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tv   France 24  LINKTV  April 2, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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urt in an attack on a university in kenya. masked al-shabaab gunman stormed the school in garissa this morning and are holding several christians hostage. talks on limiting iran's nuclear program and marathon every time a day and a half past a self-imposed deadline to come up with an outline of the deal. in yemen, troops disembark at a port in aden hours after houthi fighters advanced to the heart of the city.
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it does come as a coalition led by saudi arabia has been targeting the area with airstrikes. also coming up a happy deals for employees at mcdonald's as the chain announces plans to hike salaries in the u.s. is it enough to start a fast food revolution? kate has more in business. from revelation to twitter pariah in a day. the newly named host of the daily show has a bumpy landing into his new job replacing john stuart -- jon stewart. first, our top stories. first to the developing story out of kenya. the death toll in the attack on a university is at at least 15 with 65 hurt.
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mast gunmen stormed the school in the town of garissa near the border of somalia. al-shabaab, the group linked to al qaeda has claimed the attack and is holding a group of christian hostages inside a dormitory. reports say 550 people are unaccounted for on the campus that holds about 800 students. other reports say one person was arrested as he tried to slip through the security cordons and flee. here's duncan with the latest from nairobi. duncan: the latest on official death toll is 14, that is coming from reuters, quoting a policeman who says he has counted 14 bodies, including several police officers. we had been unable to corroborate that with the powers that be in nairobi. we've tried the interior ministry and several spokespeople. get enough of them at the moment.
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only has had so far today is a press statement saying there was an ongoing situation. the interior ministry has said that they have cleared three out of four dormitories and that in militants are holed up in one remaining dormitory. they have not disclosed whether hostages are being held. unofficial sources, sources speaking to local media are saying this is indeed a hostage situation with christians held or christian students held within that remained oratory -- remaining dormitory. genie: duncan out of nairobi. nuclear talks on iran under way in switzerland. diplomats worked through the night trying to come up with an outline on a deal limiting iran 's nuclear program. he talks in lausannae a day and a half after a self-imposed deadline. iran's foreign minister says
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progress has been made. catherine: negotiators arrived to pick up where they left off after evening talks stretched into the early morning. after leaving lausanne thursday, laurent fabius came back again that night saying the talks had entered their final stretch. mr. fabius: we are a few meters away from the finishing line. but we know the last meters are the hardest. there's a lot at stake, the fight against nuclear proliferation and the renovation of iran into the international community. catherine: john kerry took a break from the long and intense negotiations. he's extended his stay, as has his german counterpart. the iranian foreign minister urged negotiators to show flexibility. mr. zarif: i hope our colleagues
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will recognize the fact that this is a unique opportunity and they need to take advantage of it. catherine: discussions over three demands, first, the timescale. the international community want a 10 year deal, iran wants a shorter framework. western powers want to gradually lift sanctions, iran demands an immediate lifting as soon as an agreement is reached. the third sticking point is whether tehran should be allowed to continue research on modernizing centrifuges. the u.s. warrants s a consensus is not reached, the international community would take stronger action. mr. ernest: even tougher sanctions, there's a military operation on the table. catherine: offsides said they hope to find a political solution heavy final deadline june 30. genie: in yemen, the fight for the southern city of aden
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heating up. houthi rebels are pushing their way into the heart of the city, the former stronghold of the president who has thread. the houthis are unofficially backed by iran and aided by military forces loyal to yemen's former leader. a week of airstrikes from a coalition led by saudi arabia. in the latest news we are getting reports that dozens of troops have disembarked at a port in aden hours after the houthi advance. to tell us more i have got doug with us. doug: you basically said everything we know. i am not being facetious. we really know very little. you do not have to be a rocket scientist to make some educated speculation. unknown nationality, suddenly coming ashore in aden. one of the two most strategic cities in the country, along with the capital of sanaa.
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coming hours, yesterday you had the houthis, the shia allied and supposedly iranian backed movement making headway into the center of that city. the saudis have said, leading a coalition of countries trying to take the fight against the houthis. they said they control the waters around aden. if someone is going to wash ashore they would have to get past the saudis. if you take the saudis had their word. we also know that the saudi sorry, the yemeni foreign minister, who is now taking sanctuary in riyadh, along with the internationally recognized president, president hadi. he called yesterday for ground troops. ground troops to intervene in this conflict to the able to restore the president who went to aden before fleeing to saudi arabia to power. the pretext, he said, to avoid
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more civilian casualties from the airstrikes and to enable humanitarian aid to the civilian population. they are the ones taking the direct hits from the saudi-led coalition. they have been hit in the airstrikes. obviously not intentional but the civilians are the ones, dozens of than including children, have begun to take a high toll. the last numbers were 90 or 92 civilians killed in recent days. almost half of them, if not about half of them being children. genie: just to show how complicated and chaotic things are in yemen we heard of a prison break where some 200 al qaeda-linked militants were freed. doug: this is where it starts to get messy, freed by reportedly al qaeda fighters. this was not in aden. this was in another southern port town, mukalla. the prison was their target.
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they initially targeted other buildings, government installations including security buildings. there was a radio station targeted. they were going after a lot of targets but they ended up targeting this present. the fact that you have al qaeda involved just shows how difficult it is to sort this equation out because we are talking about this conflict in broad geopolitical terms as a proxy war between the houthis, who supposedly has iranian backing -- it is unclear how much they are working for themselves and how much they are being helped by iran. and you have the shia side. this is a quest by the saudi-led coalition to check what they see as iran's influence in the region. sunnis versus sheias. there's a fear among the saudi-led coalition of the spread of terrorism. terrorism which could be extremely destabilizing, not just a war and a security threat in yemen but spreading beyond yemen.
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that borders saudi arabia. into saudi arabia and other gulf monarchies. they do not want to see their power threatened. there is the sunni-shiite aspect of this equation. there is also the general fear of terrorism and instability spreading through the region that might jeopardize the monarchy's whole and on power. especially in saudi arabia with the new king. genie: thank you. egypt, gunmen armed with grenades attacked several checkpoints in the sinai peninsula. the death toll has client to 17. 15 soldiers and two civilians. no claim of responsibility so far. militants who support the islamic state group have carried out similar operations in the past. at least 54 have been killed in a russian shipwreck that massive fishing vessel went down in the kamchatka peninsula.
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132 crew and passengers were onboard, 15 are still lost at sea. claire williams has more. claire: emergency workers continue the search operation to find the missing crewmembers and bring those rescued safely to dry land. >> the rescue operation is continuing in the sea where the trawler dalniy vostok sank. 132 people were fishing. claire: the dalniy vostok t rawler took 15 minutes to sink into the waters of the okhotsk s ea. 1000 people have been involved in the rescue operation with more than 26 local boats helping out. investigators say the trawler may have collided with ice. trying to work out if the owners failed to follow safety measures. >> we were looking to the
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availability of lifesaving equipment and into whether an sos signal was sent on time. we will check the crew's qualifications and assess under what circumstances the ship was given permission to leave port. claire: the 104-meter long ship was 26 years old. it left port january 3 and its crew included russian, burmese latvian and ukrainian members. genie: what might be dove a cautionary tale of twitter. on monday, little-known south african comedian trevor noah was named as the man to replace jon stewart as the host of the u.s. daily show, after a social media celebration, word of some of noah's tweets, seen as racist, sexist and anti-somatic came out, -- anti-semetic came out. julia: the daily show's new host
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is facing a firestorm of controversy. >> good evening. julia: trevor noah, a 30 one-year-old south african-born, was pushed into the spotlight after comedy central announced he would replace jon stewart after 16 years at the helm. he has appeared on the show three times on segments about policing of black men in the u.s. jonl: trevor noah. trevor: i never thought i would be more afraid of police in america than south africa. it makes me nostalgic. jon: are you saying black people in south africa today do not get assaulted and killed by police? trevor: they are also being killed by black police -- progress. claire: as journalists investigated the twitter timeline of the comic, they came across a series of jokes considered by some as sexist and anti-semetic.
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tweets srs 2008. >> behind every successful rap billionaire is a successful jewish man. >> to reduce my jokes to tweets is not a reflection of my character. claire: comedy central confirmed it was standing by the host. >> trevor noah pushes boundaries, he is provocative and spares no one. claire: trevor noah's appointment has divided the internet into camps. some are offended, others believe comedians have the right to be tasteless in the name of humor. genie: this is france 24. at least 15 have been killed and close to 65 heart in an attack on a university in kenya. masked gunmen from how shabbat stormed a school in garissa -- masked al-shabaab gunmen stormed
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a school in garissa. talks on limiting iran's nuclear program in overtime a day and a half past a deadline to come up with an outline on a deal. in yemen, troops reportedly disembarked at a port in aden hours after houthi fighters advanced into the city. the nationalities have not been determined. it comes as a coalition led by saudi arabia has been targeting the region with airstrikes. time for a look at the date's business news with kate. let's start with the shakeup in the fast food industry. a tastier payday for employees at mcdonald's. kate: mcdonald's will be raising salaries for 90,000 employees in the u.s. raising them to above minimum wage requirements. labor organizations say the move is not enough and will not help
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the 750 thousand workers who are employed at restaurants that are run by franchises. we explain. >> under the golden arches things are slowly changing. mcdonald's, the world's largest restaurant groups, says it will pay its u.s. staff across 1500 outlets at least next dollar on top of the local minimum wage. it is a move that will take the average salary to around $10 an hour by the end of next year. the increase at mcdonald's comes a month after a new chief executive took over the reins in a bid to boost growth after a two-year decline in sales. we are working with a renewed sense of energy and purpose to turn our business around. we know that a motivated workforce leads to better customer service. the announcement from mcdonald's has already come under fire. the wage increase will not apply to franchise outlets, which make up 90% of its stores. ever the past two years mcdonald's has been the target of a campaign which hopes to set
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the minimum wage at $15 an hour. it argues wages have not increased for decade in proportion to the cost of living. an argument that is finally gaining traction. and february, walmart, the largest private-sector employer in the u.s., said it would boost wages for half a million staff. the most recent changes at mcdonald's will kick in the first of july. the 90,000 employees impacted will be eligible for some days of paid vacation. genie: let's look at the stock markets, how is the day going? kate: in europe is the last day ahead of the easter weekend. not too much movement midway through the session. a mixed picture. investors remain wary about the lack of progress in greece's bailout negotiations. a fresh list submitted this week does not seem to have advanced thanks. keeping and i for a key u.s. jobs report released friday which could provide clues about when the federal reserve might raise interest rates.
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genie: we talked a lot about online music streaming with some big star is launching their own service. the streaming business could start facing more legal scrutiny. kate: seeing signs in europe the european commission examining the deals apple beats is trying to make with record labels and digital music companies and had the launch of the service this summer. according to the "financial times," officials are concerned apple may use its size and influence to unfairly get access to certain artists or even persuade them to abandon rival streaming services like spotify. eu officials are gathering information and they will not launch an antitrust investigation automatically. as more and more players get into the game it is clear they will be facing legal challenges. genie: turning to other business headlines. ukraine has extended an agreement to buy russian gas at $248 per thousand cubic meter. a hard deal struck to heat
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ukraine through the winter expired at the end of march. ukraine's naftogas and rush's gazprom have said they will keep the terms for the next three months. marks and spencer has turned the corner after four years of decline. sales of general merchandise grew 0.7% in first quarter. led by a successful fashion line and more online traffic. sales were up by under 1%. net shares jumped to their highest level in seven years in early morning trading. workers at a shoe factory in vietnam have ended a weeklong strike after the government agreed to their demands on retirement payouts. the country often sees demonstrations overpay or working conditions that peaceful block out at the factory -- peaceful lockout at the factory with a rare challenge to the government labor policy. genie: let's take a look at cuba's blossoming tourist sector.
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starting today, airbnb is going to be operating in cuba. kate: the government is going to encourage residents to open doors to visitors using that website. searches for cuba on airbnb will turn up more than 1000 properties across the island, 40% in havana. if airbnb does take off that could represent the most significant u.s. business expansion since last year's detente between the two countries. there are still a lot of pent false-- pitfalls, about 5% of the population has regular access to the internet. which could make it difficult to advertise. genie: thank you, have a great weekend ahead of the easter break. let's look at the press review. let's look at what the weekly magazines have been saying.
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still lots of emotion in the press in the wake of the germanwings crash 150 people killed in the crash over a week ago. the german magazine is turning the spotlight on the copilot who was thought to have deliberately crashed the plane. flo: andreas lubitz. let's take a look at the front page. they talk about the phrase that translates into "being at the mercy of somebody." one pilot, 149 casualties. last week we saw the german press reporting that he had a history of depression. this week there has been a string of revelations about his past and personality. a man that people close to him thought seemed to be a normal guy. lots of papers reporting about his past. also, french magazines focusing on the seemingly normal copilot. he was reportedly devastated after recently breaking up with
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his girlfriend. he also had as i said a history of depression. treated for suicidal tendencies, this is a detail that emerged this week. another detail is that he purportedly thought he was going blind. all this could have cost him his pilot's license. he was scheduled to take a series of exams to renew his license this coming june. if he had failed, it could have been the end of his dream. tragically, he took matters into his own hands. genie: this week, a french magazine caused a controversy, saying it has footage showing the final moments before the flight crashed. flo: and the german paper also reported this week that they had seen a video taken from a mobile phone that belonged to one of the passengers on the flight. they reportedly saw footage taken in the last moments of the flight from a phone or sin that was found at the crash site.
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the french magazine did not publish the video but did describe what they say was on the video, a chaotic scene where you can hear passengers screaming and crying "my god" in several languages. the magazine says there is banging that can be heard perhaps the incident where the pilot was trying to get back into the cockpit. french police initially said they were not aware of such a video. they cautioned the journalists may have fallen prey to a distasteful april fools' day joke. genie: in france, another big story in politics. flo: french president francois hollande has been doing some damage control in the wake of local elections last weekend that were described as being a real defeat for the socialist party. this right-wing magazine is not a fan of francois hollande. what they are saying is what are we going to do now hollande?
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are we going to take a nap? according to this magazine hollande's plan is in ability. the few reforms he has put in place had drawn criticism from within his own socialist party. according to le point he's not going to do anything at all. genie: france will highlight's nemesis nicholas sarkozy is in the press. flo: a satirical monthly, you can see the drawing of sarkozy. back to business for sarkozy. why does he have pots and pans? this refers to an expression in france, "to drag pots and pans around," it means to be haunted by scandals. this week, doubts over sarkozy's political funding returned to haunt him. he was called in by investigators. trying to figure out whether it was legal for the party to pay the over 500,000 euros in fines
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he incurred for overspending in his failed 2012 reelection campaign. in france it is usually the candidate that has to pay fines. a big scandal that is following sarkozy around. critics say it could cloud his chance for any kind of election bid in 2017. genie: let's move on to a monthly magazine which asks the question many people might be asking. flo: i ask myself this all the time let's take a look -- why should you grow up? what is adulthood after all -- is it a major party pooper full of responsibility, rules and taxes/ or is it finally a time when you can do whatever you want and make your dreams come true. the magazine investigates and comes to this conclusion, no one really grows up 100%. genie: let's wrap up on a light note with the website slate which tells us how to live the best day ever.
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flo: how to have the best day ever. their solution is live like the oldest people on earth. the photo is a woman from japan she died this week at the age of 117. she was the oldest living person known on earth. she did give her secret for longevity. she says it was plenty of sleep and mackerel sushi. slate looks at the secrets for living a long life. they made up an imaginary day out of the secrets. wake up early and stay in bed as long as you like. the rest of the day is interesting. check out slate if you want to read the details. it sums up, get enough sleep
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