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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 8, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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>> nymex rpm in the french capital. you are watching live from paris on "france 24." find givingecutors her prince of one of the paris attackers at a brussels apartment he had been using as a hideout. forced to resign, the chief of police in the german city of cologne takes early retirement for failing to stop sexual attacks on new year's eve. -- those accomplished are the words of the mexican president as he tweets the news that the fugitive drug kingpin they call el chapo has been recaptured.
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tom: good evening could we go developing new story out of egypt where gunmen are reported to have opened fire attentions of a hotel in the red sea resort. the attackers arrived reportedly by sea in order to carry out that assault and the russian news agency says that 2 foreign tourists have been injured there in the attack. let's get the latest from our correspondent in cairo. here is what he told us. reporter: we are getting unconfirmed reports that at least three gunmen in this attack on this hotel, in the red sea resort, unconfirmed reports that one of the attackers was wearing a suicide belt, and that the attack was foiled when a security guard killed at least
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one of the attackers. the situation appears to be stable. this attack comes days after another incident in a part of southern cairo, where gunmen opened fire on a hotel. there were no injuries but there was an israeli tour bus that was near the hotel and it seems to be the apparent target. in that attack, the local islamic state group claimed responsibility. but we don't know anymore details as of yet of this attack. we do know is this is one of the last resorts in egypt that had been spared from this kind of violence. we have seen others, like shot arm-al-sheikh,h and others where tourists come to see sites and have been attacked. this is one of the last bastions
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of tourist resorts where western tourists would come. this will have a deep impact on the tourist industry in egypt. map just looking at the there, it seems that it is just across the water from the sinai peninsula, not actually on the sinai peninsula. there it is there on the screen. it would appear that this area is not necessarily the same area that has seen the same kind of unrest as the sinai peninsula itself. have there been other attacks anywhere near hurghada? is this an area of the country that up until now has been pretty calm? reporter: yes, it has been calm. this area sees a heavy influx of tourists from germany, russia, to enjoy the red sea and the resorts there. the attacks -- most of the attacks have focused in a
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therern sinai, which -- is a low-level insurgency that is basically being waged there, but of course we saw a few months ago the attack -- the downing of the russian airliner al-sheikh, also one of the top results for western tourists in egypt, and is a mention, we have seen attacks elsewhere as well. was seen as one of the last places that was relatively safe. this seems to be a deliberate attempt to really cripple agen'' -- egypt's tourist industry, which has suffered heavily since 2011. 's" that was "france 24 correspondent in cairo speaking to us a short while ago. more details are emerging about the identity of the man who tried to storm parsley station.
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he has been identified by family members as being a tunisian national, originally misidentified as being more often by different man is done his finger prints. a man who is wearing us fake suicide belt and brandishing a meat cleaver ran towards the police station when he was shot dead. the french justice minister says that the suspect was not on the radar of the authorities. meanwhile, belgian prosecutors said today that they have found the finger prince of one of the november 13 paris attackers had a brussels apartment. officials say it appears salah abdeslam had been using the flat as a hideout following the attacks which claimed 130 lives in the french capital. it is not clear how long he stated there for. the 26-year-old is still at large. it is in this brussels street, and the third floor
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apartment, that salah abdeslam hid out. that is according to belgian authorities, who released the findings of a december 10 raid in a neighborhood of the belgian capital. inside the apartment, police found what is thought to be three handmade suicide belts. traces of the same explosives used in the november 13 paris attacks. and material used to make bombs. fingerprintund a belonging to salah abdeslam. an international manhunt antinues for abdeslam, brussels native with french citizenship. he took part in the paris attacks could his brother blew himself up, but salah abdeslam is thought to have escaped with the help of friends first returned to belgium, and possibly on to syria. the apartment was rented under a
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false name. finding out who was with the 26-year-old, if he hit out there before or after november 15, and who helped him is proving difficult. since the paris killings nearly two months ago, belgian police have placed 10 people under formal investigation for the possible involvement. tom: officials in israel say there is an arab--- that an arab-israeli has been shot dead after being on the run for a week. he is thought to be had the killing of three people at an attack in tel aviv. benjamin netanyahu has huge praise on the security forces were tracking him down. the latest from jerusalem. reporter: mrs. most certainly -- this is most certainly israel's most wanted fugitive since last friday, when the 29-year-old conducted a deadly attack and one of the most crowded neighborhoods in central tel aviv, randomly opening fire on
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crowds, at least killing 2 people on the scene, and then cap driver later on, and injuring at least eight people. ever since come he had been at large. a massive manhunt operation had been carried out by the israeli police. we have seen all week long large police forces deployed around the larger tel aviv area, and up until a few days ago, the israeli police were still working under this option that the suspect might still be hiding in a tel aviv somewhere and possibly might be planning for a second attack. but the groundbreaking development happened this morning when the israeli police conducted several arrests in a northern israel, taking a few people in their interrogation and extracting more accurate information on his whereabouts. up until only about two hours ago, they located him at a mosque actually quite close to his own hometown, where a gunbattle ensued, a
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confrontation happened between the sides, and the 29-year-old was killed on the scene. tom: just over a week on from the new year's eve celebrations, 200 criminal complaints have been filed in the german city of cologne by women alleging sexual offenses, believed to have been carried out by a large mob of mostly arab and north african males. it has been reported that the chief of police in cologne has been forced to take early retirement for failing to stop the violence and downplaying its true extent. many suspects are thought to have been asylum-seekers and -inflamed public debate over germany's ability to reintegrate the migrants who have entered the country in the last year. they are calling it suspending his duties but it does not look good for wolfgang albers. since news of the attacks came to light a couple of days after new year's eve, he stayed on
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resolutely. there were early calls for him to step down, but he said the police needed him at that time and defended he and he's please forces doing the right thing on a new year's eve in cologne. however, more information has come forward about the mismanagement of the cologne police force that has put a lot of pressure on wolfgang albers. the mayor of cologne has distance herself from him. she said she was outraged and had to find a lot of information on what happened on new year's eve in the city she governs not from the head of police but from the media, which he sees as was totally disappointing and an outrage. tweeted out the following day that it had been a quiet evening, something he said was a mistake. news came out that the cologne police force is actually being contacted by the police force nearby in duisburg that had
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offered their services on that night. and we canwe heard send over 100 police." albers denied this. a lot of the problems that happen on new year's eve, the police were outnumbered and overwhelmed. it is not look very good for wolfgang albers of the moment, as he has been suspended. on the latestaltz from cologne. the mexican president has written a jubilant tweet announcing the news that the fugitive drug kingpin of known by his nickname el chapo has been recaptured. this comes six months after he managed to escape from prison via an elaborate network of tunnels. reporter: this is about as big a victory as the mexican government could possibly hope for.
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when you state six month ago, it was a major knockout blow, the recapture will help gain some procedure for the mexican government and president henrique pena and yet -- enrique pena nieto. tom: humiliating for the authorities that he even escaped in the first place. reporter: absolute humiliation. you cannot keep somebody inside mexico is not a banana republic. it is a huge economy with millions of people and if you cannot keep a man in prison, that shows the weakness of the state that he could go out in a crazy fashion. a real blow to the mexican government, and this restores something of hope in the mexican
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government, can deal, taking a a lid on the threat of organized crime and drug cartels. tom: sounds like there was also plug in the operation to loss ofre el chapo -- life in the operation to recapture el chapo. not 100% still confirmed, but we have details that a mexican marine, elite force, made a raid on a house in the home state of guzman, the real heartland of mexican cartels. and made a raid on a house there was a firefight and then they captured was man, suppose that he -- captured guzman, captured him alive. of mexican security forces, more trusted than the
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corrupt military, soldiers, please forces trained by the united states. but that is what we have so far. this is a very, very developing story. tom: what do you think will be the consequences of this for the mexican president? the thought that the public will be relieved that he has managed to bring el chapo back into custody alive. is he likely to be able to spin this in a positive light? reporter: yes. it is a positive story. the story speaks for itself, a recapture, and now we want to see if he can keep him behind bars. actually letting him into the united states, he might end up in the super maximum united states, where they keep prisoners in the cells in the deserts underground, major concrete walls.
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that's what they might have to do to keep him behind bars. tom: latest on the violence in mexico. let's get a reminder of our top stories on "france 24." belgian prosecutors find the finger prints of salah abdeslam, one of the paris packers come at a brussels apartment he had been using as a hideout. forced to resign, the chief of police in the german city of cologne takes early retirement for failing to stop a spate of sexual attacks on new year's eve. and the end of a weeklong manhunt -- israeli officials tracked down and shoot dead the man believed to have been behind the killing of three people in tel aviv last week. inre were angry scenes eastern saudi arabia once again this friday where shiite muslim protesters gather, calling for the death of the ruling al-saud family, this at a rally to honor imr.executed cleric al-nji
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it provoked concern in western nations. protesters in iran ransacked the embassy of saudi arabia, riyadh and its regional allies have severed diplomatic ties with iran. spoke ton, "france 24" the iranian ambassador to paris, who gave his take on the sharp deterioration into the medical relations in the region this past week. iran is in a no weightlifting for war or conflict in the ther would saudi arabia, nor with any other country could perhaps the 70's intended to create new problems because they were already upset regarding a number of issues. they were not in any way happy about the progress of the nuclear negotiations between .ran and p5+1 they tried through various channels to stop the deal from going ahead, but did not
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succeed. the iranian ambassador to france speaking to us a little earlier on. as of the development of the past week have not already been enough, saudi arabia media is reporting that 4 iranians are going to go on trial in the kingdom, one for espionage, the other three for terrorism. so what are the consequences of these events this past week? nasr, thek to vali dean at johns hopkins university school of international studies. speaking so much for to us. there is in talks a full-blown sectarian conflict in the region for years. is that looking to you like a more likely prospect? is alreadynk it happening. in other words, this is a conflict that has been escalating. the region has already been in heightened sectarian tension, and now this latest conflict
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between saudi arabia and iran has brought it to the four again. this is something that started a lot ofn iraq, gained momentum during the arab spring, because the arab spring caused the shiite-sunni competition for power in bahrain, saudi arabia, was accused nimar of sedition, and then what happened in syria and iraq and the rise of isis and the sectarian tensions in both of those countries, secure has become, if you would, the main -- sectarianism has become, if you would, the main axis of conflict in the middle east. l-nimr was putkh a to death, a lot of analysts i spoke to said it was a calculated move by saudi arabia. after the past seven days and is itself, in saudi arabia
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could this seem like a miscalculation on the part of the saudi authorities? vali: i don't think the domestic protests are a source of worry for saudi arabia, because the saudis will immediately accuse all of the shiites in the eastern province of being iranian agents. that helps to rally the majority sunnis in saudi arabia in support of the government. i think what is more worrisome for saudi arabia is the fact that it now stands accused of having precipitated this latest crisis. this latest crisis cannot be blamed on iranian misbehavior. iran did not start this rices -- this crisis. it is clear that in europe and the united states, saudi arabia is being held accountable for escalating tensions in the middle east, diverting attention from the fight against isis,
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undermining the diplomatic process that was supposed to end the war in syria, and raising the possibility of greater conflict and instability in the region. i think that is the bigger problem for saudi arabia. tom: lastly, who do you think is going to emerge as being the biggest loser out of these events during the course of the last seven days? saudi arabia and its allies? iran? perhaps a third country, syria? , syria is not a power broker in the region. this is a competition for power between iran and saudi arabia, and if you thought they were playing chess with one another, saudis made a bad move, in the sense that it looks like iran came out of this conflict looking more reasonable, became very clear that the saudis are not on the same page with the west when it comes to fighting isis and ending the conflict in syria, but rather, they have
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their own agenda and they are willing to risk much greater instability in the region to achieve their own agenda. ways, saudin some arabia's on behavior in the region that has been put to question, whether the decision-making could cause greater instability in the region. i think saudi arabia came out of this crisis not with high marks. precipitated a crisis that doesn't have a way to resolve by itself. desperate european and american diploma -- it has put european and american diplomacy in a difficult position as to how they move in this region with much greater attention between iran and saudi arabia. tom: we're going to have to leave it there could thank you so much for speaking to us, vali nasr, dean of the johns hopkins school of international studies in washington. time for the top business stories. markus karlsson is here.
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not a great week for global stocks, but a bit of light relief at the end of the week from the united states. markus: we have indeed been watching china all week, which has been causing some stark market gyrations. almost seems like an understatement at the end of what has been a very intense week. but the united states is stealing the limelight towards the end of the week. investors have been getting some theite on signs that american recovery is strengthening. the u.s. economy added 292,000 jobs in december, which is much more than expected. strong december figures, the u.s. labor department also says that hiring in a november as well as october was stronger than initially thought, with an aggregate 50,000 jobs. the official and a playmate rate in the united states did not budge between november and december. it remains steady at 5%, the lowest level since 2008. i spoke earlier to richard parry in london.
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he once that he wants that u.s. economy may not be as strong as the designer jobs figures suggest. richard: the labor market is getting stronger but there was a real sort of dichotomy at the moment. you have an economy that is not really performing on the industrial side. we have the labor market strengthening, but i think the industrial side of the economy is a problem. then you have also got the retail side and the consumer side that isn't all that stronger. what you are getting is this pick up in jobs growth but you are not really seeing the average earnings growth picking up, which i think is the problem. 20 federal reserve started raising interest rates in december for the first time in years, sadly, some people were saying that this could hurt the u.s. economy. would theurther -- further rate rises hurt u.s. economy? richard: it takes me back to my
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point of the industrial side of the economy. they're not looking healthy at all. this rate hike has gone ahead the fed is over a barrel over this rate hike. it put itself into a corner and had to do it because of the disappointment from the june and september failure. it sort of had to make a first step could but i think having made the first up, he doesn't necessarily have to go on on a big tightening cycle, because says she wantsen it to be done gradually and not necessarily in a mechanical fashion. perry: that was richard speaking to me earlier. the jobs report helps stocks on both sides of the atlantic. u.s. shares are trading higher on the back end of that report. the gains have fizzled out this hour. this as the attention is turned into oil markets once again. we have seen oil dropping yet isther session, and brent
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close to decision at $33.50, which is another 12-year low, or close to another 12-year low for oil prices. we are seeing energy shares trade lower in the united states, which in turn is putting pressure on the overall market. it was a very similar picture in europe earlier, where we saw european shares trade higher on the u.s. jobs report. the focus turned to the oil markets. we saw energy shares just like in the united states put pressure on the overall markets. let's see if we can show you those european closing figures, because we saw an even sharper drop in europe at the close, with the dax and frankfurt down 1.6%. the index in germany led the downward move. now, inflation in brazil last year hit a 12-year high, just short of 10.7% from opening to official figures. it is more than double the government's target of 4% and it highlights economic challenges as brazil enters 2016 in recession.
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consumers in brazil are having to reach deeper into their pockets. inflation jumped above 10% in 2015 according to official figures. it is the highest inflation rate in 12 years and more than double the 4.5% target set by the government. it adds to the gloomy outlook for the brazilian economy after it plunged into its worst recession in more than a century last year. among brazilians frustration is rife. >> everything -- rice, beans, meat, prices are insane. life is hard, very hard. reporter: food prices alone jumped 12% as heavy rainfall last year hampered agricultural production. high taxes and successive increases in the minimum wage also pressured companies to push up their prices. >> it is a high level of inflation but it is still tolerable, because the most
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important thing is to maintain jobs and the economy. reporter: 2016 was supposed to showcase brazil as an emerging economic power, with rio hosting
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