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tv   France 24  LINKTV  June 2, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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own after 17 years in the top job. his resignation coming amid a massive corruption scandal. the world has failed to stop the islamic state organization. iraq's prime minister points the finger at the west. 400 people still missing as a ship capsizes in china's yangtze river. just a few people were rescued in a desperate effort to get to those trapped.
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sepp blatter was reelected to a fifth term on friday. his right hand man was linked to an alleged $10 million bribe. let's listen to him making that announcement. sepp blatter: although they gave me the mandate and reelected me president, this is not supported by everyone and the world of football. those who in's ire life and foot
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all, as much as we do, this is why i will call an extraordinary congress and could have disposed of my function. it is going to be held as soon as possible and the new president will be elected to follow me. host: we have more. reporter: football's most powerful man, sepp blatter was just the 12th employee to join in 1975. he quickly rose through the ranks, laying the foundation that would help grow the body into a football powerhouse. he claimed the top spot in 1998 and under his role helped to turn football into a global game
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in a multibillion dollar industry by cultivating loyalties with financial incentives and development plans. his tenure has been marred by allegations of financial mismanagement and corruption and a steady stream of internal and external investigations. sepp blatter: many people hold me responsible i cannot monitor everyone all the time. people will try to do wrong and will try to hide it. this cannot be at the reputation and well-being of our organization. reporter: foot all -- foot all heads had been offered money to
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get behind bladder in 1998. the most controversial moment of his president the, he announced russia and qatar as the host of the 2022. allegations of vote swapping were right. at least half of been accused of corruption related to the process. nine were charged by u.s. prosecutors over alleged kickbacks of more than $150 million dating back over 20 years. host: a separate cases over in brazil. the head of last year's world cup in brazil is accused of corruption. he quit fifa in 2012 but is
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under investigation. reporter: he was president of the local organizing committee. during that time, he is alleged to have moved sums in excess of 150 million euros stop there looking into these transactions because these would clearly be incompatible. the former footballer had secured enough support in brazil's congress for a congressional commission of inquiry and we have had a name
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change. until thursday morning, it was named after the former president. the letters of his name were discreetly removed. host: this is costing a shadow at the world cup that have already happened, the south african tournament in 2010 future tournaments and qatar and russia. how is this having an effect on the brazilian tournament of last year? that was deemed a big success after all was said and done. reporter: it went off at night at an awful lot of money was spent. things the brazilian population
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had been promised were not delivered. a lot seeming as stadiums of dubious validity. that is why the professional inquiry will focus on how the 2014 world cup was organized. isn't just the fifa, it is for those that work brazilian football. it was brazil that pushed it up to 12. i think that there will be a few interesting revelations there was the congressional inquiry looks under a rock. host: thank you very much. well, we were in zurich last week when these the stunning pictures came back to us from the fifa headquarters with the fbi agents running in and bringing people out in sheets and blankets. we now have this shock announcement from set latter today. we know it was a shock because
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when you look at hominid people went from the press conference, there was about 15 journalists. reporter: it really took everyone by surprise. only a few days ago when we were reporting on the scandal, we arrived on wednesday. the day that sepp blatter gave his victory press conference. you had dozens and dozens of journalists from all over the world and they all left once they saw that bladder was going to be the fee for president refused to resign, refused to step down. from football legends, from uefa , europe's football governing body. what is quite unusual is the reason she is putting forward now for his resignation as it changed overnight. they were still valid during the congress. when he talked about are found
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restructuring, the fact that he doesn't feel that he has the support of the football planet, that is the fans, the players, the clubs, that was true to during the congress. deciding now to resign and it is a hit of the ministry about the actual reason. some are speculative because his right hand man has been accused of knowing about a $10 million transfer between the south african world cup committee and jack warner. the president of the north america and caribbean's. this is a big surprise and obviously very few people expected it. one very important reaction. it was a difficult decision, a brave decision, and the right decision. host: what other reactions have there been in the world of football? reporter: one reaction from
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england, clearly there is a smoking gun somewhere. corruption has been rife for years. he was one of bladder's -- blatter's prime opponents. even spoke of a possible boycott of the 2018 boycott -- of the 2018 world cup. one rather amusing tweet. he played everywhere you name it, he was incredible in the 1990 world cup. he has resigned, cannot quite believe it. they always appeared to be such a fine upstanding organization. you can sense the sarcasm. another tweet you is the elgin international who played for
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national city. he is a bit less harsh. he wasn't solely responsible. more have to follow. to achieve transparency. he thinks or needs to be voting reform to get back to real ethics. one last reaction from the president of the french football federation who voted for bladder. he thinks that now, the only person who is capable, who has the talent ahead. the problem being, the president on friday on his press conference said that he wasn't interested in the job, what is he going to do now host: you mention george ally. some say he is a chauvinist. guests: he wants to try his luck again.
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love people said that he was rather inexperienced. that could work against him. he is not going to be the only candidate, obviously false if michelle stars to stand, he has very strong chances, he is usually influential. he is a former football legend a former french international. he won all of the trophies. he has really got the network to do so. you have people who stood at one point in this election before deciding that he stood no chance and he decided not to run ultimately. a portuguese international, when bladder one said, the victory is a defeat for football. no doubt there will be other candidates and we have got quite a lot of time to wait before the
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next congress. according to officials, the next election cannot be held before december. host: blatter is in charge until then. guest: you have 209 football association members from all over the world. you have to organize and you have to book a venue. the congress took place in a huge venue in zurich. it has to take place in zurich. we will have to wait a bit more to know when exactly we have the next congress and who is going to be the next president. host: the world has failed to stop the islamic state group. that is the iraqi prime minister.
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he met with french and american diplomats. the iraqi army is underfunded and under armed and is no match for the jihadist. >> we demand that the coalition brings more support to forces on the ground. the task of the international community to support us and to show solidarity in the fight. this is not only a threat for iraq but the whole world. france and the united states insist the international coalition strategy is having an impact. >> you must know that this is a long-term fight. the efforts as from the first minister indicates that we will be focused especially on the province of al anbar. the iraqi government announces a
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plan together the travel forces with the security of the province around the subjective. this plan has the support of the coalition. host: earlier i spoke to the editor at the world policy journal. he told me the failure of the international strategy is that it is not looking at is what is going on in syria. >> the problem with the conference in paris is that it was focused on iraq and that is like if you want to kill a major terrorist challenge that you will cut off their pinky finger. what you really need to do is to cut off their head and the head of isis is in syria and they are not going after syria right now for a lot of reasons. we are never going to win this battle unless they actually go after that head. as long as it is confined to iraq and by the allies to the air, it is never going to
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happen. host: president obama has made clear he doesn't want to get into conflict in syria for dump is that the way forward? >> it means airstrikes and three but it means someone will have to put boots on the ground inside of syria, there's no question about that. whether it is fellow arab states, jordan, the jordanians the turks, members of nato. it has to be someone that will go in there and get them where it hurts them and we are not hurting them. post: the kurds have managed to them out of the town of co-bonnie. was it an mistaken not to invite the kurds to this conference today? >> this is an important key state. they belong in any kind of international discussion in
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these issues. host: the kurds have not been directly armed, have they? >> no, but they can arm there selves. they have an efficient bureaucracy, it is an efficient government. they can do, given some material assistance and being invited into the party, they can prove to be a major force in that area . they have been basically kept at bay and that is very unfortunate. they need to be violated -- invited into the coalition. host: 400 people are still missing. just 15 people were saved after a frantic effort. five people have been confirmed dead. reporter: racing to pull survivors from the wreckage.
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several people trapped underneath, reportedly knocked back. this woman was one of them. like her, more than 450 people were on board the eastern star. most of them were elderly people. the chinese prime minister is overseeing the rescue operation. he urged the local authorities to mobilize all of their forces. in shanghai, relatives of the missing passengers went to the travel agency demanding an explanation. >> we are waiting for the government to give us some information. there is no one at the travel agency. nobody wants to tell us anything. we don't know what to do. reporter: report -- >> they have to tell us what is going on. reporter: i asked the captain and chief engineers. authorities say the storm could
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cause the boat to sink but why should we believe them? reporter: the chief engineer, the captain have been detained. they said the storm caused the accident. the boat sank within minutes while many passengers were steep. the captain allegedly sent no emergency signals. some managed to go to shore. they are the was that raised the alarm. posts: 13 people have been killed in a suicide bombing in nigeria stop at least 24 people were injured. the attack has been blamed on the islamist group boko rom which is carried out several acts of violence including another suicide bombing at a mosque on saturday. 26 people died in that attack all stop they have released a new video. its first since february.
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in that, they use the logo, the islamic state in west africa for the first time. has been a month of violent unrest against the president's bid for a third term. police fired live rounds and tear gas to break up groups of demonstrators in the capital. >> and has been a return to: here in the capital. what you have been seeing is the increasing trend of the past few days. the process starts early and they are quickly dispersed by police who waste no time in firing tear gas canisters and live rounds over the heads of the majority. although opposition leaders have been calling for supporters of the opposition parties and also those who believe the president shouldn't stand for third term
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in calling the people to keep them coming out onto the streets. protests here are losing the intensity that we have seen over the past four weeks. this could be down to that it is difficult to keep governments going. they don't feel safe out in the moment. we are seeing an increase in not from security and police containing these processes. they are wasting no time arresting people that they feel are perpetuating and in the situation on the streets. they waste no time now in firing tear gas canisters and live rounds, warning shots, trying to disperse the crowds that are there. host: our business editor is here with me in the studio.
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it's aims these negotiations have been going on for years but they are still happening. marcus: we have been asking that question. but deal or no deal between greece and its creditors. there are reports of some progress at least when it comes to moving these ahead. this is at time when greece needs a 7 billion euros lifeline from the rest of the eurozone and the international monetary fund in order to pay its bills. there are reports of some progress. there are reports that the creditors, the eurozone, and the international monetary fund are on the same page. this follows a late night meeting in berlin on monday. french and german leaders met there with the heads of the central bank. the deal was hammered out after a disagreement on how hard to push greece.
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there was disagreements between the imf and the eurozone, or at least that was the impression that they got. this will be presented to greece on wednesday and it outlines the reforms. his announced that it has submitted its own separate proposal. it is now up to the eurozone and the imf to decide what is next, says the president. >> we are not waiting for them to submit a suppose all. it is now clear that the decision that they want to adjust to realism. >> it has to be done sometimes.
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let's move on. it is one of the main focuses in the stock market this tuesday. investors, they seem pretty downbeat during the session with the frankfurt dax losing almost 1% this trading session. as i said, the focus for a much on greece. the ase index down two and a half percent. we also got through news through the inflation rate. this at a time when there has been these fears regarding deflation which is basically negative inflation. there has in these concerns that the eurozone was heading for a deflationary spiral. let's talk you through the united states market. we are looking at the u.s. markets mainly in the red this
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hour with the dow jones industrial average down about 8/10 of 1%. the nasdaq is ever so slightly above that flatlined. we have seen energy shares strengthening stateside as oil prices have an heading higher. that isn't enough to push them much of a that flatlined. let's talk you through some news. hsbc is reportedly planning to announced thousands of job cuts. between 10 and 20,000 positions will be cut as early as next week. hsbc has not commented on the report in public. they have been downsizing cutting as many as 50,000 jobs since 2011 to improve profitability. that has sparked criticism among analysts who say the strategies and working. >> they are playing the same record, they are adopting the same strategy. this will be the fourth year in a row. they have had tens of thousands
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of job cuts. this is repeating the same pattern. this is an answer to their problems. marcus: workers at areva walked off for a strike. union said they call the strike to protest
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rom pacifica, this is democracy now! >> we are raising $100,000, which we think won't be any problem at all for the 29 chapters of the tpp. amy: as the obama administration and other governments are trying to keep the draft text of the transpacific partneship secret wikileaks has just issued a call for a $100,000 bounty for anyone to leak the unseen chapters. we will speak to wikileaks founder julian assange.


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