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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 17, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PST

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t's take a look at what is making headlines this hour. an act of pure evil, that is how american president barack obama describes the beheading of a man from an aid group. also, in the wake of an acrimonious cheese to any summits, another round of sanctions is being discussed for
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russia over ukraine. and the interim president is chosen in the hopes of returning the western african country to democracy in the wake of a military takeover. and japan's government is under pressure as the country plunges back into recession. we'll have the details coming up. and the paris city council is set to vote on a proposed tax break -- on a proposed skyscape of that will be the tallest holding in the city. ♪ american president barack obama has called the beheading at the hands of the islamic state group your evil.
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-- peter evil. -- pure evil. he was a former army ranger that fought in iraq in 2007. he for his kidnapping, he had been delivering supplies into syria. world leaders have also expressed their outrage and horror at the killings. i'm joined by item in beirut for more. i understand you actually knew peter. can you tell us about the man he was? >> peter was a man that set out to make a difference. he came to the region to try to do everything he possibly could to help those he found it needs because of the conflict in syria. he first came here in the summer of 20 torrent walls -- the summer of 2012. that's when i met him. it was clear how driven he was to really try to make a difference personally and to do everything he could possibly do
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to help people. on the ground, face-to-face, and in places where they were not getting aid otherwise. and perhaps in some ways in a very small personal sense, but to help people where others could not. i first met him in 2012. he worked in refugee camps, at a hospital in the north into italy. he was treating -- in tripoli. he was treating people who were hurt in the syrian conflict. he did an emergency medical technicians course. and together with those experiences, he set up his own organization which did two things. first of all, he delivered medical training to people and places -- in places where there
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was no medical provision. and he would take basic essentials to people most at meet -- in most need. >> adam, this is probably the most graphic of all the murder videos posted online by the group. is it a sign of frustration -- >> and side, can you hear me echo >> adam, can you hear me now? sexy scene two of have lost the connection. but moving on -- >> we seem to have lost the connection. >> moving on, it is very possible that a french national is featured in the beheadings. one of the executioners was identified as a 22-year-old frenchman whose given name is maxine who shot. he reportedly left france for
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survey in august, 2013. let's take a look at what the says. >> our intelligence services have analyzed the video. experts say there is a strong probability that the french national participated directly in these heinous crimes. investigations are ongoing, but it is strongly presumed that the person is maxine bouchard born in 1992. >> it comes after recent victory in the spying of the iraqi forces in the country's largest oil refinery. here's the story. >> the top military chiefs said the momentum is starting to turn in the fight against the
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jihadists of from the islamic state group. general martin dempsey wanted a look at the ground -- a firsthand look on the ground in iraq. the iraqi military said it air force struck targets north of the capital, baghdad, hitting a large ammunitions store and killing numerous jihadists. the combined forces to take back control of a major dam and the east of the country. >> this district and nearby villages have been totally freed from the is group. >> saturday, baghdad said it meant -- it ended in months long siege. the u.s. and its allies are conducting airstrikes targeting forces in iraq and syria. that military campaign is set to expand. the u.s. currently has about 1400 troops on the ground, but new authorization could see that number more than double to 3100.
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correct in other news, european foreign ministers are meeting in brussels to discuss yet another round of possible sanctions against russia over the fighting in new crane. it follows harsh warnings from western leaders at the acrimonious g 20 meeting that russia needs to stop supporting rebels. russia continues to deny claims it is supporting the separatists movement. here is more on the brussels gathering. >> no further economic sanctions against moscow, that was a decision taken here in brussels. what they will do, however is add a number of names to the current blacklist. is mostly focusing on ukraine. the foreign affairs minister earlier signed an accord with
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the chief of the european -- the finance chief of the european union. more than 100 europeans will be going to ukraine for the -- as of the first of december with a budget of 30 million euros to help the country fight against corruption. ukraine ranked as 144 is on the global index last year, along with countries like the central african republic and cameroon and nigeria. there is work to be done. with regard to how it works with moscow, that will be taken up on the 18th of december. we heard from david cameron and he did not mince his words when he said vladimir putin was acting incorrectly. click's michelle cassandra has been named as a transitional president.
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-- >> michelle cassandra has been named as a transitional president. the country's former president was toppled last month following mass protests. bill upton has the story. >> michelle caps on do -- c assando is the interim president. it is the first step toward democracy. two weeks earlier, the former president step down under pressure from the people. correct this is more than an honor. it is an awesome responsibility. i always -- i already see the pitfalls and the immensity of the task. >> the final negotiations were swift. the transition committee
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representing civilian groups as well as on the members chose cafando over interviews. >> can only say thank you. click the transition charter was signed monday afternoon by military and civilian representatives. this document, an intermediary will serve the king of faso -- will serve until next year. >> negotiations have been suspended amid claims by the defense minister that the leftist group had kidnapped an army general of the weekend. search efforts are underway to find the dear general. he was seen traveling along a moment -- a remote river in the west of the country.
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they were peace talks some two years ago, but they never actually agreed to a cease-fire. after years of talks, the united states and japan have finally agreed on relocating a military base on okinawa. but the new the elected -- newly elected governor wants to scrap the plan. he wants the base off the island altogether. sunday, okinawa was new governor -- okinawa new governor. he is also the face of the u.s. military presence on the island and he wants to block the predecessors plan to relocate to a less densely populated part of the island. >> i stand side-by-side with the people of okinawa. my duty is to deliver this message them ethically and internationally to the japanese government. and to the u.s. government, and if necessary, the united nations.
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>> 50 kilometers to the north fences for the new site already up. he said he will veto -- block the project by the tooling construction permits. he said they want the base moved off of okinawa altogether. be quite a headache for japanese prime minister shinzo abe. it took nearly two decades for the u.s. and japan to agree on the location. as governments agreed the multibillion-dollar deal would strengthen ties at a time of rising tensions in east asia. it is currently in the central district of okinawa. residents have blamed it for an increase in pollution, noise and crime. >> here in france, the paris city council's vote against monday on whether or not to allow construction of a new skyscraper in the city's southwest.
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it could create some 5000 jobs, according to his supporters. at the green party and the opposition u.n. p.r. against the skyscraper, which would be built at the exhibition center. >> they may be trademarks of other cities, but you won't find many skyscrapers on the paris skyline. that may be about change. the council of paris is deciding whether or not to give the go-ahead to the triangle tower an office block stretching 180 meteors high. but the project has proved controversial. launched six years ago by the then mayor of paris, it has been supported by his successor, and a day go, also from the socialist party. >> i know that from the paris projects that we have suggested recently, we have shown ambition and risk. but these risks if we take them on, i take them on.
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>> hidalgo has crashed with her partners in office. they say it will consume too much energy with his elevators and conditioning, and heating. and the opposition party unp agrees with them. it points to empty office space already existing in paris and questions the towers aesthetic value. >> it is not beautiful. it does not gel with the surrounding, no postop >> provisions -- with its surroundings no. >> and parisians will also need convincing. >> a reminder of what is making headlines this hour -- an act of pure evil is how barack obama is describing the beheading of peter kassig. and it appears there is a french
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national among the executioners. another possible round of sanctions against russia over ukraine. also the internet -- interim president of 14 fsm -- pitino facile --akina faso in steps toward democracy. nicholas sarkozy said he will rollback is gay marriage lob pass last year. next that's right, the president -- the french paper says that sarkozy relaunch the debate. it says that he put the debate back on the same-sex marriage
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debate in spectacular fashion. and it continues at the former head of state has taken a risk and may alienate his allies many of whom have actually resign themselves to the law actually being here to stay. he may not convince many people. others see it as political maneuvering in the run-up to the actual leadership race. >> as you are saying, these people are saying that this is nothing but a case of political maneuvering. >> that is right. nicholas sarkozy, more to the right, a change or opportunism? that is what the papers say. will he draw all the benefits he wants from his party echo the
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people he is trying to convince probably will not be convinced. and in the long-term, it may not win those for them. sarkozy is headed off to one of france's far-flung territories caledonia. >> yes, it is just to the east of australia. it is a tricky negotiation. the headline is a play on words. it comes at a time when the 1998 accords are rearing their head again. those records arrived and provided a referendum. the president is saying i'm here
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to keep my word. he says that the referendum that everyone is preparing for but nobody really wants. the outcome is known in advance. 2% of new caledonia's want to be part of france. -- 22% of new caledonian's want to be part of france. >> moving on to the international killing of the american aid worker, peter catholic -- peter kassig is drying condemnations. >> yes not surprising. it was condemned by the american president. president barack obama said he was taken from us in an act of pure evil by the terrorist group.
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the was a knowledge meant of the fact that he had converted to the -- to islam and that the islamic state had killed a fellow muslim. >> there is a threat that is being taking barristers the indeed. >> yes, there was the threat to bring the violence to the streets of britain. the former army chief says that the west may have to think the unthinkable and commits ground troops once again to iraq. the lead essay there's no political appetite for it. the expert on radicalization in king's college, london, says the islamic state group is under pressure. killing hostages remain the only way that they can really hit out at the west at the moment.
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text for a change of tune, something slightly upbeat cabal are not so upbeat. it depends on whether you are a chocolate ban -- chocolate fan or not. the world is facing a crisis. ex yes there is a shortage of cocoa beans in west africa. the washington post reports that the biggest chocolate makers in the world, marcinko braided and swiss county -- mars incorporated and swiss, are having a shortage. demand is increasing particularly in china. they're trying to plug the gap by producing -- developing trees that can produce up to seven times more cocoa beans, but it may drop in quality. >> in the meantime, stock up on those mars bars and kids cats --
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and kids cats. now it is time for business. i'm joined in the studio by stephen carroll. we start off in japan with some very bad news for the government and the economy. >> new figures have shown that the country has gone back into recession in the third quarter. the japanese economy has struck unexpectedly by 1.6% in september. it is the fourth time in the -- in five years that the world's third-largest economy has found itself in the doldrums. as catherine clifford now reports, it is calling into question the government's economic policies. >> a surprise side into recession for the world's third-largest economy as japan's gdp drops for the second consecutive quarter. experts say it means prime minister shinzo abe is likely to call snap elections as early as next month to stick a mandate on
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tax collection. shinzo abe is likely to delay implementing another sales tax rise planned for october, 2015. that would slow programs on efforts to bring government debt and -- under control. it is a program that shinzo abe authored, but has been hampered economic conditions. >> we need to be careful not to slow down the economic recovery. what is most important is win need to -- as we need to make sure this not go back to deflation. >> others have said shinzo abe a needs to work on these reforms. >> a major development for investors. the stock connect scheme means
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it will be easier for foreign investors to put their money into china. two $.1 billion was reached well before the close of trading. >> it is a big step. china has remained quite insulated from global markets. that is one of the reasons the chinese markets were hit in 2008 and 2009. it is hard to invest in china other than through some funds that are known as qualified foreign institutional investors. this will allow foreign funds to pour into china. it is seen as a timely boost for both the markets, which have fallen from their peaks during the middle of the last decade. and of course, hong kong has also missed out on some big ipos, such as ali baba for example.
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next major trade deal with australia after nearly a decade of negotiations. it will remove tariffs from almost 90% of australia's exports. it would be worth billions to the australian economy, and particularly benefit the country's agriculture and mining industries. despite stock market -- the stock market deal i was just telling you about, hong kong and shanghai close in the red. the nikkei in tokyo closed down almost 3% on the news that country had slipped back into recession. we are in the midpoint of the trading day here. shares also trading down across the european voices -- indices.
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and news coming out of the red states that it will also be working to move things on real estate. halliburton will be seeking to acquire baker hughes for 38 billion dollars. they are the two largest firms in this section are, so it is subject to regulatory approval. we will move on to look at company news. hsbc has been accused of tax evasion. an investigator claimed that the lender avoided paying taxes on billions of euros of income. the american pharmaceutical giant pfizer has signed a deal with germany's merck to develop cancer drugs. $80 million up front for sharing rights of merck's immunotherapy treatment. there is also a prospect for
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extras in a cup. -- astrazeneca. and a deal over allegan could be worth up to 60 by billion dollars. -- $65 billion. the company is said to be secretly working on it new professional networking site to allow users to separate their work profiles from the personal details. the project is named facebook at work. it allows connecting to professional contacts. >> oh, no, i like those cat videos. you need a little bit of lightness.
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any of us, sports are a favorite pastime or a means to get fit. but for the people you'll meet on this week's "full frame," sports have been a path to having a positive impact on the world and thriving in the face of obstacles. i'm mike walter in los angeles. let's take it full frame.


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