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tv   France 24  LINKTV  February 29, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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refugees on the greek-macedonian border. abotest breakout in islam a ad over the killing of a
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convicted killer. the child sex abuse scandal in the catholic church and the reporters who unveiled in our the subject of "spotlight." more oscar coverage is coming up. government announces plans to double the income of farmers in what is being described as make or break. first, our top stories from paris. anchor: more results are coming in from last week's election. have a majority of seats in the assembly of
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experts, the clerical body. fore this would be historic reformers. prominent hardliners -- for reformers, prominent hardliners have been reelected. reporter: the of elections at the parliamentary and assembly had the conservatives leading by a few points. this is a major blow. they have been dominating the it is ant and, now coalition of reformers and moderates winning seats. one of those is the speaker. the reformist winning a seat against a conservative. the clerical body that will select the next leader includes
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moderate candidates, like rouhani. they went up against the ultraconservative who was a staunch supporter of the former hard-line president, ahmadinejad. to carry outhani and implement the policies between tehran and world powers. anchor: reporting from tehran. to syria. aid groups are using the cease-fire to get help where it is needed the most. it has displaced half of the population. in, violations threaten
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the troops. what concerns the opposition is the number of airstrikes in western syria with the air force saying they would ground the fleet and they have not done that. there have been six airstrikes up to twenty.d rumors that some kind of a cease-fire will hold and it creates a space for the united nations to deliver meaningful aid. for the veryance, first time, in describing this brutal civil war, where both sides who have no trust with each other could have some sort of common ground.
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it has been a russian strategy to use military muscle to force said that it has been it is attacks that have done backedat and russia has iran.rian regime, as has the opposition no longer can win the war. fromter: that is reporting beirut. last week, a court confirmed that structures would be knocked down, except for those that are labeled as "living spaces." as to whethersion that means homes or schools and places of worship.
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desperate to get into the u.k. are doing everything they can to stay put. tear gase have fired to break up hundreds of migrants and refugees trying to break through. gate tormed through a get through restrictions put in place. thelie is there and we see incredible pictures of people trying to break through the gates. what is the latest you are hearing. -- hearing? reporter: they tried to tear and the macedonians fired several rounds, hold ing a fence. stop the there was shouting and chanting of "open the borders."
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disperse theing to migrants from various camps that used to be military bases. many want to try to cross over and the big question was when they would be allowed to cross on foot, a big difficulty the authorities in greece are having , because it is not up to them or macedonia. it is up to austria. where does that leave the situation in greece? like more and more migrant refugees are piling up in the country. we seem to be having problems with natalie in athens and we will try to get back to her later in the program. in pakistan, protests have
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broken out over the hanging of a convicted killer who shot a governor who was seeking reform of a blasphemy law. he was called a hero. we have more from islamabad. are protected and it happens all over pakistan. bad or then islama adjoining city. possession --eral procession tomorrow and the body will be handed over to some of him, who call of for a nationwide protest tomorrow. and weare looking bleak know that schools are being four diplomatsd
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have been told to stay indoors. anchor: remind us a bit of the details and the effect the ruling may have on other blasphemy cases. reporter: as you reminded us, there was the assassinated 11, who was 20 fighting against the blasphemy law and he called the law a "black law." theaid there should be abolishment of this law. there was a woman on death row accused of blasphemy and, despite all of this, we have seen this rejected and the supreme court said that we should go ahead with the death sentence.
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review thehey should , despite all of this, the focus has not come back yet. islamabaeporting from d. in paris, this is a farm show underway and that is also a rite of passage of politicians to get a press shot or two. things are tough, with the french president getting booed and another president getting similar treatment today. chris, has the atmosphere gotten any better? things are certainly more cheerful among the visiting public. hundreds are at the annual event here to celebrate the rural roots.
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5 remain in the countryside. it would be a foolish president to ignore the wants of the farmers. were a lot, things morning withl this angry protesters who trashed the stands and called him "a loser." french farmers have been doing what they are famous for, blocking roads and destroying. they are angry at the french sayingent and buyers, they are knocking the prices they need to make it worthwhile to produce goods. they say a lot of this is out of our hands and that they will be negotiating a hard on the behalf
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behalf,pressure -- putting pressure on the retail sector. it has been said that the insults need to stop. let's go to hollywood, where stars lit up the red carpet and the big story was who was not being honored. "a ceremony was dubbed whitewash" by some. night on it is a big the showbiz calendar marked with controversy. in topthe nominees categories are white. addressed the issue in his opening speech. i am here at the
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academy awards, otherwise known as the "white people's choice awards." reporter: aside from the race row, the ceremony unfolded as usual. after five unsuccessful nominations, leonardo dicaprio got an oscar and highlighted climate change. this is aboutrio: the natural world, climate change is real and it is happening right now. reporter: he plays a 19th survivaldventurer in a epic. the director became the first person in 50 years to take the oscar consecutively. for room.n won
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brie larson: thank you. thank you. thank you for seeing our film. i appreciate it. onorter: spotlight was based an investigative journalist who uncovered widespread child abuse. anchor: let's take a look at the headlines. moderate politicians in iran get lections, in which could increasing different with the world. with refugees on the greek-macedonian border. breakout in pakistan over the hanging of a convicted killer who shot a
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local governor who sought reform of the blasphemy law. it is time for the business news with stephen carroll. you are here in france where the government delayed the planned labor reform law. the prime minister says that the details of the reforms will not be on the ninth of march. it has been pushed back, as andsition to changes mounts the proposals would make it easier to fire workers and cap compensation in unfair dismissal cases to encourage companies to hire more staff by allowing flexibility in the labor market. the unions have opposed the law.
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>> we would like to discuss the bill with the unions and business associations. important to allow companies to be more flexible to make them competitive and to allow them to grow to create jobs. but, the law also brings more security to workers! a few extra days to explain the law and correct the false information about it. anchor: the french prime minister speaks at the farm show. you have good news. going to india is spend $5 billion to double the income of farmers. the finance minister made the with the budget that is described as "make or break" for the government. reporter: the challenge was to
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balance business interest with the common man and it seems to have tilted in favor of the common man, spending in agriculture and infrastructure areas. india has been hit with severe droughts and it has affected many farmers. therefore, this budget was important to show that government has the farmers in dind and it is focused on ai to the community with health programs and roads to get the produce to the market and a lot of focus on the agriculture sector and about 550 million rupees with the business leaders and the communities not seeming
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to have gotten everything. they reiterated the fact that india is a bright spot on a theyy economic climate and need to focus on the poor and the downtrodden. the budget seems to reflect that. anchor: what is happening on the markets today? sees the the dax biggest falls, by almost 1%. % with the lifespan of nuclear plants expanded by 10 years. flatrctic index is trading
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with election results potentially seeing some of the biggest political crisis in europe in 30 years. the market is not too worried. in asia, we see sharp falls in the chinese markets and it sends shanghai down and you can see the indian markets reacting to down by twois thirds of 1%. %- it is down by .66 shares were down after surprise losses. stake in thea 10% company and october in the fall meant that she lost $27 million in the value of her steak. do not feel too bad for her. her steak in weight watchers is
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worth more than what she paid for. foror: a big week starbucks. reporter: americano is coming to italy. milan,e setting up anin saying it will be a tricky market to launch in. howard schultz says it is a dream. the arrival of starbucks could shake things up in an interesting way. there: i cannot believe has not been a starbucks there until now. reporter: they have been waiting to enter the italian markets. nicholas is with us on the said today to take a look at the papers. let's start with super tuesday tomorrow and a lot of papers looking at donald trump.
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reporter: a lot of electioneering. the independent cartoon shows donald trump and the oscar ceremonies. "the best horror show in town goes to donald trump." tte he hashe statute in his hands. there is wondering about what would happen with a four-year trump reign. there is a piece about what little we know about trump's policy. i-chinese and furious at germany. mexican, with that
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wall he has talked so much about. nothing will get in the way of bromance.putin trump has ripped up the rulebook on for policy. took a second take when i saw this headline. let's go to this piece that shows donald trump dressed up as miss universe. we can safely assume a sex change operation will not be taking place. we do have the argument am a kan, frank -- by a man, franc bruni. if you imagined it was donna trump, his behavior would not be acceptable and it would not last
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a second in this political campaign or a board room, arguing that what we are seeing is a blow to the cause of gender inequality. moving on to another hot button issue, race and the oscars. rocked with loads zingers. , in past about decades, black people having too many things to be busy protesting about, like the grandmother hanging from a tree. they were too busy getting rape about whoh to care gets "best director."
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saying one paper is that, when it comes to the films, the attention is overblown. reporter: in the wall street journal, they talk about the oscars being a farce. that recent films country forn, "no slave," or "12 years a the reach was not there. people are going to youtube and their smartphones. the attention span is lower than you would imagine and we are not taking on cultural legacy, seeing lawrence of arabia in 2016.
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that is one opinion piece that caught my eye. ,he big story of the day is "happy birthday to all of you february.e 29th of the guardian, no friend of trump, the home of political correctness, gives space to feminists. 9th of february, if you had the right to impose marriage, would you do that? one says, i do not have the guts and i have to take a day off on that. theher says, i took opportunity and i got married four years later.
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anchor: a long engagement. we are getting another look at the press review on our webbq//q
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02/29/16 02/29/16 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now. >> i and here at the academy awards, otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. the oscars, things are going to be a little different. things are going to be a little different. this year in the immemorial package it is just going to be black people that were shot by the cops on their way to the movies. amy: that is osca


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