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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 5, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> this is "france 24." the case containing the wing parts thought to be from the malaysian airlines flight which ,rashed in march of last year detailed investigations in france. we will have an expert on the program shortly. at least 24 people have been killed in india as two passenger trains derailed minutes apart from flooded tracks on a bridge. 300 people have been rescued. more police forces become involved in the case of historic minister by the prime from the 1970's, edward heath's
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arrest. stuart: i am stuart norval with delay -- with today's live from paris. relatives and friends from the 200th or 9 people killed when a malaysian airlines jet disappeared without a trace on march 8 of last year. in the next hour or so in france, the case containing the wing parts found washed up on the french island of lot reunion -- of la reunion. boeing employees and representatives from china, the country that lost the most passengers. for the latest on the investigation, our correspondent. >> a single piece of debris many are hoping will solve the mystery of missing malaysian airlines flight mh 370. the wreckage washed out on the
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shore of reunion -- washed up on reunion island leslie is in the french city of toulouse. will undergo a physical and chemical analysis in an effort to discover how it was damaged. it needs to be determined whether it belonged to mh 370. >> it will be looked at, the serial number, to see if it matches the boeing 777 that disappeared. the paint is also specific climate -- the paint is also specific, like a fingerprint. >> experts say the chances are slim that a single plane part could lead to startling revelations. >> i doubt it will tell us about the circumstances surrounding the crash. what happened, why, and where the plane went down. we need more. right now we only have one
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element, which is small compared to the aircraft size. >> the malaysian delegation arrived in france monday to coordinate the investigation, along with france's civil aviation investigating authority. following an appeal from malaysia, the indian ocean island says it, too, will join the search for debris. stuart: joining me on the program from london is aviation expert julian break. -- julian gray. wing ishing if this part of the missing airline -- is that hard to confirm? julian: i think it is quite difficult because you have to remember that this part has been in the ocean for quite a few months now. a lot of the identifying marks will have been washed away. saltwater is pretty corrosive. so what they are going to have to do is do paint scraping, analysis of that.
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and also they will probably try to sniff for explosives. unfortunately, it has been at sea for a while. the numbers stenciled on the inside are rather crude, and it looked like something boeing would put in there bank. it could well be that this is thatthe bangalore factory made the part on behalf of boeing. we have to find that out this afternoon. assuming it is confirmed that it is from the missing airline, what other information is it likely to give? julian: i take slight issue because when you look at the piece so far, and it all depends on the examination this afternoon -- remember, it is in front of a french magistrate because there were some french fatalities amongst the passengers there. so they will all be watching it and going very slowly. there will be no rush in this
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because they have to be very thorough. there is an international audience watching this. as soon as they can determine it is from this particular 777, we will see new developments because it will be a fairly simple matter to backtrack to see where this part actually came from -- backtrack, the ocean flows. it might open up a whole new area of search for this missing aircraft. stuart: do you think we will ever find the aircraft? julian: as long as we search for it, the chances are there. it is like the lottery -- if you do not save the ticket, you will not win. is important to the families and relatives to find out what happened to their loved ones. aviation world would like to know exactly what happened to the aircraft and
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whether it is a mechanical error, a technical error, or a pilot error. we will find that out. if any other fragments are found on la lot reunion or anywhere else, that is important as well. that you mightt have known about it does not matter. if you think you know something, please tell the authorities. it is another piece in the jigsaw. it is so important. once the tests are done, they can quickly establish whether it is from the aircraft. for example, over the weekend, some metal washed up onto some they of la reunion, and determined it was part of a chinese latter -- a chinese ladder.
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julian bragg, thank you for joining us from london. at least 24 people have been killed in india as two passenger trains derailed minutes apart on flooded tracks on a bridge. more than 300 people have been rescued. the kamayani express was on its way to mumbai when it came off the tracks, while the janata express was traveling in the operative direction and derailed soon after -- in the opposite direction and derailed soon after. >> midnight horror on the small bridge in harda in india. two trains derailed within minutes of each other. six carriers of the kamayani express traveling to mumbai veered off the track. moments later, for carriers and the -- four carriers and the engine of the janata express derailed. indian authorities blame months
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of rains for the accident. >> it caved in because of the heavy rains and the soft soil. so it led to the derailment. >> rescuers battle that weather and the darkness to save passengers trapped in the overflowing river below. most of them have now been rescued, and an inquiry is under way. india has one of the world's largest railway networks, with 23 million people using the train each day. but accidents are common, and authorities have been accused of neglect and poor maintenance. the primeis year, minister announced the $137 billion overhaul of the country's railway system over the next five years. heavy monsoon rains have killed more than 200 people last weekia in the alone. rivers and fields have flooded, forcing tens of thousands to take shelter in state run relief
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camps. much of the south and the whole of southeast asia has been hit as well. in burma, the death toll there has risen to 69 with tens of thousands of people stranded in mountainous western border regions. homes, roads, and bridges were swept away after weeks of torrential rain. china and japan are already donating relief supplies. britishorces in the region say they are examining childations of hysterical sexual abuse against former prime minister edward he's. he was prime minister -- edward heath. he was premised minister 10 years before margaret thatcher. he died in 2005 at the age of 89. here is our correspondent. >> five british police forces are investigating former prime
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minister heath. he is accused of raping a 12-year-old boy in 1961. a labour mp who has campaigned on sexual abuse by parliamentarians says it is something many long suspected. not surprised that an investigation has taken place. i have been studying this child sex abuse for three or four years now, and there are rumors circulating in relation to him during all of that time. >> the rumors have been circulating since the 1980's when complaints were made to police that were allegedly covered up. and what knowledge was ,here within wiltshire police if this trial was stopped, why it was stopped? the more important thing today , i would ask witnesses to
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come forward. >> ted heath, a bachelor his whole life, was prime minister 1970 to970's, from 1974. a charitable foundation in his name has protested his innocence. >> we largely believe that this will clear sir edward's name, and we will do everything we can to cooperate with the inquiry. >> the investigations, after numerous allegations of sexual abuse by british figures from the 1960's until the 1980's, which have resulted in convictions. stuart: germany's justice minister has fired the country question prosecutor in an escalating rail. the firing was sparked by a treason case, revealing state
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secrets. the minister saying he had lost confidence in the prosecutor. he just hours earlier accused him of interfering in the judicial process. >> it cost germany's federal prosecutor his job. the company's justice minister announced he would be put out to pasture for opening a treason investigation. chiefave informed the federal prosecutor that my trust in his administration of the office is greatly disturbed, and thus an agreement with the federal chandlery, i will therefore asked today the german president defend him into retirement. onthe news had reported germany's spy agency plans to expand surveillance of online communication. for the prosecutor, that may have amounted to treason. speaking at a protest rally in berlin last weekend, journalists from the website said the
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accusations were groundless. accusations are particularly absurd because it is a matter of the secret .ervice spying without edward snowden, we would not know what the secret service were doing with our tax money. we need protection law instead of terminal secretion. >> it is the first treason investigation in germany since 1962 when a magazine was investigated in a case that brought down the justice minister. still, chancellor angela merkel has previously offered banking -- has previously offered backing to him. stressed thats it would protect that chris -- provide protection. anart: it is worth estimated 25 million euros, painted back in 1906, and most
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important, by picasso. the head of a young woman has french customs officials over concerns it could be be permanently removed from spain. offices received the request for authorization to exported to switzerland. here is our correspondent. >> a painting worth 25 million euros, this piece is the head of the young woman, a costume masterpiece from 1906. it is estimated to be a national treasure in spain, even though it is part of a private collection. but it cannot leave the country. boat, confiscated from a more in important. d in a port. customs officials found the painting's papers were not in order. the painting cost owner
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attempted to export it three years ago, but it was declared un-exportable on the grounds that was a cultural interest. >> a national treasure cannot be exported freely, and authorizations are required for it to leave spain. >> spain is not the only country to have these rules in place. in france, a few hundred paintings will not leave the country without authorization, no matter who the owner. it applies to all paintings over 50 years old, valued over 150,000 euros. stuart: intriguing to see what will happen to it next. the case containing the wing plane that crashed last year will probably be open in the next hour or so. a detailed investigation is set to begin. at least 24 people have been killed in india as two passenger trains derailed, minutes apart from a track on a bridge. more than 300 people have been rescued. more police forces have been
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involved as the investigation of historic sex abuse by britain's former prime minister from the 1970's, edward heath. time for business on the program. stephen is joining us on the set. you are starting with two french banks today. stephen: that is right. is the threethere months between april and june that are the best of time. they had a first quarter in in007, -- their best quarter 2007. -- their best quarter since 2007. retail banking in france is picking up by 4%. russia remains a concern for societe generale. they lost some 45 million euros by their subsidiary, roz bank. how they will use the extra
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profit to create a buffer against any future crisis. they have also announced a new cost-cutting plan. that might have an impact on jobs, we do not know those details yet. great for society general. some of the having quite such a good time. stephen: not quite the worst of times for them, results in the same period. we are good with the prophets, we are up. but there are details in the investors, not for the plan. they are trying to -- credit agricole is trying to simplify plans. to liftd regulators certain restrictions. in worried investors who saw their shares fall by 10% in trading yesterday. the bank is still having a pretty bad week in the markets.
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we see greek banks getting another drubbing in training -- in trading today. nearly hitting the 30% maximum limit, which is all they can have in one day. not quite a bad day. we can see it stabilized as the week goes on. generally, europe trading is up-to-date. carmakers are doing well, too. the chinese market ran up by over 3% in paris. stuart: the competition between port cities has become a big destination for cruise ships. stephen: cruises are getting more and more popular. cruise ships are a boon for a local economy, and there is plenty of competition to ensure that the stops are made in the right places.
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that is a rush to accommodate the bulky boats and their passengers. >> no longer a luxury reserved ships and more passengers -- the cruiseship market is booming, now worth 40 billion euros. european ports cities are keen to cash in. vesseldating the huge for 20 years. games,he olympic barcelona ports posted 16 cruise ships, and that allowed us to get to know the needs of cruiseship companies and to evolve with the industry. weather for the sites or the shops, some 2.5 million passengers sailed in last year, spending 300 million euros. the port receives more in fees. here the average passenger brings in 13 euros compared to
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just three from reports. tocash in, it is striving drive a reputation for expanded --t staff and expand workers currently too small for ships like this one to pass through. >> there is not much space, as you can see. the ship is having to turn around, so we have to widen the space. is now one of the top five european ports. stephen: profits at the bank standard chartered were cut in half in the first half of the year. lenders were hurt by a dramatic increase in the number of bad lines -- of bad loans. earnings atfits got 15% inie studio up by
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the three months since its new "avengers" film. "star wars" continues to boost sales. stuart: this next story is a --am come true for center in for some. stephen: it is a model made by lexis, the hover board. basically, it uses superconductors and magnets to float itself off the ground, and it took 18 months to develop this model. unfortunately for "back to the future" fans, it will only work in a session that needs to find parts. it is also not for sale. apparently, it is actually quite difficult.
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stuart: i am not surprised. i am on one now. stephen: are you? stuart: i am. stephen carroll with business on "france 24." it is time for today's "press review." it.e lupton is here with we will begin in southeast asia with this press review. jim thome it is on the front pages of the music in that country. if we look at the myanmar times, onries on the front page -- that front page, it says ministry seeks foreign aid. right in the center, underneath, it says "mission by the ministry of foreign affairs, that the country's emergency response to the floods has been weak." inside the paper, "the times" spotlights the political consequences of the flooding.
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the electrical -- the election commission will give in provisional candidates because they have not had time to complete the finalists. we have in part shut down because of the slump. it will be critical. stuart: how is that playing out in the rest of burma? myanmar,e new light of published by the ministry of information -- there you say they have a story on the front page. they mentioned not one word about the government weakness for their admission of weakness. inside they have a lovely little story which gives us a ray of light in an otherwise depressing story, that one central region, pie, where a former sailor built a boat that you can see here,
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out of 500 empty water bottles. stuart: that is impressive. belle: he is using it to ferry food and supplies to people trapped by the floods. france's migrant crisis continues to fold the pages. this time it is not calle, it is paris. belle: over the last week or so, we have gotten used to seeing pictures in the papers of migrants trying to leave via via calais. more than 300 migrants have been squatting for the last five days in an empty school in the northeast of paris. the majority in this, from afghanistan and sudan, and the city council has decided not to forcibly expel whatever they have done in other areas. the opposition is outraged by this.
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says ratheran mep than reducing the immigration, the socialists are sending a signal that will become a call to other potential illegal migrants. to come in the hope of accommodation. local charities do not agree. they have been being clothing and food to the migrants to help them. stuart: what about the press? how are they treating the story unsurprisingly, they accused of having no policy or -- they would suggest that provisional lodging is improved, as she has done, but that raises the specter of the migrants center in calais. but le monde praises the policy of one of dialogue. "paris chooses dialogue on migrants."
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these migrants have risked their lives to get here from especially paris. the policy of dialogue means trying to count the migrants for taking a census of them, lodging them in -- lodging them so that they can fulfill various administrativecccccccccccccccccñ
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