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tv   France 24  LINKTV  December 4, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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host: good evening. investigators in the united states are trying to establish what motivated a husband and wife duo to carry out a deadly shooting rage in california. 14 people lost their lives in the attack in san bernardino, about 100 kilometers east of los angeles. the scene there as the media went into the couple's home. camera crews scrambled to film the premises. investigators in san bernardino gave a press conference a short while ago. one of the investigators described the attack as an act of terror.
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based on the, information and the facts as we we are now investigating these horrific acts as an act of terrorism. we have uncovered evidence that has led us to learn of extensive planning. we have uncovered evidence of explosives, multiple armament. a member of the fbi speaking. the u.s. says the couple could have been planning to carry out a much more elaborate attack based on the weapons they have identified. let's get more from yes mina from reuters. she joins us now from san bernardino. bring us up to speed, if you will. what is the latest you're hearing on the investigation. reporter: what we know is that the wife had pledged allegiance to isis, perhaps on facebook, and that account has since been
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taken down. we are still looking for more details, but based on what we know and what the investigators have released, they had a salt rounds of ammunition in their home. ssault rounds of ammunition in their home. i have spoken to several people at the mosque who knew syed rizwan faroo, the husband. they said he was extremely quiet. online. he wanted to be married at the riverside mosque he attended twice a day. the director of the mosque said he had asked for his blessing to marry this woman and he went to saudi arabia, married her in mecca, and then came back here and celebrated our wedding
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reception with his wife at this mosque in riverside. all we know right they have left behind a six-month baby. a very larges muslim community in that region of the united states. clearly, they must be worried now that this shooting is going to stoke tensions in the area. one mosque went to went tod rizwan farook couple of times a week during his lunch break in san bernardino. fridayve police guarding prayers today, which is their most popular prayer time. everywhere muslims condemn it and say they are trying to band together and unite in the face of this. they are all very distressed by what happened. no one saw any signs of radicalization or ideology, or they say they would have tried to stop it.
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for bringing us up to speed. thank you very much indeed for speaking to france 24. cross to rick nelson, a homegrown terrorism expert and national security council member during the bush administration. for speaking to us. we have heard suggestions that this husband and wife duo could have had it links to islamic state. does that sound credible to you or do you think they were simply inspired by the jihadist organization? rick: it could be credible, but it is more likely they were inspired. the way isis is using social media, they are able to reach into communities and get individuals to conduct these acts of violence, sometimes without ever having met a member of isis. it is more likely it was inspired, rather than direct
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coordination with a terrorist group. for my major worry enforcement in the united states. if individuals are being inspired -- law enforcement in the united states. if individuals are being inspired by terrorist groups a world away. rick: it is extremely troubling. we respect free speech. we respect privacy. you don't know when someone is going to cross the line from being engaged in rhetoric or violent talk to actually committing a violent act. it is almost impossible for law enforcement to determine when that is going to happen. they certainly don't have the resources, nor do we want to in the united states, to be overly whohing every individual might be espousing rhetoric on a social media site. it is troubling for law enforcement in the united states. host: and of course they are
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always trying to stay ahead of the game, if you will, and when it comes to technology, monitoring people who are, simply, very numerous, spread out across the country, and, as we are saying, impossible to pinpoint in a traditional way. rick: the media has always been an important tool of terrorist groups. social media even more so in today's environment. no group has ever utilized social media as effectively as isis has. to recruitle globally, inspire individuals globally, get individuals to join their cause or attack. withoutf of their cause ever having come in contact, many times, with these individuals. it is going to be incredibly difficult for the united states and our friends and allies to identify individuals in advance of these attacks and to take action once they are identified. host: thank you for sharing that
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with us. homegrown terrorism expert rick nelson. thank you for speaking to france 24. three weeks have passed since the paris terror attacks in which 130 people were killed. in the aftermath, francois hollande declared war on the islamic state organization. today, he paid a visit to an aircraft carrier that is of central importance to the campaign. it is positioned off the coast of syria and is going to be used in the fight against jihadists. although germany is not going to be conducting airstrikes itself, the house in berlin voted overwhelmingly in favor of joining the campaign in syria. sendingis reconnaissance jets and military personnel to the region. to join thes set international campaign against the islamic state group. after lawmakers approved a plan to provide military and logistical support.
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of the 598 mps who took part in the vote, 445 voted for, 146 against, and seven abstained. the decision means that germany will deploy up to 1200 soldiers, six reconnaissance jets, refueling aircraft, and a frigate. german jets will not carry out airstrikes against jihadi positions. the move is seen as a sign of solidarity with friends -- france after the attacks in paris three weeks ago. in the's involvement conflict is highly controversial. the opposition party deemed it an irresponsible mission. >> three weeks ago, 130 people were killed in a barbaric act of terrorism, and now you say we should combat the islamic state group and bomb innocent people, women, children, in syria this is pure madness.
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reporter: 800 protesters took to the streets in berlin on thursday evening to reject the move. find it outrageous. germany is going to war again. is against the majority opinion here. agreed to sendny 600 soldiers to mali last week. the country's biggest foreign so far has been in afghanistan in 2002. host: two new suspects are thought to have been involved in the result at three weeks ago. they were traveling by car with the main fugitives, salah abdeslam. they are using the names samir bouzid soufiane kayal and soufiane kayal on --samir bouzid and soufiane kayal on documents
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while they travel. the french foreign minister unveiled a new campaign on how best to react in the event of a terror attack such as the one last month. when terror strikes, the french government will soon be putting up this poster in public spaces throughout the country. it is aimed at ensuring safety in the event of an attack like the one on november 18. first, run away if possible. help others in the process. hyde, preferably behind a wall and away from open spaces. then phone for help. french passersby are not all impressed. it looks good, but can you behave this way when you are panicking? still, i would so you learn something, at least. clear. not very
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there are too many pictures. reporter: the french prime minister underlined the importance of the public service campaign. is faced with a threat, a lasting threat. we must and will learn to live with it. , it is normal to create a culture of safety to learn the right behavior to adopt. that is why we have launched this campaign. >> a safety campaign 20 years ago after eight bomb attacks killed eight people and wounded hundreds more was launched in the paris subway system. passengers were advised to keep their bags with them at all times. now a new threat calls for new measures. makeshift shrines have been created at the sites of the tribute to the victims. one of the venues that came reopenedack has today
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its doors. it is a corner cafe in paris. the owners said it is time to move on. we have this report. can see behindu me, people continue to bring flowers and light candles to pay to review to the victims. among the many bars and restaurants that were hit by the bloody attacks on november 13, reopen, is the first to a very symbolic decision. righteople died here behind me. we asked customers why was so important to them to come here today, and here is what they told us. they open and we show that we can keep living. -- >> they open and we show that we can keep living. >> i have been here before and i used to come here a lot.
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i heard about it reopening, so i came here to support them out of solidarity. especially when there are young people who died all around paris. you cannot stay at home. you have to go out. life goes on. >> only 20 meters away, this restaurant is still closed. it was also hit by an attack on november 13, and five people also died here. a healing process is underway in this very lively, very central neighborhood of paris, but it's going to take time. we are just a few minutes away bataclan, where the worst attacks took place. this place will reopen only at the end of next year. host: at least 16 people have at akilled in a blaze nightclub in cairo which began on the early hours of friday
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morning. officials say the club was engulfed in flames after molotov cocktails were thrown at the establishment, which only had one fire exit. saying that a now massive manhunt is underway to track down those responsible. for a fifth day, negotiators from 195 countries have been gathered in the northern suburbs of paris for a climate summit. the mayors of cities from across the globe have been holding comparing ways to make construction, transport, and waste management more environmentally friendly. kathy clifford tells us more. against leaders united climate change. they gather in paris to share experiences and to encourage each other to be more green. >> the cities are where you can get things done, have big
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reductions in co2. paris and many other cities can do that with technological change, investing in the right infrastructure, the right insulation. reporter: a around half of the world's population lives in cities, that will be two out of three of us in 2050. urban areas are responsible for 70% of greenhouse gas emissions. ideas to tackle climate change range from using electric buses to requiring more efficient buildings. some cities are more ambitious than others. >> we have a really tough target to be fossil fuel free by 2014 -- 2040. we are building new houses, new homes, to be sure to reach that goal. we are looking at our transportation system and our public transportation system. reporter: mayors from developing
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countries say they are already struggling to achieve their development goals. more financial aid from rich countries. they are the biggest looters. reporter: mayors from around the collectivelyo have may 2 thousand climate initiatives since 2009. -- collectively made 2000 climate initiatives since 2009. host: artists and activists have come together around the key issue of climate change. one of those artists is patti smith. here is what she had to say. patti smith: this is a global concern. we have to unite globally. i know that sounds all true is to end all of that, but it's also a simple truth. numbers.he we have to use them. we have to be the individual and collective thorns in the sides of these corporations, these
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governments, poke them, poke them, poke them, poke them, leeping] bleed. of ouret's get a recap top stories. an act of terror. that is how investigators describe a deadly shooting carried out by a husband and wife duo on wednesday. francois hollande visit is the aircraft carrier being used to launch a campaign against islamic state in the waters of syria. and back in business, one of the paris of venues that came under attack on november 13, where five people were killed, today is reopened. time for business news. markus karlsson joins me in studio. oil prices appear to have fallen
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following the opec meeting in vienna. tell us more. markus: that meeting has been the focus of energy markets this friday. the 12 member cartel got together in the austrian capital. the question has been whether the cartel would take action to boost oil prices at a time when they were near six-year lows. the upshot is that opec decided against cutting production in order to lift prices. there are signs of division within the organization. nigeria's president says there -- opec's nigerian president says there could be another meeting before june. >> opec is staying put. the cartel has failed to agree on a production cut but will keep pumping at current levels. this outcome is supported by saudi arabia. to maintain market share even at the cost of low prices. goes against calls from
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smaller members to cut production and boost prices. maker isy decision saudi arabia has decided they want to preserve their market share. it is better for them in the members, and other opec have to follow suit. >> other countries are not showing any willingness to curb supply. iran is gearing up for its return on international markets after years of western sanctions. of finding an agreement among opec, a production cut would also require the collaboration of non-opec producers like russia. while contact has been made, they are still far from an agreement. >> we need to get non-opec members to join us. >> opec's next meeting is due for june 2.
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another conference could be held before then if prices continue to slide. the u.s. economy shows steady signs of recovery. fresh figures show it added of,000 jobs during the month november and the unemployment rate held steady at the lowest level in seven and a half years in the united states. it seems to clear the way for an american interest rate hike. the federal reserve had signaled it would raise rates once the economy is back on solid ground. the 211,000 jobs added in november was more than expected. it is the second month in a row it tops 200,000. the economy seems to be driven higher by higher consumer spending even as low oil prices squeeze american energy countries -- companies. the u.s. jobs report has been
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moving markets, and so has this story. the head of the european central bank says the european bank is ready to do more to support the eurozone economy and boost inflation. mario draghi was speaking just freshy after aligning measures for the eurozone, but those measures fell short of expectations. some critics have also said the ecb is not taking strong enough action. let's take a look at the stock markets on the back of that. in the united states, we are seeing markets in positive territory with all three main indices above are higher than 2% at this hour. in the wake of the very strong jobs numbers. comments from mario draghi are helping u.s. stocks. europe, a different picture at the end of the trading day and the trading week.
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investors still showing signs of disappointment after the ecb came out with fresh stimulus measures on thursday. energy stocks were among the laggards in europe on reports of opec keeping production rates steady. frankfurt had a similar performance. the london ftse took a little more of a hit. going to switch gears now. will new technologies help to battle climate change? here in paris, multinational companies have been showcasing some of their latest projects to cut greenhouse gas omissions. the event took place during the u.n. climate summit, which is also taking place in paris, but it was interrupted by protesters who accuse some of being criminals.
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>> hundred seven by her mentally friendly projects are exhibited here in the heart -- hundreds of friendlyntally projects are exhibited here in the heart of paris. giant curvedt this screen. it is made of bamboo sticks and plastic bottles that have been recycled. low carbon screens are already being used in taiwan. they can also be used in concert halls and at cinemas. inventedh have superfast vehicles like this one. this prototype can apparently drive the length of two football stadiums in just one second. it is petrol free and 100% can drive around 500 kilometers per hour. major companies like coca-cola all say they are doing their best to respect the planet, but
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just an hour after the doors opened, opponents stormed in, accusing them of lying. >> nomura fracking. stop killing our babies. quick chat this: mine down. it is the dirtiest in -- >> shot this coal mine down. it is the dirtiest in the world. the people in my community are suffering consequences because of their greed. >> you cannot suddenly decide to stop coal production when hundreds of thousands of people use that source of energy without providing them with an alternative. solutions,false while the road to a green economy remains bumpy. in the meantime, each of us can change our habits to respect the planet, by driving green, for
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example. markus: let's bring you up-to-date with some other stories we have been following for you. china has pledged to pump another 60 billion dollars into development projects across africa. the pledge came at the beginning of a two-day conference with regional leaders in south africa that included the presidents of south africa, zimbabwe, and kenya. the president of china says his country will step up manufacturing imports and railways. more on that in about 20 minutes or so. by nearly sales fell 20% in the u.k. market last month. other brands in the volkswagen group also lost ground compared to november of last year. has joined seven other countries in banning imports of goose foie gras, or
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liver. this comes after an outbreak of bird flu. japan is arguably the hardest hit.
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