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tv   France 24  LINKTV  December 18, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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the french capital. these are our top stories. punishing moscow for another six months. the eu has agreed to keep sanctions in place against russia until july of next year. a possible breakthrough according to u.n. diplomatic forces. an agreement for a security council resolution endorsing a transition political in syria. we will be getting all the latest from our correspondent in new york in just a moment. the british prime minister, david cameron, says he is
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confident -- sorry. let's talk about rwanda because the leader has been seeking to attend -- extend his term in office. a referendum was held today. clear, is given the all he could stay in power until 2034. host: good evening. eu leaders wrapped up their two-day summit in brussels today, their first meeting since the paris attacks. in the aftermath of the deadly anacks, leaders called for uncompromising fight against terrorism. they also called for a series of measures in beefing up security and a crackdown on weapons trafficking. according to forces in brussels,
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the leaders today agreed to keep sanctions in place against russia for another six months to punish moscow for its presumed role in the ukraine crisis. a formal announcement on that is expected on tuesday. some questions -- some countries those measures as europe seeks to work closer with russia on counterterrorism and the conflict in syria. turn to the director of a think tank who joins us now from brussels. you know the eu well. italy reports today, appears to be one of the most countries regarding these sanctions against russia. francois: bailey asked for a debate at the european council. ultimately, -- italy asked for a debate at the european council.
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ultimately, it did not include these questions. the resolution has been seconded by the committee. the decision has been made to maintain sanctions against to disconnect was going on in ukraine with what going on in syria. do you think it is possible to play that double expect russia to be cooperative on issues such as counterterrorism and resulting -- resolving other, more pressing issues, like this syria we have -- like the issue in syria we have been speaking about? and at the same time punishing loss go for their presumed involvement -- punishing moscow for their presumed involvement in ukraine? francois: first, we have to make
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sure that the minsk agreement is completely respected, which has not been the case. this is something we have to , and to make clear that things have to be in a better situation quickly. we are participating with russia, of course, to resolve as what is goingle on in syria because there is a humanitarian crisis on the ground. is the immigration issue because of what is going on in syria. to disconnect. , if theonths time situation in ukraine is better, the prime minister of italy might not be the only one to ask for a debate. do you think these sanctions have made the difference they were intended to
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make at the outset? , the primef course minister is asking to stop the sanctions because the private in italy is not doing the same as before. something has done which we don't accept anymore in europe. they have invaded ukraine and are still a big presence in this country. , we have a certain , and it is nots just that it is written in the constitution. it is something that has to be respected. host: thank you so much.
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from some 20ters nations have been gathering in new york today with the goal of paving the way for a cease-fire and political transition in syria. once again, there are differences in opinion between those who support bush are al-assad's regime and those who back the opposition. andashar al-assad's regime those who back the opposition. aroundas been some issue a draft resolution. our correspondent is in new york. sophie, what are you hearing? sophie: the five permanent members of the security council have agreed to a draft , and that resolution will now go on to the 15 member security council to be approved. now, we have just got this draft resolution. it has just come through. what we know so far is that it will endorse a previous
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for creating a transitional government in and also for holding elections. is 18-20 four months. we might not be seeing elections , but weher two years should see the beginning of that timeframe to start. another question is how a cease-fire will be endorsed, and that is being put to the u.n. the u.n. now has one month maximum to find a mechanism to endorse a cease-fire. obama says it is not perfect. he has already spoken about the draft resolution. he has also said al-assad has to go. remain unclear in these negotiations and we will be finding out more about that when the council reconvenes in
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and puts the draft resolution to vote. there is no doubt it will go through because the five permanent members are the ones who came up with it and they are the only ones who can veto it, so it will pass. there was a lot of back-and-forth on that draft resolution. there were conflicting reports that it had been agreed or not been agreed to. a lot of work being done and a lot of compromise required on all sides. indeed, lots of compromise, and everyone is very keen to say that they have made the biggest compromise, especially the west to, let's face it, not that long ago were saying that aside absolutely had to go before we even -- al-assad absolutely had to go before we even began negotiations. and now we have gone into these negotiations with al-assad probably playing a part, albeit hopefully a temporary one
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because the russians are now acknowledging that he will have to go if the end of the transition. but to even come to the point marks a compromise. you are just tuning in, the u.n. draft resolution on the situation in syria has been approved and lays the groundwork for talks, syrian peace talks, in early january. --ple across what rhonda across rwanda today have been voting on whether the constitution of the nation should be changed, paving the way for the president to extend his term in office. theoretically stay in power until the year 2034. reporter: critics say the proposed constitutional changes are designed to keep the
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president in power, potentially for two more decades. >> will you be standing the next time? an you going to make announcement? reporter: the government says it respects the will of the population. millions of people have signed a asking him to be allowed to run for a third term. the constitutional changes would allow the president to run for a third term, but at the same time shortened the presidential term a two-term limit. he could seek to more terms and potentially stay in power until 2034. the former rebel leader is widely praised for bringing stability and growth after the
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genocide. that -- the u.s. and the eu have urged him to step down from power to allow someone new to rule the nation. host: barack obama is holding his year-end rest conference at the white house as we speak. preholidayast meeting with the press of his career. onlight of the paris attacks november 13, the u.s. president has been voicing his support for europe in its battle against terror. barack obama: we are continuing to work at every level to make slipthat there is no between information sharing among agencies. we continue to strengthen our
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sharing with other countries. because of the tragedies in paris, i think we are seeing much greater cooperation from our european partners on these issues. president barack obama speaking there. this evening he is set to meet with the families of the victims of the san bernardino shootings. stopping on his way to hawaii where he will be spending christmas with his family. 14 people lost their lives on december 2 when a radicalized on and and wife duo fired party. has arrested a friend of the gunman from that shooting. elliott richardson tells us more. elliott: and regain marquez is the first person -- and wrea
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enrique-marquez was charged on three separate counts in a federal court on thursday. he was charged with plotting in 2011 andrrorism 2012, it illegally purchasing to assault rifles used in the san massacres, and 14 immigration authorities by entering into a sham marriage with a russian -- immigration authorities by entering into a sham marriage with a russian. according to federal charges, ok planned toaro launch pipe bombs on a california highway in 2011 and to attack the college where they had both been students.
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he could face 35 years in prison if an vick did. barack obama will travel to san bernardino on friday -- if convicted. barack obama will travel to san bernardino on friday to meet with the families of the victims. fixedchina is cloaked in smog and the number of particles in the air are 20 times the level considered safe by the world health organization. reporter: in beijing, it has become part of daily life, checking how fit it is to spend time outside. chinese authorities have advised people to stay indoors and for .chools to stop classes >> we are concerned about the large impact it will have on held early people -- elderly
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people and children. children want to go out and play. i think the government needs to put more effort into solving this. have a bigl actually impact on the schoolteaching timetable. students and parents are all concerned as to when we can finish a teaching assignment and whether the holidays will be pushed back. an almost complete lack of wind means the smog lingers over the city. the deadliest airborne particles are more than 20 times the level considered safe. >> according to our forecast, the concentration of pollutants in the air will rise to severely polluted levels on saturday afternoon or evening and continue until tuesday. the air quality is expected to become better on wednesday morning. reporter: although the smog warning system was launched to
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years ago, beijing only issued its first red alert this month. accusations that authorities were ignoring earlier doubts of smog to avoid economic costs. of smog to avoid economic costs. this is the price china has paid for its rapid economic growth. air pollution accounts for around 4000 deaths every day nationwide. host: the end of an era in the united kingdom. the countries lasted deep coal mine closed today. the county of yorkshire employed 450 miners who worked below the ground. reporter: these men are working 800 meters underground in britain's last deep coal mine. and 450 jobs will
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be lost. the national union of mine workers has accused the government of letting down the industry by importing coal and switching to new energy. going to turn our backs on a profitable mine and an industry where we could still be extracting. we are just going to close it down. reporter: the u.k. has announced --will close down cold tired coal-fired power stations over the next decade. here in yorkshire, it's not just the miners who are let down. low coal shops say they will also be affected. -- local shops say they will also be affected. >> it's difficult to say. the vast underground
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tunnels will now go on mind. drove the industrial revolution, but now there is little light left at the end of the tunnel. host: the film which began its international rollout on wednesday and has been smashing box office records ever since, the latest star wars installment, has already brought in more than $70 million. it opened in the united states and is forecast to surpass the current record holder, jurassic world. reporter: opening night is finally here. the excitement has been steadily building. and now, fans in the u.s. have seen it. word summedsingle it up. >> awesome. >> awesome. >> absolutely awesome. >> surreal.
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force is in you. californiaans in lined up for hours to be the first to see the film. time dressed as their favorite characters. >> i am chewbacca. he is hans solo. we made these outfits. >> mine is based on obi-wan kenobi's episode three costume. notrter: even rain could dampen the spirits of these diehard fans. is especially meaningful to my husband because he was three when he saw the first movie. it's exciting to experience that with our son at the same age. reporter: the force of wake and took in a new -- force awakens
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took in a new thursday night high of $37 million in the u.s. host: australia's largest exhibition of lego has just opened in brisbane. it is called the brick men experience, and it is a collection of 60 works including helicopters, sports cars, and even the colosseum. if you are down under and you want to check out that exhibition, you have until the 22nd of december to do so. let's get a recap of our top stories. another sixscow for months. the eu has agreed to keep sanctions in place against russia until july of next year. a possible breakthrough according to u.n. diplomatic forces. a draft text has been agreed for a security council resolution that draws a roadmap to ending the conflict in syria -- roadmap
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to political transition in syria. rwanda looks of like the road may be paved for him to remain in power until 2034. this as the country votes in a referendum. time now for business news. kate joins me in studio. aboutbegin with a report government defense spending. it is apparently on the rise the world over. kate: this is the reverse of what we have been seeing for many years as governments around the world try to cut their overall defense spending. france is leading the eu push to increase military spending in defiance of budget rules. looking at the numbers. >> security fears ramping up global defense budgets. in europe, governments are set
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to spend $50 billion -- 50 billion euros more as they step up the fight against the islamic state group. >> there is a direct correlation between those there a direct security threats facing -- very facingsecurity threats france and security spending. there is a direct reaction to what is occurring on the streets. >> upping defense budgets means a huge expansion of military capabilities across the board, from homeland security two fighter jets. an aircraft carrier has been deployed to syria. it's estimated to cost 50,000 euros per hour. germany will spend another 8 billion euros on defense. decided to bend its
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budget rules. stability of the growth pact is often accused of rigidity or stupidity, but i think we shine by our flexible approach. it is neither rigid nor stupid. scandinaviacts that will become europe's great barrier for growth in defense spending next year with a 10% rise in norway and 6% in finland. on strikepanies went friday in the french capital. they say they have been forced to drop their prices by 20% in response to what they call unfair competition by new companies like uber. take a listen. the state toing from companies
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the transport human beings like taxis. >> it has a big impact on our revenue, opportunities, and purchasing power. why the government has to do something. >> low oil prices have been driving markets down this friday. the federal reserve announced its long-awaited interest rate hike. the dow has plunged 250 points this session. oil is trading at a seven year low. economic data also adding pressured to investors. this month's pmi indicator showing a slowdown from november. the dollar is down this session with major indices all down between 1%-one point 5%. a look at some of the other business headlines. martin's grilli has resigned as martind of touring --
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shkreli is residing as head of afterpharmaceuticals being arrested for securities fraud. invested in a firm without informing clients and has admitted wrongdoing. blackberry's turnaround efforts maybe getting traction as it posted lower-than-expected losses for the third quarter. canadian tech firm has been struggling to compete against apple and is trying to rebrand itself. blackberries shares rose as much as 8% in friday trading.
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as spain's general election looms this week, the economy remains a key concern. the growth is forecast to be 3% this year but unemployment remains stubbornly high. many feel the recovery may only be temporary. has gone from being regarded as one of europe's problem economies to one of the fastest growing on the continent. shopkeepers in barcelona say people are buying more and there a new atmosphere of optimism. >> in the last two years, it has gotten a little better, but slowly. there may be better consumer confidence, but unemployment still runs high, just over 21 percent. >> the young people are leaving. they can't find jobs here. >> there aren't any good jobs. i don't think this is a good way to relaunch a country.
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josh: there are still some jobs to be had, particularly in the growing automobile sector. management has decided to employ in next to 100 people in january to keep up with orders. the
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