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tv   France 24  LINKTV  December 12, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PST

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n leaders under pressure, calling for mock -- mahmoud abbas to scrap cooperation with israel. ukraine's eastern region ghost 24 hours without a military death. italy paralyzed by a strike. trade unions up in arms over matteo renzi's economic reforms. also coming up, u.s. congress avoids a government shutdown hours to spare before a deadline
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paired the house of representatives passing a federal spending bill. the final day of climate talks in peru. long-term missions at the heart of negotiations. so far, there's been little agreement inj lima. first, we begin with midday prayers in the west bank. they've been watched closely. fears of further violence following the death of a senior palestinian official. ziad abu ein died wednesday in a confrontation with israeli troops. disagreement over the cause of the death.
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palestinian authorities say the official diet from a blow by israeli troops, israeli officials say the 55-year-old suffered a heart attack. palestinian authorities say the officialgallagher fenwick is standing by in jerusalem. what is the latest? >> the situation, as you mentioned, is relatively calm in jerusalem and throughout the west bank. just got off the phone with a spokesperson for the israel police. telling me that thousands of extra troops have been deployed around the old city, where the al-aqsa compound is located. no age restriction. that was a major demand of palestinians. the restrictions had been an place until a few weeks ago. they were a source of frustration for palestinians. through the west bank, several battalions of soldiers are deployed. so far, there have been small instances of violent confrontations. everything pretty much contain.
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reports of one incident near nablus, a truck driver crashing his vehicle. the circumstances are unclear with that. a tense atmosphere. >> the death of the official has prompted some to call on the palestinian president mahmoud abbas to stop security cooperation with israeli forces in the west bank. has there been movement on that? >> from what i'm being told by sources within the plo, the palestinian liberation organization, the sole legitimate representation for a large part of the international community. since the death of former minister ziad abu ein all the meetings that were to be held between palestinian officials and their israeli counterparts have been postponed in terms of
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officially halting security cooperation between those two that has not been made. mahmoud abbas said all options are on the table. he has not come out and openly said he's going to put and end to this pillar of stability in the region. especially at such a volatile time. there was supposed to be an announcement this friday. i'm being told by sources in ramallah that the urgent meeting, set to take place this friday and which should have been followed by an announcement, it has been postponed until tomorrow. probably an indication there is talk about how to go about sending a strong message on the palestinian side. the security cooperation is extremely unpopular on the palestinian side. palestinians see absolutely no advantage. they see clear advantages for the israelis but they do not see
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what palestinians are gaining. that is up in the air. the threat of putting in end to it has been mentioned in the past. in the past several years but has never been implemented. we will have to see if this time it is any different. >> thank you, gallagher fenwick from jerusalem. to afghanistan, the country's taliban have claimed responsibility for thursday's attack on a school in the capital. one person was killed. a suicide bomber struck a packed auditorium at a french cultural center. earlier in the day, a suicide bomber killed six on the outskirts of the capital. highlighting afghanistan's struggle to defeat the taliban and 13 years after western intervention in the country. to an unprecedented first for the cia. the agency's director held a press conference at the virginia headquarters. john brennan defended his agency from accusations that it used
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harsh techniques in the post-9/11 interrogation program. in the wake of a senate committee report released earlier this week. the findings of which point out that the cia justified torture. charlotte hawkins has details. >>in the security forces' corner, john brennan big knowledged but defended its detention and interrogation program after the 9/11 attacks. yes, some offices used unauthorized methods and should be held accountable, he said. but the agents face agonizing decisions amid fear of further attacks. brennan defended enhanced interrogation techniques, or eit's to reporters, dianne feinstein was busy live tweeting rebuttals to his claims. >> the cause and effect relationships between the use of eit's and useful information
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provided by the detainee is, in my view, unknowable. >> dianne feinstein responded that there is no evidence attacks were stopped or lives saved. >> it is our view that the detainees who were subjected to enhanced interrogation techniques provided information that was useful and was used in the ultimate operation to go against bin laden. >> dianne feinstein said no. the study proved interrogation did not lead to his chapter referencing the page number. >> john brennan stopped short of using the word "torture." saying the u.s. keeps. the world strong president obama condemned techniques like waterboarding and sleep deprivation which according to him, any reasonable person would consider torture. >> to nigeria.
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the country held primary elections on thursday. in a run up to the presidential poll. that will pit the former military ruler against goodluck jonathan. held against a backdrop of economic was an security fears tied to violence by islamic militants. >> is this the right man to bring back our girls? running on a ticket to read nigeria of boko haram and return schoolgirls to their families, former military ruler won nigeria's primary. he will face good luck jonathan in february. >> it is a mark of confidence to carry the torch and rescue our country from those who have led us into the current state of
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affairs. >> the race is expected to be nigeria's tightest since the end of military rule in nigeria's most populous country. muhammadu buhari came to power in 1983 and was deposed two years later. he was known for an iron fist and fighting corruption. a contrast to goodluck jonathan, who has been criticized for not doing enough to combat the islamist insurgency in the north. buhari is a muslim, goodluck jonathan is a christian. raising fears this could increase nigeria's north-south religious and economic divide. goodluck jonathan said his antiviolence efforts are working. >> we will do what is required to provide this country -- [indiscernible] >> there was no sign of a dip in violence wednesday. in kano, towo girls blew
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themselves up in a marketer boko haram boko haram is increasingly using young girls as suicide bombers. >> 24 hours without a death for the first time in seven months. a day has gone by without a military death in eastern ukraine. president petro poroshenko says a "real cease-fire" is in place. a good by russia's -- echoed by russia's foreign minister. sergei lavrov has reiterated calls for peace talks. >> petro poroshenko was unusually optimistic, giving rise to hope that the cease-fire might hold. >> today is the first 24 hours for seven months when we do not have, when we had a real cease-fire in ukraine. you cannot imagine how important it is for me.
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this is the first time i do not have lives lovst or eight wounded ukrainian soldier. and we do not have any lost or wounded citizens. >> thursday, rebels had withdrawn weaponry from the frontlines, part of a truce. >> once the people's republic is ready to further such acts to bring peace local people -- [indiscernible] >> elsewhere, the cease-fire is looking shaky. at donetsk airport, there were bursts of gunfire. with each side pointing the finger at the other. >> the enemy tried to provoke us, firing at opposition. i did not give the order to fire back. they ended up coming down. >> ukraine and the last blame russia for stoking the conflict.
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moscow has denied this. leaders are to meet with both sides for peace talks a date for which has yet to be named. >> italy has been hit with a massive general strike this friday. the country's trade unions are showing anger over economic reforms. prime minister matteo renzi jobs act aims to shake up the labor market by making it easier for companies to hire and fire. i has printed workers from italy's three main unions to walk off the job. rail and air traffic has been stopped in many schools are closed. not to a controversial topic in france. president francois hollande has announced mp's will vote on a bill that will allow doctors to aid the deaths of the terminally ill. it will be allowed the terminally ill to be given sedatives until death and provide for doctors to remove life support. here's the details. >> the two french mps who drew
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up the law are keen to emphasize the proposals are limited. they will allow doctors to give deep sedation until death to patients in chronic pain. the patients will need to spell out their wishes in a directive that will tie the hands of their doctors. >> these directives will guide the decisions of doctors when it comes to interventions in treatment. they will be binding directives. the things they can contain be fixed by legal decree. >> in belgium and the netherlands, the lagos further. doctors can administer a lethal injection if the patient is in
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unbearable pain, conscious, and able to express a desire to die. in february, belgian extended this right to terminally ill children. switzerland allows assisted suicide as long as the person takes the lethal drug themselves. meeting clinics attracts crinkly ill patients from all over europe. france has one of the continent's strictest anti-euthanasia laws. mps will debate the new proposals in january. >> the funeral of belgiaum's former queen has been held. fabiola was clean from 1960101993. she and her husband oversaw belgium's withdrawal from congo. her death has created a sense of unity in the country that is divided during the flemish speaking north and the
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french-speaking south. climate talks in peru are entering their final day. countries have been discussing what kind of plans they should present in the run-up to a key summit in paris to be held next year. there has been no major progress in the slow-moving negotiations. there is disagreement over who should rein in carbon pollution. >> ban ki-moon al gore, and ministers from around the world traveled to lima to discuss global warming. reaching a deal is no easy task. u.s. secretary of state john kerry said there was no time to waste. >> if we fail, future generations will not and should not forget those who ignore this moment. no matter their reasoning future generations will judge our effort not just as a policy failure, but as a massive collective moral failure of historic consequences.
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>> after two weeks of tough negotiations, the 195 countries taking part still disagree on what kind of pleasures should be adopted on the curbing of greenhouse gas emissions. china, the world's top carbon polluter, refuses to have its pledges reviewed. developing nations want the mention of financial help from rich countries in exchange for reducing emissions. france's environment minister believes a deal will be hard, it requires a consensus. >> there is still work because you have poorer nations who believe the richer ones have used a lot of oil and should help them. the developing nations would like help to develop solar and wind energy. you have nations still burning coal and it is hard for them to change their model. >> the 195 participants will all meet again in paris in a year to sign a pact to limit global warming to 2 degrees celsius.
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failing to agree on a blueprint in lima could reduce the scope of the paris agreement. >> time for a press review. i am joined by florence. hello. we start with papers focusing on the protests in hong kong. returning to normal in certain areas. >> yesterday, police started reopening block areas near the government headquarters. there is a photo on the front page of "the wall street journal." police officers forcefully removing protesters from that area. hong kong pro-democracy protests cleared from the occupied areas. interesting to see how the regional press is reacting. china daily is very factual on their front page. it talks about how the protest camps are cleared up around the hong kong government offices. in its editorial, china daily
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applauds police officers in hong kong for finally clearing the illegal occupy central campaign p a china daily has been opposed to this movement. this spells defeat for the umbrealla revolution. the occupy movement has torn the social fabric apart. a hong kong-based paper, the south china daily post was supporting the movement until it turned violent. in its editorial it agrees that hong kong where scars from oo ccupy that will not heal overnight. it says let's find a way to move forward, especially when it comes to political reform. >> let's head to the u.s. papers around the world reacting to fallout from the senate report on the cia's interrogation methods post-9/11. >> the front page of two british
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newspapers. the independent is reporting about the fact that britain is accused of using evidence obtained by torture from guantanamo. demands on the front page, the guardian -- the man is on the front page. the guardian focusing on the fact that spy agencies in the u.s. allegedly asked the u.s. to hide british links in the report. downing street has announced the reductions were sought on national security grounds. papers are still reacting to this report. a lot of criticism of the u.s. for reportedly using torture. countries with shady human rights pasts have chimed in, including china. a cartoon in china daily. u.s. human rights represented
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through the statue of liberty going through a rough patch. a storm caused by the ferguson protests. pending over a baton to another storm. >> in france, papers looking at a possible change to what is known as end of life care. >> a touchy subject in france. on the front page of the christian paper. very much opposed to euthanasia. why are we talking about it? two mps have written a report on end-of-life care. they're going to deliver the report to the president. they have drafted a bill to amend current legislation. la croix wonders could the french way be in danger? currently, euthanasia is illegal in france. there's also a rule against what they call intensive medication. la croix fears that the current balance could be shaken up by
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the new law. >> is being criticized on several fronts. >> being criticized by those who hope euthanasia would be legalized in france. the bill falls short of that. according to the bill, doctors will be obliged to follow patients' wishes and directions but there will be guidelines about the use of sedation. it is being criticized by those against euthanasia because according to then this is essentially opening the door to disguised euthanasia. you can read about it in la pari sien. >> what do you have for us? >> french papers are focusing on the problem of drinking and driving. too many french people do not choose between drinking and driving, according to la croix. a road safety association with a new report. the results are concerning, 30% of french people admit they have taken the wheel after having too much alcohol.
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half of french people admit that they do not know what the legal limit is. 0.5 grams per liter of blood. about 2 small glasses. important issue to keep in mind as we approach new year's eve. >> definitely. walking us through today's press. thank you for that. time for business. i'm joined by kate. hi. we're going to start in the u.s. lawmakers in the house of representatives managed to barely avoid a government shutdown bypassing a federal spending bill. that is to move forward to the senate. >> coming down to the wire as they pass that late thursday night. the house of representatives approving a $1.1 trillion spending bill that will find most government agencies through next september. that is the end of the current fiscal year. the bill has to be passed by the
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senate where democrats retain a majority until january. the bill has been supported by the obama white house, creating controversy among his party. >> a close call by congress averts a government shutdown. >>. >> the motion is adopted barack obama urged the democrats to support the $1.1 trillion budget. the bill funds the government at the same levels that were negotiated last december and will keep the country running through september 2015. it includes emergency funding requested by the president to fight ebola in west africa and for air strikes the islamic state in iraq and syria. also included, increasing the amount an individual can contribute to a national political party from $32,400 to $324,000. cuts in the budget of the
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environmental protection agency and the u.s. tax agency. measures that would weaken regulations about derivatives trading, and increases in the budget for wall street regulation agencies, including the securities and exchange commission. the bill has left ruffled feathers on both sides. some democrats complained the budget measures are not tough enough on wall street. >> nobody wants to shut down the government. everybody here wants to have an answer. we could have an answer. all the opposite side has to do is stop supporting a bill that would allow the biggest banks in america to rip off the people one more time. >> republicans were unhappy over the lack of curbs on immigration. so the bill only funds the department of homeland security until february, when the new republican-controlled congress will be in power. >> in france, uber bracing itself for a ruling that could
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see it banned from paris. has been outlawed in the netherlands and spain. a tribunal will decide whether the services constitute unfair competition to traditional taxi drivers. economy has been facing questions about safety after a female passenger in india accused one of its contracted drivers of rape. the only bright spot is in announcement by the chinese search engine baidu they are planning to make an investment of $600 million in the app. cooper announced it was worth $40 billion. more money but fewer passengers as the car service runs into roadblocks. a mixed picture in asia, the nikkei leading gains. beijing's industrial production rose by 7.2% in november from a year earlier, less than expected. european markets have been slumping. down 1.5%.
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trading weighed down by the bottomless slide of oil prices. the international energy agency has cut its 2015 demand forecast for the fourth time in five months.
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