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tv   France 24  LINKTV  October 30, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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' the president's bid to hold onto power. sweden recognizes palestinian statehood. as tensions in east jerusalem turned deadly. a far right jewish activist is shot, the suspected palestinian gunmen killed by police. iraqi peshmerga forces had for kobane. joining their kurdish car mats against the islamic state organization. those are the headlines here on france 24.
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a developing story out of burkina faso. protesters have clashed through a police barricade outside the parliament in the capital. according to our correspondent fires are ablaze around the building. france 24 has been monitoring events in ouagadougou as clashes were field as the political opposition call for blockade of parliament. the legislature was such a consider a constitutional reform that would allow long serving president blaise compaore to extend his rule. no word on whether or not those talks will go through. as the situation remains tense. the president's bid to stay on for a fifth term has sparked two days of protests. blaise compaore has served as president since 1987 after a military coup. we will bring you more on the situation out of burkina faso.
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now to the latest in the fight against ebola. the world health organization says the rate of infection appears to be slowing in liberia. health officials warn that the fight against the disease is far from won. more than 13,000 people have caught the disease. with over 6000 infections in liberia alone. >> hope for liberia in the fight against ebola. officials were keen to stress the decline in cases could be difficult to sustain. >> ebola -- that is like saying your pet tiger is under control. this is a very dangerous disease. any transmission change can rapidly result, through a couple of dangerous events, in many marquesas. a couple burials go wrong and you start new transmission chains. >> it is not the first time the
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outbreak that officials have noted a decline. only four numbers to quickly peak. this is often put down to cases remaining unrecorded because people fear seeking treatment or wish to bury relatives. the world health organization believes it is a real trend. liberia's red cross said teams collected 100 bodies last week from the county around the capital, down forom 300 per week in september. only around half of beds in treatment centers were occupied. speaking in liberia on tuesday samantha powers said results were beginning to be seen from international efforts. with higher percentages of safe burials and mobile labs in place to speed up diagnosis. certainly no cause for celebration yet. across the border, sierra leone
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has seen an increase of new cases in recent days. >> in other developments, ebola measures in the u.s. star controversy. a nurse in maine has vowed to defy the isolation critical. new york, new jersey, and illinois have 21 day quarantine policies. president barack obama has urged states not to resort to such measures, saying it would discourage workers from going to west africa. a 21 day isolation period is to be forced on troops returning from the region. in other world news, suite and is officially recognizing the state of palestine. the first eu member state in western europe to do so. mahmoud abbas has called it brave and historic, according to his spokesperson. sweden made the announcement a short while ago. it comes as tensions are rising
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in east jerusalem. a far right jewish activist in serious condition after being shot. the suspected gunman, a palestinian, has been killed. israel he police say they shot dead the suspect after he fired at them resisting arrest. violence is driven by controversy over access to the holy site temple mount. police in jerusalem has taken the step of closing the areas to worshipers. >> shots from a motorcycle gunmen, a possible assassination attempt in jerusalem. israeli radio identified the target as yehuda glick a far right activist. jerusalem's most sensitive holy site, the temple mount. >> they do not let choose play on the temple mount it sends a signal to the arabs that they can continue attacks on those
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jews who want to go to the most holy place in judaism. >> it is also considered the third holiest site by muslims. you call -- the complex is open to choose at certain times. they are not allowed to pray here. high-profile visits from right-wingers have inflamed tensions. >> you will clear out the temple mount even if we ignite the region. there is nothing for the choose there. -- the jews there. >> the announcement of a plan to build israeli homes in east jerusalem has led to clashes between palestinian youth and police. control of the site has been central to the fight for jerusalem. the city of both israelis and palestinians is claimed as both
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as the capital. it sparked the second intifada after a visit by ariel sharon. >> france 24 is in jerusalem with more on the prominent activist who is in serious condition. >> yehuda glick, a rabbi right-wing israeli activist is quite famous in jerusalem. those for defending the jewish right to prayer on the temple mount, which is illegal under israeli law. he himself was banned several times from accessing that holy site because of provocations on his part. he is also famous for being at the head of a foundation seeking to rebuild the jewish temple which was destroyed nearly 2000 years ago. the very site where you now have the dome of the rock and the third holiest site in islam.
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he was shot at close range yesterday after attending a venue where he was precisely talking about those causes, which he defends. he does that regularly at the israeli knesset. there is to be a hearing quite soon to discuss the possibility of dividing the al-aqsa compound in order to allow muslims and jews to pray. a very sensitive issue. the suspect is concerned he was quickly identified by police forces, who came to apprehend him. he was shot and killed by police. a young resident of east jerusalem. a suppose it member of the islamic jihad faction. >> reporting that. tensions have been enabling point. last week's announcement of more
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jewish settlements in east jerusalem increased pressure. palestinians urged the un security council to demand that israel refers the plans. a you and political chief said the plans threaten the viability of the future palestinian state. in northern syria, the anxious wait continues as a convoy of iraqi kurdish fighters comes closer to the city of kobane. 150 peshmerga troops were cheered as they made their way to the city to try to break a siege by islamic state militants. for more, i'm joined by our international affairs editor. walk us through. we are waiting for the fighters to make there to kobani. what impact are they expected to have? >> 150 iraqi kurdish fighters. around 50 free syrian army
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troops due to go into kobani. these numbers have been described as symbolic by a syrian-kurdish political party the democratic union party. it's not expected that the numbers themselves will make a difference. except that they carry weapons. that is the key thing. the syrian kurdish fighters have been saying for allow that they need more heavy weapons. cannons, machine guns, and mortars. that will make a difference, particularly as the other side the islamic state, is said to be reinforcing its contingent in kobani. >> littered is -- where does kobani fit in to the conflict in syria and iraq? >> kobani here is one of many
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flashpoints between the islamic state group and the kurds. we have these flashpoints here represented by the gun sign. they go right down through southeastern iraq. right down to baquba, eastern iraq. you have to look at this as part of a broader front between i.s. and the kurds. what is important is, although it is not in the media so much, is the battle going on around al hasaka between islamic militants and syrian kurds. you have militants allied with bashar al-assad, there is territorial continuity between kurds in syria and kurds in iraq. the light green buffer going all the way down into iraq.
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it is very important for i.s. to put pressure here on that territorial continuity. one other thing i want to show you, the syrian regime controlling these parts in red. that whole part of western syria. you can see from this, for bashar al-assad, the important thing is to keep control of the areas it can hold onto. that means the regime can survive. more important than trying to regain these areas in the north. the fact that the syrian regime has made a fairly realistic population further south of what it can do and where it can hold on, that opens up the space up here in the north for the islamic state group. that is why the fighting is continuing across a broad front between islamic state group and kurdish militants. >> thank you for walking us through the ongoing spread of
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violence between iraq and syria. staying in syria. the government is believed to have draft barrel bombs on a camp for displaced people in the northern idlib province. at least 10 people were killed. washington has not confirmed details but has called it barbaric. the next report contains graphic images. >> as he arrives on the scene, this man discovers the gruesome sight. bodies of men, women, and children some charred some dismembered, are scattered across the field. [speaking arabic] [sirens] >> this video shows the aftermath of an attack.
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a syrian helicopter dropped two barrel bombs on the camp for displaced syrians in the muslim province of idlib. a lot of footage is to graphic to show, with dead children and bodies picked up in pieces. amid the panic, some are trying to save those who are still alive. human rights groups say syrian forces have used barrel bombs, like here in aleppo. these containers, so with males shrapnel, and explicit material, are drop-- these containers filled with nails shrapnel, and explicit material are dropped.
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the u.n. banned the use of these bombs. >> welcome to the observers. in early october, work was supposed to begin on the biggest telescope in the world in hawaii. a groundbreaking ceremony was held but interrupted by native hawaiians. they see it as more than a blocking a. -- more than a volcano. >> they would like to put it on the northern summit of our sacred mountain. there are telescopes already. people are standing up against that. many of us, for spiritual and religious regions. others, for the environmental impact. they had been planning to hold a prayer vigil.
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protesting and holding signs. maybe around a good mile or two miles, they set up a road block. police officers and university of hawaii rangers. we were able to share with them our thoughts and our songs. very important for us in these sacred places for us to conduct ourselves properly. really it was a symbolic win. for native hawaiians, the mountain mauna kea is our ancestor in stories of creation. we decided from the birth of the sky father, the star mother. mauna kea the mountain of the sky father, is the child of the sky father. our generation, with both our traditional and western education, are able to make a stand. >> our next observer takes us to the south of sudan.
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the region is regularly bombed by the sudanese army. farmers have decided to put bonds to good use. >> the road has been blocked. everything humanitarian access to the nuba people. the nuba people to survive.
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>> now for some of the other images sent in from around the world by observers. we head to riran. a famous perennial actress decided to leave a shout minutes before she was supposed to get on stage. she was angry that the city's imam told the audience she was going to wear it chador during the sharp here jihad -- wear a chador during the show.
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she had planned to wear a hijab. in kobani kurds are battling islamic state. a kurdish doctor says that every week, the field hospital changes locations. since very little aid is coming from turkey, doctors are lacking in equipment. to save a life, mohammed had to give him a blood transfusion from his own arm. he says the hospital is going to run out of supplies. jason takes us to cairo, where rooftops are getting color. during an artist residency, he painted satellite dishes. he and his team have been welcomed by residents as long as they do not mess up signals. now for music. 17 years old mr. crazy.
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this young rapper describes life in casablanca's poorest neighborhood. he was arrested in august and accused of immoral acts. he should be freed in early november. our observer says this is a parody of justice. [speaking french]
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