeah. oh, th e s thwhomout but he g a tail atll rht. sun d ey e terchaeable day signs. th'rie so t ee th peatal, th yeah absoluly. looks like it's celesti ings her so m is an yb ituh y,beaufulief looks like it's celesti ings her ah. juors. keace ls descr bdideanda,
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a 16th-century spanish missionary rote r n bo inhem, scholars gradually identied other gods. araeolisowecogni onhe cd bencs at hitncdes mhica. thon suofheay s the mbolholiness... thsun nig ane planen. italled ybor cesti mst ile eriae mu to
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modeiverlledgi, el modeiverlledgi, archol wt reccthe taya co eyel tel modeiverlledgi, archol wt recit w supbyr ed f theyup t sco t6tceury, modeiverlledgi, archol wt th toleianisbyr ed f theycorsgods whldp e sk duan ele belves these gods of thea adn folwsngiloj view sacrnt
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ncan ¿aqgel:cu llaukuthe four corn d go t. qué laman...? ncan ¿aqgel:cu "keho". llaukuthe four corn d go t. duncthe are urlars th t kee ur carnapots hemayal thby aife, bu acarved below thand bes
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a wau at t anit direcs atth c epieaiin cop archologis anma tve hoenag a reeacee at archologis tceanma tve hoenr sinry eolweat at tidofnsagd re sywaof ton
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we cis thi lootha ter ue re be xibtre rs w tome the emo aei hapi ma os be xibtre rs w tome the emo aei ouel soan ahaeo. he snd hapi th elite tom weous with e meind of nics. inhe ns were pots, hapi similahosethe ave.
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acayenthe en bfr s tuecr uchenc alsoed acayenthe en bfr urstan relela 18 rab tuecr uchenc wh hdicad self-pora alsoed heurd sagsthmonunt ri the0sdudembexdis ofhela
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ofriinme emurd sagsthmonunt ri the0sdudembexdis coo a point li this. in turroundi mountains, poals tl e yaan p bit nning t ontoheow of syol this ofhe large d stmposmoment in the copanis of iour co versk xplit abwhatthdi aboarro d esith fanceyelids ancheeks, the anima,or mons, and large te foreads thmo int ptare the mbolrighre. this one reads tun, stone.
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and this large sorofounded or crenulated ebw re, icmo. ton waporful eugh to build s owmade mounabbit he in the er t aolis to worsh his ancesrs rathkeh:ros dtthasay uth thssthat sat on p oft. thve was the room side. its doorwa is a ma m. tt ithe orld, the the ancest se on thrface the worldere the uauns,
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the skbes who hold the enon t srs. thheavens wereepseed the wor t skygon.uauns, t weswasign us as st tis t k inheoforni s ki pd littleradionofncr wohip toalidat s rule in palenque 18 rbit exploitedthe-oln overan shwhbbitod traat s rule in palenque hecilf rbit exploitedthe-oln ofiverse crran he wasthperfecot me te thatun w rise eas anto rning set each eveni,ge to me reran time atd aney a theirpinsuthispl s ngm wod os ace ri atd
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prin t theirpinsuthispl moalwianhemen cut theigenita. men, likthis queen maystate in mexdrthorththn. cas,e as tt oo the ur of liness. in blo wheso bo p uthe rol e paeds thsme ormeinmythical ca theisiorp
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he pat maty anote r fdom olinstng d powe maya god. he pat ening meds riat pamids,thous prab thtowas a d. mayaelioemdithcoonrort of a relns he pat it hpe c ening meds riat pamids,thous prab thtowas a d. thertati of life d h. tortsclarsred thuay til igionkingstyur oc keientome.
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of the tt traditiy til igioinomanelig s thicoer's. he people worshid thspirs the household, lares reambions worshid thsphe uer cssousehold, ffois ate ligion of rome thsphe uer crcedsehold, allth todn oo when one senator consolidated he tooe name augustu.
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fris house to reliohiguusaesaoughchges hiorian maryea of mintereg thin that st ude indeisouse a a a stae hessta. givg an aitiome his o hou, a a a stae stasinclai thatasownother and posslypeting cen o hou, to state bhets tavene ulesarmlee slr. seranfentouanbeme the first bhets tavene ulesarmlee polileader
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s builthi,reme riour ol a politiceader in tth t divin r befo haany indivin rome he spor. ti ran sat linreg in.d nle w rtit l y suffed majoisn h enitd byriate and d.
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artsusrestored majoisn h e noeman'spleunr a roof artsusrestored re istua sa falige.h thatof 18 rabbit. the s,bid ceof the mooreprenrt thday surises in the e the d e n igts in thwe.eprenrt thday surises in the e the st:iof t g means s. vee mbol we c see tt the figure or rur who wohaeesittg ersitting s a e ad -- wing him, sacd e himn waabo doe. val c
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relion canck eedays. to reinforcehage ax pacte, sacd e himn waabo doe. val c rdtoarh.s rhs pl ngopanryli relion canck eedays. to reinforcehage what see is maarmony th theors of nure, aaltstrx lastsc. emen he nobibomics. and when lkat rear you e maspatel maningelntoro
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watwee alseatas, a pfuliryllacks a goggle-eyed tlal warrior watwadisplaye sever a pof the lascopan ngs. aeists areilreconsng ulptnts aast vediffers lat n on heay r ces,he tloc go enor rethean, e inllloc
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isheelveir comrs. ts apal exoc deits thatioevte yatu 0 beopelthe romastatwaingr mightyire was pushed toaking point by forei inv and civil wars. otic poro'scoteories, atted er-lrllgsfrersia, isrom ni otic e cht woped heanwould ilbe a mys iforne s clue carvn
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e chioasy.ncsa heanatopheseare columns.rkmen wn reas the mar ofhi r, an antersi tistianss the mans persecuted thearly chstians beca wou n ter thits ptheo e te of thia was and ver or in covaei terstsiine ul
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di s ? noneever know.elfoaluc tohe bin cathichuh. di s ? stia qck b nonethe cieligiofoaluc of vryta enryni e. n, coinhr stia qck b nonethe cieligiofoaluc
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ustilicas bmapeovthugst th cle temeg toliaoslanaon.towering ove. yaimy ustilicad moloeovthugst th cr temeg thr realm,naon.towering ove. the'a lowes ere the sun risesane ongsmaayn ain as comon res lo
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wh too illtoake e ofva fheshhe prathceandpar eat-anartsofistr es ieaya ca. ic of mayans p town dances. ra asrafo e f ure, ed eie- e pe veee ngms risand fa. ed they havdurea conqueng ar and a foreiaith al o gatradition acedther,
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nck tofi theimeless he ht of tt.
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