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tv   France 24  LINKTV  December 15, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PST

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welcome to live from paris. i'm annette young. let's take a look at what's making headlines this hour. bridging the gap, john kerry in moscow, seeking to find common ground with russia over ways to end the syrian conflict. cease-fire inday yemen. the truth coinciding with you and brokered peace talks currently underway. the eu turns on a controversial
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proposal for a new agency that would have the power to intervene, even when the host country does not consent. also coming up in this hour, the star wars film premieres in los angeles. we will be telling you how the force has awoken a moneymaking machine. all the details in a business update, just 15 minutes from now. ♪ we begin in moscow, where the u.n. secretary of state is holding talks for the russian leadership. they are attending to bridge gaps giving -- given differing views on the syrian conflict. washington once bashar al-assad to step down, while moscow
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insists that his fate should be decided by the syrian people. what they a look at had to say above talks. secretary kerry: they have good ideas about how we can coordinate. i look forward this morning to being able to make real progress. i think the world benefits when powerful nations with a long history with each other have the ability to find a common ground. today i hope we can find some common ground. annette: we hope to be talking to our moscow correspondent at some point in the bulletin.
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a seven-day cease-fire has come into effect in yemen. the move coincides with you and brokered peace talks in switzerland. they have moved to arrive to respond to any breach where 6000 people have been killed so far, half of them civilians. we have the report. >> back in march, saudi arabia began bombing yemen. with an international coalition, following the support of the u.n. and the u.k., the goal was to reinstate the president, who had been forced into exile by fighters. these rebels from the north of the country had been advancing and capture the capital. over the past nine months the airstrikes made military gains. the bombings with the help of coalition ground troops have captured five provinces. the president has also returned to yemen. but the war continues.
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according to the u.n., nearly sinceemenis have died march. >> we are suffering on multiple fronts. ongoing airstrikes, heavy fighting, and on top of that restrictions on the movement of conservatives. >> along with the humanitarian crisis the war has major pitting implications, saudi arabia against its archrival, which has been supporting the who see. husi.i. -- >> it feels like a ghost town. no one can provide relief. >> the final element is further comput kidding the conflict. with allies focused on defeating them, the six-year security vacuum has created an opportunity is for like al qaeda in the arabian peninsula.
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to find new recruits and carry out attacks. annette: back to the top story of john kerry meeting with vladimir putin. let's talk now to our correspondent. thomas, these meetings tonight with president putin, they are crucial, aren't they? as both parties attempt to narrow their decisions? >> absolutely crucial. yes, that's right. we've only heard a couple of words spoken before the meeting began. then there were the negotiations behind closed doors. ,e heard from sergei lavrov who said that the focus of the but that other, things should be focused on as well. he spent a little bit of time talking about the islamic state, saying that their influence is growing in afghanistan and yemen and that that needs to be looked at two. his counterpart, secretary of
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state john kerry, agreed on the .mportance he'd knowledge russia's role of significance in contributing to this route along the syria path thehat he hopes is in case world benefits with powerful countries finding common ground and he hopes that common ground can be found today. of course, this is a step in a long road to what was hoped to be a post-conflict syria. the reason this meeting has been called today is because there will be another meeting expected on friday. there are a number of significant stumbling blocks between these two major players, the u.s. and russia, that need to be ironed out, apparently. annette: the biggest stumbling block, of course, is what to do with president assad. >> well, that's absolutely right. we have been speaking about this
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for a long time because that is the crux of the issue here. for its part russia says that only the syrian people have the right to say whether bashar al-assad should stay or go. the u.s. has long said that there is no role for bashar post-conflict syria. to make matters more complicated, there was a meeting between over 100 groups last week. they said they came to an agreement that said that he agreed with the u.s. position, that it cannot be part of a post-conflict syria. of course, that puts another stumbling block in the way of these negotiations. so, what we've got here is what happened to a sod. that's crucial. -- assad. that's crucial. annette: thomas, reporting from moscow, thank you. moving on, saudi arabia has announced 34 nations that have
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agreed to form a new islamic military alliance to fight terrorism. the alliance has joined operations centers based in riyadh. has nationsition like pakistan, turkey, egypt, libya, and molly. -- mali. >> there will be a support in fighting terrorism in many parts of the islamic world. today there are a number of countries focusing on terrorism. iraq,ample, syria and li,ai, yemen, libya, ma liberia, pakistan. without a doubt there will be court nation in these efforts. annette: i am joined now by a saudi specialist based in dubai. theodore, what do we know about this coalition?
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is it going to include ground troops? i think we seem to be having technical problems with our guest. let's see if we can get back to him a little bit later in the bulletin. news coming in in the last hour or so, 29 euro man linked to the november 13 attacks in the french capital has been arrested in the paris region. french media outlets are quoting a judicial source who said that he was headed to syria. 130 people were killed when terrorists linked to the group detected a number of targets -- attacked a number of targets in paris. we will bring you more details as they come to head. is puttingthe eu forward a controversial proposal. power to intervene, even when the host country does not consent.
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aimed at slowing the record flow of nearly one million refugees and migrants to europe this year. we have the report. >> the scale of the influx is daunting. one .2 million people in the eu, illegally in the first 10 months of this year. four times more than last year. subtextants to scrap for border protection and replace it with a more powerful force. under the commission's proposal the new agency will have new morenent staff, double or the front deck's budget, which this year stood at 140 million euros. in addition around 1600 national border police will be placed on standby. controversially they are expecting ties to be deployed without their consent.
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to protect external borders. the current crisis has exposed context limits. france and germany have been pushing for a new, more powerful border resource. perpetratorsof the on the greek islands were found hiding among the migrants. to accept theck proposal. >> we welcome the establishment of the european coast guard, as well as the greek forces were contributing. they only speak about the one man who passed through, not the rest who were born and raised in france and belgium. >> some, like poland, don't want to see brussels without invitations to member states,
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saying that it threatens national sovereignty. >> back to the story that the saudi's have announced, 34 form a neweed to islamic military alliance to fight terrorism. i'm joined now by theodore, a saudi specialist based in dubai. as i was asking you earlier, what do we know about this coalition? is it going to include ground troops? >> right now we just know that the coalition has been announced and it looks like it is being built upon the saudi led coalition that has been fighting and yemen. we also know that the intention is to fight extremism throughout the region. it would also include africa as well. it seems that the sunni led coalition is primarily targeting the islamic state and al qaeda. so, the announcement is significant in that we are going
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to see more activity by this group in the coming year based on the lessons learned from yemen. this is all happening as a cease-fire is occurring in yemen. are these two events actually linked? >> i think that this event is linked to more than just what's happening with the yemen negotiations. this event is occurring also in the aftermath of the rome how to deal with the libyan situation and the islamic state activity there. also it has to deal with the there are ongoing negotiations regarding the future of syria. the timing of this announcement is quite critical. annette: thank you very much.
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the force has arrived, hollywood rolled out the red carpet for the premiere of "star wars: the force awakens." >> excitement is at fever pitch in hollywood for the world premiere of "star wars: the force awakens." the latest chapter in the science-fiction epic franchise. fans camped out for weeks to klimt -- clampdown on their own invite. >> i feel like willy wonka's factory tour just began. we have the original cast, mark hamill, peter mayhew, anthony daniels. it's like the star wars that we all grew up with his back on top and people are very excited about that. >> the characters of han solo, princess leia, and luke
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skywalker return for the newest installment of the george lucas trilogy, picking up 30 years after the events of the 1983 "return of the jedi." a host of fresh faces joins with the cast as they grapple with the conflicts that haunt them. the chinese theater is the same cinema where the original star wars opened in 1977. the walt disney company has placed an embargo on reviews of the movie until wednesday, while the film opens in cinemas across america on thursday night. annette: a reminder of what's making headlines at this hour, bridging the gaps, john kerry is in moscow seeking to find common ground with moscow over ways to end the syrian conflict. a seven-day cease-fire coming in in yemen, the truth coinciding with u.n. brokered peace talks currently underway in switzerland. the eu has put forth
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controversial proposals for new border and coast guard agents that will have the power to intervene, even when the country does not consent. and now we have today's business nate -- business news. quite so going to start with a bit of news about "star wars." let's look at the expectations for the film. not only skyhigh from critics, but also those hoping to make money out of it. it is expected that between box rights, its, and tv it could rake in over $10 billion. >> light sabers and storm trooper costumes. dressede not just fancy options. expected to bring in $5 billion, more than twice the anticipated
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box office revenue. in line with the previous six episodes. disney has profited, buying lucasfilm in 2012 for $4 billion. four months after products at the shelves, the demand for memorabilia does not seem to be a thing. >> it's the second film he actually went to and saw. then they started making these toys. close toe together christmas. >> many are feeling the force of the star wars publicity machine. like chrysler and duracell, buying into the advertisements. even the french postal service has succumbed to from star wars fever. -- two star wars fever.
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them millions in advertising. >> we are back in two are some 20 parcel delivery companies who have been find 670 million euros over accusations of price-fixing. they say the firm colluded on how much to charge customers for six years between 2004 and 2010. owned by dhl express in france, 196 million euros went to the french national company. to argentina and the first major economic reforms from the new president. he has scrapped export taxes on a range of agricultural products , including meat, corn, and we. big news for major agricultural producers and because of the
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major source of income for the government. the country needs to change from being the bread basket of the world to the supermarket of the world. thosee we have to reward who encourage the challenge of exportation, investment. there won't be any more taxes on industrial exports in argentina, because it's not appropriate. next let's take a look at what's happening on the markets with the price of oil, which to seven year lows earlier in trading. just over $38 per barrel on the brent crude index. the price was still 40% lower than it was at this time last year. european shares trading up at this midpoint of the trading day , moving from yesterday as you can see on the european indexes. one exception, aviva.
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shares are down after they called off merger talks with schneider electric. more business headlines for you now, airbus says they are on the .erge of selecting a buyer companies hoping to seal the deal by the end of the month .ave now got three things executive tom anders said that the firm stood by the jump out -- jumbo in the media decision. flying off 2% of its market share in november, 20 to 24% of overall increase in new car registration is up 4% over last month. city of seattle has passed a law allowing drivers for union and lift to collectively negotiate. the ridesharing firms opposed the move, saying it would mean higher costs for passengers. they consider the drivers as independent drivers and not
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employees. the drivers however are not happy with discounts that occur without consulting them. i would like one of those battery-operated light sabers. >> we will get from -- we will get one from the star wars website straightaway. annette: time now for the press review. maketo take a look at what -- what is making headlines around the world. here i am joined in the studio where we are not surprisingly finding a continue to the country final regional elections over the weekend. >> it was quite nail biting as well. the national front, the are the end,ty got zero in but it was really close according to the papers. a warning shot for the two main -- that was essentially a
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real warning shot for them. clearly they have to go back to the drawing board and revise and practices. "it's time to get to work," the paper says. others are wondering if politicians really got the message. you can see this on another front page. "have you heard french people? " where they loud enough? a second really was a final morning. -- that second-round really was a final warning, they say and that french politics needs a french lift -- facelift. annette: there are calls for change, but many fear it will just be business as usual. right, andhat's
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there is a cartoon that sums that up, francois hollande on the balcony saying -- yes, i have understood your message. another person climbing up the balcony saying -- don't listen to him, listen to me, i'm the one who has heard your message. essentially politicking as usual. a report on what's happening on the socialist side of things, despite the shock in the regional elections the president and prime minister are keeping their heads held high and have vowed to hold the party line, which upset a lot of voters on the far left. not much has changed on the socialist side of things. not much has changed on the central right side of things either. essentially there is more internal fighting. you can see it right here on the right page of the paper, the leader just kicked out the number two politician in the party, essentially kicking her off the leadership toward
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because she publicly disagreed with him. they are settlingyet it seems ig to change, everyone will keep walking down the same line they have in walking until now. it really begs the question -- do they actually want to change? here you can see photos of politicians from across the political spectrum. for now it seems that the political class is in corridor will. annette: moving on, papers continuing to focus on the paris climate deal. it's a mixed bag, isn't it? between enthusiasm and skepticism. on who yout depends ask. climate change deniers hate the deal, that's the simple way to put it. to quote this editorial it says -- if climate change and perils
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earth, and we doubt that it does -- nothing coming out of a gaggle of governments or the u.n. will save the world. what we need is a human invention and entrepreneurial spirit. according to them there is way too much government involved. "the new york times," completely left wing, at this agrees with this analysis, saying that it is important for the governments. , theyave a critical role will determine whether or not the world moves forward with clean energy technologies. you can see here them saying -- sure, this deserves a round of applause, but it's not enough, there will need to be a strong follow-up. world leaders are pushing libya to put down the divided factions to form a unity government. florence: that's right, italy and the united states are leading a diplomatic push that's getting a lot of attention around the world that focuses on
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why western powers are backing this unity government. it is essentially a way to be seen as holding the spread of the islamic state group. i pulled out an article that talks about french authorities and how they are particularly alarmed about what's happening in libya after establishing a isis in which isis essentially progressing in the and. keep in mind, libya is three times the size of france. you can see them wondering if libya is becoming the next isis sanctuary. anette: all right, ending on lighter note, a british astronaut making headlines as he sets to blast off for the international space station. what makes him so special? florence: he's definitely the star of the day in the british press. this is major tim peek, the
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first british european space agency astronaut to visit the international space station. he has gone through six years of intensive trainingó
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